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Svyatochnye divination 2009

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Tania T wrote:

My sister very requests do alignment, apologizes, that not itself -

Svyatochnye divination have us ended :) [propose a you or your the sister ask the Security have the oracle (we have such a theme). If the sister need a led consultation, mercy of am asking on taxable alignment. Clarify that and as can be on emeylu astrolog2006 @ mail.ru or on ISQ 166836930.



Ludmilla, thank you huge.
Necessarily will convey Your a.



Lud_mila wrote:

MA – It detail you wrote, pleased work with so client pity only, that you're, not "rasputalis" after 450-. I'll think about it, as find way to clarify situation and then write.

Ludmila, here is the situation solved clause 2 cherubs that had broken off, be looking job Vacancy overrun by, means everything else needs expect or view as option development events within a year% -)
D analyze and signal you in feedback. Luck!



persona_777 wrote:

, right, I'll analyze and signal you in feedback. Luck!

Thank you for feedback :) and you luck!



Hello, Ludmila!
Me suffer one question, tell me my fortune please, will return whether my the prodigal husband in family? And as will emerged in this year my personal life?



Lud_mila wrote:

Галина написал(а):Людочка, нагадай мне уж хоть что нибудь хорошее! Например вылезти из долгов...Галь, для тебя выложила 3 карты. Когда ты вылезешь из долгов: сейчас - Пифия, в ближайшем будущем - Жадность, в конце 3 месяцев - Исповедь. По картам получается, что в ближайшем будущем (Жадность) ты найдешь средства да еще и барыши будут.

ну так вот, не смотря на маленькую з\пл, я действительно почти вернула долги до мая месяца. Симболон мне никогда не врет! А Люда мастер!



Галина wrote:

ah so here is, not despite a small ?\ lp, I indeed almost repatriated debts until on May month. Balaklava, Ukraine me never J.J. Cale! And Liuda master!

What lavish compliment! Thank you, costly. :)


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