I want to imagine you my article from the hoax "crafting Abused life" the # 48,49.

In moment birth any human is shaped and starts to act some pristine astrology model, defining basic quality personality, known as horoscope. In representation many people, not known with opportunities professional astrology, horoscope need only for predictions events. So some parents simply fear turn child workers horoscope, fear to know something negative about the future their your baby, either at all not want know this information. And perhaps in some extent they are right. However interpretation of child horoscope can at all not contain predictions concrete events in life child. The main goal consideration child natalnoy maps (up on the horoscope :blush:) - to know especially character your baby, his psychics, physical bodies, his potential ability to and talents. Why would not use this information, to help child any age the most full of the express their "I"? After all most children, until they not gonna be old enough, not ask themselves, whom they are, because still not recognize the entire importance of answer to this question.

Let us consider for more about this, that same can to know parents from child horoscope.

Main "protagonists" in any natalnoy map are planet and signs the Zodiac.

In classic astrology view 10 planets: The sun, Long, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, types. They symbolize individual energy personality rights. Have child they can be even not fully proyavleny, and parents can use its knowledge potential opportunities for development your baby.

Signs Zodiacs, the Prosecutor in classic astrology: Aries, a Taurus, by, Rak, Lev, Epiphanius, a Libra, Scorpion, a Sagittarius, Capricorn, Actis Systems, 'm a Pisces. Position planets in these svoystva shows as will manifest itself planetary principles in life rights.

the Sun and Long

Vital personal factors in astrological map the Sun and Long. Much of individual characteristics can be obrisovana with the help their zodiakalnykh signs.

the Sunsymbolizes life force and foreign side individuality. It shows as child shows its will, consciousness and egos. Sunny a badge of gives opportunity understand, that harbors self-esteem and sense of pride child. Description of position sun in signs written "50" very is widely: Precisely his use in all popular astrological editions, describing except infants born under various signs Zodiacs. However - this only one of elements of personality, so not always describe in popular literature fit real characterization child.

Longtells us about infliction your baby. Her position shows, that need child, to feel confidence, and that parents must give him, to he knew, that on them can be rely. Moon shows those spheres, in which he must feel sufficient confidence and reliability, to he could with willingness to join in the world.

According to my observations, quality moon have young children are manifest more vividly, than quality sun. Its characteristics can be watch have baby with birth: As he eats, sleeping, as often's cranky. All of this manifestations of a sign moon.

Position sun and moon in particular allows to know much and about health child, his the most vulnerable places organism. Also the Sun in child map shows as child perceives his father, and Long - mother. This perception not always can meet real characteristics Pope or mothers. So viewing position luminaries in particular child, we can understand the crux of the relationships child with parents and help their a harmonious development.


Location planet Mercury in map birth shows, as man thinks and engaged thoughts remains ready with other. Quality mark, in which is Mercury, say us about how strong will drive child to communicate verbally. So same position this planet in horoscope was right shows approach to cognition surrounding world. For example, child with v in Taurus more just trust its physical senses here, and with v in Pisces - its intuitions. This planet so same replies for mobility, training, ingenuity.

Position Venus in map birth shows, as man expresses love and attachments. On its position in signs we can obtain information in respect moreover, that child searching for in leisure and entertainment, that he valued (including estate, appeal with money) and as he assesses fine. Venus this indication of, as child will to treat others people. So same Venus gives opportunity determine creative potential your baby, path his development.


Mars in map birth serves player lands on an how man acts. He also shows expression of assertiveness by a and personal forces. Location Mars will help parents understand manner child fight or defend themselves (or reluctance to do this) and method seek what he wants in life.

A badge of Mars tells about-style actions, and so same - about form expression anger child. So child with Mars, please in Ovne will are impatient and is active, he quickly is lapsing in anger, but so same quickly exits. Unlike him Mars in Taurus will giving more union and more restraint in terms personal activity. So when parents figure, somehow should be the most natural style action their child (and as he can differ from beloved they-style), they also will be able understand, that should do for goad child to action and what from such attempts to can lead, that child will act directly opposite way.

Position Mars in particular child also will help determine, what sport better be appropriate for him.


Energy organic, as and other more distant planets (of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), is underway fully only in adulthood age. However some quality are manifest and in childhood. For child Jupiter, above all, expresses desire to evolve and expand their opportunities. Position organic points, whom child wanted to would to see their teacher, whatever qualities should possess this man, and so same on needs in sphere training. To example, child with Jupiter in Taurus needs in learning, interlinked with practical values, and child with Jupiter Sagittarius simply likes learn for enlargement their intellectual opportunities. Jupiter - this is so same system values and moral groundbreaking, product to have child on least maturation. Knowing potentially weaknesses , parents can redress nurture child to shape right morally inter-principles.


Saturn in map puny child means above all restrictions and expectations, navyazyvaemye parents. On his position we can determine, feels whether child what something pressure with hand parents or other adults, there is whether have him hidden fears and domestic restrictions. Saturn can represent moreover human in life child, which exerts the most strong influence runs them, fosters depth and distsipliniruet his. Another from outpouring of Saturn in life child-this regime days and timetable. So same position Saturn shows as child will Fuehrer responsibility, skill focus, embody long-term tasks.

Position Uranus, Neptune and of Plutonot always intensity in of kindergarten horoscope was right. But if they occupy meaningful positions (that so same defines professional astrologer), their quality can reverberate and in childhood.

Uranus (- this independence and the uniqueness. Child-uranist always will be allocated than something unusual among their counterparts. Position Uranus will show in what area lagging his independence and individuality.

Neptunein relevant positions in particular child can to lend elevated sensitivity and susceptibility, and so same developed hunches. As better to apply this in life tell pollsters his position in natalnoy map.

Pluto- this powerful form of transformative energy. Child with a strong Pluto can unconsciously apply its in devastating purposes, trying to I get the until of truth. Position of Pluto in map child can show those hand personality, which will exercise cardinal transformation, and also spheres life, in which he is experiencing the most pressure.

So, all, that parents would like know about his child, can be to know from his horoscope. Describe, data me, only in sketched reflect the diversity information about child personality, which professional astrologer may draw from natalnoy maps child. worker this a small the universe, and his horoscope - navigation map for loving parents.