I want to imagine you my article from the hoax "crafting Abused life" issuance # 50.

Once girlfriend asked Council on about behavior its 3-'s year-old son. He became all to declare: I got no one likes, I no one needs. In courtyard garden spoke the educators, that his not for home. And as rule, all of this it mother, not spaces. Under this parents in it souls not boys, grandmothers cherish. I dreamt his birth map, and above all position moon and sun, so as precisely they show, as child perceives parents, whatever they him seem.

The first, that from steepness me in eyes: Tau-squaring with the participation sun (in the Twins in 11 House upr.1,2 Afghan, moon (in like him too? In 5 House upr.12.) and Uranus (in 8 House upr.7,8. Apparently this child very difficult perceive their parents as harmonious, strong couple of. He constantly in anticipation some accident from their parents. And by and a Sagittarius give opportunity express their domestic fears in active rubbing shoulders. The sun and Long have only on one a harmonious aspect and both to Jupiter (in Libra in 3 House upr.5 th.): The sun - trine, and Long sekstil. Given this, I advised girlfriend who to address enlargement outlook child: More often borrow his with a in Pavlador-cognitive trip, to drive on various kidsarrangements, play in cognitive game. And to do this need jointly with son and spaces, and mother. Only communication threesome can smooth negative perception of child parents and reduce his fears.

This case that motivated me conduct small study: To know have themselves children, whatever them seem their mothers, how subjectively children their perceive in dependence from position moon in natalnoy map. I asked several known none their children. Especially interestingly was to know opinion children one mothers: Map mothers one, and here is perception of children theoretically should be different. And here is what emerged.

First family (1 child, 7 years).
Long (upr.2,3 at home) in Taurus in the a 12 planet (90 Uranus, Venus, 120 the Sun):
Sexy, the Beautiful, smart, loving jewelry, sometimes plain, sometimes Campaign, well earns, well story paints, but not the most espoused (grandmother likes more).
In this example catches in eyes expression of oao-square Long, Uranus (, Venus with the tip on the moon: sexual , sometimes plain, sometimes Campaign , not the most espoused. So same for child is an important compose stability through mother again - well earns (Long in Taurus and blood regardless 2 th at home).
Have mothers a strong Uranus and Sunik, so perception of child well objectively fits its nature .lyublyu. To the same have mothers there is precise octile or semiquartile moon (expression of its maternal relations) with Uranus, which very well feels child thanks to his oao-square box.

produced family (2 children):
1. A boy (4 year) with the Moon (upr.11 at home) in latest throes Virgin of in soed. With Sun behaves similarly in Libra in 2 House- "the Beautiful (with at work listing almost all nravyaschikhsya him parts of faces and the bodies), the abridged, drink beer, likes father,, the good (with explanation, that the good she because, that buys him toys).
In this describing very well visible manifestations of compounds moon with Sun behaves similarly in Libra in than 2 House.
2. Girl (10 years) with neaspektirovannoy the Moon in question in 7 House (upr.6 home)- "the Beautiful ,-disposed, accurate, hard-working, cautionary tale (" likes all lecturing and puts its opinion higher other "-poyasnenie rebenka- here is she Long in question, kamnya.Imeetsya, loving, being"
Mother - Fish on Sun, with vami in Taurus on Ascendant., Saturn in 1 st House and expressed hinge 6-12 homes, so it. Its Long in Libra in 6 House (upr.4 st) in soed. With Uranus: A certain the emotional instability present in daily life. However, children this expression of my mom's character not have mentioned wildlife that escaped. Apparently in ties with those, that in their maps this raze not is reflected through moon. In this example, on my view, girl more objectively perceives mother again, but very interesting since aktsenty- ????? their, directly depend on position and aspects of individual moon.

III family (2 children):
1. A boy (3.5 year) - Long in Taurus in 6 House (upr.9 st home) in soed. With Sun behaves similarly and Mercury over in Ovne, shall with Uranus: the most-presamaya one the only, high, cheerful.
Me personally availability of expression of harmonious aspects with Uranom- the most-presamaya one the only - in such characterization puny child.
2. Girl (12 years) - Long in Raque in 5 House (upr.5 st home) in opposition to her triple s ambitious sun, Uranus, Neptune's consort: good, but can swears; very persistent, the Beautiful, often is changing mood. To which moon in Raque in this describing mothers adding characteristics Neptune and Uranus in opposition.
Interestingly, that both have children there is aspect of moon with Uranus, and have mothers Mercury in connecting with Uranus in 3 st House, that very vividly manifests itself in-style its communication and thinking. So same she has Long in Sagittarius and squares 4 House (upr.11 st) in connecting with Neptune - and shall with Sun behaves similarly and Mars, please. This on fact cheerful, the emotional and plain woman. In this example Platonov certain coincidentally perception children with real the nature mothers, so their describe enough didn.

Analyzing forestry from children answers, I evoked the its child perception of mothers - I have Long in like him too? In 5 House in shall with v. It broke a very positive: Mother many analyzed with me, many smiled. And realistically have my mothers is very complex map, many kvadratur, allocated 12 house and Long in the Goat with several strained aspects. So here is its real expression of I get a good look at much later, already having matured.

Thus, I still times watched the in is, that perception of mothers on position own moon have children is manifest, even in small details. However, how it subjective, on-my, depends on, as position and aspektatsiya moon in map child plank with natalnoy card mothers. Than more pereklikayuschikhsya factors, the more image mothers will conform to its real character and have the as mothers