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Pressing tranzity 2009

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Start, blagoslavyas :idea: And start with personally. 9 Januaryhave us sekstil the Sun (Capricorn) -Uran (Fish) in 20 •. The beginning of this cycle included 8 March 2008 connection the Sun-Uranus in 19 • Pisces. Unfortunate because, cycle of good to innovate, astrology, with, fuckin 'boon here was would 12 house (in-style A. Submarine). But this aside from other things. And at all compound these planets says about the warlock and creative grievances about, about rejuvenation spheres her relations and relations with children, about great bursts of talents on scene theater, this brightness imagination, this warmth and suffocation warmly in relations with friends, this... Spontaneous and the hesitancy decisions, if only they are not backed by faith in its hunches and Magik. Aspect of, in general, highly vivid.

And here is, on shall these planets, us comes chance, opportunity disclose this potential, see our decisions in light of vital strategy and global goals, devilkins certainty (from words "belief") in their forces, to call in aides friends and hunches.



11 Januarythe next aspect of - the Sun 120 Saturn. The beginning of this cycle Takes 4 September 2008 on connecting these planetv 12 • of the Virgin of the. This aspect of says about a large he, about trudogolizme even, because here is participating the Sun. Means man pugayusche in meticulously, thorough (Epiphanius) labor, feels pride for their labor achievements. In a whole this aspect of good for netoroplivykh, well defined action, for both through most and social achievements by stubborn refusal of everyday labor (such a unsteady bee). For love, relations with children and creativity is important a quotation, patience and insistence.

And here is, now, on trigone these planets we see grandchildren results our efforts. Trigon is mired in 22 • Capricorn (the Sun) and Virgin of (Saturn, so look closely a fact whether this transit any point in our particular.



Радуга wrote:

Trigon is mired in 22 • of the Goat (the Sun) and of the Virgin of the (Saturn), so look closely a fact whether this transit any point in our horoscope was right.

I have Saturn in orbise from ASTs ("not be gone" until precise soedinniya, Saturn "siding with" in a retro and on 12-have)



Lero4ka wrote:

Wu me Saturn in orbise from ASTs ("not be gone" until precise soedinniya, Saturn "siding with" in retro and on 12-have)

Can and well? And the major had to would :rolleyes: By the way, today 1 quarter-moon? There is no no one any something events, associated with theme, when the moon changes?



Радуга wrote:

Perhaps and well? And the major had to would

Easy and well :) although, after such a celebrations "too much of this here" in weight because :D, so that I not against with him "Alt.Net" :D



In astrologically calendar mentioned another aspect of January - the connections of Pluto with of the Dark sun, but not referred that it gives. :question:



Polly wrote:

In astrologically calendar mentioned another aspect of January - the connections of Pluto with of the Dark sun, but not referred that it gives.

This any distortions, associated with power. This if in a whole, and if specifically, the need look than Pluto manages in map and affects whether in Natale something this compound.

Радуга wrote:

11 January the next aspect of - the Sun 120 Saturn. The beginning of this cycle Takes 4 September 2008 on connecting these planetv 12 • of the Virgin of the.

I have interesting surveillance. On connecting (in Trina to Mars in 9 st) I you were hired on work in journal, and now Saturn in connecting to lower our standards in 5 forge the Translated this as proposal from leadership write article in journal :idea:



Next have us still 2 interesting transit, primer cycle.
23 Januarycompound Venus-Uranusin 20 • Pisces. This transit makes topical sphere of relationships, truth, feelings unstable, contrasting, transient, friendship mixed fondly, in her relations it is important to partner was minded. This also aspect of clearest and creative people, rich on little fib, and out a fantasy, bring equip their romantic and dreamy a badge of Pisces. Also this aspect of can give talent selfless love, full acts from own interests and submersion in the world partner. Not forget, that Venus replies for financial side, can be to use this aspect of for making on creativity.

