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Know on that I drew attention, reading numerous the hoax and literature, person to the increase financial level? In period social insecurity population stubbornly vnushaetsya thought about how, that he omnipotent is the and financial welfare depends only from him, camping on E. Stimulated; domestic resources human, traced his creative ability to. This with one hand. With the other. "Universe willingly ausubt our desires", "adjustment programs subconscious", "the formation invoicing" and camping on D. Not a good for criticism, program subconscious on wealth - fixation the good, but let us account for and an objective situation. There is a certain labor market, on it there is fixed prices every profession. And if you "and there" on this market 1 100,000 dollars, then hardly can account the on 5 100,000.

. And can be I am mistaken?



All Hi! Has found fun it. In magazine "Sochi business magazine" # 6 over this year curious article, which attracted my attention. Is called "How become Millionaire?", the author Alyona Tulyakova. In article gopnikov about tally domestic accounting and about how as correctly need distribute spending sprees and accumulation. In the process directives are references to appropriate computer programs. Want download and try use. Can be, still someone use to anyone. Here is street address (they all free):




There is a certain labor market, on it there is fixed prices every profession. And if you "and there" on this market 1 100,000 dollars, then hardly can account the on 5 100,000.

Hmm. Ah yes
But can be reverse profession)
Or in his sphere create idea, which will make you richer)



Paradoksy and magic money



Want offer your attention as works psychologist with problem bezdenzhya. Client was offered write fairy tale own composing on subject "How few became rich."Next psychologist prointerpretirovala the text and exposed the domestic installations human in respect money. And you have a fairy tale about money? :)

How few became rich

Fairytale and their psychological truth

Example carry quests "warden write me a magical fairy tale" How few became rich "":

Is published with resolution one

A man, is married, 29 years

First option, laconic and a realistic

Only that husband told write fairy tale. He laughed and responded - Yes. Has found few treasure and became rich. I ask - and this increasingly? He says - Yes.

Discussions first options:

Wealth and a tough labor raze between themselves not linked. Big money can be obtain in uncanny ability, to bequeath to, find or natorgovat: Bought vtridyosheva, sold triple the price.

Have husband your propensity allocate in cause it the crux of the (judging by recent two decisions), and conviction that on their own can be achieve greater success, than stigmatizing themselves in dependence from other people (judging by one-only character-man in fairy). His impulsiveness verging some there is (borrow the handle, write the headline, words text he not became), relations with superiors and "paternal" figures, i.e. colleagues, price by age to oldest generation, not always smooth (regulation prescribed how regular prisoners Can Leave a fairy tale, he violates instruction, when Wife Tells fairy tale). That from doing close to truth, and that there is no?

conversation companion:
Already sits and writes something serious. Said, that pro him will say on previous fairy - and fulfilling manna heavenly.

Judging by commentary, sensitive to assessing their things other people and perhaps, dependent on external approval.

conversation companion:
Very dependent.

If seriously approached only to trial, then need write two the magic bullets stories: As few became rich and How beggar woman all be rich., because have mothers and father two different relations to money. Intervention built on is, to recognize fatherly scenario, maternal drive scenario and become free to follow their own scenario. Usually hero always or itself, this miracle mocker beggar in rich man, or after meeting with someone or than something, this miracle meeting.

Worked out subject - this be able write fairy tale, where not the miracle, which routinely and naturally (and because given in marriage), not-habitual and not-characteristic for. Transgression (geology), the exit beyond.

Often account for rewriting, when in the final "Stahl rich, built house, also has given birth children and died", such regulation, that Living long and happily rich cannot be.

Destitutes, then razbogatevayut, if can be so say, on one and addition scenario, - go married for already the rich.

How few became rich

The second option, a realistic

Lived was few. He was such few, that even cockroaches, which lived next door, sought bring him food. The only on that he was rich, so this on wife-bitch, which constantly his, Buzzkill and represented a him only on holidays or only then, when have him no modicum a bit money. Also was have beggar three children

've made a living few podrabatyvaya have more affluent neighbors, but lifetime earnings was such a small and often at all his not was, camping on K. Neighbors deliberately sought include me in debts beggar, to he then for free chameleon.

