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Financial crisis

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And I have virtually the entire 10 th house in The Maiden, so here is and in past and in the current year all my basic events are linked with work, career, position in society and all as something ambiguous. With one hand pvrode stability, and with the other - we can do it real BREATHES (was and until still there is) psychologically and physically.



Yes, Saturn sinks in. And let us consider on crisis otherwise? Here is you, read, who can, the Ethnic!

What is happening in America?
A simply Barack.
Just Barack, confirmed skeptics you?
I suppose.
I after all and himself, as becomes,
Him wake,
To live, as usually,
Already not goes raze.
What same for all of these will?
A will Iose.
Is the Iose, you?
Yes, I believe. I after all with morning the Internet
And newspapers read:
Pandora'm, yes and feel
Himself, finally.
The same all of this ends?
Is the default.
Is the default, you confident?
Yes, I am confident
I already heard, and canard this
I verified,
If dead on people
So bang-tastic bolt,
What same from this should?
Yes not question!
And not such, you recall,
Extremities were united by,
you confirmed skeptics, need to have a duel?
- Barely whether, I believe, that need to
Care a on psychosis.
How many would us nor are taught,
As should to live,
We would still - Advance
On old past.
So resolve same middle
Pressure on either of us and trablov
Vodka instead grams four hundred
You offer?
That you before the crisis
's nice and quiet with the grace within
And one starts keep on turning realistically
Around the circle
So Ukrainians always
Help each friend
And times-two-three,

I has found in FaceBook Wu lama63, and she slyamzila in newspaper Govsany really in Ukraine.



Want to share experience and warn.
Year ago I took credit in bank account "size:", obtaining on hands documents - not all truth, even treaty not gave, there is only Number and domestic rules (their rules), which me gave for short familiarization and after increasingly assertive demands.
In addition (as gift?) I received credit map on 100,000 r, me explained, that without percent within month of repayment, activation maps will happen only in case the first dissaving, and asked pay only for the fabrication maps, that I and should pay for.
Here is later some time I has become receive SMS, that interest I not extinguished and vast.
I several times has done for a clarification about actions maps and, naturally, about genesis enrollment money on expense of maturities credit.
On retro Mercury I not weathering and wrote a letter in Bank with request stop deport false SMS.
And here, through same time days it turns out, that without my consentwith this accounts set interest for cash and settlement service-servicing of care.
Ask. That you realize under cash and settlement service-alone cash treatment, if I nor never not activated map?
The answer: Here is, if would you.
Forth, I: A virtual care!
Wrote statement pro the, that solgasno the Law about protecting rights consumers and vast.
In short, BUDTE emptor, and it and protect of that right the RIGHT!
Than end -napishu. :flag:


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Money » Financial crisis