Phases cycle:
28 July - Venus 90 Uranus in 27 • by - Fish
09 October - Venus 180 Uranus (in 24 • Virgin of-Pisces
20 December - Venus 90 Uranus in 23 • a Sagittarius - Fish

And another transit, very favorable in all relations - the Sun Oh Jupiter24 Januaryin 5 • Aquarii bears fortune, have luck, happiness, justice, the nobility, generosity, animal spirits, optimism, mirth,, honesty, sincerity of; have women — happy marriage. A badge of have forces us Armenia received in the future, seek to novizne, renewal in the area far in horoscope was right is mired this transit, makes this direction promising. Betters can act friends and beloved, women expects generous patronage men. In general, pleased and optimistic! :mybb:



Since forgotten write phase cycle the Sun-Jupiter:

16 on May the Sun 90 Jupiter in 26 • Taurus-have
14 August the Sun 180 Jupiter in 23 • Leo-have
10 November the Sun 90 Jupiter in 18 • of Scorpio - have



Have us Next an interesting transit, which is already in orbise. This compound Jupiter-Neptunein 27 • have. Accurate aspect of will become 28 on May in 00 :0 5 (on Moscow). In orbise this aspect of will gulyat quite important: with 14 on May on 24 July,under this with 29 th on May in retro-movement pivoting Neptune, and with 15 th June - Jupiter. And petlyayut they thus: Jupiter until 13 October, Neptune until 4 November. And then, already direktnye again includes in orbis compounds with 15 to 27 December.

Consider this that us wait from this transit. Degree Sabian here... Described so: An ancient ceramic waza with recent violetsor "refunds to nature the source of the traditions as basis genuine humanity".

Symbolism of these two planets: Jupiter - enlargement, Neptune - dissolving the. Both planet in Vodolee not strong: Jupiter in tribalism, Neptune in crippling, Jupiter goes "on gender-nostrils" ahead. Aquarius - a badge of air, sdelovatelno, theme aspects - this sphere communication, mental pain) ties, ideas, prospects on future. And here Jupiter acts widely, with pace, in society can emerge ideas the most motley-wing, aimed at reforms. Like would with pious goal: Add culture, education and at all shift the deal in side social progress. Deal something good, but personally me minds concentrated by hazy doubts. Neptune something in crippling, therefore, all these ideas can be sdobreny fair amount portion idealism, self, division of on "their" and "of strangers", intolerance to someone else's idealogii and faith because as Neptune in Vodolee this itself contrast, that him in principle tend not to. Think, in this sense "will delight" media, and also with curiosity can be wait new, highly eclectic options union power and church, and also different innovations and enlargement spheres of influence church as such (jobs revolutionary to make). Also affected by prove spheres: Higher education, the book, science by the way, the border between science and religion can prove strongly blurred. In the minds of society swirling change).
So, in the minds of society swirling change, but let us heed here is still that. This compound makes semisextile to Uranus and so can be to assume, that generation the second than half 60-'s, which have in natal maps pokolencheskiy aspect of Neptune 60 Uranus (-types, will feel action current transit especially strongly. Orphans as to healthy changes in those areas its natalnoy maps, which affects transit! (Personally I have utterly remarkable "longitudinal" kvadraturami axis ASTs-DSTs from 10 th homes :)) So here is, vozvrschaemsya to our. Our transit. What here can be ugotovany trap? Above all, utopianism, the idealism, to mooch free (Jupiter in Vodolee loses its whole and starts pursue many goals simultaneously). Neptune same in turn makes these goal more than blurred and uncertain, but highly optimistic, global and insects and anthropomorphic creatures participate-fantastichnymi :) [as mantra repeatable phrase from movie "diamond hand": "In our fact importantly this. Realizm "(with), can will help.
Ah in a whole this all. If in head even something will come, then write. Thank you for attention! :writing:

Phases cycle:

28 on May 2010 in 29 • Pisces (Jupiter) - have (Neptune) - semisextile
9 June 2011 in 1 • Taurus - Pisces - sekstil
18 July 2013 in 5 • degree of Cancer-Pisces - trine
25 June 2012 in 4 • prodavat - Pisces - quadrature (disambiguation)
17 September 2015 in 8 • Virgin of-Pisces - the opposition
13 January 2019 in 15 • of Sagittarius-Fish - "-falling "quadrature (disambiguation)



Continuation of discuss where same all-??? ekzaltiruet Neptune here.



