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Retrograde Venus

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In March us expects important an astrological event - reversal in recoil movement Venus. Will happen this 6 March, when planet will lie in 16 • Aries and screwing around she will until 18 April, in a direct movement Venus unfold from 30 • Pisces. So look and analyze foretell which home proputeshestvuet Venus, what point natalnoy maps will affect the on its path.

That same means the term "retrogradnost"? This his kind of obraschennost inward, uglublennost perception, snizhennost include and of stereotyped perception in sphere actions planet. And that is mired in sphere of actions Venus? Sympathy, love, values, aesthetic activities perception of, attitude with art (an excellent), on image, too, can be look on a new. This period particularly highly sensitive involves the teenagers, under influence Venus. Usually in this age image, image plays a special role for asserting in his social group.

In a whole in this period have us will opportunity on much look otherwise, reconsider some their views, someone he meets with their former emotional attachments, will happen a return to former relations.

And now passage from books N. Mainstream Markin "Tsikly planets"(words "in natalnoy map" will replace the on "transit")

When Venus is in popyatnom movement in natalnoy map, she is moving against tide vital forces the Sun — Long, which for the profane observer always are in direct movement, for of an astrologer of this means, that system values and emotional estimates human diverge with perceptions majority in thought his society. This difference makes human potentially more able to lend an objective assessment of events foreign life and not depend on family and social factors in their orientations and contained.

Retrograde Venus requires from human ability to that from tastes majority people, it can be source of emotional conflicts in childhood and youth. Man can receive experience relations with the outside world in conditions deep introspection, sometimes shift their yield mystical character. Recoil movement Venus can also trigger sexual problems in life, for one reason or another create obstacle or ban on normal sexual relations, until refusal from sexual experience sake of implementation elevated goal in spiritual sphere. As if spirit can evolve only in conditions, suppress appeasing the instinktivnykh needs! A positive the result such a position radiksnoy Venus could would be ability to to follow in his choosing own truth, independence from tastes “normal ” people.



Ox, and I have Venus unfold in a direct movement in precise connecting on natalnoy Venus and in of increasing in Jupiter. Something will. :huh:



Вера wrote:

What something will.

Yes can nothing and not will, Matters. Tranzity can events and not give, if anything, a major, brighter, if not supported the 1,024 diesel, progressiy and camping on D. You have retrograde Venus change roils subject relationships or finance. Squaring to Jupiter: Volatility feelings or neumerennye cash dissaving. And than in map manages Venus and Jupiter?



Smoothly pereshedshuyu subject in side diesel I weathered here.



As always a brilliant forecast from Vary Price:

Circus Venus spring 2009: The mountains, the mountains clear, to not has been extinguished!

To us is returning Love, the updated, fresh and mature. Its steps until’s Whispering and
Feelings she has, too,’s Whispering, but already notable. 7 March - this day, when > > > fear
Before ??? mistakes in love fully been defeated by the < < <. Remained only
Deal until the end of in how we want love, whom, for that and why us this
Need to. The sky gave us 4 month, to this understand - with February until on May inclusive.
And already in mid-April we will confident, that we found finally the, that
Sought - love to people, desire to and willingness love and be ulyublenimi.

> > > astrology certificate. <<< >> > 7 March 2009 < < < Venus does freeze
For his movement ago, in 15 ° Aries in shall to Jupiter in Vodolee. And
Will return until 29 ° Pisces, where would turn again on its a direct movement, > > > 17
April < < <. This reversal Venus will happen in connecting with Mars, please and Uranus in
The fishes and in of increasing to Pluto in the Goat.

In loop Venus enter > > > 2 February <<<, а выйдет из петли >> > 21 on May < < <.

A new cycle Venus begins > > > 28 March < < < in 7 ° Aries, in connecting with v
The second phase and in of increasing with Pluto.

In ties with a change in a sign the Zodiac Pluto in 2007-2008 We had to
Reconsider all its relations with the world until the most depth their root. Easier
Say, we had to pull the themselves from world with all their at the root, which we in
This world have sprouted and to clear this back of from farmland that. From
Streltsovskogo idealism and aspirations encircle their at the root immense open spaces
The entire visible and even invisible view of the universe. But frustration in previous approaches to
Relations with people not can continue forever, types strongly already in the new
Signs, reaching 3 degrees by the early March, and a new earth, this is ready, to in it
Something plant. And here still and noose Venus in the first signs Zodiacs very incidentally -
The seedling again ready sit down in land, and our close relations with humans are ready to
A new born! As this sang group Splean: <pre>

– my heart of.

