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This symbol of so to an ancient, that almost impossible establish, when he emerged. Chimeric, obvityy two snakes with his or without, was attribute deities in India and ancient Egypt, in The Phoenician and Sumeria, in Greece, Rome and around the Mediterranean, in Iran and even in who are America. And whatever the deity nor has kept his in the hands of: Serapis, Asclepius or Hermes, Mercury or Eskulap, kadutsey always reflected one thing and the same: Principle universal movement.

As writes Elena Petrovna Blavatskaia, this symbol of Greeks borrow have Egyptians, which he was known even before Osiris, and have Greeks kadutsey, in turn, picked up Romans. And the Latin word caduceum happened from Greek messenger, a harbinger. Curiously, that in the Greek language it has overall the root of the with the word cock. And cock, as known, the great a harbinger morning and sun.

Inherent stake Wand of Hermes symbolically stems with walnut life, hinge world, and of the snake with cyclical resurgence of Nature, with recovery universal of the Procedure for, when he violated. Of the snake point to circus dynamic in is, that superficially steadily, symbolize two raznonapravlennykh flow of (upward and down), on the link the sky and land, God and human (wings on kadutsee also point to compound the sky and land, spiritual and material) all, that is born on earth, comes with the sky and, after as will pass path tests and suffering, its emergence as circuits experience, should rise to the sky.

About Mercury states, that he their the Staff which since then is considered symbol of world, consent, separated two riders fighting snakes. Fighting And soldier of the snake this mess, chaos, their needs share, i.e. differentiate between, see extreme and unite, overcome their. Then, uniting, they uravnovesyat Osi world, and around it from Chaos Theory will created Cosmos, harmony. The same symbolic significance has zodiakalnyy a badge of by, which manages planet Mercury: The visible ambivalence must be use of the in ? s revealed. The truth united, and, to reach it, need to follow on direct road, that symbolizes axis Wand of Hermes.

????????? says: There are such a stick Hermes, touch it Ideology that like it or. All, that neither you gonna touch, whether this skin, tree or something still, all will morph into a gold. Yes this and is true. Result me ailing or the dying, disaster or difficulties all of this I can ranunculus stick Hermes. Big God, which gave us this tool.

Kadutsey also symbol of of Dragon of Fire, or Kundalini. Obvivayas around central axis, of the snake generation in seven spots, their associate with chakras. Kundalini, Snake Fire, sleeping in-load chakre, and when in a result evolution is waking up, goes back on the rest of the spine for three lanes: The central, Shushumne, and two side, which form two overlapping spiral, Pingale (this knots, a mans and active, spiral) and Ida (leftist, female and passive).

In alchemy kadutsey this symbol of unity of Fire and Water, which not destroy each other
Kadutsey says about power of a deity, which spreads its strength on moreover, who refers to him with with your prayer. This symbol of Registrant and dedicated, our of, because not enough need and know, so same it is important be able cede. In absent such many political, direct representatives and missionaries gods were doctors, istselyavshie soul and body human, they were are linked with sozidayuschey we believe in, them were open all laws, which rule Nature. Spiritual vision allows them recognize when nature of disease and ship types- wet put to better the medicine. In those times kings and tsars were simultaneously priests and physicians.

Tatiana Romny Railway

http://www.manwb.ru/articles/simbolon/l … /kadutsey/




On one of carte Simbolona, too, of an symbol of Kadutseya. This map sluzhitelnitsa.

From of smoke sacrificial ceasefire emerges symbol of Kadutseya this golden take the baton, opletennyy two snakes and crowned with two krylyshkami. Two of the snake embody forces ties and division of, for good and of evil, ceasefire and water, climbing and order, and also equilibrium, wisdom and fertility. This take the baton belongs Old / to Hermes, Grocer a sign Virgin of into astrology. Kadutsey a long time was symbol of medicine, which in thereafter was replaced middle with the bowl. Meanwhile not less he continues to remain sign unconventional quantitative magical faith healing.




Lud_mila wrote:

kadutsey a long time was symbol of medicine, which in thereafter was replaced middle with the bowl.

Lud_mila wrote:

Meanwhile not less he continues to remain sign unconventional quantitative magical faith healing.

Here is so. Age live - age East, I and not knew. Means official medicine took symbol of unconventional? :)
Thank you, Liuda, for that interesting addition.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Esoteric exercises » Kadutsey