.fat began? :) That interesting the reference with urban Forum Bottom Novgorod:

http://www.nn.ru/community/gorod/main/? … d=13703589

Truth, without references to the official source of information.



Ah so need to same than the people take, except issue on that feed children?! The entire a gang of nakhapalas, and now fear, that youth slightly an and zachochet understand, why them there is no room and will force explain and to share! After all children raised after 1998, already not such losers, either as we their parents.



I not realized: These Messrs. each other congratulate as private faces? In its free time? Or despite the, that have us Church separated from state, this official visit power to church? I have such impression, that on a decree about otdelenenii church from gosudrastva already long beat.

"Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with wife founded swears profits in Sunday in the Yasukuni Christ of the Savior, to personally congratulate Patriarch of the Moscow and of all the Russias with nameday, or Day angel.

In Sunday Orthodox note Day Slavic writing, and culture, honoring saints Equal Apostles Kirill and Methodius - Apostles of Slavic peoples.

Meeting Vladimir and Liudmila Putinykh with Holiness Patriarch has passed in personal Apartments of Kirill - in the throne spied a. Here usually pass all official arrangements, the beginning of meetings, here same Patriarch accepts guests and greetings.

Ludmila Putin’s, which first time Meets Holiness Patriarch Cyril, offered birthday boy bouquet from snow-white of roses and gerber. "I congratulate", - told Ludmila Aleksandrovna.

Prime same taught a host 2010, hearings the icon with stock image Georgy George, porazhayuschego the snake. Image Georgy George designed with elements foots from precious metals and of stones and represents a Star Gazing work, reports ITAR-TASS. "I congratulate you," said Vladimir Putin, to each of gift.

"Thank heart you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, for so a remarkable image - symbol of Moscow, symbol of victory for good over evil", - thanked he. "Very touched for, that in this day you together with swears Jr. did not live decided congratulate me," said he. After this Kirill invited s Putinykh in personal dining hall, where for them was laid a small the table for Tea.




Ha. Ah you allow. Here same on proverb notwithstanding. Money to money. In alliance economy people more practical!



Have us the very an interesting transit - the connections Venus-Mars in 16 • Taurus. This transit takes in force 21 June and lay a new cycle in relations gender. Want here to place forecast from Vary Price, she so well and detail his have outlined, that, frankly, it is difficult something add :)

Cardiac Life Support life from compounds Mars and Venus (May, June, July 2009)

Already a long time Venus and Mars are in connecting, but precisely in June they
Merge in one point. This will be 21 June, in the heartland of Taurus - in 15. In
A whole aspect of lasts with the mid-April until the mid-July - 3 month, began in
Late Pisces, passed through Aries, in early June enters in Taurus and in mid-July
Imploding under Twins.

This aspect of brings together male and female starters, equalises men and women in their
Opportunities on influence on relations and in understanding each other. This good
Time for friendship and love, but without losses heads, as this many like.

After all head spinning from anything on the table and guesswork, when these guesswork
They make up stories for us significance maneuver action, and fantasy is hereby disbanded lavish
Color and story paints the unspeakable paintings, as us fascinated or as us yet to
Excite for gaining. And when reality not confirms our sensations, and the entire this
Fantasy breaks shattered about this reality, we are starting feel
Fools. Self-delusions a decency upheld by.

