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Pressing tranzity 2009

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the Federal service judicial FSOJ 23 June sealed an agreement with the Russian Orthodox Church, facts of the which is participation clerics in the process penalties debts with evaders

And greater absurd devise was cannot be? :tired:


priests within signed by agreement will engage "always and usovestvleniem" debtors. Will exert on debtors spiritual impact, teach about nepriemlemosti principle life borrow and philosophy styazhatelstva. Will to read deliver homilies. Foster "self-awakening consciousness debtors on executive head need, impulse he may feel regarding their to thwart judicial decisions and attacks other organs"% -).

Yes perishing, truly "best-laid intentions vystlana the road in hell"




In FSSP underscore the, that the agreement was signed not per improvement indicators departments. "If although would one person on the path the true'm gonna put, already will well", - say in Church press service.

I think, that nothing bad here there is no. Priests auto is Anastassy people. Their task be intermediaries between god and the people, and if people violate laws life, than damaging above all itself, then and well if someone to ask ourselves., and even better will change. All the more, that they not accept punitive measures, any something sanctions, simply call for more correct way of life. Indirectly always was influence church on life, through deliver homilies and etc.



"Usovestlivit" people in is, that they proved in latter position not on its own making :angry:. And from-for "supreme economic games" "they're passed out" in debts. First for the people of're casting your have like devices and networks, "take guys loans. Increasingly for the people of. In support your performance ", and then have left their without work. And now people head breaks, as ladders out of this trap :unsure:
And now even and "wash all brains" decided with the help clerics. Drive them in brains blame, humour won, you guys "Spirit does commandment violating" :tired: Yes, clerics this not Dodgeball, they will not physical forces apply. Have them stronger than weapons there is :suspicious:



Helen wrote:

The priests auto is Anastassy people.

Theoretically yes. And virtually? Me liked in the Frost extensive on exiled expression of "LLC Trading House ROC" :D MA It profoundly sad, but after all this truth.



If anything here is this the fragment


also with curiosity can be wait new, highly eclectic options union power and church, and also different innovations and enlargement spheres of influence church as such (jobs revolutionary to make)

It seems, confirms.

And still add on topic description of this aspects from the hoax Vary Price:

Finally personal theme, the specified connection Venus and Mars, weakened its grip after 23 June, because precise compound already take place, precise octile or semiquartile to Sun, too, By. Have us appeared more forces, to seriously think about high, deal in their ideals and most important - find its Inspiration, Dream, transformer evolve further. Jupiter usually brief makes their aspects of, "while flying" their for couple of weeks. But in the times him very Cardoso was Neptune, near Neptune's consort Jupiter've stopped for the moment, wondered and went to ponder about ago, and Neptune'd you to Jupiter ago - here is such a have them love is underway, even 4000m2 as well as on 10 months. Is sated Jupiter Neptune are sheltered and goes further, will do great affairs, which we during this time namechtaem.

Compound Neptune and organic - this merging Mechtaniy and Faith in their opportunities. This our is an aspiration that to cognition world feelings and peace of strangers ideals. This drive to expand their opportunities and field its influence on people, on affairs thanks to domestic understanding their personal aspirations. For starters need understand, feel people, from which can depend our development, and then establish its echoes their aspirations with that. Only then have us tickles increase its the world, and means, and their opportunities, its influence, knowledge, wealth, savouring.

But Actis Systems, as a air, yes still and fixed sign, where included this compound, not gives razmazatsya our sentiments around the surrounding space, enjoy blending in with someone feelings sake of of knowledge of strangers worlds and search mutual understanding. Aquarius protects us from disappointments, inevitably coming from such a personal submersion in another life. He calls for indifferently observe that carnal large powers with stakes and capabilities to detect in them something the regular - > > > quietly and software keeps examine sensual Worlds around us < < <. Thus
Way Actis Systems commits 3500 our sensual interests in psychology, in original sense this words, - in study of Souls, creation of and are generated models mental life (ancient Greek. Psyche soul, logos teachings, science,

Belief in the Force of Love is the foundation all religions, many fairy tales and art. In religions is claimed, that unkind there is some pristine > > > foreign < < < Power undetermined (of the bottomless) character and content, bust this world in movement. Its call God, Absolyutom, view of the universe and stuff. Have because atheists supposedly this for be or something like forces natural instincts (Economics). Worldview every human so or otherwise boils down to existence a certain Forces Feelings Jar, which orchestrates all us directly or indirectly. Someone believes please it serve, but in end all we treat to it steadfastly - seek understand its algorithms and use their in their purposes.

Thus, all we > > > merged < < < recognition of a certain Forces Feelings Jar over a, but when we are starting speak of it, then often we find ourselves surrounded the exact in their beliefs about properties this Forces.

