Vygode emerges 26 March 2009in 19 :0 6 (on Moscow time) in 7 Aries. Degree Sabian here... Gives such a kharaktristiku: "Man, living two lives"or "Broad reach living spheres of".

Very want please than something, but as something reason not is. Map, when the moon changes highly very smart and undertaken with-was, charitably. Compound in Ovne the Sun-Long-Mercury sable retro-Venus in skhodyaschemsya-raskhodyaschemsya of increasing to Pluto in the Goat. Skhodyaschiysya squaring have Mercury and Venus, raskhodyaschiysya, respectively, have sun-moon. Blood regardless, when the moon changes Mars in Pisces yes without aspects of is worth itself, a solitary and abandoned, that enthusiasm and commitment, which usually characterize hot. Fine ram had a, not adds. Likely, all our beginnings will not in own manner and not appropriate in response, because as Mars without aspects of, and, likely, under act of extreme romanticism and solitude, and prigrezivshiesya pictures of the ideal future will highly worn thin "feed" to action.

Nevertheless, reality proves quite otrezvlyayuschey from-for of circling personality planets around quadrature (mathematics) with Pluto. Closing, that from sun-moon squaring imploding, that already aren, so as situation with state Structures and power pressure from them find themselves in the past. Aspect of this left, therefore, we had to Fuehrer many own initiatives, to overcome various ograniyaeniya and on opportunities translate conflicts in constructive direction (this the best option such a aspects).

However situation can to return in different variations, so as vygode in connecting with Mercury over, therefore, are possible motley kind of unpleasant situation with those same power structures and their representatives. Precise aspect of quadrature (mathematics) Mercury-Pluto 27 March, in 15 :1 6, so better Fuehrerin contacts and not crawl on rarely ventures with our ovnovskim v, which for word in pocket not, like, whale, but worse from this will only him very. In this period are possible motley kind of conflicts, it is important not to succumb to ones and try to not sign important documents. Perhaps, will have to surmount different obstacles and restrictions, but this the very moment, when indeed need show initiative and on opportunities consciously overcome obstacles.

Another skhodyaschiysya, aspect of: Retro-Venus-types (precise aspect of 3 April in 13 :2 2). External circumstances directly attitudes he picked up themselves, that account for engage relations. Diplomacy "not swipes": Venus in Ovne (thoughtless of, his impulsiveness verging, the spontaneity in manifestations) yes retrograde (all not the, all not so) yes in M. to Pluto ("dark forces us viciously obsessing about the" (with), not am sure, however, for the accuracy of quotes). Ovnovskoe "want" rigidly met on kozerogovskoe "so need to, so be appropriate for", so this not the best month for all affairs, associated with vozaimootnosheniyami: Engagement, conclusion marriage and camping on D., and also the entire financial sphere (can be appropriate or not to move a path mafia) and sphere jurisprudence.

If look away from our kvadratur, then can be try themselves in the art (compound, when the moon changes with tend) and / or in study and describing different sides art (Mercury here same). In late all have Venice was Mercury in Ovne and this did not seriously impair him create a series of masterpieces :writing:

Ah and if concern the public life, then in April likely the sad outcome events, associated with Union filmmakers (blood regardless maps, when the moon changes all the same Venus retrograde) yes in 7 st House (first, dependence from external conditions, and second, relevant legal questions) yes in the same M. to Pluto. In general, "and this would mean puchina consumed its" (with)

Forecast have simply a remarkable :tomato: In as a solace can discern, that lagging all of this not have all, and only in those maps, where vygode will affect the meaningful point. For example, I have :canthearyou: vygode is mired accurately on natalnyy Saturn on kuspide 12 th homes. On other methods glee (solyar, lunar (series)) I prognozirovala for March-April change work (change this in the best case, and at worst loss of).

On this, exactly, all! Thank you for attention :jumping: