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Cuisine of peoples world

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Sophie Lauren wants pleasant appetite
Sophie Lauren - this my idol! Adore all, that she makes.
the veal, Houston with salt
Slice of veal weight in 1 kg to qualitatively obsushit with a napkin. Spices moisture to not need to. They’bottom pans layer by layer major of salt, measuring in 2 finger, put on it meat and, too, they’his from all sides layer by layer of salt in 1 should sit. Zapekayte in time the chamber, until where sea salt from above not'll pink right back up. Remove the keys from oven, delete the crust speksheysya of salt. Cut the meat slices and reporting with its rice, stew carrots, combine peas or any other rich garnish.



Lena, thank you for formuler pizza from potatoes. My child physical culture from fame only. :boast:
Usually on a similar prescription I’m making my baked themselves by growing potatoes with with meat stuffing.
Now despite be preparing Cig borek, here is recipe:

1 the glass boiling water, to. Phytosterols rise their. Butter, a pinch of of salt.
Dough as on dumplings (can be add egg).

On meat, I'm using beef with chopped porezannym onions, to put salt on them and add some water, so to all mushy and.
On one a taco nohat spoon time, well you.
Thinly out buggy riding, the brink I eating with a fork do has serrated, slightly pinning down, to was flat,
Fry in large numbers's cli. Butter.
P.S. Extracted not helps, open window.



About! Flax, extracted here clearly not will help :) Cig borek this such deal. Is happy, that liked pizza. On fact I wrong wrote name it. Need to was "Potato pizza." This from booklets,, in which produced heap recipes pizzas, in including and highly unconventional. A similar certificate pro Olivier and 41,9 :)



Korean cuisine of

Carrots on-chaebol
Carrot 1 kg
Garlic 100 g
Onion 350 - 400 g
Oil vegetable 200 g
Where sea salt, pepper
Acetic Skincrute, essence 1 UF. Are unaware
Carrot cut into petty drain (not to rub on terke), onion - the subtle) pieces, garlic - grate on major terke or chopped cut, onion to embarrass on "Mediterranean diet" oil (to became mild, but not obzharilsya), add carrot, of pouring minutes 5, add garlic, of pouring minutes 3, add where sea salt, pepper to Italian tastes, and turn, on his a lid. Give cool down. Put in refrigerator and insist 10 hours.

gives from young red pepper (1 option)Young Red pepper - 200 g, where sea salt - 3 g, green onion - 10 g, garlic - 5 g, vegetable oil - 10 g, chack - 2 g, a table vinegar - 2 g, Soya-sauce - 20 g, concentrated chicken broth - 0.5 g

From pepper to remove seeds and thinly his nashinkovat. To scald pepper in 0.5% solution of salt.
Onion nashinkovat, garlic liquify. Remove the pepper from podsolennoy water, and slim his onions, garlic, you have every sauce, concentrated chicken broth, prokipyachennym oils, a sesame-seed bun and vinegar.

gives from young red pepper (2 option)
Young Red pepper - 1 kg, Soya-sauce - 100 g, vegetable oil - 30 g, podsolennyy chack - 5 g

Pepper wash, cut in half, thinly nashinkovat. Then to scald in boiling water, splash some water on my in Cold, put an in a colander and give water started to flow.
In razogretuyu pan into the oil, put an pepper and of pouring. Then and slim you have every sauce, a sesame-seed bun and to until willingness.

gives from cucumbers
Cucumbers - 1 kg, garlic - 150 g, peeled onion - 150 g, Red pepper (apple) - 5 cleaning, black ground pepper - 5 g, where sea salt, a table vinegar to Italian tastes.

Cucumbers cut into the subtle with circles, with steeply peresypat salt and put an podognet on hour.
Splash some water on my, slightly overcome the hands, then posting on now. Onion liquify, slightly what You in oil. Add chopped up garlic and apple pepper, where sea salt, black ground pepper, vinegar. All carefully randomize.

gives from for fresh cucumbers and greeneryFree cucumber - 500 g, garlic - 10 g, a table vinegar - 20 g, where sea salt - 10 g, green onion - 30 g, Soya-sauce - 20 g, thinly sliced Red pepper - 0.4 g, podsolennyy chack - 0.5 g

Young cucumbers grate major salt and wash in water. Cut their along on two halves of, and then cut into on pieces of, measuring 0.2 centimeters in the form of of leaves willow or poluluny. Add more vinegar, Soya-sauce, add pre onion, grinded garlic, chack, evenly stir and, I placed on plate, sprinkle thinly tiny matchstick red pepper.


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