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Pressing tranzity 2009

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Anyone reflecting good time days!:blush:

Want and me, mindful lessons Anna Eduardovny, field on your Court their version of glee. :writing:

Strologicheskiy forecast on October 2009 year.
October 18th, 20 :3 4
Want offer your attention overall forecast on October month.

Quite a strong tension now is felt, mostly Silvio for normality returning opposition Uranus in Pisces to Saturn devouring his children in the Virgin, attack early autumn past year, and poveryayuschey its strength only to mid-2010.
Now same she again is gathering its might.
Somehow same foil she was enveloping our daily life?
About, here spectrum manifestations of its very Appassionata - from whom the can be this dreams start more free and perspective life, went with already prievsheysya tyagomotnoy Burma.
And who the raze not can understand the need serious relations to life Silvio for his the harmful aspirations hang with friends, or enjoy in the grip with monіtorom.
But, all same, almost have all have us, - this heavy everyday the need, not conferring even and dream about about freedom, and she welcome lurks far, so same is and goodness.
And now already, not understand the whether all of this the reason crisis, then whether this only his consequences.
But all our dreams about novizne, and freedom from the hard truths trusts - this until still not quite vyzrevshie expectations, so as action of Saturn in pragmatic The Maiden updates for much stronger Uranus in vague and which Pisces. - Um...
Yes and compound Neptune's consort and organic in Vodolee, began in May, until the end of this year will as would razmyvat our will, not giving seriously reconstitute and change, finally, his life in better side.
But includes young can well naslazhditlsya love, and made high-minded visions sentiments.
Unfortunately that developed now new infection - this, too, a byproduct of this compounds.

And here even by the end of fall beginning to appear extremely negarmonichnyy aspekt- quadrature (disambiguation) Saturn to Pluto. He will telling on a actions almost year and a half. Truth, from us here little what will depend. Here the main operating faces, perhaps, will governments, power structures, terrorists and mafia, if such a still has remained. Perhaps, will rise tensions in seismically dangerous regions. Understandable, that easier to live not from this will become and the upcoming events optimism not'll turn the. But this still not soon.

And that same tomorrow?
On yard autumn and every its day roads. And here is here the us, all growed the, was lucky, and not worth lose so precious infamous. All the more that and weather, it seems,, too, us on my Blue Hawaiian will undoubtedly grimace at.

The reason this - Mars, planet activity and personal initiatives, “razha ” and male aggression in the best sense this words. Now, moving on the signpost zodiac Enshrined, with 28 September and on 18 October he is beginning to shape harmonious aspects of with Merkuriem- planet of our of reason, (who, finally, then unfold in direktnom - natural his direction), with reformer - Uranus, zakonodatelem- Saturn and Veneroy- is the goddess of beauty and love.
In this moment the most productive can be actions aimed at personal real estate, house, family, their loved ones and close. Not goofy fun attention and legged anticipate family.
Successful, so same will actions, on strengthen health.
Achievements can expect those who stems with computers, electronics or persuaded currents in the art.
The most successful in this period can be are typical representatives Ovnov and Rakov.
But importantly, not miss its chance with 10 on 17 October incapable very virtuous the situation, when all comes true, need only attach the efforts
This time the most boon to typical academic Libra, Vodoleev, and Lviv, and so same teltsov and Pisces.
Forth begins quite contradictory and hard period, in which need be very given carefully - as would you tricking not pulled the in unnecessary you confrontation.

And now much detail, about quickly current situations

27 September, in Sunday quite possibly our a golden half of family will to escalate wave of, aggressively seeking to vpryach men in launched family and host affairs.

28 September success you can bring aspirations help their bitches... schoolboys, and the and close relatives in schooling by, osvezhaya its memory long dead school connections.
Very productive, after last night's golovomoyki, can be and long-delayed from whom a minor, and from whom and a serious renovating in House.
Well possible here governing role senior relatives.

30 September planet will delight lovers, sailors, or people somehow either way associated with water, many places art, and so same very successful can be friendly feasts.

2 October boltunam- agitatoram will be easier posibility to set his audience soba on ears.

3 October in mid-days carefully “filtruyte bazaar ”, word is outpacing thought and for this you can attract to account.
Closer to by the evening, beware for wheel, especially on crossings near schools and other planet orbits injust1.9 days children. Nurture children from elektrotravm. All this matters until to 6 October.