Joy have beggar already no not was, light became him not Zentiva, the only sake of whom he still lived, so this sake of their three figures kiddies, which he in the future wanted to to see successful, prosperous people, not with constituencies with those concerns, which he has now in his age. Decided to he rid its family from themselves and went on Bank rivers drowning for.

He sat on Bank rivers, its feet his half were are immersed in warm water. For small river laskalo his its feet warm water, near, amongst, swam a gaggle of prep school small small fish, the sun encompassed in the zenith and the bodies small fish, as if silver to return, iskrilis under water, by chasing each for groomsman. Noise from cane, over him 45-gaggle of bugs, 've been chasing each for friend 2 or of a dragonfly all in nature seemed so harmonious and carefree, that on him all just came flooding back memories.

Before eyes get past Dijon kidsyear, when as a boy he not conceded, that will, when he to grow up yet, when with Southeast children used to break on gardens and to rob apples, when seemed, that around so much beautiful and interesting things, quality and how many more need to know. Flew episodes meeting with his favorite, which later has become his wife. Then seemed, that with discrete paradise and in a shack, but gradually after the emergence of children this belief the beginning of go.

He recalled transformation into a its cozy as in fairy, only contrary from Princess in greater a toad. Children taking were playing, were messing around, lived its led sheltered lives and thank-god not saw those of oppression and problems that felt and has felt their father.

Before eyes his flowing paintings his life and he sitting and bitter tears F on his cheeks, how all in life is obtained not so as prichine this in really the early breathing path, he was fortunate, smart, hard-working indigenous and skilful man, have him always all worked, but is thicker than water envy on-quietly did its deal, evil languages speak. His, all in district were envious him and his family and under case tried to contribute wedge in their family better life gradually with passage of time them this managed.

He wiped away tears and made step on meeting conceals. With every step heart of all more was pounding. And memories more looking him on its head. Tears used to put input and gaggle of small fish quickly we called out moreover community and sharply had to in side he did step and water closer criticized to breast, him was pity themselves and it's a shame for attitude surrounding, still step water on level heat ambiance as. For give a shit his body, thought still fill the head, and suddenly he been rocked and sharply with head failed in has embraced industrialization, he was ready sink, but still not all thought it over not so he wanted to this do.

Him suddenly became very-very frightening, he finally I mentioned pro their kiddies, pressure water vydavlivalo the remnants of oxygen from his lung, heart of success went 'bata' like. Thought about how, that children, who his very be loved, will remain without father, about how that this may injure their and so impressionable souls, suddenly emerged in his anybody and intrusive a fly on a wall in the dying from shortage of oxygen consciousness starters his concerned about. He understood, that thus method from problems not withdraw, him sharply wanted to live and give tenderness, kindness and useful those people who him are close and who need in it. His the brain began feverishly able to think clearly, hands and its feet randomly have been moving, for on the sly swept right out body further from Bank and his skinny kostyanistoe body of Treblinka.

For his inverted down the face of and he saw on bottom big black Pandora, a rank tackle and almost on half pogruznuvshiysya in the sand. Slightly further from him stood one vast the boulder, who was flat, but high, almost taking until the surface water. He this expressly saw and became struggling forces row but steer to him under water and, almost losing consciousness, his bony fingers sufficed stumbling, fingernails took in stumbling andtogether with flesh, his left forces, he already on slot machine however, on made to the top and seemed, that this path he already not will pass, this was his latest path. He however, there was nothing not passed out, head blacked out hands its feet still it his along stone, for him helped, and here is head 6600m on the surface water, body instinctively the beginning of gets jerky in powerful convulsions, he l spit water and avidly inhaled air, he anew was born. His enveloping horror, he could losing on its own making most valuable his life and close itself people.

The sun baked in the vertex of the head, he with their feet stood on stone half immersed input, for kolykhalo his body from hand in side. He share my experince. His thought began to become more positive, he already thinking straight that need to do, to to return on that place and explore the strange old chest on bottom rivers.

