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Cuisine of peoples world

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This recipe'd you get that with site pro KNM.

fries Danish

Noodles otvarivayut in ocean and water. Carrot and the root of the of celery, studded cubes, and color such as cabbage, disassembled on kocheshki, otvarivayut in podsolennoy water, not giving razvaritsya. Chilled vegetables mix in with pasta, OK, command with mayonnaise, Plant oils, vinegar, mustard and add threaded stripes ham or sausage.

Noodles 80, carrot 30, celery (the root of the) 20, cabbage color 50, ham 80, oil vegetable 10, vinegar 5, mayonnaise 10, mustard 2, where sea salt.

eat up ON RADOST



About! Thank you :) A I did as something this salad :yes: MA – It unusually, but on-'s northern satisfying and nutritious. In a whole, a good option to treat guests winter.



And here is Railways. A literary recipe. Always when read artistic literature, 're trying to to imagine mentioned now, especially if deal concerns French cuisine. As something years 15 ago withdrew tiny only be a pamphlet "Recipes madam Maigret", there are collected all mentioned prescriptions for from books pro detective. Its choice I halted on

do with Rug with karsnym pepperfrom novel "Maigret retains calm"

Melt in chugunke 125 g bacon and 30 g butter. Cut into on the pieces 1 kg meat and chop 0.5 kg string. Posting in chugunok tier meat, to put salt on them, half close onions, sprinkle 1 / 2 tea phytosterols red muddles pepper. Then posting the next tier meat, again to put salt on them, close onions and I broil those same pepper. Inject meat a hot water, bring until boil, close a lid and to about 2 hours 45 minutes. Then pour balm 125 g dense sour cream, still times bring until boil and sue on the table.

Me seems, that to can be and smaller :rolleyes:



I did as something this salad

Delicious is obtained? Accurately-accurately so? With ingredients grown on?
Still times reread and thought: What that, well would, try his cooked. Not know, truth, has remained whether color) In mid-last weeks ate greens with Madre) I so was nervous :rolleyes: This is OK in December!

Literary recipe

Rainbow, and you someday've tried something from literature cooked? And as these prescriptions for way?
So interestingly became)



Recipe Bulgarian cuisineStole prestrannym entitled "" ciorba "" yes even and with nettle.

"ciorba" IZ nettle Since brynzoy

Nettles reassembling and washed, fill podsolennoy water and proceed 15 mines, stirring a wooden spoon. Add vegetable oil, podsushennuyu flour flavored, refills) and proceed still 5-6 shadowing By lifting the with ceasefire, are pawning izmelchennuyu the bryndza.

Stinging nettle 50, oil vegetable 10, water 300, flour 5, brynza 50, where sea salt.

Honestly I’d say, none of seasonal ingredients. Uh. Not causes salivation) :swoon: Being a can, someone from enrollment forum possesses information pro chorbu? As this la Russe?



Iriani wrote:

Rainbow, and you someday've tried something from literature cooked? And as these prescriptions for way?

Yes, some that did. Here is this a Danish salad, for example. As way - not know :) Probably, the authors are probing where any, they like and they record recipe.



Lena, I asked pro recipe from "Maigret.."
Stews, that, described on pages novel? Or the drafters of the themselves dodumyvayut?



Oops, this need to novel re. Quite possibly, that mentioning about stews there indeed there is. The French gumany inherently, hardly artistic description of would cost without culinary details.



I all not parents be surprised KNM) That, please, the cup of tea tartarmorning’s nutritious :)

Tea on-oaoa?nee

Clean tea feast in boiled water and immediately pour milk. For, stirring, 5-6 shadowing Then add to Italian tastes where sea salt, tea razlivayut in over and feast cream oil.

Tea 5-6, water 100, milk 100, oil cream 10, where sea salt.

Recipe left me in easy of shock) Eth for whom such tea?! Perhaps, for the most favorite guests acute.gif



All Hi! :)

Iriani wrote:

Recipe left me in easy of shock) Eth for whom such tea?! Perhaps, for the most favorite guests

There is no ,-il, this tea not for favorite guests. :bye: This is a long tradition Asian peoples, predominantly nomads. ???? here there are different variations. Say, have Mongols in such tea is actually added rice or spelt be scattered, have Kyrgyz - flour and where sea salt. The recipe that you're describing has roots in Chinese culture Tea, but his traditionally call Tibetan. There is even measure space, vyrazhaemaya not in kilometers and centimeters, and in mugs in Tibetan tea. Say, such a something dose - this 3 days path. Such tea "was born" it is no coincidence that. First, milk replace offline expensive and a rare in the mountains water. Second, such tea very double patty., and, therefore,’s nutritious, that well for cold change and heavy life in mountain conditions. But I another understand not can. Why in more cold northern edges (have Chukchi, category: Yakuts) such tea not meets, namely have nomadic Asian of the now?



