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A lunar eclipse 9 February 2009

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A lunar the eclipse 9 February 2009 in 13 :21: 21 on Moscow time in 16 throes Leo.In focus our attention subsuming themes, which once in past were relevant, but on somehow reasons on time “are gone in shadow. ” Now they is rising again, and we will have to accept on him decisions, with decisions these will touch with prospects and future in a whole. (One of options – acquiring money from real estate or from parents, because Lev this symbolic 5 th house, he same – the second from fourth (money house).
Well would deliberately change impending this habits, this levels would penalize imprint on relationship with interacted (in broadly: From conclusions marriage until decisions legal issues). Eclipse will affect the subject independence, something necessarily spawned and (we either lose independence, either the things its). Themes can be are linked and with image and ways expression. In any case in environment occur events, which touch personal independence in light of partnership with other people. In our disposal find themselves well lighted, open things (the headlines. This, for example), so period eclipse facilitate, for action and implementation goals.

However deal in this will not so perishing simply. In map eclipse a key node is compound the Sun-Neptune (aspect of skhodyaschiysya, these even stronger tour theme future, still not pure energies revealed events). Not discarded, that us spans euphoria or, contrary, confusion, and we find ourselves in power of unbridled fantasies. When dreaming about the future and by building subsequent plans let us not forget feel the stage under with their feet. “In our fact importantly – realizm ” (with)“ diamond hand. ” In a positive version – this inspiration, romantic into cannon fodder or the search dreams. To not getting caught on hook illusions and self-deception, well would attract itself on aid psychological methods or stage in creativity. Given axis Lev-Aquarius not are excluded bright events in sphere art.

Cannot be also not be noted, that events, associated with the blackout, the, will hold its on backdrop of opposition Saturn-Uranus. Past not intends to surrender their positions and puts obstacles around the a new. But should get lucky, should, in map eclipse in connecting with Northern, clarity node planet luck and a happy case – Jupiter. His support and optimism will allow turn the tide in their favor. If anything let us on this hope.

degree Sabian here...: “inflamed chickens try to fly ” - predvoskhischenie power over neosvoennymi opportunities.

Phases moon:

26 January 2009 in 06 :3 0 Aquarii – vygode
2 February 2009 in 14 :1 5 Tbilisi eltsa – 1-comes the quarter-
9 February 2009 in 21 Leo – a full moon
18 March 2009 in 28 :1 6 of Sagittarius – 4-comes the quarter-

Album lunar family:

21 August 2007 in 19: 51 Leo - vygode
12 on May 2008 in 21 :4 8 Leo – 1-comes the quarter-
9 February 2009 in 21 throes Leo – http
9 November 2009 in 17 :2 3 Leo – 4-comes the quarter-



In different sources are specified different - "good" and "bad" moon days.
And someone uses this information?
Thank you



Tania T wrote:

A someone uses this information?

Try to put special with calendar, but not always is obtained :)



I have Lunnoe the eclipse is mired squarely on – my the sun shining (in 11d. The. 12), and a solar was as times on my those respects (in a 5D. Upr.11), it as times "opened" subject with the prospect of devices on a new work (as times on next day after eclipse I have included the first sounding), and today was on consultation and me. On 9 Feb., camping on E. On day Lunar eclipse appointed an predattestatsiyu :question: interestingly than this increasingly will end. What the outcome will be with "+" or with "-" :question:



Lero4ka wrote:

Wu me Lunnoe eclipse is mired squarely on – my the sun shining

Lero4ka wrote:

interestingly than this increasingly will end. What the outcome will be with "+" or with "-"

Lerochka, here affected theme renewal. First, the Sun in 11, second, it makes sekstil to Uranus in 2 st, that signals, that theme eclipse will affect the and cash questions. So can be to speak, that chance a good.

Although need not be limited to one the blackout, the, need look instructions diesel, managements, progressiy, tranzitov and Lunara. Lunar (series) built? :)

I have the eclipse is mired in 4 th house, in Uranus is to natalnomu Sun, Grocer the same 4 th. It seems, that with theme housing I again skidding, skidding, skidding. Still eclipse combine with progressive kuspidom 3 th homes: As times 9 February I of walking on rates, on the first attractive opportunity.