Time without and by the remnants of forces he swam To Her to Bank. Coming to home his radrostno was greeted children taking and povisnuv on it as Grapes wine harvesting utknulis had in his schetinistoe zagorevshee face. Have him's a gateway crime. Tears, he slightly was this all not lost on its own making. Went in house silently crushing wife, she nothing not told. Care about the kiddies and on farm, the lack of money dokanyvali the lady of the. Few suddenly recognized, that be rich this not be under money, and be someone please, to live sake of someone and to do all to these people zhilosya well. On the evening he took the axe, rope and went in wood. There he constructed couple of trees, dokatil their until small river and made itself raft.

When already it was dark, zastrekotali crickets and you yell toads on small river he unleashed raft and swam To Her moreover community where he anew was born. Rockets stumbling on a rope instead anchor he has embarked on underwater stumbling, and went down. In the sky vividly you full moon, the glare played on water and ironically bottom was well publicized. He wrapped that old chest and podtaschil his to stone, then since getting out on stumbling he shoulder for rope and soon old chest was already voze him. He carry his on raft and swam To Her to Bank.
His life field of. Never he not lose human ethos and rate that has never dipped until envy and zlopamyatstva. He lived its happiest family lives. The treasure, that he found, not ravaged in some heinous manner his the brain, he still was a good master and liked hard and importantly, he was am confident, that for its family he has done, that was able and if will come his hour give soul, he leaves happy, that on earth will remain native, which will love and remember his, will hard and to live in plenty
P.S. Wife back has turned into a princess and their sexual life slopes


The text on ?1,100 words, your husband presents jewel for psikhodiagnosticheskikh special hotel, (name of)! Thank you him!
First I however, phenomena, which we analyze as psychologists, - with your allowing the, interpretations not will, because affect personal, vivid people themselves would make the right conclusions. Then I however, questions, which need ask on consultation, and phenomena, on which we turn attention client, when give to feedback. I call this word "Legendirovanie", and it different from analytical debriefing, as you realize. Want hear, that your husband NOT we got a disorganized emotionally only that the regressiey. If yes, he in smyatyonnykh sentiments, better postpone her computer communication until the evening, now you need him near.

In response to request Can Leave a magical fairy tale "How few became rich" been issued TWO YEARS option,
The first (laconic, impulsive,, interpretation, with violation of instructions) was rejected, so as, on assumed client, will viewed decente well, the second (super-searching, more specific and detailed, written) was soprovozhdyon postskriptumom, - place actions water and state, day and night, the surface and resembled the depth of -ambitendentnost.
Essentially, finding course, This buried treasure - figure, was upgraded by foil, - dependence.

Psychological protection (the rationalization of, knows) focus in describing hero "now", in describing "then" and "then" (leather, denial of) requires more powerful mechanisms.

As to lend feedback: Contour should having. Means, voice need two opposite to ties, concise "Beautiful a fairy tale, increasingly well. Can be done better, if there is such desire to "and a detailed after this.

Konsultuvannya after reading stories

Task devise magical fairy tale "How few became rich" helps enter in contact with dityachim experience. Recall, when you were teddybear, you have was ALL: Roof over head, food, clothing, comrades for games and mass free time. And you not accounted for pay for this money. In childhood you knew, as to live without material concerns and problems, and this knowledge and now lives within you.

If would I asked you write Schettler on what any subject, you certainly took care would do this responsibly and on-an adult. Proposals write magical fairy tale faster opens access to know about led sheltered life.

Strictly speaking, when you were teddybear, then so increasingly from parents. Adults people earn, i.e. generally swap time, knowledge, labor on money those, whom need their time, knowledge or labor. But there is and such adults, who only receive and live on and screaming. This poor. They not come into relations exchange, they are asked and receive.

Poor not can earn on the, to provide affluence. For them not give married their daughters. They have no homes and they after in roadside the ditches or under did. From moveable assets they have in the best case the sum. Often poor trek with shows on Fair, because on one and same place alone and those same people in some point transformed feed another adult a gift and sue.

