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As behave in conflict

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About conflict say then, when contradictions between people are beginning acknowledge and require his resolution. Itself conflict not afraid of, modern psychology says about him as about a normal social phenomenon.

Any conflict always serves powerful transformiruyuschuyu task. But from moreover in what side transforming relations: In side gap or in side a new, more positive phase, much depends on participants conflict. Will whether this it seems on a filtration position or on the devastating Hurricane depends on optimistic and carry certain rules waging conflict. Why from optimistic? Needs on time understand than we catalyzed by in conflict situation: Genuine desire resolve contradictions or prove socialist, that he fool. In the first case modern psychology offers highly a virtuous arsenal politician to practices that will help correctly resolve situation.

First, in conflict have human dominates not the mind, and emotions, this may lead to virility, when consciousness simply is switching off, and man not replies for their words and actions, for which subsequently case it's a shame and awkward. So from business communication needs eliminate judgment and estimates, derogatory dignity interlocutor. Second, by keeping a conversation essentially, not "t in state of charges. Such words as always , never unbind from its vocabulary. Feed within here and now , remember, that past this the, that already passed, and the future this the, that still not has come. Say about their sentiments in data moment, formuliruyte problem from its faces: I'm mad, because . If you have not is obtained be here and now , because there are and emotions rage, then so and tell (if need to, then and shout). If the interlocutor always, he you hear it. And if definition? Insane, then why he you need?

In a whole the algorithm building an its position can be the next:

1. Articulating facts and wording their feelings in this ties
2. Your what he wants on troublesome situation
3. Explanation, that you infer, if your what he wants not would be met (stick )
4. Your oxytocin action, if what he wants would be met (carrot )

Ah and that same to do in a different, destruktivnom version? There is in mind domestic into cannon fodder when we not truth want establish, and prove socialist, that he fool? Yes God you judge . Only remember, that -, then and with, so and to itself you can to backdoor such same attitude.



Lena, Rainbow.
And that such codependency,?
What you have perspective.
Incidentally thank you for picking the articles pro chaos and order



Tania T wrote:

A that such codependency,?

This mutual dependence, when people receive from behavior each other any psychological bonuses. Under this behavior one of them obscheobrazovatelnykh troubled. For example, the husband. Like would the problem dependence only have him, but this only on first glance. His wife receives a golden opportunity to be ????? and all their failures about on husband. Under this its podavlyaemym sense of will anger, and have him - shame and sense of guilt. Simply miracle and husband abandons the binges it urgently will have seek reason justify own paralysis and submission fate.

In families where there is no co-dependence often is happening healing from dependence member family. And there where there is codependency,, reaching years and decades. People simply not can razlepitsya. Very a good example of, codependent family was in its time depicts in movie "Little Matters."



Astrological performance dependence and co-dependence look in this topic.




astrological performance dependence and co-dependence look in this topic.

"The reference, on which you came to hope or largely outdated"


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Practical psychology » As behave in conflict