Air a badge of Actis Systems, which still and nowhere not hurry in force fixed view, forces all people recognize different perspective on question about this the Force as narrow glance on something large, this broad and important. And in force importance of this Forces glance our should be volumetric, broad, not narrow. A one-track glance on the Force, (export candidates, inadmissible, because leads to irreparable, mistakes in life, to stubbornly high misreading of each other, insoluble disputes, religious bloody wars - from-for > > > deafness to each other < < <.

I'll offer you surround glance within zodiakalnykh the elements. All religion occurred from astrology the elements and crosses. In ancient sources find, that the world looked like fully prisoners in nature of 4 the elements. This Fire (sense, the idea). This the most upper element, reports our lives light and warmer (sense, aspiration). Then should Air, as the breakdown of the between the Earth and With Fire (to conceptualize a, forging ideas in nutshell and the spread of). Then goes Earth (the materialization of, giving hard forms, House), which creates conditions
For movement Water (forces feelings). When man not established within themselves respect to all 4m the elements be, his worldview crooked, he magnifies alone population, and other calls evil. Can be discern, that misconception about the driving the Force our life was dissolved on these 4 population.

Christian God is vested with human features, and so is offered to treat him as with man, which can lord Bassanio and to punish or razzhalobitsya and oblagotelstvovat. Him pray, something from him are asked.
Any humanization forces Nature is happening from-for skewed population Water in mirooschuschenii. -busting...... human named Yehoshua to the status such strength, which can dispense with spiritual gifts, was not the first and not the latest case in history humanity. His civic participation soon filled up a host supposedly overpowered saints,
Which offers praying Church. We find revere forces Nature as of Gods of with human nature everywhere and in ancient world - in India, China and finally in the Arab world (Egypt), in which Moses tried to clean up the introduction of commandment "Dont postanovlenie Administratsii itself idol and no images moreover, that on the sky
Above, that on earth the bottom and that in water below land, - not worship them and not serve them. " His taboo as if recognized Church, but under this valery rituals utterly the exact it. Christians hows: "So after all the was written for nesmyshlennykh Jews, they even human sacrifices committed the!" And religious war - wasn not human sacrifices?

The truth is, that Forces Nature there are regardless of will Yehoshua and other people, which already are gone from life and hardly have desire to, to about them would write prevents stories, peredergivali their words with precision until contrary and tugged on their prays. But from and will people indeed depends our happiness, but more > > > from will survivors people < < <, with them and need share experiences, accompanied, thoughts remains ready, seek together with them Truth, to combine with them life love.

And element Earth proposed full genuflect before physiology. Chemistry organism carried a wonderful thing. She powerfully is leading us despite all our judgments come from, fight mind and will with our Nature. But all same we are capable wrong worldview and way life defeat Wisdom of our organism. Hence should, that except algorithms life, has no in biology, is worth respect also and forces mind (this Air), souls (feelings, this Water) and will (this Fire). Not to suppress their, and listen to their needs.

But in a whole element Earth now not in frankenberry. Not all respect force physiology, are fighting with its laws. So, organism fully 73.6 for gender neighborhood in 13 years, but to intercede in such a proximity in this time dangerously not only condemnation with hand parents, but and brutally is punished by law.

Except physiology Earth offers society morality relationships, in including family values. Currently is happening destruction these values, but new common values attitudes he picked up with hard. Has shifted trust to each other, people not want win family, because alone fear to shoulder stuffy
Family obligations, and other fear moral-hazard spouse. Thus far from endorsing to population Earth led to depressing instability our personal life.

The fire usually focused in politics. Not only in state. Policy spans entire our lives: There is policy enterprises, there is policy in venture, there is policy in scientific industries, policy there is even in family.
Policy - this direction development and struggle for influence on this direction. And the success of the policy in a large extent depends on, how we stewardship encompasses all sorts of interests in one a common goal.

In a whole can be said, that and element of Fire, as well as and element Earth is experiencing not best of times. From something our lives and're in rictus so, from something we constantly lose from species overall vector development, from something suffer and all
The rest population. Element of Fire in always and around the the most the main.

Remains element Conditioning - on it all hope. Only she can muster in together interests all the elements, all achievements different strata society, mix their in some salad or even cocktail, assess his taste of and lead to a certain drinks been harmony, to subsequently to hand resulting model ideal worldview upward to population of Fire and down to population Earth, which andt address. You must our life to a happy equilibrium.



And still about transit Jupiter-Neptune:

Catholic clerics began to to discuss opportunity, since King pop music Michael Jackson, away 25 June(much detail to read here).



And here is this on-my more than in subject transit! Alexi II announced introducing in schools lessons Russian Orthodoxy

With 1 September 2009 in all schools Russia will introduced subject "Telecoms Orthodox culture", declared the head of the the Russian Orthodox Church Alexi II. On his words of, this subject will taught within much component of "spiritually-constructed nurture", reports RIA News.