This is a long tradition Asian peoples

Oops, Len, thank you! So interestingly!
Even not thought about this, when wrote recipe)

And here is Hi from Italy!

fries of Sicily

Apples to clear from the bacon and seed, cut into minute cubes. Celery to embarrass in for 3-4 minutes and, too, cut into cubes. Tomatoes to scald), to clear from the bacon, cut into quartered boiled and to remove seeds. Pickled mushrooms cut into cubes. All well randomize, and slim pepper, with mayonnaise and to put salt on them. Decorate salad Palestine and quartered boiled eggs.

250 g apples
150 g root of celery
125 g soil
160 Mr. mayonnaise
60 g olive pesto strangozzi
80 g marinated wild mushrooms
2 eggs
The pepper ground, where sea salt to Italian tastes

An interesting option. Even need to will to remove from soil seeds. Here is this work)
Question: That such "to embarrass?", and as his to do?



Iriani wrote:

that such "to embarrass?", and as his to do?

Greetings all! To embarrass - this type of pouring ,-still more gentle.



to embarrass - this type of pouring

Roughly realized. Thank you)

Here is passage from rehabilitate Cuba’s cuisine, but, his quietly can be use as dessert.


Pineapples, bananas, apples meaning cubes, grapes based with bunches. Mayonnaise mix with sguschennym milk, fill fruits, mix in, cooled down.
Buoyed on leaves salad.

Here is only is unknown: Condensed milk with the sugars or without!



An interesting recipe! :yes: About condensed milk. I, frankly, not know case whether she WITHOUT sugar. On-my, she the entire with the sugars. I would here condensed milk replaced on good, thick cream! For special gurmanstva can be from above a little bit of a to do is to rub on terke black or milk chocolate. Although, with other hand, fruits and so sweet, can and not Context their slastit mentor. And from condensed milk get greedy in one place. :swoon:
But at all recipe midday. Represent, Cubans hopping to gorge themselves on every day coconut lorry, bananas :)



not know case whether she WITHOUT sugar

Before I listened "'s a bird's milk", used to put in tea) Since the sugars -gustoe, without - Something like of baked milk, but leaves and hot-blooded. Sells everywhere. On bank account under name marked: Without or with :)



Here is so! Age zhivi- age East. IRA, thank you, not knew.



Here is that I has found) yum-yum.

. Wonderful SB sour cream

Thinly raskatannye sheets puff test arrange a serving a glass on keys. Every fifth leaf are being sprayed by rastoplenym creamy oils, mixed with sour cream, and every tenth, moreover, warmth minced have any of the almonds and blessed nuts. Prepared remain've been baking, cooled down and times how keenest variedades (1 the glass sugar on 1 the glass water). Buoyed remain through 1 day after preparations.

Dough pulp and sugar candy 1,000
Oil cream 50
Sour cream 150
Almonds 30
Cardiac forest 30



. Wonderful this, seems, eastern cuisine of? :) violations as ’, tell us. Well?



violations as ’, tell us. Well?

Of course! Only when this will be. :D Don’t represented even, that its can be modicum as something cooked in household conditions?!

Pakhlava this, seems, eastern cuisine of?

Of our protection :yes: Of Iranian)



Pizza ”
1 kg potatoes
1 onion
3 UF. L. Fat
5 soil
1 / 2 a small innkeeper
120 g sopressa
100 g Dragobrata or cheese
2 UF. L. Chopped greenery

In a deep pan regularly tier potatoes (by circles), tier chopped Kaohsiung find so, tier string (by circles), again tier find so, tier soil (by circles) - touted in razogretuyu the oven on 25-30 minutes (until willingness), then posypaetsya cheese, sausage and is poured an egg, whip with milk, and still on 15-20 minutes in the oven. Where sea salt, pepper, oil, seasonings to Italian tastes.


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