With first days 2009 many of us ponder about gumanizme, will be laden with ideas social reforms and aspiration improve future.

The atmosphere first days year will is filled with new projects and search for pathways development culture and society. In our lives unsolicited new knowledge and technology. Have many will appear new friends and collectives associates. But real chances for implementation just diversity new ideas will appear only ranging since the late on May and on 15 June, and then only with October. Moreover same period with 27 on May on 10 July marked by large social delusions. Many people pass regards to friends to tertiary ideals, spiritual teachers. Someone in this period descending in the world illusions, dreams, and in negative version development events - will happen departure from reality through intergenerational accounts, drugs. This time the emergence of masterpieces and mass passions they in the art, music, academic seminars.

Perhaps, in this period will appear unconventional ideas for exit from complex social situation. Is expected spike in interest to religion, philosophy, various meant. Repeated spike in spirituality and senior subconscious clues to kick in, and for some people fantasies and deception of in late December 2009.

Theme eclipse 26 January will connected with something new, unexpected turn, hauled, strident changes, new prospects. Not discarded, that new projects will are linked with group activities, will become important common ideas, at all share whether our ideas, are whether surrounding us people Test Ban. We have all chances to expand sphere of influence, obtain surprise chance fall into-permanent social elites and at all to capture for tail Library-losing (compound with by Jupiter).
At all new opportunities will with arc of and men, itself a path through-established and conservative, so as blood regardless eclipse Uranus in opposition to Saturn devouring his children. Rises the likelihood breakages on air vehicles, accident and camping on D.

Next a lunar the eclipse 9 February 2009 sfokusiruet attention on themes, which once in past were relevant, but on somehow reasons on time are gone in shadow. Now they is rising again, and we will have to accept on him decisions, with decisions these will touch with prospects and future in a whole. Well would deliberately change impending this habits, this levels would penalize imprint on relationship with interacted (in broadly: From conclusions marriage until decisions legal issues). Eclipse will affect the subject independence, something necessarily spawned and (we either lose independence, either the things its). Themes can be are linked and with image and ways expression. In any case in environment occur events, which touch personal independence in light of partnership with other people. In our disposal find themselves well lighted, open things (information, for example), so period eclipse facilitate, for action and implementation goals.

However deal in this will not so perishing simply. In map eclipse a key node is compound the Sun-Neptune (aspect of skhodyaschiysya, these even stronger tour theme future, still not pure energies revealed events). To not getting caught on hook illusions and self-deception, well would attract itself on aid psychological methods or stage in creativity.

Period retrogradnosti Venus will begin 12 February in 7 gr.16-minute Aries, and will end 10 on May in the same throes. ?? compound Venus will mark 27 March in half of twelfth night. Exile Venus in signs Aries suggests, that during period retrogradnosti feelings will manifest itself otherwise acting out, and relations to finance can be not quite adequate. Given environment in our country can be to assume, that in this time can occur change in financial politics state, which negatively get on material causes position part of the population. Squaring of Mercury and of Pluto in day, lower compounds can to point out, that information about able affairs in society can deliberately distorted by, either exercise strict censorship. Period retrogradnosti Venus marked by three color blocks to Pluto and polukvadratami to Jupiter. This not the best time for 69.38 funds in various long-term enterprises, although such a tempted to can emerge. With big likely possible bezvozvratnaya loss of materiel. During retrogradnogo movement Venus (6 March-12 April) are possible irreversible changes in relations and in material sphere. During compounds retro Venus and sun we very loudly are awakening to their the true values and impulsive and rash time based actions in this period directed on their will be fast achievement. So caveat are prepared, that during period retrogradnosti Venus you will have several change their views on themselves and on surrounding. Results beginnings Spring 2009 we expressly will see in January 2010, when will mark the upper compound Venus (11 January), allows company example cycle.

Until 1 on May, and then with 12 September continues transformation economy and governance, appears were instant the foundation for new structures power, and old pass tested on reconcile common course development system. And with on May on September these processes slightly pritormazhivayutsya, giving opportunity ustoyatsya and get settled the a new, that encompassed in our lives.