Here is and now we speak as adults people, which generally swap knowledge one on money another. Rich whether you? Wealth the notion of the relative, as and poverty, and in the title stories "How few became rich" deliberately asked two extremes. You should agree, was would strange beg you before magical fairy tale "How manager have raised the salary on 10%", here as times nothing fairy there is no, no extremes, increasingly realistically.

Let us take a closerre familiar with your Home beggar.
He has its the axe and the... the rope, (in fairy there is no rulings on the, that he policies--and, asked or stole these things), he is married, and his wife and three children somewhere certainly live, moreover, he it turns out rabotyasch and knew how. This rather unemployed, than few. Orre poor, withdrawn credit: "'ve made a living few podrabatyvaya have more affluent neighbors, but lifetime earnings was such a small and often at all his being asked, camping on K. Neighbors deliberately sought include me in debts beggar, to he then for free chameleon. "

Alas, fairy tale will have rewrite.

Because poor NOT work by definition. They beg. And your few little earns, this different story.
Until we not meet with your Home beggar, not tickles meeting with your Home preserved.
Few, a solitary, otvergaemyy all, the latest, on whom will take a as on candidate in husbands, - as he tranquilizing rich, your few?
Await the the text.

conversation companion:
Itself has gone in room - sits writes increasingly-???. Asked - as this absolutely few without nothing and is going to be rich? I answered - you'll think of as.

(Appeal named),
Few - this few. A solitary, no one not ensured, in social hierarchy an underclass. A rich man, respectively, 's supreme in social hierarchy. Most people in life poseredinke, so a fairy tale and gives therapeutic effect.
Prizhivalka not is considered. She not hero "trawling."

I copied out four times, the main mass customers behind in two-three.

Few absolutely depends on other people, without their foreign food handouts, without food, that him give, he not survives. This struggle with hunger and buy cold, the fight for survival.

In paper presented the text this struggle with nedobrozhelatelyami (wife-a bitch, neighbors-bondholders, and the envious) on one terms of narrative and struggle sinking for life, at the other terms of. Motive taught this technique thousands increasingly would still sounds, only work psychological protections powerful: Denial of poverty and shift with social demise on physical, the very a, and turn against themselves: This not other people, from which I ? t depend on, me jackin 'it up for, and I himself of walking drowning for. Unconsciousness promise of control over situation. Himself, incidentally, and permits situation, and surest decision (find treasure) remains the main source of wealth, so that forecast favorable.

conversation companion:
I a bit not realized - why find treasure - the surest decision? Wasn such path Hindu wealth not points to the availability of primitive protection "is a magical omnipotence" have author?

There many options.
Up the in the forest under tree, in tree but zipper, has awakened - tackled branch, line has turned into a gold. Received uncanny ability monetize one hand in gold, the other in silver and camping on D. Miracle mocker.

EU far eyes are suspicious, saw horse, who's underwater somewhere there, helped the horse his, from hoof play Ship's Mast, precious stones from-under hooves fly, and camping on D. Miracle meeting.

In instructions are asked magical fairy tale, so that is a magical omnipotence obliged in the text be.

Option, hung in the first version of, happy case, finding. Sometimes this prevents people to see real options work, which allows boost level of income households, - in unconscious on await a happy case. Consider, when who replaced in contact with Home beggar, what options rid of poverty unconsciousness displays a.

Option in the second version of - finding Kyrgyz between life and death.

In principle, he correctly writes, that chief Dar this life, and describes, presumably, patrimonial asphyxiation due, in stated prior history of should something similar be.

Laconic wit first confirming stories with papered over a traumatic experience asphyxiation during birth. Hero osmyslyaet then, that importantly wealth - life. This enough frankly manifests itself, simply on consultation we with clients not Go gulyat there, where souslik such themes for conversation.

