People, born in year the Ox:1901; 1913; 1925; 1937; 1949; 1961; 1973; 1985; 1997; 2009

Is considered, that year the Ox comes about 13 January, but on anyone case need to to double-check all, who was born with 5 on 15 January quoted s. Does end power the Ox in early January next for him year.

Is rightly whether to compare people this mark with zoological analogue? Think, that this comparison well permissible. To example, Ivan Bunin said about poet Maksimiliane Voloshine, conceptions in year the Ox: "Was in his guise something bychinoe, krutorogo-the lamb." Many born in year the Ox their dousing, vibrant razbegom, their entire build like mine get reminded me precisely bulls. However, accounted for to see Bykov valyazhnykh, netoroplivykh, as would pritormozhennykh. Wasn that glance remained bovine, with into this khitretsoy, nourished German, I and simple, and that is peaceful, and already in County, dog - not'm going to pull my. Rigidity and even the harsh always visible have Bykov, whatever we they nor were.

At all in case Bykov path zoological analogies enough super producer when multi. From Athletics Federation disciplines the floor for the Bulls choose a sprint, this is precisely tribe present the world the most remarkable runners on 100 meters. From game shows species sport the most handsome, now American football. Under desire can be remove bychinoe sense of humor from features of legged friends. Indeed, for rings been a long mysterious habits, for example, drive putting human on pole or tree and stand near are leaving, however, joke it or not, determine quite it is difficult. The same and have people meets.

About their property we quite conjures opinion, they wet nurse's our, their participation in nutrition humanity it is difficult reassess. Hence our views about cow as about khranitelnitse homes, basis of prosperity. In this sense analogy with women, born in year the Ox, quite an exact. They in most his gravitate to a quiet family life. However strongly constrain analogies with animals world not worth.

Distinctive feature who were born under these sign is patience, restraint and confidence in itself. Often nemnogoslovnye, slow-moving and meticulous, they possess a huge technical conditions have been created and diligence, that provides welfare their family and sustainable position in society. 'For usually bare-lurks some ingenious and acute mind.

Bull possesses a certain ability to have people and to inspire their on frankness, that is a pledge his successes. On nature .lyublyu its given this type of more inclined to loneliness, that developing in it sense of sozertsatelnosti. In force described properties character in it strongly maintained spirit of sectarianism. That is peaceful disposition and resilience undermine have the Ox with a short fuse and stubbornness.

Usually he goes ahead in achieving meet the target, sweeping away all, that prevents on the way to its achieving. Failures only raspalyayut his and make, to act with even greater energy. When this needs, case eloquent. Very not likes, when violate his suffocation and cognitive equilibrium. Bull very a hard worker, all makes silently, spell out the and reliably, without excessive bluster from. In his House always welfare and affluence.

Such people usually very reliable. Bull should not engage in sphere trade and service, so as in force weak sociability he poorly dissimilar with humans. Him must refrain from riding profession, associated with frequent grande, various assignments, and standing space travel, so as under this he loses suffocation equilibrium and health. Bull 2009 year

Woman, born by the in year the Ox, domovita and circle its interests not transcends household sites of. She the good hostess, likes its family and prides himself on Ideology. Children usually fosters depth in spartanskom spirit and requires from them full obedience. Not always understands surrounding, so as often lives in own world. Can be tender and of dedication.

Dance.Is with A rooster and Cat. Ideal is considered union the Ox with-Krysoy. He can be enamored Monkey, wisdom and fantasy which largely contribute to his success. However with it Bull's lair it is difficult to gain suffocation equilibrium and rest. Should beware The goats, which can cause scramble their volatile. Bull absolutely parliamentarian being incompatible with Tiger for, so as in force their characters communication between them leads to permanent struggle. Year the Ox characterized by sustainability, tangible welfare, love and friendship in family.

born in year the Ox:

The firmament - Dont ironically! He not to to joke.
Aquarius - Bic with gossamer kind the. His power will manifest itself quietly.
Fish - there's the Mad Bic. With him need to be careful.
Aries - ambitious Bic. Christian who surrenders himself enemies.
A Taurus - Lagidnyy Bic. But Bic there is Bic.
Twins do - European court Bic. Very as everyone.
Cancer - Line character mitigated by easing. Risks never take advantage of fruits of of his work.
Lev - Bic-fighter. Attention! He can withdraw from traditional political demagogy.
Maiden - An In-Valid Bic. Him better to address their garden.
Scales, - you mention that time, Bic. Can be source of information.
Sunik - Danger Bic. Stubborn, a sharp, dire.
A Sagittarius - balanced Bic. Several excessive.

2009 year A year the Ox

Work for all until weariness. Vozdelyvayte your garden, buy farm, improve the contestant, which you have. In political life almost dictatorship. Prevail mostly conservatives. Year favorable for agriculture. Not be neither hail, nor droughts, nor dampness, nor invasions by of locusts. Peasant can sleep quietly! Born winter Bull's lair will have less your small Bull's lair be born in period with November to March.

At well did, that scrimped and saved in preceding year, so as she not likes work. Magnificent year for BYKA. His work will rewarded with. In it confidence nadelennogo power. Let he will create to dispose family, if still not is married. The most bad for tiger year. Let he nothing not undertakes - will be less risk. Invoking diplomacy, for "gets out of it out of adversity without damage for themselves. Topped too big authority, DRAKON feels poorly. However he strong enough, to resist this. The snake too lazy just in year the Ox. Let can wait, until he will pass. A good year for love, not disappoint he HORSE and in affairs. Terribly bad year for goats. Can be love village, but not necessarily agriculture. All goes well have Monkeys. She handles chance only and will come out of critical position. Bull will was friendly applies to it. The rooster will been happy, laugh a little are quietly heated up, will so desperate to celebrate.. If he will have work, he this keeps managing. Very bad year for DOGS. She organizes plot. If need, she will prepare revolution and will assume the the entire risk. Although have KABANA and a critical mind, he Adjusts. But preferable to not remove his from themselves. … _2009_god/