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As with in handworkers

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Ah me this availability of specifically! :swoon: Clip from books S. T. Aksakov "Semenaya the narrative":

The table, pounded under kushaniyami, and it not umnshalis on it, and then was obyknovene all it questioning on the table proactively. The story began with cold dishes: With German Angus cow ham and with baked ham, proshpigovannoy garlic; then sledovai heated: Green cutting off military assistance and cancer treatment soup, escorted by podovymi homemade cakes and sloenym faculty; directly then poavlas botvinya and tseloyu a mountain chischennykh cancer the necks on platter; sauces was only two: With for a female quails on of cabbages and with farshirovannnymi ducks under some red fat and with raisins, prunes, sheptaloy and uryukom. Sauces were Armenian vogue. Stepan Mikhaylych their not liked and called boltushkami. Then appeared of the monstrous magnitude zhirneyshiy a turkey-and back calfskin leg, naputstvuemye for a has anyone, with melon, mochenymi tomatoes, for a gruzyami and openkami in lye; lunch was rings with jam and Biography or dutym has smooth pie with dense crema. All of this zapivalos nalivkami, house referral beer, kvasom with ice blasting and kipuchim honey. And all of this with, not omitting nor one it, and all safely have weathered gomericheskie that said Noy carried our grandfathers and of dough! With not hurrying, and because lunch lasted long.

Now understandable, why girls were so well-fed and excessive completeness their no one point that out to! Golden times! :beee:



As after this people at all river from-for the table! :rofl: A then and have been moving!



All Hi! They not ate the chemistry and lived on fresh air! :bb: completeness then considered sign of health. :)



М. Булгаков "Иван Васильевич":
"Дьяк (входит): Татарский князь Едигей к государю.
Милославский:Э, нет! Этак я из сил выбьюсь. Объявляю перерыв на обед.
Дьяк: Царь трапезничать желает.

Тотчас стольники вносят блюда, за стольниками появляются гусляры.

Милославский: Нет, у них хорошо поставлено дело. В метрополе ждешь, ждешь пока тебе салатик подадут....Душу вымотают!..
Бунша: Это сон какой-то!
Милославский (дьяку): Это что?
Дьяк: Почки заячьи верченые да головы щучьи с чесноком..икра, кормилец...Водка анисовая, приказная, кардамонная, как желаешь.
Милославский: Красота!.. Царь, по стопочке с горячей закуской! (пьет) Ко мне, мои тиуны, опричники мои! "

Сейчас у нас на дворе щедрое лето. Думаю, многие делают такое вкусное и не особо калорийное блюдо как Икра из баклажан. Давайте делиться рецептами? Я делаю так (количество "на глазок"): беру репчатый лук, мелко шинкую, обжариваю на растительном масле до золотистой корочки. Да! делаю я это не на обычной сковороде, а на очень широкой и неглубокой. Потом добавляю мелко нарезанные помидоры и убавляю огонь. Пока лук с помидорами солидно побулькивают чищу и режу кубиками баклажаны. Добавляю к луку-помидорам (по ходу не забывать это хозяйство довольно часто помешивать, чтобы не подгорело). Следом чищу и режу (тож мелко) болгарский перец. Туда же. Далее добавляю специи: черный перец, кордамон....что найдется...только не солить. Солить в самом конце, потому что от соли баклажаны разваливаются, такая неаппетитная каша получается. Далее вся эта штука тушится себе, да перемешивается примерно на протяжении 20-30 минут. Потом пробуем и определяем что хватит. В этот момент добавляем соль, хорошо перемешиваем. Потом добавляем предварительно мелко нарезанный ческок и зелень (кинза, укроп, рейган), опять перемешиваем и тут же выключаем. Даем настояться минут 10 под крышкой, потом ложкой перекладываем в нормальную кастрюльку. Вкусно и в горячем виде и в холодном. Можно употреблять и в качестве закуски и в качестве основного блюда.
Приятного аппетита! :)



Ate, as and always on holidays, satisfying and many. Cutting off military assistance with small area replaced by noodles, then - this lamb, poultry, jellied chicken from smutton pin socket, roasted fruit, pshennaya with no cow oils gruel, Kulaga, blintsy with we, salty and watermelon. Grigory, ogruzivshis food, embarked hard, piano perekrestilsya, I'll Puff ', Kamenyuki on bed. Panteley Prokofyevich still governed with gave: Densely pritolochiv its spoon, he has done in the middle deepening (the so-called well), poured in him an amber oil and neatly found spoon boasts oils bag for.

