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Forecast on 2009 from Mikhail Levin

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Mikhail Levin
Ephemerides forecast on 2009 year

The main astrologicheskim event next year will, undoubtedly, standoff of Saturn with Uranus. In Greek mythology these two God forever are fighting between themselves: Kronos (Saturn) forever overthrows with throne his father - Uranus.

But on Earth in this year will occur the opposite. Uranium, lover of abrupt change, will try to disrupt play their customary stability life, which connected with Saturn. Standoff these planets already began and will continue until September 2010. Aspect of this repeats itself times in 45-46 years, past times he stood on the sky with 1964 on 1967 year and led to conspicuous changes in life across the country.

Then occurred change power, resigned Kruschev in October 1964 in a result palace coup (Sakharov called this coup "faint of the October revolution"). Gradually by the end of 1966 -nachalu 1967 Brezhnev strongly in power, relegating greater part of former Swedish leadership. At all those four years were start serious change in world.

In China in 1966 began "cultural revolution." In Paris spring 1967 began student unrest in power, which through year summoned mass demonstrations in Paris and have led to ????? governments de Gaulle.

In Prague in 1967 began the so-called "this Prague Spring", and through year in response to it the USSR introduced troops in Czechoslovakia. In India defeated government Indira Gandhi, occurred military coup in Greece. On Middle East 5 June 1967 began "the six-day bike the" war, consequences which continue until now. In 1965 began American bombardment of Northern Vietnam. In the Union over the first processes over dissidents, and in the US began antiwar DCU movement. In general, wave of political crises with lasting consequences has proceeded around the world.

Even more early standoff of Saturn with Uranus backdrop with years 1917 on 1920 years. This were years, associated with the end of the I World war and post-war peredelom world. And in Russia - revolution and civil war.

Standoff 2009 will not have such crushing consequences, as two previous, because in 1964-1968 s in connecting with Uranus was even and Pluto. And in the years 1917 Saturn incorporated with famous Neptune Fountain -. On this time such sequences there is no, so such strong consequences wait should not. But increasingly would still year will be very unstable. The most substantial changes must occur in the economy and on exchanges.

Periody instability:

With the beginning of the year on middle March;
With the mid-August on middle October.
Maximum instability will, when aspect of becomes accurate:

With 26 January on 14 February;
With 9 September on 21 September.
Chego expect in such periods?In primarily instability on exchanges and racing exchange rate. Second, crisis situation in all areas, whom manage Uranus and Saturn:

Aircraft - financial problems and bankruptcy airlines; in critical periods growth number of accidents.
Energy - financial problems.
Real estate and construction.
Astronautics. Are possible financial problems, and also a series of failed launches.
Electronics, high technology. Can prosest NASDAQ.
Insurance business.
This basic spheres business, which will notorious stronger just. Naturally, will big changes and among officials, because the entire bureaucratic apparatus under Saturn.

The second not less important astrologicheskim event the upcoming year will ingressiya (transition) Pluto in a badge of Capricorn. Itself ingressiya already occurred 29 November 2008, but events that she would cause, start turn around later - in for next year. And vivid footprint these events will stretch even on 3-4 year, i.e. until 2012-2013. Each ingressiya Pluto in the twentieth century represented a climate global system - political or economic. In this time Pluto enters in Capricorn, so can be wait serious changes in the system economic relations, in primarily in the financial system. Naturally, change will occur in for several years, but the first notable shifts we will see already in 2009.

That concerns our country, then in financially we are experiencing not the most the best period. Apparently, government strides inject themselves into such number of social programs and so much hasn in support public and okologosudarstvennykh monopolies, that number of money in treasury sharply has declined. Perhaps, this will spring and with the fall oil prices. Truth, juggernaut of crisis not will. Nothing comparable on default 1998 us not and fulfilling, and in late fall financial mark becomes for us more favorable.

In political respect no significant change on the top not will, but slightly fishing area, on level officials second series of, must begin serious change: Is faring change elites. On the top superficially increasingly the decent thing to do, but begins silent tug of war power, but in this year it will not end. As and last time us and fulfilling shift center power from one leader to another, which will occur in for several years. In the rest of the increasingly until, as and before. Is faring monopolization the most important industries economy. High technology until work very loosely, the country earns on exports raw materials.

Relations with closest neighbors fundamentally not change. On the east relations slowly improve, on south and the near the west remain 16th.

Relations with our partners-rivals - with the United States - although and remain very rugged, but markedly improve compared with by previous years. Ends lasting (more ten years) period serious cooling relations between our countries. Relations with the European Union compared with 2008 year fundamentally not change.

That concerns life individual, then 2009 year, although and will scrunched up, but not much harder ordinary years. First, the opposition of Saturn with Uranus will affect the far not all, second, for many this aspect of will turn around its the positive side of the, i.e. change, caused by these aspect of, have many will lead to improve their life.

The opposition of Saturn with Uranus can relinquishes many hand life: Health, work, family relations. Harder to just this aspect of will pass through those who was born in periods time, privedyonnye in table 1.

Table 1. Those, for whom 2009 year will be hard work – while(natalnye compound, squaring, the opposition of Saturn with Uranus)


With 6 July 1908 on 3 March 1911
With 29 August 1918 on 27 July 1920
With 21 December 1929 on 3 December 1931
With 17 June 1941 on 15 July 1942
With 2 January 1951 on 4 October-1953
With 7 April 1964 on 18 February 1967
With 23 July 1975 on 12 June 1977
With 13 November 1987 on 21 January 1989
With 6 June 1999 on 11 April 2001

For those who was born in periods, privedyonnye in table 2, 2009 year will turn around its the positive side of the. And even if their await change, they will for the better.

Table 2. Those, for whom 2009 year will be a positive(natalnye sekstil, trigon of Saturn with Uranus)


With November 1925 on October 1927
With February 1934 to January 1936
With on May 1938 on February 1939
With October 1947 on August 1949
With January 1955 to December 1957
With on May 1972 to April 1974
With October 1978 on August 1980
With October 1983 on August 1984
With April 1992 on February 1993
With June 1995 to April 1997
With July 2002 to May 2204

For those who was born in periods, privedyonnye in table 3, 2009 year will events that first sound bad. But following these increasingly will change for the better. If they will lose work, then soon will find even better and camping on D.

Table 3. Those, for whom 2009 year will change first for the worse,
And then for the better
(natalnyy kvintil of Saturn with Uranus)


With January 1933 to December 1933
With October 1949 on September 1950
With October 1977 to May 1979
With June 1997 to May 1998

In general, will survive this 2009 th, as survived 2008 th.

Mikhail Levin, Dr. astrology,
Rector of the Moscow Academy Astrology
Czechoslovak November 2008

http://www.urania-astrology.ru/horoscop … levin.html



natalnye compound, squaring, the opposition of Saturn with Uranus.
Born: With 7 April 1964 on 18 February 1967

If I correctly understood thought, then there is in mind natalnaya the opposition with orbisom 5 degrees, that requires adjustment the specified period:
With 7 April 1964g on 31 July 1964g
With 1 March 1965g on 15 on May 1965g
With 14 July 1965g on 4 October 1965g
With 3 January 66 on 26 March 66
With 26 September 66 on 18 February Specialised School

Other periods I not all their, so that advise peek into efimiridy. :glasses:



Юра wrote:

If I correctly understood thought, then there is in mind natalnaya the opposition with orbisom 5 degrees, that requires adjustment the specified period:

Across semblance yes. Incidentally, the most purely neutral't forecast from all, without horror movies.


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