Rifat Pokrova Sacred of the Virgin, which marks 14 October, came on Russ from Byzantium and became one of the most exalt.

Vision Pokrova of God Mothers was of sv. To Andrey a freak and his pupil Epifaniyu in mid-X digits In Constantinople under Emperor question Premudrom.

In this time Byzantine empire threatened an attack Muslims. Saracens large forces attacked city and were at risk of him destruction. Not seeing blue aid, Greeks in a wide array city was a in Vlaherna a the Yasukuni, in which were stored Saints Dame and Her parent shelf, and we prayed.

During vsenoschnogoin Vlahern temple we prayed a. Andrei and Epiphanius (disambiguation). And here is in fourth ano night, sees Andrei a majestic Wife ,-reaching VAT refund from tsarist Gatekeeper. Its support of sv. John Baptist and of sv. Apostle John Nazianzus. Many saints in white clothes accompany Her.

When She coming close to amvonu, under. Andrei licked to Epifaniyu and asked; See whether should blame Mrs. and the Queen world? I see it, father my spiritual , respond the, And here is see they, cut Prechistaya knee and embarked on an prayer. A long hour prayed She, oblivaya tears of Privatel Bogovidnoe face.

Ending the prayer here, She has drawn to particular local Church and has become to beg for forthcoming in temple people. At the end prayer lifted the Virgin with hamam blistayuschee great and ghastly cover, which was general on Pure the head to His and tossed his with great solemnity many over all the challenges people.

Long watched saints Andrei and Epiphanius (disambiguation) on rasprostertoe cover and scintillating, as zipper, the fame transfers as. How long was there Sacred Virgin has the Virgin, in sight was and cover. After same Her departure become obvious and it an invisible, but has remained all former there Her the grace.

The astonished miraculously vision, saint Andrei and Epiphanius tell me much. About him around the people. And from temple in this day all hurriedly with relish spiritual and hope on aid of Tsarina Heavenly. And this hope soon was never justified: Enemies without taking any bloodshed retreated from cities. In memory about this celebration Pokrova Sacred of the Virgin established in the Russian the Church with twelfth century.

In honor Pokrova of the Virgin Grand prince Vladimir Andrey memories was built in 1165 year unmatched on beauty the Yasukuni Pokrova on people. Precisely patronage, slowdown emanating from way of Dame, linked to numerous victory Russian troops.