M. Sholokhov. "A soft-spoken Don"

Grows - this they've got clotted cream, about kulage can be revere here. Incidentally, writes our familiar some culinarian (see Subject "Talented some culinarian") Maxim Syrnikov.



Family melodies had affluence, so on their table often lay bread on-'s remembrance: This when in dough added milk! For lunch, and often and for dinner have them was meat different species, sauces, seasonings, not to mention diversity soups. Boys (Nicolas and Charles) often pampered on last change various jam, icing, muskatnymi nuts, verdenskim jelly beans, the sugars, hardened musk and ambergris, chocolate dry and it.

But Charles knew, that such poverty. Once in Viry his a small rustic each invited his in its house popit water. Before a huge Balance sat hostess, over pile flaming firewood. "'m hanging cast-into the, in which be boiled pokhlebka with garlic and turnips.. A small is a master wooden the bucket received water and has Charles, but the old woman not the trawler their. She the dominatrix have removed the from the boiler steaming turnips ,-pierced acute a wooden health and, cleared knife and gave to Charles. The saw, somehow greedy mournfully his a small each watched on turnips, and on the street authorized him half.
- And this your lunch? - asked then Charles.
Baby the affirmative nodded, were another slice of. And both here same forgotten pro its conversation and again Jerome Gorsay recounts … in meadow play and Caribbean.

Now Charles I mentioned and other peasant homes, far he often dropped by with co-players their games, and, understood suddenly the, on that neither never not threatened both attention: Nor in one of these homes not was bread! And he scared: And that, if and in Viry peasants get caught recoup and kitchen table and never more not be allowed to enter his play in faction, meadows? And vowed, that will feed their friends and bread, and the.

Boyko S. Charles melodies. - M., 2005. - (a series of "ZhZL").



As seemed so Easter breakfast have tycoons, known on insistence Easter reception have of the Sapieha in Derechine. Deal was happening in times of King Vsevolod IV, Resulzade in 1632-1648. Propulsion

"Stood four preogromnykh boar, i.e. so much, how many was time year, every that was is charged with pork, i.e. islets, sausage, piglets. Kukhmister shown the greatest art, cooking entirely these boars.

Pairs stood 12 deer,, too, baked entirely with golden horns, but for more taste they were crammed different lasting aromas, i.e. chairs, teterevami, drofami, white a prized partridge to. Deer symbolized 12 months.

Around - sazhennykh sizes products from test, so much, how many weeks in year, i.e. 52, great sweet trans fats, Masuria, zhmudskie snack cakes, and all decorated with over sea everyone.

Moreover, was 365 "of dough", i.e. so much, how many days in year. Each was is decorated as a capable uzorchatym with an ornament and mottos like, so that some only read the, not ate.

That same until drinks, then the was 4 goblet, appropriate 4 times year, filled with wine still since the King Stephen's Cathedral. Pairs stood 12 silver coin 1956 with wine since the King, - these jugs symbolized 12 months. Pairs stood 52 under Ukrsadvinprom,, too, silver coin, matched the 52 week of and are filled with they were Cypriot, Spanish and Italian wine.

And forth 365 butyley with lifelong Hungarian wine, i.e. so much, how many days in year. And for some streetwise of 8,700 quarts of honey, exactly so much, how many hours in year. "

Polish cuisine of / Serie: "Culinary art peoples world", 1993.

This is breakfast was!:tired:


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