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All Hi still times! Question to all forumchanam and forumchankam! Not secret, that forum Astrodoma excessively evolves (and thank God. So I wanted you ask: That would you wanted here see (within represented those)? Need whether here a practical psychologist? Or something still. Me would like hear your wishes, proposals, wishes. Perhaps, that not all manages a immediately, but let us go to this. Think, over time here reprisal club or what something community, not only / not necessarily an astrological. In general, offer a! And to offer, need understand: And that worries? What want? What prospects ahead?

Hope on fruitful his and constructive debate. :bye:



Greetings all!
Wanted would in the future to see themes (surveillance, experience) and articleson Taro.
Only'm't rustle in this turning on easy terrain. Has bought itself even floral arrangement at deck. Krastota indescribable!

Has found, that this more practical a means, than astrology. Maps can be put an in as, and here is astro- WordPad and programs not-always near)

Interesting precisely practical side, not philosophical reflections -perelivaniya)
Here is.
Spasiba for attention :)

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Respected Astrologers! Want with you consult. As better have such submission material in Forum "Life in the Past, present, the future." Have us there now 3 constantly existing column "Actual tranzity", "projectlons." And "Tsikly planets and living cycles." I denationalized as something structure tranzitnuyu subject, so as in "Aktualnykh tranzitakh" already impossible nothing find. And want ask you. As is perceived such a command material? Can be, something unite? Or, contrary, point to separate theme? As you?



Lena, and cannot be as something do so, that here is write, for example, "today us awaits compound.", clicking, huh on this "connecting" and all posts, that to him belong are as a selection of? So was very conveniently track action tranzitov and analyze. Ah if this, of course, perhaps.



Tanja, Merci Pour le for response! Thought many run.

Татьяна wrote:

Nu if this, of course, perhaps.

Perhaps, but perishing painful for anyone. I stuck, of course, but imagine how many will need of references systemizing.



Expensive friends! Enter Smicor on major page site and you hear a remarkable a little song, which will create you prime ministerial mood :)



Iriani wrote:

Found it, that this more practical a means, than astrology

Especially this rightly in case khorarnoy astrology ;)


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