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In this year bride usually wears note with 23 February on 1 March.

Maslenaya week, Curiosity - romantic name Cheesy best - of last before Grand post weeks. In its continuation of not eat meat, but can be cannabis fish and dairy products. Week this clear cutting, is cancelled post in environment and Friday.

This Preparatory week to the Great office - devoted in Christian sense one goal - reconciliation with the eternity, whom grievances, prepare to pokayannomu path to God - in this Christian component project Bohemian Carnevale. Discover Maslenitsa - this time, which need to devote good communicate verbally with eternity, family, friends.

In temples are beginning to commit velikopostnye services. In environment and Friday not is traded Divine Pnompenh, is read velikopostnaya Recessional saintly have baffled scholars Serena's: "My God and depart in peace according belly my, spirits indolence, gloom, lyubonachaliya and prazdnosloviya not rains 1930! Spirit same s Advice, smirennomudriya, patience and lyubve grant unto 1930, to the slave what you want. It, my God, little, let-1930 zreti my transgressions and not osuzhdati brother my, yako blessed despoil president, centuries. Amen. " This Recessional have repeatedly repeats itself for all velikopostnymi bogosluzheniyami.

The last Sunday before the onset of the Great office is called Church Fashion syropustnoy (the so as precisely in this day ends use in food dairy products), or forgiven it.

In this day after evening wop in temples is traded a special style forgiveness, when clerics and mutually are asked each have friend forgiveness, to to join in Grand post with clean soul of, primirivshis with all eternity.

Popular tradition and customs

In popular tradition celebration project Bohemian Carnevale retained very many pagan customs and practicing an. Some of them were also are linked with natural International Agricultural cycle.

Until 1492 year on Russias March set up expense New year, in late February telilis cows, no milk. "Has been spilled butter on roads, get them out ofhere, winter of, its feet", - talked in people. Deposits for long winter melancholy on when used to make stove again around yellows pancakes, chasing away winter bonfires and in incineration stuffed.

Incidentally, 's largest stuffed Pancake Day did not everywhere, mostly in average and southern Russia. In the Moscow county of taking a bundle of of straw and vdevali his in girlish add, and in Pskov - ovchinnuyu everything fur upward. Malevali a ridiculous wah-wah face and the entire day wore on the streets of the, and in light, started they were tearing, were heated with or had been burned in demonstrations.

Monday, branded as "meeting": Father-in-law with mother-in-law girls drop out daughter-in-law on a host day, with the most early morning, to father with mother. It must was help on farm, so as on the evening father-in-law with mother-in-law were in Visitors to svatam. For the pancakes, not hurrying, perhaps about how, in what days whom from Rodney crippling visits, as entire week celebrate.

The second day Pancake Day - "zaigryshi." Started street organised every, built and taking by storm ice fortress (not that different, as the latest orphanage winters), blinded faces technicality the masks, believed, that in different guise and life will begin another - should be joyful and good.

With environment mother-in-law are beginning not receive-law on pancakes. Incidentally, before feed defection was affair ruinous, 't applied a host a banquet. Pancakes baked any and small, and big, and dairy, and pryazhenye, and with caviar, and with seledochkoy. Hence and a preamble "Curiosity-obedukha - money priberukha."

A wide Thursday. Comes real a rager.: Driven to's largest stuffed on eieana, lakes, sing songs. Traditionally the numbers are contest in force and finesse, fist-fighting, horse running performance.

The latest day Pancake Day - Sunday, was called forgiven.

Ends African slaves, there is no more a value, incinerated recent stuffed, to winter in Spring not steal your spotlight. With the same goal on frozen of the Complex level bonfires - the ice melt, the coldness destroy. Parents explaining children: "Turned sour, milk and oil, remained only Redkin tail on Grand post."

In Moscow official arrangements, covered-Fare Week, again have become to be conducted with 2002 on initiative Committee on tourism.




Thank you, Lenochka, for fun information. So wanted flitters! A separate thank you for prayer.




So wanted flitters!

Pancakes have us here. :yep:


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