And here is compound Mars with tend not permits self, ranging with, that
We themselves not're in a hurry to dissolve its out a fantasy, and by continuing those, that we not
Tend to swim in their sculptural splendor, and immediately incarnate their desires in affairs.
So all our relations with people look for us almost such same, what they
And there is, and we can almost convoys develop their, if they like, or,
Contrary, almost painless wind down, if they us not be satisfied with. All in
Our will. This one aspect of in primarily: People with each other well
Glaring, open and in a whole go to each other power--a period, on concessions.
Many run opportunity for those who wants to develop permanent relations with those,
Who him roads, find common interests, create and develop common affairs, translate
Romantic relations in family, and family several allied
Romantic adventures.

Signs this compounds all spring demonstrated and require from us all start with zero,
Develop relations as something on-a new, differently, change and their approach to
People, and its being veiled, and environment around themselves. This compound puts us
Task to abandon former Swedish coziness, which became so strive, that we
Stopped his to notice and because he stopped us inspiring, yield
Pleasure. And create new life, still cosier the former, reliable conditions,
Which will support our a new cosiness constantly. Reconsider relations with
All, whom we well know, and even with those, with whom already long not speak, and
Again give about itself know, but already by setting a powerful themselves in different the form of - as calm and
Sustainable human, comprehensible, without puzzles, innuendo, without aspirations
Someone reverse. In other words, we want be those, with whom can be friends with one another. And
Under this have enough big circle communication.

That is a big task, and we only in really the early his path. Already now every
Of us something achieved, from something and someone already refused, something already reversed the
And became Files, more sustainable, made his life "feels better". But we until
Have made only most the main, changed their affairs and relations only with
Immediate their everywhere, ranging from home and working seats and by continuing
Those, with whom account for often communicate. Gradually we will developing a its
Life circle for loop, and every circle will all further from us themselves, until not
Form of conditions and for maloznakomykh people and for those who at all not sign.
Time have us on this - to February 2010. And every, who wants now
Change relations in family, with neighbors and at work, for this time setting all
Reverse. Every a solitary man, wishing lead the family, can this do.

Of course, planet only help us, creating in us sentiments and desires, and
Here is to incarnate their desires, we should:

• first, recognize now, that precisely we lack for pleasure from
Life not only homes, but and at work and in communication with all among acquaintances,
Maloznakomymi and passers-by;

• second, put itself understood, that sticks goal prikhoroshit entire his life from
Founding and until rare circumstances, produmav, how this can be done.

To our life has become more sustainable, more convenient and a cosy, us enough
Solve these two tasks: Understand their desires and-think, as their can be fulfilled.
When the time comes for projection of our desires, then decisions themselves will pop up in
Memory, and force and time for their enforcement themselves will appear in us.

Than June different from on May: Compound Venus and Mars evolve from Aries in
Taurus, and we prorastaem in those new conditions, what created itself, and try in them
Signing to live, as planned. On-a new waking up, on-a new close,
On-a new eat, on-a new engage a. Want still and on-a new communicate,
After all the Sun already in the Twins, but until this poorly manages, almost not manages, we
Are not yet ready bring on these change enough forces. A new mood from
Previous change yet to be Take Hold, above than we can communicate
So, to his not break and not ski on earlier footing. So not
Are in hurry to widespread communicate verbally and those more, to suits with new people.

On least approximation Venus to the Twins in from the mid-a sign, i.e. from 21 June,
We start on the sly understand, that we lack for another communication and
Create these conditions for another communication with among acquaintances and maloznakomymi people.

First half of June Venus, and then Mars make trine to Pluto in the Goat. This
Causes a strong commitment to the convergence and full mutual understanding, full
Consensus with humans. So, if communicate with those who not shares your
Views, then unpleasant experiences are inevitable, will discontent each other,
Grunts removed any and all such anything. So is worth choose itself of crazy
Interlocutors, to not spent on obtuse experiences. Themselves on itself
Away can be and not seek to avoid, if there is confidence in is, that
Consensus all-??? will be achieved.

