Offensive, when the moon changes waiting for 27 th December in 15 :2 2 (on Moscow time) in 7 • Capricorn. Traditionally look degree Sabian here...: "the Oracle, hidden in temple, herald the rebirth future"- Ubeditelnaya force strategic foresight events.

The notion of "strategy", incidentally, well plank with the Goat. Blood regardless, when the moon changes Saturn shapes quincunx to s ambitious Venus-Neptune in Vodolee: Not excluded a return situations, associated with ideals and plans on the future, which on's find themselves volatile and complete dreams and illusions. Reality offers cleaning up and unfolding on art situation, where we wanting to hedonism, 're sailing downstream on, refusing to from routine povsednevnnoy work and advance to goal.

Compound the Sun-Long not far from skhodyaschegosya compounds Mars-Pluto (28 th he will become accurate), so this aspect of gives us force and energy for action. Truth, in the same combination we notice in the delegation and remember, that in this period are possible the temptation and all sorts of distortions. So actions actions, and Saturn not neglect, because it is this planet replies for realistic perception of fact. So before as start Fuehrer activity and autonomy well first turn to Saturn devouring his children in the Virgin, namely, classified, systemizing and, importantly, contemplate their objectives and steps to it. Good, Saturn in Trina to s ambitious Mercury sable Jupiter in an: And prospect can be build, and rationality in planning add. Yes and recruiting support S.N.Ruchkovskyi, sponsoring brilliant, but well designed) negotiations, too, in this period tickles.
, it's sunny-afternoon cycle January 2009:

1 quarter-- 4 January in 14 :5 6 in 14 • 16 shadowing Of the Ram

Moonlight 11 January in 06 :2 7 in 21 • 2 shadowing Cancer

The fourth quarter-- 18 January in 05 :4 6 in 28 • 08 shadowing Scale