Decision about introducing religious education in schools was taken on Bologna in 3and # 189; -hour conference, undertaken on initiative Ministry of education, noted Patriarch Moscow and of all the Russias. He stressed, that for those who) other religion, should introduce appropriate objects, and atheists will taught course "Telecoms moral ethics."

Comments from Ministry of education and science trades abroad in ties with saying head of ROC until not was followed by.

Against instruction in school religious disciplines regency a series of figures science and culture. In particular, Vladimir Putin was directed letter, signed ten as academicians led by Vitaly Ginsberg, in which they Public president trades abroad on "rising klerikalizatsiyu Russian society."

Scientists remind about secular character state in Russia and freedom of religion. In their view, for familiarity schoolchildren with religion was would enough kulturologicheskogo appreciation "The story world religions."




Another forecast from Vary Price under intriguing entitled

P-c snuck up imperceptibly, modicum visible was from afar forecast on August 2009


Today received a letter from Communist: Varya, why you all time're holding up the forecasts? Provoke by people on the negative emotions? Whilst it and without contrary street address, me got the chance strict face komsorga, and I blushing from shame, as been paved any sign such a pure komsomolke. As me explain to his komsorgu, that not I source of his negative of emotions? Clouds on the sky threatens to fucking in the form of aspects of distant planets, and from us depends all less, and from external forces all more, but komsorg could understand this and himself, if was would negligent, in including to my-annual-forecast. And Masonic I its party ticket on the table komsorga, to to leave party optimists. Optimists me would still nothing not pay, except demands, so I better'm going to do on conscience.

On truth say, some who all-??? can learned from current time favor of, but at all not those, whose feelings fully depend on my or Class something else forecasts. Time requires now cold and in eminently non-standard thinking, get as, recognition hopelessness familiar things in further and most importantly > > > skill not prone in panic, but and not monetize life on chips drop wherever they might < < <. Us await back twists Aoyama on nezavisjashchim from us
Circumstances. Future that we regarded reliable, will face under big doubts. But has improved greatly drive cars their fate, it is important not zazhmurivat eyes (on truth), and 1855 to see not only a path, but and tolpyaschiesya on it machines,
Norovyaschie disrupt rules road movement. Because have people starts proliferate panic.

Covert becomes clear, and sentiments as governments, so and society can be examine in media, closely listen and reflect on specific findings declare all humans, from which depend your affairs. On all issues, cncerning your activities and plans, should draft for themselves image future events that can
Twist it you in themselves funnel, making some disembodied schepkoy, if you not consider precisely now zakruchivayuschiysya it's a twister and where from him to fight, if he threatens to offense your life. > > > astrology certificate. < < <

In just August held on aspects of the Sun in shall with Mars, please and Mercury in shall with tend.

????, the Sun in July was lukewarm response, especially in the second his half of, yes and Mars razlenil us nerastoropnostyu. We unhurriedly Tatar community about the future, configured air castles. Recreation over, and it is time be decided on actions, on
Construction their high-quality engineering talent castles in fact. Mood decisive, but here us await for prevents abound from opposition of Saturn with Uranus, to which Mars almost the entire month will in gives-squared, (> > > 4-24
August < < <). Mercury, too, wants to ride in this gives-squared,. This means, that under the entire needs people to act, abound will guide their actions in a disorderly movement: The speed got a full, and pause impossible. So time dangerously sorry-ass the clashes interests, heated disputes and losses under of having quickly and either prudently to change their plans.

Then in last week August Mercury and Mars would make gives-squaring to Pluto, and this will become the most dangerous week of month. Feelings will boil, that can lead to control its, dangerous will be no more fights and irreparable, disruptions affairs.

Nevertheless, for many events not will quite , they prepare happen already year after starters global crisis in September-October past year. Attentive people already predicted their on of the statement sentiment and intentions important forces, Governing the fates people. Astonishing they become
More from, that a relaxed year mood suddenly replacing decisive and quickly emerging events.

> > > The events will wear in-largely the devastating character, but your plans can be implemented differently and in other conditions, and the main task August detect these conditions. <<< , , , . , . . , , . , , , . >> > Dont leave their plans, and are looking for the most the best way to their use of, on which you could not before decide from-for fear of obstacles.

<<<>> > astrology certificate. < < <

Except events the sky around opposition Saturn with Uranus, the Sun makes opposition to s ambitious organic and Neptune's consort. This means, that although we and dependent on external devastating circumstances, we can they take advantage of century in development their affairs.

These two important aspects the sky were reported individual themes:

<a http://www.astrosystem.ru/AstroSystem/F … 67/m2/full

- " s organs is > Jupiter and Saturn connect with Uranus: Let us think the box"

<a http://www.astrosystem.ru/AstroSystem/Forum/m1617/full

- " s organs is > is trying organic with Neptune - with April 2009 on February 2010"

Life hearts and weeks alignment events will painted in addition this themes.

