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Children in natalnoy map (will whether, how many, when, why problems)

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Perfectly reputable Tatiana!

Witness, please, when the most favorable period for conceiving of our with husband first-born child. Plan 1.5 year - inconclusively. Soon'm getting off mad.
My data born: Marina my long. 19 January, Propulsion Klaipeda, 05 :4 5 (morning)
Husband: Marius 1976g., 21 December 08 :3 0 (morning)
Bride took place 2009. 27iyunya

Thank you you huge in advance.
Very hope on your aid!




Since forgotten write place birth husband -, too, Lithuania, Propulsion Klaipeda. :blush:



Hello, Marfussa!

Marfussa wrote:

Planiruem 1.5 year - inconclusively

Ah this still not term :blush:. You certainly already did the ultra sound have doctors, and times ask one question astrologu, apparently with medical perspective all in normalcy. I rights? If so, I'll take a look for you the most likely periods conceiving on the coming 2 year.



Татьяна wrote:

apparently with medical perspective all in normalcy.

Yes, precisely so! Witness, please. Can be what - the factors affect have us on Conception, place of residence for example?



Know, Marina, in everything map and map your husband there is certain instructions on delays with the emergence of children. ???? have him this may be stems and with health. There is the likelihood move in this issue with the mid-February on the end of the March 2010. If not will happen Conception, then in this period can as something ” I the reasons for this: Physical or psychological. So same favorable period July-August this year, February, April and October 2011



Hello Tatiana! Thank you you large, that you help people. Am asking you to answer and on my question. We with husband plan pregnancy already more 4 years. Behind very many and operations and heap examinations, ovaries … The Last operation has shown directive pipes, there is whether us sense try themselves or we have no chance and need to again go on ovaries?
I: Jan 17 September 1981 year, place birth Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, according to mothers about 10 the evening
Husband: Dmitri 31 on May 1977 year, place birth too costly Ust-Bolsheretsk Kamchatskiy the brink, morning
Bride: 31 August 2001.
On this moment live in Propulsion Lipetsk.
In advance grateful to for your the answer.



Podskajite please will whether have us with husband children and when?
I: 07.02.1982g 02,45 time + 4, Propulsion Samara
Husband: 23.10.1980g 19.20 per night time + 4, Propulsion Samara
Were born in one Birth

Bride painting of 11.08.2006, celebration 12.08.2006, Propulsion Samara, live there same
Zamershaya pregnancy 15.11.2006
Since then 3 year abortive attempts.

In advance large thank you for anxiety!




Thank you large for the answer! I supposed, that this is so (intuitively). Spring are going pass more wider honey. Check-ups.
T. E., I so understand, that Afghanistan’s particular brand attention need turn on health and the possible problems with hand increasingly-??? husband?
What reasons or moments you had in view with my hand?



Hello, . And from the!
If you Unarching time birth (about 10 hours this very roughly), I will be able you in to answer, which problems there is in everything map with, um, inseminate.



Hello, Lidych! Look when will children too over the process and so taxable. Within Forum I can watch the likelihood conceiving within a year. Write in for this weeks.



Everyone answers on this topic and indeed in my office with 1 February directives are according to common rules Forum for platu- 300 Br 1 question. Those who asked question until 1 February, would gain the answer for free, but only on 1 question.



Tatiana, hello! Thank you that not have left without attention! Mother says, that I was born roughly in 9-40 the evening, more accurately say, unfortunately, not can. In advance grateful to for your the answer.



Tatiana, thank you large! D wait your the answer! And the morally very hard to live in constant anticipation. To know modicum for good reason or not all pains.



Jan, in everything a map indeed there is tense aspects of, indicating problems with childbirth. I would told, that this can be any hormonal violations. Purely psychologically you it seems not very in harmony with their trumps emotion, are in able a permanent stress, that so same can toll on ability to to researchers (this specifically for everything maps characteristically). Go whether on ovaries-this only your decision, but I not recommended would this to do until April. Still can say, that accurately the situation with children must dramatically change for the better in 2012 Luck you!



Lidych, насколько я могу судить в этом году вероятность зачатия у вас не очень большая, но если говорить о периодах, то наиболее благоприятен с мая по сентябрь. Вообще и в Вашей карте, и в карте мужа есть указания на задержки с появлением детей, но в Вашей карте это более явно. Важным периодом в этой теме может стать сентябрь-октябрь 2011 г. И еще:если вы с мужем вдруг надумаете взять приемного ребенка, это будет во благо, особенно Вам. Только это должно быть искреннее желание. Удачи вам!



Tatiana, a large thank you for your the answer! Advice turn off head very a unique insight now, perhaps, and fact is worth stop celebrate. Stress indeed present, now not the most simple period in life … Skyfall about stress in my map, you say specifically pro the current period or pro the that he at all characterize me? Let us wait until all some calming., ah and 2012 year, of course :blush:. Still times thank you for the answer!



Yana wrote:

Skyfall about stress in my map, you say specifically pro the current period or pro the that he at all characterize me?

I had in view at all psychological especially everything personality, not only in the current period. You can arise big complexity with "content to digest" of emotions and this is reflected and on productive functions apparently.



Thank you large for the answer! Let us try to in this year, and if not make all efforts tilt the on 2011!
On expense RX child this on fact should be very well deliberate and weighed decision. Until I to such a not is ready.



Hello Tatiana.
Much request watch a question real quick on to the kids, too
I: 22.10.1981 Propulsion Osinniki the Kemerovo area 10 :2 0 (time birochnoe and so in child up with outpatient map written was)
He :0 3.01.1984 Propulsion Novokuznetsk the Kemerovo area 18 :5 mostly been! 9 :0 0 (with words his mother).
We not painted until.
In November 2009 was zamershaya pregnancy on term 6,. Until this pregnancies not was. On test the problem there is on gormonam, spermagrammu did twice departures not critical infrastructure.



And still question How pay legal. I've given that in bottom in podpise there is Number purse, and that as to do not know, camping on K. Before not enjoyed


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Tatiana A Jidkova » Children in natalnoy map (will whether, how many, when, why problems)