4 October in novolunie- overhang that resulted forces and of emotions. Most time attract energy children on productive changes in House, - aid in epic ” as or what the great need of repair. Ah and in countryside problems with involved forces for good homes and family not case.

6 and 7 October a great opportunity to improve relations with parents, actively helping them in family, household affairs, and later of course organize a joint Family feast can be.

Caveat Be careful what you post to your close female, especially elderly age, on the evening 9 and in night on 10 October.

Ranging with 8 on 11 tense relations with friends. Which can treated accordingly 13 and 16 when will be felt pressure external circumstances - debt, any commitments. 10 caveat very Be careful what you post for wheel.
In these days try to control children, and to individuals with unsustainable mentality not let them lie in places large aggregations people.
But these days will are good people serious and responsible, and so same prudential 'increase.

Ah and now nail programs, the, that offer us planet on nebesakh- with 10 on 17 October harmonious aspect of sun and organic. In astrology his consider “large with happiness ” and perishing saintly benefactor accurately. Moon already the receding and better is going to make me- old, can be previously zavisshie affairs. Despite a common faithfulness these days are possible tension in rubbing shoulders with partners, friends and neighbors.
If you caveat Be careful what you post and seem to be so gentle in rubbing shoulders, especially with influential friends, then kind of, "Whooaah - different aid and support you guaranteed. Ah and emerging conflicts in these days can be easily shock on the vine.

12 October - a great opportunity to for registration alliances, formalizing the marriage treaties, or official documents concerning issues family and marriage. And to continue celebrate this deal well and on the second day - on the evening seventh, and not caveat are superstitious, all will pass perfectly, with condition, that you not chase reload themselves in food and sale of alcohol.
Successful, without doubts, will hold its and other procedures with the end of the formalizing the any documents.

And at all, with 11 and until somewhat later the evening 13 a great opportunity to to forge relations with a balancing reproductive have whom they stressed, or enjoy their straightforward happiness those, from whom all and so perfectly.
15 and 16 caveat Be careful what you post to its partners, and so same to perfect half of gender - from your choice-style behavior much will depend. Caveat Be careful what you post for wheel.

16 – 18 October not particularly you should trust promises influential friends, increasingly can prove a bluff of people.
Yes and at all better to backtrack in this time from active action, days to Hecate - for day before, when the moon changes (middle of the days 18) and after, will suck up their, not leaving you no hope on their efficiency.
In Sunday, in day, when the moon changes nothing new and serious start not undertaking, (the so as forces in this time case little) better sleep and to address planning their affairs on a new afternoon a month with 18 October on 17 November.

24 and 25 you can sense the tide forces and desire to lead the specifically reverse in his life. Not are in hurry, carefully all weigh them for, so as information, transient in this time can be distorted or distorted by in your consciousness.

With 26 and until the end of month fear be engaged in unnecessary for you conflict or tense a devastating relationship. Not worth also physically must not exert himself for various right reasons. Autumn. As would not to catch a cold.
Nurture themselves.

Understandable, that It`s-- just overall forecast, and on everyone, run events will deferred their prints, in dependence from his personal horoscope. For more accurate projection well would turn to professional astrologu.

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mean a love match horoscope on Czechoslovak November

If be characterized Czechoslovak November 2009 in a whole, precisely in this kind love subjects, then he more not friendly, than good. Month, say directly, complex. So "" on stick a straw "in advance was would fitting.

Deep emotional impulses, strongest feelings and Russians will many, but all of this will be brought to extreme outpouring, when negative including becomes more, than personally. In any relations, not only her, probable serious clashes, rozhdayuschie deep experiences and stress,. When seems, that conflict and pressure reached peak and difficult see “light in end of the tunnel. ” Emotionally time a not a. However, so it provides to conflict month will not the entire. The first week his promises be very positive for personal life. So that, fishing favorable moment!

To 8 November Venus still in Libra. This a strong her position. So this good time for harmony in love, fealty, understanding of in relations. Feelings harmonious, who are level-headed. From and signs attention beautiful, and this finds hotheaded response in psyche facility feelings. Women become the most attractive, causing admiration those who their likes. In a whole, period facilitate, for important ?????? in personal life, dating. Although much depends, of course, from individual of birth dates for horoscopes each of us. With 3 on 11 the number of Venus form sekstil with Pluto, that markedly would ratchet our sensuality was and taste of to sexual side relations, will boost magneniteskuyu attractiveness for opposite gender.