Need be noted another an important line compounds Mars-Venus. In moment precise
Compounds it makes trine to Saturn devouring his children in the Virgin, octile or semiquartile to Sun and
Trioctile or sesquiquartile to Pluto. Rocky aspects of. In a whole this workers aspects of,
Require of mutual respect to will all, with whom we will communicate to February
Future year, but and requirement close cooperation and mutual understanding. Here is with
Given these demands and think about how, with whom and as best communicate in
Future, with whom closer together, and from whom to cling away.

In the first half of July Venus, and then Mars make squaring to Jupiter, Neptune sextile and
Sekstil to Uranus from of the late Taurus. This means willingness start develop
New relations and close cooperation within those workers tasks, which you
Set itself in late on May. To you better understood, that this for tasks, spread out
Their so: This vision to expand their opportunities, knowledge, resources, material
Position (right emphasize) by pooling effort with other people,
Engaged in than something ???, but with another computer by. And under this use
Some kind new means, which you tried quite recently, autumn-winter this

Forum portal: astrosystem.ru / forum’s organs is html



Tomorrow, 21 Junewill mark the beginning of a new cycle. In 15 throes Taurusare to be joined Venus and Mars, and, means, begins new, an exciting journey in world relationships-almost in year. A long development relations from hearts Taurus makes subject relations between the sexes sensual, passionate, powerful, the close to natural visceral exercises of. This precisely attitude between the sexes, not zamutnennoy social stereotypes and templates. Finally on scene snows spectacle on Messiah--as subject attraction and love sake of love, between out a smooth and line shape tend and an and insistent vami which all their forces puts an for taming has aice?aeaiiie and material oformlennosti harmony in sentiments and relations.

Trin to Saturn devouring his children from this compounds enrich relations duty, stability, with the credibility, responsibilities and legitimacy formalizing the. ???? all of this manifests itself even in minutia (Saturn in the Virgin), and small beer, as we know, often have crucial in the conquest of confidence and 48 both.

Also this cycle can be use for disciplining figures in order, for systematization their of food preferences and physical burden. Individually Action system nutrition will help boost attractiveness. Plus to this can be attach the dedicated and systematic efforts to improve image.

Phases cycle:

13 October - Venus 60 Mars in 29 • Virgin of-degree of Cancer
19 November - Venus 90 Mars in 15 • of Scorpio - Leo
17 December - Venus 120 Mars in 20 • of Sagittarius-lion

27 January 2010- Venus 180 Mars in 11 • Vodoleya- Leo (this incursions cycle)

7 March - Venus 120 Mars in 1 • Aries-Leo
3 April - Venus 90 Mars in 4 • Taurus-Leo
7 on May - Venus 60 Mars in 16 • Gemini coven - Leo

As usually look in what house horoscope is mired this compound, with whatever spots interacts. This will help us common trends this transit translate in reorientation individual manifestations of :writing:




Can be still add, that the beginning of cycle coincides with day year-old frequently a, that boosts relevance this cycle (camping on E. Changes in financial sphere, who so same with him are linked hit the many). Present so same "spoon tar" octile or semiquartile from compounds to Sun. T. E. And love of a, and cash affairs initiated on this cycle will go very emotionally intensely, are possible’s excesses tarnished, inadequate manifestations of Mars (in Taurus he weak) in relations and under otstativanii sobtvennykh values.



Чукокала wrote:

Present so same "spoon tar" octile or semiquartile from compounds to Sun

This I touched under analysis Novoluniya July 2009.

Чукокала wrote:

emotionally intensely, are possible’s excesses tarnished, inadequate manifestations of Mars (in Taurus he weak) in relations and under otstativanii sobtvennykh values.

Know I that think on this about? Think, that Venus "he'd wreck" Mars, she same stronger (in my opinion). He will type its "clean force" for achievements its desires.

Thank you for additions! :flag:



Радуга wrote:

How usually look in what house horoscope is mired this compound, with whatever spots interacts. This will help us common trends this transit translate in reorientation individual manifestations of

Linen, here is I have this compound is mired in 9d (orbis 2 • to K9), but no aspects of on moment online not shapes :dontknow: (we look precisely on moment compounds?


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