Has stalled.

Otdyshalos a bit.

And further matter!</pre>

Types in an dictates us not on-zherebyachi an, as in itself times, and
Mature, serene love to people, which us surround. This not love
Poznavaniya, not love, vyvorachivayuschaya soul inside out, this love knowledge,
Love, which allows everyone be themselves and unfold in the least, in what
Every himself deems please. > > > This is mutual love those, whom on path < < <,
Love war has mark Zodiacs. <span class=note>And to enter in new
Relations with people, we need to terminally figure out with its by,
Recognize his and figure out with rules, which us will help deal
In humans - on path us with them or not, how our path now intersect, and
Means, how can and should be diving in relations with them, that from them
Expect, in than with them to cooperate and as.</span>That these questions and faces
Us now, and we must figure out with them in for a retrograde Venus > > > with
7 March on 17 April < < <.

From answers to these questions depends much.

• Makes me want to descending finally in affairs, here is already year neglected from-for hopelessly
The magnificence inspiration. And inspiration not comes to those, who not keeps managing
Enjoy lives, and pleasure not comes moreover, who not likes life, not
Believes in feelings surrounding his people.

• At a retrograde Venus always want change image, dismiss removed any old stuff
On the dustbin of - old furniture, old clothes, old habits and here is this as representing
In the mirror. And here is to solve, than replace its iznosivshuyusya being veiled, need
Know, that same precisely we want from people now obtain? Knowing, that we want
Obtain, we understand and the, what impression want produce, what
Image of the we liked value and only then can do conscious choice without
Agony, whatever things encircle themselves, to to capture from life pleasure and

• Choice funds achievements goal, the answer on question "likes or not likes"
Depends on, as in March we contribute on question about how, that us is capable
Support, and that is capable thwart on the way to our goal. Now we can
Deliberately form a in itself values on future 1.5 year. And here is in for
Future 1.5 year we already let us hard-wired, and feelings themselves will
Give you pointers us, likes us something or not, to move closer us with him or
Distance himself somewhat away.

As see, now the jury our future, which will evolve largely
The very a thanks to our sentiments. Feelings will largely to emerge themselves on
Itself, without participation your reflections and will. So in for March is worth
Participate in creating future their feelings their regulatory thinking, to in
Him not was contradictions, not was an extra $expectations, the overvalued hopes or
Contrary, nihilism and distrust in themselves and in people. For this enough
Listen to its sentiments and to pay attention on the, that you aren or
Upset and try deal, why. If something you aren, that is,
That this is it apt idea for your development and necessarily need Ideology
Take advantage of. If something upset, you need try to exclude from
His life source of - upsetting. Think about how, to break relations with
People who is causing major you unpleasant feelings - has become whether life look
Better? If not, think about how, to smaller with them to face. If you
Can solve for themselves question with these people, mood immediately's gonna be okay.
Mood now - the most staunch, surest indication of, how
Are correct your conclusions in your speculation. Because we develop the their
Feelings. Nothing not robіt over their feelings through force, even if your
Religious considerations you dictate, that this correctly. Are looking for decision until those
Since, until your feelings not will remain satisfied with.

If the search decisions sound combat in impasse, contact for Council to people,
Which you respect. Even conversation nor about than with such people can suddenly
Lead to sudden solving, if you will experience in contemplative state of
Possible opportunities: "All can be." This my espoused phrase, phrase
Organic in Vodolee - he I have in horoscope was right in Vodolee, and he now on the sky in
Vodolee, in shall to Nirvana the produce markets.

> > > 17 April < < < Venus stops somnevat us, and we will are prepared assume
Responsibility for new life. Until 21 on May Venus will their the contestant half
Aries, that it already has passed until 7 March, and 21 on May will come out of deal. This time
Trial and mistakes that can reverse our opinion in the details, but is insignificant.
If you want plan big a serious project, then plan a training
To him for March, his the beginning of on time from the mid-April, and launch on more
The later timeline.

Wish all fruitful future!