(Name of), that likes your husband? Sweet, meat based Kurdish, soils? After such descriptions with travmaticheskimi choices as need give man the, that he likes there is and to drink. Ah and sleep send meal for, to recovered.

conversation companion:
Yes, was asphyxiation. We as times went to dinner tasty.

conversation companion:
Javadxan, means, some is a magical thinking is to their original addresses and mandatory sign of such stories. And why must the cheerleaders the chain "money" - "hard work" (again same, if I correctly realized your words)? After all this, perhaps, the only alternative "miracle mocker"? Or significance have details, not himself principle?

There regulation to design, devise magical fairy tale "How few rabogatel." Not home appliances and not Schettler.
Why "money-hard work" are not manifestation of miracle? Or that? Consultation builds on a certain scheme:
First were entering in contact with otvergaemym beggar, then were entering in contact with preferred preserved, are posing realistic portrait on place, specifically identify environmental activities fabulu, on which from dirt in-riches (miracle meeting or miracle mocker, or marriage, or finding, or inheritance, or uncanny ability), if now he will write again pro treasure and example, - I dam feedback that in reality, too, find treasures, and task was devise magical fairy tale, and will need enter in contact with faith in miracle, if one of the plots about miracle experience, invite to Apparate and ask the second the plot.

conversation companion:
About, now more-less understandable
Thank you for terpelivoe by clarifying

How few became rich

The third option, the magic, in accordance with inspection process was failing

Lived was few. He was such few, that even testes in his seed come across very rarely, and if and come across, then every lived for a sack with have an. Middle Asia, which was infested on it in abundance and pincer of each time attacked the his adrenal glands system new and new diseases, with whom few should was to live. Ironically, but nutrition on pro-littering stance, spane in the midst of an open the sky in any weather, the lack of human norms life, raze in skewed his health not except. Have him no one not was, even the kind girlfriend with millions number of illnesses Practical Conference, which could shift away for's bacterial weapons and with success to withdraw from by building entire army and population than half of the globe, and the kind from him plummeting has. Remained hope only on themselves, on fresh dishwater ah and in as a defusing on its mozolistuyu the dirty in tears in the the, uh, glove hand.

As usually, few after of failed asylum applications podayaniy near churches and lively places, in the first place on urban the dustbin of, lest fill its open and enjoy in sensual joys connected with his dirty hand.

Overcard has been for feature of cities, so a beggar a accounted for chalapat through the entire never small city, cut through wood and go to this Klondayku food, things and other warming life. Mood his never dA jA, he was with pile number of illnesses, but physically well. Having reached until closest rubbish bin and otvoevav its manners him among such same as he the assistant, he gets for the search to eat. As times couple of minutes ago then departed the trash machine, by causing on his tracts of fresh mountain waste civilization. , raather thaan in waste, he carefully began their sort it, to SFR, kleenka and sealed plastic saying separately, you any edibles separately. Appropriately, that few was a foodie, the remnants of's viralized or of kitty feed were a favourite the culinary delight of.

, raather thaan in pile he took out couple of juiciest nedoedkov, ol with is tainted salad and couple of pieces bread, which here same began to strip rats. Few prischuril one eye dragged her up from pocket Shemur trophy room spoonful of and Berlin Pybus in a rat. The kind with a crushed his spinal column zavereschala and starters drygatsya. He skhvatel its bit off it head, he spit it out and said: For ain steal food my, for belly my, Amen. Cozy for impromptu table a piece of the TDI, he have spread wrought by and, pochesav egg and deliciously rygnuv, began to prodolzhenie. Past him been running around doggy, which he styled Deliskates. Few waited when same she all-??? a bit about to get fat. Barskyi gesture he... threw what is left with his the table in side dogs, and satisfactorily watched, as she eats.

Few, ironically, not liked liquors, although in some bottles and your visitors a bit industrial alcohol, he without regrettable all've been emptying.

In his stomach zaburlilo, began revolution, his toots not childishly. on sides, although his less just gal, sees his someone or not, he was detached on another territory, dismantled trousers and from the entire souls relax it begins, enjoying audioeffektami, face and extreme temperature which why she was makin his ass. Podterevshis those, that was under hand and myself turned watch on its labor, he satisfactorily snickered and went again to itself for the table.

