Vygode December will happen, naturally, in zodiakalnom signs of Sagittarius 27 November 2008in 6 • of Sagittarius. Degree Sabian here... Described so: "Audiences are watching game in hockey"or "Instinct contest and the excitement, having developed coherence as collective interaction." Vygode will mark in 19 hours 56 minutes on Moscow time.

Vygode promises us month active action. Us await promising familiarity and contacts, expands circle communication, in including associated with overseas cities and far countries. A golden half of receives opportunity contact with optimistic and educated recipients of, can be expect change of partners and renewal feelings. Truth, cannot be say, that goes as on oil. Widen finances with perspective long-term prospects and something seem costly or manner which. Or domestic values not coincide on first glance with nascent relations (myselfjust a, not necessarily there).

But this only on first glance! Be coming on on desirable path can be with the help careful planning or support senior people (leadership, for example). Either, contrary, all pitch on chips drop wherever they might and act on gaining managerial skills intuitions (but importantly to capture "for tail" hint with hand subconscious). In general, the spontaneity in sentiments plus "vividly" daily life will help to remain content these in general something optimistic month :)

astrology certificate:

The sun-Long Oh Mercury Oh Mars Sagittarius
This compound 45 Venus-Jupiter in an, to in turn
120 Saturn in The Maiden and 60 Uranus in Pisces

Lunar phase month:

1 quarter-- 6 December in 00: 26 in 15 • Pisces
Http - 12 December in 19 :3 7 in 22 • prodavat
4 quarter-- 19 December in 13 :3 0 in 28 • Virgin of

Our time for standing pat whilst start