The main astrological especially month

Mercury becomes direktnym 1 February

This means, that affairs gradually routing forward, and the, that tormozilos, again starts recruit the speed. But this concerns all trends, as desirable, so and not quite

Lunnoe the eclipse

9 February in 17.49 Moscow time will happen a lunar the eclipse. This http, the first after heat eclipse (, when the moon changes) 26 January. If solar eclipse opens subject, the a lunar shows its first time in the developed the form of. Usually http means, that subject can be recognize, because Long (unconsciousness) vividly check Sun behaves similarly (clear conscience). However, because http account for on the eclipse, fully recognize significance and influence heat eclipse 26 January hardly manages. Rather, much will remain "for shot", and unconsciousness still that will their surprises. Traditional astrology believes, that between blackouts under control not worth to accept important decisions: This troubled, complex interval time. On practice often is obtained so, that decisions all same account for to accept and conduct in life. Not the most bad day in this sense - 4 February. However, likely, the future will make their readjustments, and enough tangible.

Can be expect, that Arsenal January and fevralskoe eclipse in some sense continue to themes August eclipse (because South, the Lunar Node in January and early February, is in same throes, that and solar the eclipse in August). However symbolism of Southern Node of connected with farewell with the past. So, although in January and February still heard rise and of cannon August (of course, this only echo), she rapidly pulls back ago, its treasure of grossly misaligned, as under effect Doppler effect, intensity of rapidly falls. But all same some the likelihood return those August, although and in utterly a new freshly, cannot be discount.

With perspective personality this means, that much with August has changed, appeared new problems and new tasks.

Avtomobilistam on article: 8-10 February environment on roads can be uslozhnena, have some people not are excluded inadequate reaction.

epitaph of Saturn and Uranus

This a serious aspect of reprisal 5 February in the second times after 4 November. Processes, which began (or have become explicit) in November, again does about itself. This, above all, public processes, wider scrapped the (and in term - renewal) various rigid structures. Because public processes possess own inertia, the entire February can be complex. Then perhaps some relief. But the opposition still will return.

Of course, this the opposition involves the and many people personally - this in especially concerns all, voiceless in the 21 st throes (and neighboring degrees) signs mutabelnogo view (by, the Virgin, a Sagittarius, Fish) is anything a meaningful - above all, you, personal planet (Mercury, Venus, Mars) or corners maps (ASC and ICJ). In every case influence will various, much depends on you themselves. Something realistically a meaningful can be said only on personal consultation. However, any hint I already did in one of past forecasts. Want warn about how, that if this the Sun (especially), Mercury (in a lesser extent), Mars or the Ascendant (especially), you should be more accurate for wheel and at all more thoroughly and more accurate in their actions. If same this Long, and you - L, just keep an eye for their health, emotional condition and remember, that if you feel some discomfort, this temporarily, this will pass.

thanks to long sekstil Venus and Mars (almost the entire February)

Sekstil - favorable aspect of. He links sexual planet ,-reaching on sights of Fire and Conditioning, active and sociable, so that Ovnam (especially), the Twins in, Lvam, Wesam (especially), Strelets Troops, Vodoleyam (speaking about these svoystva, I mean in mind not only the Sun, but and the Ascendant, and even Mars and Venus) can smile luck in personal life, although, rather, fleeting.

Jupiter comes to 13 th degrees have

This means, that 7-13s can do those same signs experiencing in February beneficial influence organic. Especially clear it will for have and Leo.

16 February Mars combine with Jupiter in throes, opozitsynomu do with the blackout, 1 August 2008.

Compound Mars and organic in Vodolee can mean as ideological, legal dispute, so and enlargement activity. In map the USSR (until now well an operating) this compound will in Trina to great benefactor-Jupiter in's House abroad. Because Mars and Jupiter in throes, opozitsynomu Avgustovskomu do with the blackout,, in district 16 February is possible a return to topics August, but in "the country" the form of and in second-best for Russia the old. Not discarded, that will be adopted any decisions on international level, concerning our relationships with Georgia or in other neighbors, either again will emerge theme status "Unrepresented republics", either (if is true my assumption about Ascendant. Saakashvili in 10 st throes have) Georgian President than any "surprise."

For individual maps this compound also means a return to topics August 2008, with in the updated, active and heading in the future (the Northern Node-Mars-Jupiter) version. So, if the August the eclipse Armed you to some activity, February can point to the path to its renewal and broaden.