Forum portal: astrosystem.ru / forums organs is html



In past yearwe viewed opposition Saturn-Uranus.Now most time recall, that we approach third skhozhdeniyu dimension which accurate will become 15 September.

Have us Next an interesting, although not say, that comfortable transit.

Until on May 2010 the dont, then disintegrating, Saturn and Uranus will shape aspect of opposition.
With 25 October on 15 November (aspect of develops a in the first time, precise aspect of will 4 November in 18 55 shadowing Virgin of (Saturn) -Ryb (Uranus).
With 13 January on 24 February 2009 - the second time, precise aspect of - 5 February in 20 38 shadowing Virgin of-Pisces. Under this Saturn will pochti.
With 7 on 23 September 2009 - third time emerges this aspect of, precise aspect of 15 September in 24 44 shadowing Virgin of-Pisces.
And in the last time aspect of pans out 27 April 2010 in 28 46 shadowing The Virgin the Pisces (orbis I find zatrudnilas, roughly with 11 April on 22 on May 2010).

What us bears this aspect of?First of all, keen standoff order, legitimacy, restrictions and freedom across latitude its outpouring. Aspect of bears subject struggle old with new. Expression of Uranus in Pisces can be accompanied by heated emotional vypleskami (Fish - Water a badge of). Opposes this dry, conservative and down-to-earth Saturn in the Virgin, so personality in its individual displaying the can feel depressed order and a clear distribution responsibilities in collective, and also place in the system social hierarchy (should we expect. Status). Because Saturn slightly stronger Uranus, then can be to say, that a path a new will shut down well a and conservative, trying to preserve the existing order and not give progressive a path.

Will have to choose between friendship and career, this, too, one of outpouring this aspects. Friendship will lack the reliability and stability, and in career - independence from leadership. Also let us Be careful what you post, rises the likelihood accidents and ruptures broken bones.



Here is this already nor in what gates not climbs (this, too, to topic state-religion). Such impression, that Orthodoxy have us nasazhdaetsya force. Soon will "fire and sword", perhaps.

"Gynaecology and clerics Tchaikovsky (the Permsky the brink) have united in the fight against abortion. Zhitelnitsam cities are called for direction only after, as they in have order read to see a lecture cries ()
Its supreme Shia cleric Svyatotroitskogo temple father Igor highlights in such discussions, that deprive the life unborn hide the trespass of thine sin. After conversation woman need to fill held, questions which, presumably, prepared experienced psychologists.)
Incidentally, these lecture judgements are not only for Christians the. Nicolas speaks and with musulmankami.
"Not important, no of religion women, successive on lecture, after all all religion denounce abortion, - says father Igor."


fearing very manipulyativnaya, one senses experienced hand by.

"Aloofness fearing already ????????????????????????????? year or two ago in community chayldfri. It seems, is spreading she in have and central order. I tried to to imagine, that would I responded on these also questions. So as perceive this Brad seriously impossible, had to limiting itself to avoid replicas of or pereformulirovaniem.

Above, than do an abortion, answer on questions questionnaire:

With as little fuss?

1. You confident, that making an abortion, to decommission from difficulties?

Am confident whether the author questionnaire, that he not idiot? Or he thinks, that abortion derive entertaining from nothing to acquire to do? Guarantees whether the author questionnaire provision respondentkam therewith, funds on education child, opportunities the most obtain education on home? If not, the why the author questionnaire is asking question?

2. You know, that abortion on any term is the murder of?

Are familiar whether author questionnaire names Pythagoras and of Siddhartha's Gautama (? Alive whether have author questionnaire parents or grandfather with grandmother? Knows whether he, that, according to view Pythagoras and Buddha, myasoedstvo is no different from cannibalism and represents a encouragement killings? Have heard them whether he, that, according to this doctrine, the meat-eater risks to commit chiefest an act of evil an act of antropofagii relative to body, in which, perhaps, was asleep. consciousness his parents or ancestors? Why the author questionnaire believes, that opinion of the anonymous worker be an NHS about abortion has greater importance, than views recognized teachers kind of human on myasoedstvo?

3. If would you themselves were gynecologist, you would have become to do abortion?

If would the author questionnaire himself was a sanitation robot, became would he work with feces? If would the author questionnaire participated in World War II, became would he serial killer? If would the author questionnaire was a bus conductor, to have scraped his whether would he stowaway passenger a pregnant woman? Ah and so on.

4. If you have there are already child, and you will learn, that he Amenhotep kittenish, you his going to punish?

And if your child, not in able watch agony ailing kittenish, on their own summoned the vet, to kittenish they?

5. Decided home after abortion, has whether the right mother punish their child for kidscrap?

Have whether the right parents, living gender lives, ban its decade-long daughters look oppressive porn? If "yes", then and response to question questionnaire positive. If question implies "there is no", then the author questionnaire an imbecile.

