In my astrological practice me not times treated mothers, order child, with request pick a the most a welcome time birth for their your baby (though would within days and hours). Of course same, this was possible only under routinely doing a C-and organizations. But as showed experience, even with aircrafts scheduled on a certain time be operationally intervention always occurred unexpected (or can, contrary, consequential?) events, sdvigayuschie time birth, sometimes even on the other day. Conclusion emerges himself a.
We not can plan time birth child on moment favorable location planets, but we can help child with the most full of the and be realize potential, this stars at birth.
When I has built its birth map his newborn baby son, then was in easy of shock from two oao-squares with peaks on svetilakh and to the same concerning Cornner homes. But then thought: As nice, that each moment astrologer and see these tense aspects of already now, after all I can use this knowledge and help his son less painfully and with large COP realize themselves.
My experience shows, that children intuitively feel, as them the most full of the realize themselves, especially in pre-age, and observe or demonstrate this parents. But here arises the complexity of the: As distinguish.. a fleeting vagaries from a real needs, especially if child excessively mobile. - and inquisitive? Even more difficult understand, to what inclined shy and, a to solitary experience child. Perhaps, the only universal tool for identify talents and addiction LYuBOGO child is astrology.
Except this map birth allows to know:
- what organs and parts of bodies child more other are subject to various diseases and require special attention;
- under any circumstances and in any situations child especially vulnerable emotionally;
- as child perceives their parents and what sub-conscious installations the most useful him;
- attitude child to schooling by, what methods training and system education suited him more just.
And many, many the other information.
Under this the main task parents, knowledgeable "vulnerable point" and potential talents in natalnoy map child, help him worked out the first with least affected, and second develop, even if they and not respond parent route the dreams from.
And now a bit astrology.
As we know, child is growing and evolves gradually, with every year in laying out all new the brink of its personality. So and planet in natalnoy map child display themselves not all immediately, and vklyuchayas on least maturation. The first planet, which shows their quality with the most moment birth and on circadian rhythms which lives child especially in ervyy year life is an is Long. Often its manifestations of in character child in the first years life even more visible, than quality sun.
Child with the Moon in Ovnehardly will give their parents bore. Him need many space for movement, but under this parents need Fuehrer elevated vigilance - such baby as sands have seeks have all around. And, of course same, he needs in independence. Need monitor behavior child and on time reassure his activity, camping on K. With so position moon have him can reverberate heightened the excitement. And she in thereafter can give know about itself the head mother and heightened utomlyaemostyu.
And here is child with the Moon in Taurusneeds above all in predictability and reliability parents and environment. Adoption something new can be difficult for this child. The introduction of new food, crackdown in apartment- he all can perceive "in bayonets." Such baby strongly be attached to its things, certainly his darling will soft plaything, pleasant on are. Have child with so position moon very vulnerables throats.
Long in the Twinsreinforces and without moreover greater inquisitiveness children, such child, typically, forthcoming, easily goes to cause people. Typically, is beginning to sooner to speak. Quickly are seized with new knowledge, but can lack the depth in studying what-either. For a comfortable well-being him need more byvat on fresh air, and ???? should be well provetrennym. Nervous systems system such a child enough sensitive, so him necessarily need fully-fledged recreation.
Under those respects in Raquechild, typically, differs thoughtfulness of declare all close. Have him an urgent intuition in respect sentiment and feelings surrounding people. Even as infant, he sensitive reacts their behavior on changes in mood parents. Later for him can be't departure in its "shell" or contagion behavior. To help him, parents need Fuehrer serene openness, honesty - children of this type especially tend to emulate behavior close.
Such child will subject to array change sentiments: From extreme joy until of extreme gloom. Very is strong the emotional attachment to mothers. One of vulnerable points organism is a firespace, so the right nutrition for him especially it is important.
If in map child Long in question, he love lie in the center of the attention. One of tasks parents not give to move this quality of in egoism and egomania. Such child very needs in well and recognition their merit, but importantly not too much zeal. With the most early age this child demonstrates quality leader. So same children with so position moon very artistic. And cherish game and contest. If Long not stunned, health have this child enough solid, however need follow heart-vascular system and avoid excessive physical leverage, especially in pre-age.