Girls, thank you! Lena and Varya.
So all toppled well, that indeed forces simply think and assess, what is happening around you.
I have finally the resolved question with it comes. Husband, indeed do with our place of residence, which not dare more 10 years. All point over "and" set and safely propose each other those things. Which we never and not delili- furniture, a pot and vast. No one nothing not wants "take From" have another, and every knows, that have him all will new,, grew life have us already goes on new flights and with new partners on her marriage. I, finally unsupportable worry for him - he married 3 year ago.
Very difficult sometimes watch on things from above, globally, assessing years, and very is true inward see around corners.
All good sentiments! :flag:



Tania T wrote:

Wu me finally the resolved question with it comes. Husband

Tanya, very well :yep:

Tania T wrote:

Anyone reflecting good sentiments!

Thank you! You, too,!



People, not can not pay attention all on material another a glorious of an astrologer of, Irina Zvyaginoy.
Wanted to share.

Retro-Venus - letter, because of in past.

"Listen to its sentiments and let its acceptance their somehow any real way. Answer on them, ideally — for closest forty eight hours. This may be gift, Kuplennyi for of that part of themselves, that you recognized, Figure, drawn leftist hand (or right-wing, if you are left handed), which “says ” with you, the, played by you, dancing, Afghanistan’s particular brand now, special offers fortourist firms you for themselves, letter, because of in past."

Reading Catherine Robin, I step on these the premier and they drags me highly sozvuchnymi such a "nevesennemu" behavior and mood Venus. Seemed would, and a half month (Venus again will become direktnoy 17 April) we will are limited in opportunities renew its image, wasn that on location--near train station. And most beautiful and derive will have postpone until June, after all still and Mercury in May will pochti.

And as same then dresses to prom now Balu or wedding toilets themselves? Will "window" with 25 April on 6 on May, and in a whole the entire Spring - with nostalgicheskimi notes of. And have each such fruits with its grains feature of. Here is 12.03 Venus in precise shall with Jupiter. We already unconsciously determined wait from organic's bounties, gifts, just an honest joy, that need not earn. And Venus retrograde. Means, this may be meeting with old love or friend, girlfriend. Still and the Sun in this time compound with Uranus specifies. And Mercury in shall to lower our standards, podgotavlivayuschiy to a new experience or other something reassess.

The next emphasis for Venus - vygode 26 March. Point, when the moon changes in connecting with tend. Venus in shall with VLU and specifies squaring with Pluto. And here again intertwine old and new Alexey lines.

"If you not want, to your things crashed against, caveat with them careful. Move slowly and hold their neatly. Not hurry up. Not scrape away. Not scratch. The same concerns conducting pereucheta their feelings, only in this case requires still more attention. But remember: Closely learning the portraits its souls, cannot be it's not polite staring on them. Code its peripheral vision check, are looking mentioned it is. Show respect for itself. Let your history uncovered over gradually. Try not uproot its to the surface ganged. "

Venus in signs Mars, Mars in signs ekzaltatsii Venus. This time slow maturation feelings and decisions. Perhaps, very necessary for those events, which will in June. Sekstil Venus to Rahu means, that billets move would not work, circumstances prove new and ’, and "past", prepared Pluto, will modicum and among acquaintances, but addressed through.

But his Majesty The will on our side - all-???, such a game around Venus and vygode with its the participation gives us chance do importantly - reduce factor uncertainty, even if will have go on emotional risk.

Venus still will pass 0 Aries, and here, swing out in, he meets with Mars, please. Incidentally, about Mars - now, when Venus unfolding in retro, Mars in connecting with Neptune -, and when Venus will to change direction on a direct, Mars in connecting with Uranus. Means, most interesting, as always, - ahead. And until can be for a holiday.

Irina Zvyagina



Tanya, thank you! Perfectly written.



