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And this all about him: Salad "Olivier"

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Invent the this salad in 1860’s years cook-Frenchman Lucien Olivier (1838-1883) - Moscow restaurateur, owner inn “Hermitage ” on Duct Tiananmen. The building inn retained, this house 14 on Petrovsky District, Stavropol Krai boulevard, a corner Neglinnaya, now in it is placed the publishing house and theater.

Initially Frenchman invent the for his restaurant at all not salad, and now under entitled “Mayonnaise from game. ” For him otvarivali fillet grouse and partridge, are, guys have been posting on now mixed with cubes jellies from stew birds. Near delicately held boiled cancer a neck and podayutsya so language, sprinkled sauce hinterland. And in the center of the, rising the hill potatoes with pickled kornishonami, XXII and slices steep eggs. On design Olivier, central “the hill ” was meant not for food, and only for beauty, as element of decor it.

Soon Olivier saw, that many Russians an ignorant man can a later on the table “Mayonnaise from game ” immediately mix in spoon as bag for, destroying carefully the intelligent design, then silverware on their dishes, man and gladly eat this mixture of. From saw he came in horror. But on next day resourceful Frenchman in a badge of of contempt defiantly mixed all components, copiously watering their with mayonnaise. In creative way accounting Russian more taste Lucien Olivier proved rights - success a new it was has!

Thus, initial culinary idea Olivier was virtually immediately oposhlena — and took a them now in fact changed “genre. ”

In other words, the very the first “mayonnaise from game ”, mother of our salad“ Olivier ”, so and died, not surviving a challenge onslaught of barbarian habits customers, for whom value it as abundant food and, importantly, precisely convenient snacks “under vodka ” clearly dominated over his aesthetics.

Salad became the main lure investment--without for visitors. His recipe was secret, that Olivier killing with him to the grave. But, after a short oblivion, recipe was restored in 1904, on memory one of dining - Third first basis for business.

Here is composition present salad “Olivier ” (truth, already period his decline - 1904 year, and mystery of true“ Olivier ” his creator of killing with a) such is:

Reconstruction of the present salad “Olivier ”
So, Olivier bought these:
• meat two otvarnykh grouse,
• one some boiled back a language,
• inscription about 100 grams black payusnoy first,
• 200 grams of fresh salad,
• 25 otvarnykh Goose or Whooper Swan or 1 bank lobster,
• half a jar of very small marinated and old pickles (pickles on mine),
• half a jar of soya kabul (some pristine either.After then pasta from soya),
• two nakroshennykh for fresh cucumber,
• 100 grams capers (barbed vegetable culture, have which'm being marinated flower kidneys),
• chopped narublennye five units eggs, updates welded hard boiled.

Ruled the entire this burzhuyskiy craze sauce hinterland, which should was be the sails on French lye, two for fresh egg whites zheltkakh and pound, (400 hewed) provanskogo olive butter.

The main mystery its amazing more taste salad was in small numbers there are some spices, which Olivier personally in secret room imposed in its mayonnaise. Precisely composition these spices and not managed credibly restore. Ah, and the rest matters in salad products were have all on mind, so that special fortunes not ``secular.

In “Greater Hermitage have been taken ” and in nepmanskom restaurant in menu invariably one on with the signature“ salad Olivier ”, but W. A. Vladimir Gilyarovsky believed, that already under descendants Olivier salad was already not the, what has visited China's under his izobretatele, and is applied nepmanam in various restaurants after the revolution 1917 and at all “was from apple cores probably. ”

To 1929-Mu year and're all, and restaurants for them were terminally eradicated.
In Soviet Russia salad “Olivier ” has vanished, like many other a bourgeois aberration perezhitkam.

However so notorious Julian its history first in native restaurant, and then and across country, salad “Olivier ” in the 1950’s years returned in the USSR from outward migration and began win itself place on desks“ advanced elitarnykh ” Muscovites (including Moscow spacious food menu), and soon and all the Soviet people.





And this interestingly dabavit in Olivier language and shrimp. Stuck


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