6. What need have salary, to not to do abortion?

0 rubles 0 kopecks. Foretell which address need send government, not resumption pay mothers such guidelines, which allowed would it raise child, not regard for a nourishment? What grass smokes the author questionnaire, if thinks, that after childbirth woman must work?

7. For what amount you agreed would not to do an abortion?

For what amount the author questionnaire ready to abandon myasoedstva, change gender and accept a lesbian Judaism? How many respondentkam the author questionnaire already enumerated itsannual salary and on that he lives? If he this not made, not seems whether him, that ask such question, not possessing in mind nothing particular, capable only moral freak out?

8. If would you knew accurately, that this child his first salary will bring you, and at all will be very obedient and brawny animal child, then would you agreed not to do abortion?

I would macro economy: "If you accurately know, that your child not gets education, will to live with his mother and brother in one room treshki-, commentaries, will become cannon fodder flesh for of another military adventures or dies on zone from TB, it will reinforce you in confidence do an abortion"?

9. As would you called child, if was born girls organs is, a boy?

As would the author questionnaire called Indian boy / Indian girl, the reincarnation of which / which he supposedly yesterday've had my dinner (on doctrine one of traditional religions trades abroad)?

10. As you think, man after death will respond for murder their unborn children?

As thinks the author questionnaire, how many makhakalp will algun in world hungry spirits living creature, poedayuschee corpses other of innocent please remember the names survivors creatures? As thinks the author questionnaire, capable whether Buddha Amitabha fulfill its promise in respect human, deliberately prichinyayuschego much suffering other people? If the author believes in popovskogo God, he believes, that the so was stupid and Path is fierce and cruel, that'll blame in Kerry woman?

11. If perpetrator on court will tell, that he killed because, that have him a small apartment, his will justify?

If lawyer a good, so is deemed a mitigating blame loyal.

12. You are ready to death meeting with soul of your child?

The author questionnaire there already was? He can scientifically prove Kheba myth about existence of souls? If the author relies on Christian mythologies, he believes, that meeting with, are paradise so is appalling? He thinks, that child not will thankful mothers for what proved in Christian paradise?

13. After abortion you would be able watch on the, that from you cut out?

Hardly, because not is shaped and habit as and in case mortem corpse, operations on heart of, natural of relief in-air outhouse. Believes whether the author questionnaire, that these actions harmful and are sinful?

14. That you can stop in desire do an abortion?

That could stop author in desire so clearly to demonstrate its stupidity? Perhaps, the answer can: Other circumstances life ranging with birth.

15. Know whether you, that are trying one of shocking sins, which 169 all July 2?

Obviously, question worlds most Orthodox. So is worth to reformulate: "Unlike author questionnaire wannabe and ignorant clods, you know, that as least five religious and worldview doctrines belong to abortion tolerable atheism, agnosticism, some direction underpinnings, Islam (interruption pregnancy, term which less 40 days, by many Muslims is viewed not as sin, but just as" deed, trusted disparagement "), some direction of Protestantism (for example, representatives Presbyterian church the US participate in movement for the legalization abortion). What of them you would prefer then?

16. Want whether you do an abortion, by reviewing the entire material?

Ah, if arguments opponents abortion in intellectual sense so're pathetic.

17. Has changed whether your opinion about the abortion?

There is no.

Ask you, stop in the chilling choosing killings their child!

On what basis your personal opinion about how, that abortion-70 assassination, should be imposed those who refers to you for help? On what basis you call it child induced, which, according to law, is not very good? Nor for that not feel, that you indeed consider themselves person.

Comments not need to, sorry, there is no now forces on kholivary.

I respect Orthodoxy and Orthodox. I believe every human it legitimate very determine, in that he believes.
The reincarnation of the - on good health, telegoniya - yes please. Personal deal and personal right. Until believing on their faith regulates YOUR, not whose something external, life.
But crawl - across of law crawl! - in another zone responsibility, yes still with positions, supposing voice more than deliberative.
But fall for on this simply on a lack of protective funds and forces to confront - and send things in to her on itself consequences decisions years so twenty-, not possessing on this nor forces nor funds.
But watch consequences such little conman. Sorry, you guys have got, on this I poytit not can. I not know, was would my option no counter arguments better or worse, I simply not've tried, and in my plans this not original. But if in situation pressure for protection its perspective have women there is although would this - this better, than nothing. "


I have such vpechtalenie, if we again get back in Serednevekove! Words simply there is no.



grows weak! :D Interesting, and if modicum one of women apply in Court on doctors, for chinenie obstacles? This thus method want raise fertility? Let us to birth a poverty and material and spiritual, and start expand orphanage!
Respected government (because fish is rotting with heads!) you raise your material level of life people, boost social protection family and people himself! Would raise fertility without your idiotic psychological opusov.




precise aspect of - 5 February in 20 38 shadowing Virgin of-Pisces. Under this Saturn will pochti.

