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Vygode November 2008

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29 October 2008 in 2 :13: 38on Moscow time have us will mark another vygode. It Footbal will happen in 6 • of Scorpio. Degree Sabian here... On this about holds: "gold prospectors represent on despoil Alaska"or "Strastnoe styazhanie new values and enrichment experience."
But, judging by around the, zolotoiskatelyam will have fail, because the main heroes this, when the moon changes without Umstanden aspects of that makes their similar with planets "without appreciation." Last time we spoke of, that the planet "without appreciation" performed crude, otherwise acting out and spontaneously. Need to to believe, that adequate outs energy on sphere actions planets we and in this month not will see. Compound the Sun-Long Umstanden aspects of not has, blood regardless, when the moon changes Pluto -, too, (except sentagona with Saturn and septilya with famous Neptune Fountain -, but this the endowment, I not know). Venus - planet, structure in emotional regulation relationship and love (these themes so blame comes naturally when speech goes about-m!) -, too, aspects of not has! :rolleyes: How spoke Mr. they: "What not miss it, nothing you have no!"

:dontknow: Boor we have aspect of opposition Saturn in the Virgin-Uranus in Pisces. So foil month will struggle old and new,’s officials, its tried schemes and algorithms and and nntuitivnykh "blue", uh, epiphanies. Because Saturn in The Maiden slightly stronger Uranus in Pisces, then precisely conservative and-established will make more active in prognoses of the their privileges. In aid itself it, claims legitimacy and sudoustroystvo (Mars in 1997-60 Jupiter in an), perhaps, this month will rich on appeal in organs Justice. ???? importantly, will substantial chances on favorable outcome affairs.



I since forgotten add, that this vygode is forceful point (on Pessin) heat eclipse 1 August 2008. So recall what themes have us that has engulfed eclipse, in November we can see some displayed by the outcome.



And, incidentally speaking, it same is forceful point eclipse 26 January 2009 Now well would see for new themes of, which will slated at first plan.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Sunny-afternoon cycle » Vygode November 2008