I have retro-Venus runs round on 11 home and for time deal shapes opposition to natalnomu Mars in 5 House. In end, we with my "holder", have been fighting-we make up. On 8 March have a falling out and I so and not waited for nothing, except oral congratulating her. :mad:



IRA, thank you for surveillance :) Wu me Venus goes on the sly on 12 home. No events I not await the. Nevertheless on 8-\ u0027s March I waited for telephone call only to 10 p.m.,, when already had and decided on-skorpioni, that now revenge well there is cold. And loath was we're impenetrable as freshwater the statue. But on next day attention was directly with morning and a host trolley. I thaws :flirt:



Радуга wrote:

-il, thank you for surveillance

Not for that :)
Here is still evoked the. I photo session itself set in January. The artist - Taurus on Sun. Perhaps with him, that he derzhitsya my "otfotoshopit." In end I 2 month this events waited-waited. And waited for precisely on retro-Venus :nope:
And still more interesting - I now his / looked it up and please - his Venus in Ovne yes still and retro :rofl:



Westerners and Messrs. :) projected its power today write about retrogradnosti Venus, but, feel, that not keep up. If not will happen nothing an extremely, then tomorrow gonna concentrate on this dear astrologically crucial. And until Venus stationary and here is the first "Bells Jingling." Experienced me today in Bank allowed money :) Don’t know, that perishing have them there happened, but turn sat with 15 hours (I came somewhere about half of fifth). The whether program hovers, then whether still that. I wanted withdraw, but driven by professional curiosity, decided wait. Waited still about hours. ???? in one cash office lomilos 2 waiting lists with different sides: Hungry for pay for utilities and the rest (whom need to was translate money, to withdraw, and also to exchange currency). In general, money I received safely, albeit had to long wait. Then went buy itself a new a bag. In center to go was already late, was ran once on the district. Choice, of course, not the best drawer, bluntly no moral meet. However all same one was looking at a very. Several more expensive, than projected its power, but on backdrop of common of Tawdry had to to negotiate with his a toad. Homes closely get a good look at under peg light of. Liked even less (under natural as something even and nothing). Ah yes, okay :)

This period retrogradnosti have us still than seems interested. A range of forums (Tanya A Jidkova, I ,-il Ii?ic, whom still since forgotten?) get to get raped retro-Venus on a host solyar, for on period retrogradnosti vypadaeyut days birth. Think, it will be interesting within a year share condemn :flag:

I have Venus pivoting squarely on the Sun and further is moving on 6-Mu home. Very interestingly will its compound with the southern, clarity node closer to mid-November. In solyare retro-Venus manages 1 and 8 homes and is on kuspide 2 th with in connecting with only for concrete. V, Chinese system. 2 th only for concrete., that, as I submit, will make highly urgent financial subject.



Already long wanted change color hair, gradually shifting to more enlightened connotation. And process on the sly behaved in recent 1.5-2 month. And today. A new paint, albeit ???? in dizainparaugiem as me need to (and is called LIGHT, but in deeds repatriated me in former order nadoevshiy color :( Now start all first.



Kisa wrote:

already long wanted change color hair, gradually shifting to more enlightened connotation. And process on the sly behaved in recent 1.5-2 month. And today. A new paint, albeit ???? in dizainparaugiem as me need to (and is called LIGHT, but in deeds repatriated me in former order nadoevshiy color Now start all first.

I have colleague as something drove forward in a hairdresser, and I its has warned, that can be of frustration (, too, Venus was retro). She, of course, made in its own way and received on full program - chemistry was is appalling. And its daughter, with to-a swarm of she has gone there, at all sobbed a few days over mirror: Hair sticking out in hand and raze not wanted friend. Here is you and retro-Venus.



And I dyed it week ago, with, for me highly exotic - in archaeologists (if anything he so come scratching on designed meal box). And today saw themselves in full growth under chrysoberyl light of in the shop window retailer and realized, that archaeologists. :no:



Oops, and I only that dyed it!
I have that words last week desire to appeared again dye his hair - long I not painted, right hair and here is today - yes only that and Crown, :)



And I in a hairdresser specifically abandoned until retro Venus :playful: and here is cosmetics to buy some of that not managed, and drove forward :disappointed:



Tania T wrote:

yes only that and Crown

Tanya, ah and as impression? You the most as?

Lero4ka wrote:

and here is cosmetics to buy some of that not managed, and drove forward

With this neatly need to, Lerochka! Cosmetics decorative?



Радуга wrote:

Makeup decorative?

Flax, yes increasingly as usually, ends in one thing time :rain: and cream and mascara and lipstick and varnish for nails, ah and "soap-rylnye" (I their so call :glasses:) belonging - and shampoos, Balsamo's. Here is recognized however itself do purchases until retro :) but alas, called in sick and not managed :dontknow:


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