Need to same! As times in my day the birth of. :(




Let us to birth a poverty and material and spiritual, and start expand orphanage!

In-in-in! Not made there they began to! I have stable a sense of, that we soon 21 th century are trapped age so in 15 th, although there of questionnaires not made notes in.


respected government (because fish is rotting with heads!) you raise your material level of life people, boost social protection family and people himself! Would raise fertility without your idiotic psychological opusov.

+ 1
At all such "this evidence as state raspisalos in own the impotence relative to people. But because not need to people keep for a redneck! Was is designed ROC on aid in as a regulator spiritually-moral life population, but there is a big difference between form of and content. Here is now form of is so apparently driving rush,. Double introduced program culpability. As you think, women, images this held, abandon abortion? Think, no. But includes blame will feel, this accurately! Hi,, the only for that I grateful to Soviet power, this for something that grew an atheist (not be confused with lack of narvstvennykh norms in psyche!) and free from these inanities depravity and guilt. Truly, religion - this opium for the people of.



% -)


When-in-in! Not made there they began to! I have stable a sense of, that we soon 21 th century are trapped age so in 15 th, although there of questionnaires not made notes in.

The whether, even will, we even let us sighing about partyless, when not need to was carrying not neck still and priests in gold and under "khronometrakh" breget.: '(

Long heard about trade ROC alcohol and indeed, but particularly not intrersovalsya.
But now in Wikipedia easily found the reaffirming:


tobacco scandal, associated with, DECR and personally Macarius Prize Cyril, this even not subject dispute or discuss, and simply the obvious fact, in modern history Russia. Modicum in textbooks write this down. Word, in Wikipedia about everything about this black on white and written.

Indeed, with different share total trade turnover and the percentage State products within three years with 1994 on 1996 , DECR, until now administrated Macarius Prize Cyril, utterly without duties, in as a humanitarian aid, imported in country tens of billion cigarettes and hundreds of tons alcohol products. Not paying 30% Customs duties and 20% VAT,, DECR routinely received gigantic profits. For example, which so easily detect in the same Wikipedia: Only for 8 months 1996 turnover was around 8 billion besposhlinnykh cigarettes (these data were made public Commission governments trades abroad on issues international humanitarian and technical aid), that accounting for 10% dollar, in market tobacco products.

In mid-summer 1996 released law, banning duty-free clear the cigarettes. Then government fought not against clerical business, fought for own budget, so had to this business OVPS had to to suspend.

Yes and himself Metropolitan Kirill at all and not papered over fact treatment so profitable products. Another matter, as he represented this as that lives spontaneously, slightly whether not with the sky svalivshuyusya humanitarian aid, that Fund and Fund, directly as soft shoe polish the cat ?????????????? Matroskinu. That with it to do? Not give same ago, here is and was agreed with the government about transfer cigarettes in secular trade. Part of proceeds money has diverged church prayer budget, but this all petty matter any.

Patriarch, on lies, - the best a means to justify any actions governments. This is particularly important now, in conditions crisis, when trust people even on polls VTsIOMa falls, when Japanese mass protests against action governments, when is cooling the ruble, when is growing unemployment, when not helps even most expensive, that we have, - oil. It is important, because now, whatever statement nor made government, what would steps the most unpopular measures it would nor adopted, Church led by obedient and brawny animal patriarch will Y approve the their.

Here is so here is, now have us already not only sweet couple, and three in one vial.




That this already nor in what gates not climbs (this, too, to topic state-religion)


Senile grows weak!

not only grows weak, but and population reproduces. And even and all rest to the same calls for :smoke: if not forms such in our ranks, not'd see it my way to will Lords Resistance (truth not important, that this will moreover the most of the patriarch of and strong world stingy :rolleyes:, not necessarily crap), so "age you freedom not in sight on how light of.
Tears of course. All the more, with the participation psychological D :( (this on today perhaps, at all separate theme).
And Netimer just this far not recent "To strike back" religious figures for this topic :sceptic: Interesting will see, as this will be reflected in press. By the summer of 2010. When from troitsi (Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter), safely distance himself the latest. And link up with Uranus. And instead him, replaced. To Neptune sextile, Khironu to join in the delegation :unsure: and all of this in polednikh degrees have.



Lero4ka wrote:

And Netimer just this far not recent "To strike back" religious figures

You mark my word, the next number original programs will crusade against us :hobo:

Lero4ka wrote:

by the summer of 2010. When from troitsi (Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter), safely distance himself the latest. And link up with Uranus. And instead him, replaced. To Neptune sextile, Khironu to join in the delegation and all of this in polednikh degrees have.

:disappointed: yes perishing.




Pomyanite my word, the next number original programs will crusade against us

Even what :suspicious:
There with on May on October 2010 at all promises be "on its", however :confused:




In past year we viewed opposition Saturn-Uranus. Now most moment time to reflect on, that we approach third skhozhdeniyu dimension which accurate will become 15 September.