Радуга wrote:

Lerochka, here affected theme renewal.

As the me this renewal it's kind of heavy’(perishing painful for many energy-), I these days as vyzhityy lemon themselves feel. And brains already "coming to a boil"

Радуга wrote:

need look instructions diesel, managements, progressiy, tranzitov and Lunara. Lunar (series) built?

Not, Len, me now a little hard to do in times "raznokalibirnuyu" information are. All the more, that with my until grasp, on this much time need.
Now has built its maps, but not think, that will be able their all spell out.
In progressiyakh Sunny ?., was in 6pr on my the produce markets in a 1D (Chinese system 2.9), and Lunnoe will in 1pr in courses 9, there truth even square To my IC / MC.
Here is and is obtained, opening the "labor" themes, for which need and sobstveenye initiatives show, use as the available Japane fringes, so and new to purchase (pass training) part and will determine – my further matt-\ u0027s position. And for its status interest in running will have. (I at all correctly understand, or this my "perezagruzhdennye files they say," " :D :question:



Have-rya-I-I :jumping: I has passed predattestatsiyu, was six issues (from 80 fringes). Not all gets the zdat exam, so for me this a small feat, in his kind :insane:. Tomorrow get out on schooling :flag: So that until u correctly ;)

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Means, Lerochka, see. :) we build lunar (series) you (26 January 2009, 19 :2 8). That we see on this month? And see we the next an picture: ICJ glad. In connecting with kuspidom 11 th Lunara (renewal life, careers) + the Sun-Long-Jupiter-casually in 6 st House: Again same, new prospects, movement forward. Under this Saturn Lunara on ASTs glad.: Something retards, makes your actions more prudent and informed. Ah this in short :)



Flax, and why - 26 January 2009, 19 :2 8 - I have a bit otherwise broke a, apparently from-for-hour amendments) have us until 29 March + 6.
Ah, increasingly else so and there is. Can so to consider - Suturn glad. In 10, Saturn Lunara on ASTs. "Something retards, makes your actions more prudent and informed." :) - and is obtained the next: Despite subject renewal, job ladder theme indeed impaired, still until only in term, the outcome distant and not clear (need pass serious training, pint "so bang-tastic" exam. Predattestatsiyu has passed, from which "brains resurfaced kid", remained starving 380 ekzamennatsionnykh issues, pint exam and then already can go speech about arrangements.) From me requires mobilization forces, focus, nedyuzhennaya a quotation, the stamina, otvetstennost, sistematichnost, ah in general increasingly about fix us can tell Saturn in the Virgin. Feel now themselves "burlakom on Volga-" :D. Even with desire fall asleep, raze not can "suffices to distract", uh, fall asleep only under morning, sottvetstvenno normal sleep - not more 3 hours goes. Incidentally, under devoted those, accounted for for themselves schemes, under response me this nice helped (of your circuits before eyes "has" and the answer ready :rolleyes:)



And theme training - axis IC / MC Lunara in connecting with 3 / 9d. Glad. :)

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Lero4ka wrote:

and why - 26 January 2009, 19 :2 8

Ah here is I so and took data, to want to first. Again program did economics fail :(

Lero4ka wrote:

have us until 29 March + 6.

Then is obtained (adjusted + 6) 26.01.2009, 20 :28: 54, ASTs Lunara 03 :5 3 Virgin of. In general, compound the Sun-Long-Jupiter-casually is mired squarely on kuspid 6 th homes. Saturn with ASTs moves away, truth, ASTs Lunara is mired in 12th house radiksa, that can, too, to lend unpleasant picture stress from overwork.

Lero4ka wrote:

By the way, under devoted those, accounted for for themselves schemes, under response me this nice helped (of your circuits before eyes "has" and the answer ready)

I, too, in Institute I'd memorize because of. In outline whether, in describing. Complex seats on examination not was thinking about this on sense, and "movement" mentally notebook and smiled. Visual memory have us with you the good.


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