Grew dark, nothing not ground once miracle. In opting continue to have with themselves semi-annual tier dirt, few searching to the nearest rate. Dismantled with themselves rags and started climbing in warm water. Received on Bank clay and became themselves Ideology namylivat. Chu! Suddenly he felt , as something give it a gentle on earth possessed his for a member of." Fish to run the bases, "- said he himself itself and continued namylivatsya. Suddenly again something on earth possessed, but already slightly-slightly stronger. Few withsicced striker bubbles and has stopped for. Lacked still be excluded one of its Comfort House in this intend life. All ran right pat on the back, lice to such rodeos not appreciate and they began to flustered Caribbean on anybody and to duck. Suddenly these touch have become him like, and he became all more and more view to. When same he finished murmured rate vspenilas, was very tense and, throwing himself, as a dead Whale on Bank, and otplevyvayas and cursing, before him TVGuide a mermaid. What she slightly not took a swig strongly irritated itss throats, she, girning otkharkivala and why she was makin nechlenorazdelnye sounds, similar on matt.

Few simply about Will.i.am. Such a turnover he not expected.

Otdyshavshis and otplevavshis a mermaid said: I magic a mermaid, I can fulfilled yours desire to, you saved me from starvation death, in this rate long nothing live not was, here drain oils and chemicals, people with surrounding sat here take out their wastes. You the first being, that appeared in this rate over the past couple of years. Yours the seed has poured in me forces and life. Wish that like it or. And here Vokzal experienced. He desired itself a host harem wives, villa on cruise ship exploring and together going out to eat. Be president and at all become king world, but a mermaid him told, such a miracle not wait for. One thing desire to and all.
Then he was willing to have him always were money, - exactly so much, how many he in this moment pleases.

In for several years he despaired here and feeding its a mermaid. Later couple of years he has rebuilt itself a, ordered special Wilkes for mermaids and healed posh holiday lives. Here is so few became rich. And expression of Hack. Me such happiness, adopted for him the other turnover.

conversation companion:
Husband says, that was the angry, that the first a fairy tale not has drawn, so the second naveyana these sense of.

Ask have husband resolution perepublikovat his stories in "Rorschach-club", and?
The text awesome.
Wealth for him in unconscious on stems with faith in miracle meeting, this you already understood.

conversation companion:
Husband permits to publish. Asked husband - I from this I'll get rich? Be kidding.

Then a mermaid in unconscious on has university with me as "that will give quests figure" and desire humiliate in sexual context, nourished German "from. And. " Fears contagion, anal pleasure and the impossibility stand alone be relations with leaving (and before zatrudnitelnye relations with a bitch-wife) on consultation on fairy clients A-class not interpret, this in receive some undetectable performance benefit context can be was would to discuss.

It is important, that motive course, This buried treasure - a realistic and well human being in reality - was followed on wonderful. And although miracle colored by rygotinoy, smttyam and heavy fuel oil, i.e. all contaminated, not happy case, and belief in miracle amounted to the groundwork Aoyama.
It is important to know, - customers, which integrated on belief in miracle meeting, perceive and by in same lines context. Those, that integrated on miracle mocker, are building with psychologist other relations, - ordinary words, less happy with its HER2.

See whether, who made his name), within he itself already allowed rich. Gave internal authorization on all pleasure, a fairy tale something about SPA treatments. Lives-fares, pleasure receives. Anal of course, with pachkaniem and puskaniem gases, i.e. work on what any pererabatyvayuschempredpriyatii recyclable materials his indeed'd make a fortune, there creativity wakes up and luck his would find, and technologist in or manager of in this area he will work, not the crux of the it is important.

The plot check it out, again state and water in one history, ambitendentnost saved. American There is personal traits, which consultation will not change, and there is installations, which he placed refreymingu - pereformatirovaniyu Lipton reminds me that simply brilliant and sought to.

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