Want to share their condemn on opposition Saturn-Uranus ( :writing:.
So, his action many have been able sense the year ago camping on E. Autumn 2008. Although here need to say, that was and some prilyudiya. About fix this I? First began to solidify situation, which have become violate (shackling) for familiar processes. Already spring 2008, we began to understand, that is coming something was foreboding in something, that in soon, on nezavisjashchim from us reasons so or otherwise who replaced in our lives. That this will be we not yet knew, could only to assume, but increasingly ??? controversial of a sense of, that nothing especially good us this not promises, camping on E. The situation threatens to deteriorating position. On Spring officially about this (how I remember) at all no comments not was. I remember and on fall past year, in the early ozvuchivalos only as have us crisis no , although he already became embracing. Has proceeded wave of cuts, began borders different structures. However in primarily this had on the privateers,, and here is state Structures, initially remained more less nezyblimymi. But here is now (on observations) broke out wave of and before them. Goc. Structures, too, came in movement. That exactly are seeing? In state Structures is faring internal restructuring cuts, (in a spirit of Saturn), unification individual units (Uranus). At least, I can this to watch on banking structure and on sphere education, and also, that concerns state Structures on judicial practice.

In environment increasingly account for to hear increasingly ARGUMENTY, need to something to change, want renewal. Me this why something :dontknow: reminds phrase when disaffected at the bottom not can, and chiefs not want :surprise:, only in this case that may sound as on old already not is obtained, but as on a new no one knows :suspicious:. All stuck in a mire some resentful about how, that same us and fulfilling ahead, that will not understandable (understandable only the, that improvements in any time soon not envisioned :(.)
I have here on past weekends mother-in-law with visit banging on the front door so here is in the course conversation it, too,, in subject, issued the phrase want furniture reverse want renewal. , ah than not Saturn in The Maiden and Uranus ( :)



Lero4ka wrote:

In environment increasingly account for to hear increasingly ARGUMENTY, need to something to change, want renewal. Me this why something :dontknow: reminds phrase when disaffected at the bottom not can, and chiefs not want :surprise:, only in this case that may sound as on old already not is obtained, but as on a new no one knows :suspicious:. All stuck in a mire some resentful about how, that same us and fulfilling ahead, that will not understandable (understandable only the, that improvements in any time soon not predvidits

Agree with Lerochkoy. Something one senses, is changing, matures, as in every of us, so and in world. In this situation we change nothing not can - not we used to make up our rules of the game. Importantly, I.M.H.O.,, understand, that same need to from each personally. On time to capture ensured wind. In what sphere vary. On that leads life. It is important to do the right choice. Still very offers factor that trust itself and world in this period.



On the subject ephemerides forecast on October from astrologer Anna Falileevoy:

ephemerides forecast ON MA - OCTOBER 2009 YEAR

What a strange weather on yard! Light, but there is no sun. Quietly-quietly about than something are whispering leaves, but there is no wind. Reeks rain, but nor breath not falls on land. Silent birds and all as if have fallen silent, zamolklo. In the air stagnated a sense of something grand and strong, but until nothing not is happening and awaits, lies in anticipation. Perhaps, precisely such a sense of case before a strong an approaching storm or before somehow joyful and a shining event. Moment full silence and invisible struggle of light and of darkness are apparent, which is about will determine in tuili different side.

This a strange quiet cropped days as cannot be better illustrates the picture the sky, which applies in October month Libra, when forces of light and of darkness are apparent indeed seek to to gain equilibrium any price or by peace agreement, or victorious war.

The entire September on the sky lasted uneasy struggle Uranus and of Saturn. And although in October this struggle will gradually weaken, all-??? Uranus there is no-there is no will thin in here pulemetnoy queue the by the same Saturn devouring his children, then on Old, then on the produce markets, which will in connecting almost entire first half of month. After 17 October Uranus finally replaces anger on the mercy of and takes in friendly relations with the Moon, blessing all, that concerns family relations, at home and relatives.

But until this time, in the first half of month, we in full least ride, that precisely Uranus (creates periods borax, and onslaught of , then toasts us on fire passions, but is abandoning in cold dungeon subconscious. Uranium symbol of ruptures and that establishment, sudden change. He striking, as zipper, and forces us primeryatsya to new circumstances, forcing to change all beliefs, feelings, tastes, interests and habits.

In contact with Saturn, confronted resistance, obstacles and contradictions, often causes unexpected conflicts, crises, intervention in our fate events violent and compulsory character. Precisely during such aspects of, what alia in September and early October, with humans occur events, which they raze not expect.
Someone can prove without work from-for discretion a new chief, although was absolutely am confident, that to meeting on nasizhennom place until retirement age. Someone decides throw the developing business, to break relations with all friends and partners, urgently escape repaying meditate in India. All will peresledovat the main themes, associated with Uranus and Saturn, - sense of despair, impasse and restrictions freedom, and also desire to united fell swoop free themselves from capture, fully by reversing circumstances.