Long in The Maidenmakes your child enough pedantic. He very negligent to location--near train station, likes purity. Parents such a child have a golden opportunity to nurture itself of excellent aide. On opportunities him need point to a separate room, where he can keep their things in such a order, what he likes. And although someone Different his order may seem chaos, child knows place each things and very displeased with, when this order violate. So same he likes to do things ????. With early age such child interested in their health. So his easily teach personal hygiene and a good habits for food, that would spare his from problems with kishechnikom- one of vulnerable points his organism
Child with the Moon in Libraprefers, to all was pleased and peacefully, he not will on their own initiative I hoarse game or might. His the emotional side enough is balanced, and although he can be one impressionable, this quickly passes. Such a child need anyone, with whom he will play. He is rarely exasperated, if long remains one. Moon in Libra attaches child additional charm of, and he can, let and unconsciously, use this, to achieve goal. Truth him can be it is difficult to do choice, his drive all weighed and tardy can lead, that he will to shift the right do choice on other. Task parents help him learn to choose very, not provide all immediately (if this perhaps), to rid his from self-sustaining decisions.
Have child with the Moon in 1997-deep and intensive feelings, which at times so are complex, that even he himself not understands their, so that not surprising, if this not manages and parents. Although this child feels very deeply, his emotions can not manifest itself superficially. But under displaying the they can impress surrounding its intensity. This child can differ zlopamyatnostyu. With age such child can become increasingly secretive in is, that concerns his feelings and personal away. He can lead the itself the hiding place, to to store there meaningful for him things. Sobstvennicheskie the Strand moon in 1997-will manifest itself with early age, and in is, that concerns loved ones still and jealousy. Should not glee times provoking his on this, but in, too, time need teach his share, in including and love.
Long Sagittariusmakes child very optimistic. He vostorzhen relatively life in a whole and moreover, that interested in his in this moment. Such a child need adventures, if not physical, then mental. He very inquisitive and can ask questions, often not appropriate his age: About God, space, sense life and camping on P. Parents need try not swatting at from such issues, and all same to answer as can be more available, but exhaustively for child. As only he starts to read, books will simply proglatyvatsya them. This child usually amicable with all, am confident and paddles. His the negative emotions can be strong, but quickly pass and, as rule, not leave a trace in his memory.
Child with the Moon in annot will excessively emotional, rather will seem emotionally a tight-ass, camping on K. Believes those wearing improper attire to present their feelings blindfolded. So parents need be doubly attentive to him, to on time recognize the the negative feelings and emotions and help him cope with them.
This baby may seem too mature for their years with early childhood.
He stark, cautious and very stemmed. All this gives him sense of confidence. From year can be are inherently him with early childhood. For him notably take a high-level working position in his social group (whether child workers garden, school or Tanargue company). So same he always seeks for recognition society and not goes beyond adopted rules.
Child the Moon in Vodoleeenough druzhestvenen and open to all, but better not plunge to him too close. He not hostile too closer emotional neighborhood. Perhaps he perceives its as some limiting their personal freedom, which, perhaps, is for him one of the major living values.
This child needs be themselves a, unique, and not those, whom others want in it to see. Him need a sphere, in which he will unconventional: This may be his style clothing, activities, which he chooses, or his own ideas and philosophy. Under rubbing shoulders with so child better apply rational and intellectual approach.
Child with the Moon in Piscespossesses very sensitive soul of and responsive the heart. He seriously and with profound, a sympathy face can to care for other, help someone. But not in matters Command order: In his things and toys he hardly will attend, simply such 't care even not occupy his.
This child possesses very a shining imagination and inclined prone in mechtatelnost. He easily takes offense, hardly will assertive in conflict and can at all not assert their positions, so his it is not difficult deceive or intimidate. When he upset by, embrace mothers will very a good soothing a means. So same strong influence on him can exert music.