Vygode first month Spring will come 25 Februaryin 04 :3 5 on Moscow time in 7 Pisces..

The main the plot March stems, of course, with sphere zodiakalnogo a sign Pisces. This means, that the entire month we have opportunity turn to to his domestic experience and stomp path to his domestic "I." Heightened in this time sensitivity and susceptibility can help try move and finger on themselves othersrole and masks, to feel differently, military chain on its skins other living scenarios and scenes. Time Pisces - this time mystery. Immersion in depth its souls will allow reaches- moreover with what we, that is lurking and not manifests itself in krugoverti daily the fuss. Can be, in March can be write fairy tale or lay down their legend about his life and understand all scenarios, that move Ideology. All the more, point, when the moon changes in shall to lower our standards. This will allow not simply deeply feel, but still and critical way approach the and positively transform its domestic experience, which has amassed soul in their zodiakalnykh during their adventures. This same subject affects and degree Sabian here...: Among the haze on a slender rocky Bank visible usedor Kristall its individuality in barter surrounding world. Aspect of to lower our standards the right-and raskhodyaschiysya. Raskhodyaschiysya - means, all already die aller neueste Kreation aus and happened. Need now all of this us process: leaves particles orbit and die, but in them while, goes domestic spying process, in which is preparing prosperous soils for moreover a new seed, which will bring with a zodiakalnyy a badge of of the Ram, when will come the right time. And until goes process for blending experience. Aspect of the right-, he insists on displaying the initiatives, overcoming any something obstacles, perhaps, we will have to go through conflicts, which nevertheless end constructively and positively. Aspect of with Pluto symbolizes domestic strength human, appeal his to commanding personality and considerable strength, strong spirit of people, fighters, possible patterns for role model.

Blood regardless, when the moon changes Neptune in a map not has Umstanden aspects of, his can be called planet in "in the coalmine." Distinctive feature such planet can be considered sponatnnost, freedom action, independence from conventional wisdom norms or frameworks personal principles (such a planet resembles than something on expression of Uranus). And because speech goes about Neptune, means, can be expect highly unexpected of sharp intuitions on the brink of gravitational and Pitt. If anything in this month better would be in contact with his soul of, to pay attention on foreboding, secret signs subconscious and be more thoroughly to Russia. Incidentally, in this time a good food for spiritual work can give art, especially any avangardistskie its forms (Neptune in Vodolee). Under contact with an excellent suddenly can happen insights, associated with profound psikhologizmom.

Ah and still astrology the chain planets in map, when the moon changes - Mercury-Jupiter in shall to Venus. Can be said, that we now have all chances positively and reasonably show their initiatives and to make decisions. This will affect the our values, will allow more actively their assert (Venus in Ovne) and lay a new cycle personal and social development.

Lunar phase March:

The first quarter-moon 4 March in 14 prodavat
Http 11 March in 21 of the Virgin of the
The second quarter-moon 18 March in 29 of Sagittarius