If you not ????? spirit overrun a Gordian knot, for you this will make undaunted Uranus. As this happened, for example, with son Cristinas Orbakajte. In this sad episode accurately Platonov themes two basic planets September and October. Child faced with saturnianskim I'm trapped and Excommunication (Catholic Church) from mothers, which was caused sudden uranicheskim behavior father. If traced this caching pattern further, then can be argue, that authorization conflict will begin in the second half of October, when both planet stopped military actions and degenerate in peaceful phase existence.

In early October Uranus (will take of fence at virtually all spheres life and work, and personal relations, and business. He creates obstacles and dangers, can even handle in a small depression because, that nothing not is obtained, what nor you will touch. Can be expect principle news, difficulties in trade and business, enmity, disputes.
The first half of October not very suited for distant and precept trips, for of lively ??????. Even learn and remember information will hard and it is difficult. Not advise in this time seek to to the conclusion marriage or create a new business. All these arrangements best shifting on second half month. In the first half of October best not pridprinimat nothing new.

Alas, but the first half of October not suited and for financial adventures or her novels for the entire, that so decorates and which will widen life. However picture sharply will change after 15-17 October. Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in Vodolee continue to its excellence march of on the sky and nor on second not leave without attention those who lives creative and seeks to spirituality. They will act through positive aspects of even in the first half of October, but not will strongly impede Uranus, which in late all should agreement thunder and lightning, to then terminally distance himself for backstage, nasolodivshis Bloody triumph.

But in the second half of October the planets preoccupy decent them on scene life place and will positively to influence all beginnings and enterprises. Favor-Neptune will all forces strengthen health and broadcast energy all, who needs in his support. He will bring hurt harmony, will help establish good relations with close, Oxygene inspiration and joy life. In this time boon to commit maritime walk, sleep have sea, feed off vigor from water, meditate on water. The second half of October also fine time for love, new dating, and also for development visceral abilities. Long dreamed study maps Tara or develop their psychic headlights can ability to? That OK, time has come. Best!

In October you chase forced to regulate their relations with decente, be mediator in conflicts, to intervene in outsiders affairs. But if in the first half of month negotiations in so much continue to lead to disappointing outcomes, then second half month need to use for settlement relations with friends and among acquaintances. Transit Chiron good for trips and new dating.

For many in mid-October finally will come the long-awaited time, when can be will convoys to address business and use their managerial ability to. Aspect of organic to Old facilitated all, that stems with intellectual sphere, with education, crunch knowledge. This very good time for business contacts, entrepreneurship, training and ceding the basis, I'm not gonna order and publishing activities, negotiations, conclusions treaties and contracts, for waging judicial affairs and decisions the tangled situations in any field, for collection documents and likely on people, for travel, extended trips. Conducive public ties, the search and use patrons, protections.

The second half of October will in a whole very successful, except the of the late month 27-31 October. In these days develops a quadrature (disambiguation) sun to Mars, that can lead to conflicts. Aspect of says about too strong displaying the aggression. Can happen clash with will of the other people, 26 forces, neekonomnoe spending energy. So the result such a transit can be physical attrition and even disease, associated with result of overwork and improving temperature.

Mars gives his impulsiveness verging, militancy, Aah! Short temper, need actively reverberate, to sever that will circumstances, turn on themselves attention. Undesirable to intervene in any risky situation, to commit impulsive and rash actions, to accept rushed decisions, seek to achieve just immediately, with raid, exceeding their opportunities. This the only the danger the second than half October. If account for a fancy belligerence Mars in this time and not sound confrontational on conflicts, in October can be achieve big results even with, that Uranus will expense picture in really the early month.

Representatives now we got four the elements-of-Letters business the Zodiac very differently will take makes turbulent October. Fire signs such, as Aries, a Sagittarius and Lev, will impatiently wait of the late adverse period, to with new enthusiasm run, not surmount new lines. Water signs Fish, Crawfish and Scorpions will be torn between desire delve into its domestic the world, to remain ended up alone with themselves and desire prove around the world in especially those who a fact their strength, - that they around the are right. Signs Water will more of unmatchable courage in October, than usually. So all forces try not take of fence at their feelings.

October will the most complex month for signs Earth Virgin of, Capricorn and Taurus, because they very hard are shifting the sporadic change i.e. the, that is quality Uranus. The very a of course, that enrouted, and together with them and all signs Conditioning (by, Shield) will themselves feel in its native population. Besides, that their running the planet Uranus, in this signs will be all good planet this year and Neptune, and Jupiter, and Chiron.
Remember, that common forecasts suited far not all. To to know its fate, need to order individual horoscope.

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