8 November Venus Crosses in Sunik, and feature shown trends dramatically is changing. Instead closer and balanced feelings - zashkalivayuschie emotions, extremes and being the unstable one. In her relations emphasis touted on sexual warrant. In this period instincts will is very strong, so, that their difficult to control. They can to seize human entirely. Love is being experienced strongly, deeply, rich, fiercely. Attitude to it extremely serious. In sentiments as if to nod off, it is difficult behave adequately.

produced a decade Novemberwill pass under act very tangible aspects for her relations. Venus form kvadraturu to Mars, and displays a the worst quality his position in 1997-. Nor about what harmony in love here not can be and speech. Many will oburevat passion, sexual Iust and very strong emotional impulses, mostly, negative-wing, as the jealously, exasperation, gnevlivost, hatred, dominance in relations, pursuit total control over partner. If hints serious clashes (that highly likely), this will be difficult forgive.

Vindictiveness, zlopamyatnost (and even brutality) in case of scorned feelings - this, too, trappings Skorpioney Venus. Manipulation, of its, suspicion, dramatizatsiya - all this will wholly. All the more that and the Sun with v in this time, too, in 1997-. The sun will make kvadraturu to Jupiter, that can foster hubris and a sense permissiveness that is. Sexuality will be very great, but meet obtain not be easy. Need try pass this phase as can be safer and silent, not still spewing emotions on partner, otherwise serious quarrels not avoid.

Conflicts will add and aspect of Saturn to Pluto, which modicum and not affects directly amorous manifestations of, but not be felt not can. This very tight aspect of. For those who get acquainted yourself in this period, forecast her relations not facilitate, - sexuality and fervent passions will too many, but for happiness this little. Paired not will with booking nor comfort in relations, nor stability, nor simply sensations happiness - squabbles pass... sorry..., but not to stay, in end very likely gap. Log marriage on the produce markets in 1997-not that Spain. Better wait more favorable moment.

The second week month major implications problems in rubbing shoulders from-for insecurity, dishonesty, entanglements and mistakes. Beware of moreover, to on your trustfulness not played malevolent joke. Trin sun to Uranus will give us a good opportunity easily and naturally to interact with friends. Thereby and one slice relations with by lovers will become more embracing, that in some extent cushion the tensions.

III a decade November

Better idea the mid-month. Although Venus still in 1997-, and virtually until the end of month will shape the negative aspects of, but they not so're tough, as aspect of with vami. In particular, to 25 November Venus in M. to Jupiter, that would ratchet claimants heightened passions, pride and sensuality was, but Jupiter - planet plain, so large of evil here be not can. And here is with excessive country’s in love and sex will have interest in running. Almost entire last-third month quadrature (disambiguation) Venus to Neptune sextile will give misconceptions and powerful sexual fantasies, which will be difficult satisfy. This may be and desire to withdraw in turn. But in parallel with this, with 20 on 27 November trine Venus to Uranus us will undoubtedly grimace at - this aspect of feericheskikh feelings, surprises, interesting things and pleasant likely with favorite man, novelty in sentiments and friendly location. Because Venus - in 1997-, then very interesting will and sex. Period good for sexual experimentation.

Jan Novikov



Радуга wrote:

8 November Venus Crosses in Sunik

And I the think, that this me "just wobbles" in an emotional terms of? And here is she "planet love" in my stelliumu went. :tomato:



Татьяна wrote:

A I the think, that this me "just wobbles" in an emotional terms of?

Likewise. Quadrature (disambiguation) Venus-Mars overflows and this one senses.



Comrades astrologers, and who knows what planet have us replies for gas? Last at night sleep already and in dream feel smells gas. In dream comes thought: "ZhIVU." Wake up the in hour night. There is no, not gallyuny, indeed a strong smells gas. Of walking on cuisine, all is allowing, all in order. Open window leaf and of walking on overall balcony quit smoking (ah times perishing embraced). 'm, and have us neighbors on the street, type have already evacuated upstate. It turns out, any idiots in laminat before home poured integrated into all cylinders allows liquid gas. This happiness, that no one there not deserted nedotushennyy bull, isn't he. In general summoned Gorgaz. 'm tranzity. Like the opposition Mars-Neptune only overflows, clearly still not in orbise.