Next immediately three Summer eclipse. The first 7 July serves some harbinger heat the July eclipse, puts questions, which on many fundamental eclipse will be decided, but on August by the moonlight eclipse in full least emerge results.

Eclipse 7 July affects new questions, a new experience, associated with objectives, achievements, planning, social status and officialconclusion any alliances. Now unfold themes, which were previously kept hidden, and they affect plan relationships with interacted. Problems or especially in this period are visible especially clear, they require awareness of and estimates, this can be viewed as the sort of especially on the future. Now are viewed candidacies and partners social interaction. The opposition the Sun-Long aptly closes the circuit in tune aspects on Saturn, planet order and discipline. Plus Saturn is dispozitorom moon this eclipse, and means, contributes in situation cool head (though would on level behavior), 25?C and favorable opportunities for tighten reputation. Now we have chance obtain well-deserved recognition, tested, that we safely death of this and received its legitimate prize in the form of raising on service and support leadership office affairs.
Problem place maps eclipse this instability in society, violation of rights people, conflicts with religious and public organizations and extremism in a whole (Jupiter-Neptune in Vodolee 90 Mars in Taurus). In this period should Fuehrerin actions, concerning finance and participation in financial affairs friends.

The first feature of heat eclipse 22 July 2009 in is, that affairs will closely linked with the past experience and much will depend on other people. Again same, metaphorically, we in this game not conveyor the ball, and host , i.e. us awaits a new prospect, based on encounters with the other people. This a few not applies to ram had a, which symbolizes solar eclipse and makes his partly similar on a lunar. Nevertheless, we waiting for a new the plot, and he will stems with affairs family and / or real estate. In this period we tend to more be compartmentalised as experts in itself, focus attention on its nest and lie under impact of emotions.
The second feature of consists in is, that the eclipse (in numbers and blood regardless eclipse Long, on it is borne double burden) is in anerete, i.e. in late mark. Means, there is lack of foreign activity and will be difficult realize the new, that mortgaged on this eclipse. Seems, that choice already was made before and decision long adopted and nothing not want to change. Contrary, wanted, to the world has changed in the desired us side. The need changes can cause irritation and accumulation of negative of emotions with the consequent impetuous shut (trine to Uranus).

During eclipse 6 August 2009 will mark lucidity or full sweep affairs, began on many fundamental eclipse. Eclipse in Vodolee, so expect renewal, especially in sphere friendship and love. In map Long near Northern lunar knot: Can be said, that in this accounting time, full unrest and emotional tensions, mortgaged a new cycle events. You make harmonious aspects of to Mars in the Twins: Our efforts supported vigor, most time Fuehrer activity, especially in take and contacts with men. This aspect of can bring a new work in sphere communication and add ribbon competition in the near environment. Truth, to succeed we need a an enormous share stamina, patience and concentration (Mars 90 Saturn) and standoff emotional instability (Venus 90 Pluto). Us will help be aspektirovannyy Mercury. Sekstil with tend will make us enjoyable interlocutors, and trine to Pluto will add off in arguments yes and himself Mercury in his abode The Maiden is available in chronological order and organized.

Until the end of October shrift close attention health, way of life, staratelnomu fulfilling Burger King recently responsibilities.

Events in politics and economy, largely povtoryayuschie events October-November 2008, but adjusted for new trends, start turn around since the late January and until the mid-February, and then in September 2009. With September expected reforms and change in state and financial sphere, cleansing on all levels governance, abolishing old methods and laws. Many will hard, strain on's punishing, something is change on communal and material causes level and will hold its, in full least, tested on the tenacity.

Fruit ideas, spherical gelatin for year will visible in October. In November universal pursuit equilibrium and harmony, certainly on resistance those, whom this not benefits. Order will force seems to be drawn quite decisively, not are excluded conflicts with my betters, violations regimes work.

Encloses year the eclipse 31 December. On the agenda already familiar themes, associated with business lives, struggle for reputation and financial questions. Perhaps, yet to give debts in compulsory order and this will cause emotional tension and sense of insecurity. In any case us yet to to make difficult decisions, associated with responsibilities and neopravdavshimisya expectations in respect family and careers, but this already theme next, 2010 .

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