Радуга wrote:

turns, any idiots in laminat before home poured integrated into all cylinders allows liquid gas.


Радуга wrote:

- tranzity. Like the opposition Mars-Neptune only overflows, clearly still not in orbise.

If this increasingly ??? Mars-Neptune then and well, that not in orbise. And the would whose any bull, isn't he was your flight would before the hatch :tomato:



This all-??? more it seems on kvadraturu Saturn Pluto, instead themselves explosions and fires on the week. Aspect of modicum already 'went down really well, but Saturn likes events by the end of create or until 2kh degrees. Popugal you :hobo:



Helen wrote:

Popugal you

Yes perishing :confused: Enough us of spring fire.



Week the dying sun

Through week will come winter solstice.

The entire import its before solstice week - period you what you always wanted for horizon day time. Solar time - a clear the world barely ere, in the time, as the world nightlife, afternoon almost fully fills the our own. Such podlunnoe show the existing extends until in late weeks the most brief a day to known in tradition as stumpy.

On this same week, on 16 the number of account for and ending the lunar month. And although sunny and afternoon calendar not dilemmas day in day, overall sense this weeks not it is difficult recognize - and sun almost there is no, and moon, too, in fact not will.

So - ahead the most dark week in year. Both you almost are locked up and people remain alone over time cold, of darkness are apparent, freezing, with hope on only warmly human - on nezatukhayuschie fires of household warhead, warmly close, on small the world of light, surrounded by unending darkness.

And at all - this a necessary and an important period - time ending the cycles, complete the many living the plots, not get relations, an extra $ties, hurry desires. This precisely the kind the most naturally, natural oriented to a deep asceticism a manmade week, when removed any an over-indulgence, whether eating or emotional spikes, will utterly superfluous.

This time maximum self-limitation, detection excess. Moment, when rhythms world, of nature, equally heard all - people any of religion, philosophy and age. Month Stuzhen.

Precisely in these days we were entering in dreams made Saturn - on approach kozerozhiy month - the quality of life in which directly stems with our ability to askezam, to self-sacrifice, for renewal through death.

Image death here a key - after all precisely in this, the most dark week dies old annual the Sun, dies will to life outgoing year. Ahead have us Kolyada - the birth of a new sun 25 December, but until this all us await and '07 death outgoing year.
So, - import its week, essentially, and there is broken into pieces separation with the decrepit.
Here it is important understand, that speech not is faring only about any something ritualistic festivities on day stumpy and later on Kalyada. Holidays, event — see, of course, highly relevant are and are efficient, but want say and about other.
About symbolic be comprehended properly time, essentially - the entire week can be osmyslenna, as blasted, blasted. Can be try comprehend themselves in this annual cycle, ask the issues about how, that prevents development.

Completing previous goals - ending the action mark of Sagittarius - mutabelnogo period, sense which again same - transformation goals. Sense mutabelnogo mark in is, that for Hindu the new directions need to abandon old, to drinks fresh water - need free the scales.
If and to talk about desirability and relevance office - the precisely in this week more just, perhaps.

So same this the nighttime time year maximally links the world people with lower bands large powers with stakes - this certain exhibitions, demonic levels dawn, this and decomposing installations consciousness, this and the link with large powers with stakes deceased people. For many dwellers at worlds easier just show themselves in world people precisely in nastupayuschuyu week.

And this complex proximity. A downside Worlds have its function, its sense, although and not for any human bringing to this border worlds desirable or easily. In this time easier just examine their tribal ties, to set communication with spirits navi, might wonder, has worked his magic.

The other question - need whether engage these man without needs and outside tradition. Speaking extremely in - all such interaction better make in ritual, in and '07, having studied question, and extremely desirable - in armored experienced human, within technology volkhovaniya. And again same - there is in this the need for.
I.e. - time an ambiguous, complex. Mystery, travel in a downside Worlds can be in this week the most effective, provided, if have human shaped request and desire to to such work on liberation.

In one word - week very interesting, not simple.



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