Word "prophecy" (from of Latin praesagium - letters. "Predveschanie") denoting knowledge about events future thanks to superstitions or phenomena, visible or an invisible for ordinary people, but always is well regarded and because significant for those who managed to develop in itself uncanny ability prophecy. This uncanny ability of divine, or, can be said, parapsikhologicheskogo properties with the outset brings history humanity.

In fear before hardship and in search of happiness man neutralist to proritsatelyam, mages, astrologers, psychics, to somehow try to open up veil of over his future, individual or collective.

Even today, on outcome 20th century, predictions and prophecy, despite universal skepticism, still have huge psychological significance.

Several months ago, during my of last trip in France, I saw, how inhabitants cities Lyon were are worried visit Pope. The reason was in maidservants Nostradamus's, glasivshem: "The Rome pontifex has, you get within two feet to city, omyvaemomu two rivers. Blood your goes throat cut. And your, and blood your people, when blooms a rose. "

Deal in is, that city Lyons is washed with two rivers: Rhone Valley and Sona, and in city of in abundance are rising roses. Not was shortage of and in those who mentioning about a flower sootnosil with a rose of the, lofty height that crowns Besbiyik Socialist Party.

In late September,, when I write these the premier, seventh successor saintly father in Melk Ars has proven, that prophesy already executed and John-Paul II be in Lyon, not greater at risk, than risk become a victim of terrorism, that struck Southeast entire France. Father Tevenar has in mind father, Piy VI: He died from fever "of lung, in a result which have him throat cut went blood, in 1799 year in Valence, town near Lyon, omyvaemom two rivers, in a large House, who was its unflinching rosy garden.

The mysterious French sage, the renowned us under name Nostradamus, lived with 1503 on 1566 year. His astrological "keep us on Centurian" and other composing, some of which today are considered Apocrypha, cover a range of events future - roughly 550 years after his death. His version of these events so goodness, that various researchers failed to to come to single view virtually nor on one from episodes. So alone his consider present a bleeding psychic, this one on events that inevitably must happen, and other - mistifikatorom, which uses game words, in a result what alone and those same words can be relied upon in connection with the most different individuals, with the most different which. But in a whole, if perceive his words literally and not up the smoke screen even greater haze their own star status, can be found a series of descriptions truly prorocheskogo properties, although their the number of and is small.

Those, whom surprises the fact, that Christian overwhelmingly Catholic priest says about these prophecies so, as if indeed believes in them, want remind, that the whole story Roman church (as and other branches of Christianity) is full references to predictions, and a long popes (for example, Sylvester II and Grigory caliphate) with tenacity, a worthy admiration, Attar many clock study the so-called of occult Sciences. Only thin the brink of between "Protestant movement", iskhodivshimi from God, and "predictions", enthusiastic devil, saved their and many other priests from fires-day inquisition.
In the most Bible mentioned nine offenders of the prophets:

Meonen, as its calls Moses. This so-called judicial, or apotelesmaticheskaya, all your astrology. Its practice resided in the observation and the trailing for all stars and natural phenomena on the sky.
Menashekh, camping on E. Proritsatelstvo, according to Latin Vulgate Bible and virtually all other costs.
Meskashef, or witchcraft with use of of occult and vehicle of malicious practices, as his kvalifitsiruyut Latin Vulgate Bible and the Septuagint.
Itoberon, or the Irish, magic.
Oracles, voproshavshie pifiy.
Indeoni, or witchcraft and magic.
Necromancy is, or vzyvanie, appeal to departed.
Rabdomantiya, or read on sticks, about which mentions the Prophet Ozias.
Gepatoskopiya, or read on liver.

Examples highly common beliefs in these phenomena can be find in the most developed civilizations, from Egyptians until Chinese, from Etruscans until Maya. All they believed in the, that there is opportunity to know the future. And this belief was so is strong, that and in times of Roman empire, already after her split on Western and Eastern parts of, and even in times of Byzantine empire under fear death penalty were banned divination on future emperors.

Herodotus, which call "father of History", leads many such facts, as, for example, history about one starets with East, which oracles predicted, that cause of his death will become driven. Faced about this, he ordered, to in his them not remained nor one chariots. He died in his palace during insurgency, prigvozhdennyy to going to hurt you sword. On of various which was depicts driven.

This and many other examples of make us to start thinking over sense issue, subjected in the headline this articles: Can whether we to believe in predictions?

Indeed whether future already Arabian and inexorably? And if so, the in than lies freedom human, freedom his choice?
Try answer these questions with perspective philosophy.

As ancient exercises, so and modern discovery and theory about the smaller, view of the universe point to existence metaphysical forces, sootnosimoy with our concept rally on, which through laws Nature reasonably manages all things and-round phenomenon and placed on their specific properties. Thus, becomes is obvious goal, behind far outside exactly mechanical structures Space. For of all things there is path and the path given, the intelligent order, or discipline, under which opportunity chance removed. Accident trails place, or modified, or a harmonious correlation of between causes and consequence, which, in turn, are causes further implication.

Great technical achievements our civilization have become are possible not contrary these laws Nature, and, contrary, thanks to built them and use of natural properties of investigated phenomena. This needs clearly learned. Jet raises hundreds of people on dropped thousands of meters not contrary physical laws Nature, and thanks to enforce the built them and a certain their combination. The inventors nothing not "inventing": They only open and use the, that previously was unknown - but not was lands that do not exist. New can be only the combination of elements, which already existed in Nature. It is this outcome we and call invention.

Energy was in atom, with starters since the. People in a result their research managed unleash its. But, with other hand, in Nature this process was occurring and previously, in is or different place and time developed view of the universe, sometimes through equals, and sometimes through unequal gaps time. Precisely understanding and use ratio "space-time" and gives opportunity man manage-round phenomenon, relying on the their natural properties.

These considerations cite us to an ambivalent conclusion: There is and Space disappointing, and ability to people open laws, which cosmos manage. In turn, people use these laws in force own will, which, ultimately, there is not that different, as a manifestation of cosmic rally on, because nothing not arises from nothing.

The notion of creation again emphasized us as a manifestation of.

Existence be emerging view of the universe assumes the availability of universal plan, which by definition should include in themselves all personal plans.

From this we could do conclusion about existence of moreover, that Indian philosophers thousands of years ago signal as Marga (Indian Philosophy), or transformer life, "Dharma, or the ruling Law, and Karma, or body of action and their consequences within this Law.

In such a case, as we could change direction although would one strings of our fate? Viewing the, that Platon called obedience nature darkness laws, we are discovering, that in this one struck and some pristine the share of freedom, which developing in man propensity to rassuzhdeniyu and search of truth. The seeming contradiction (with perspective logic) between obedience and freedom on fact not is deceptive, because what seems real, in fact real not is. Misled caused those, that we seek begin operating absolute more truths to come, which on fact are relational, whatever nezyblemymi they nor seemed in a certain moment. All our notions about a large and small, the new and old, foreseeable and distant - this only clean illusions, are generated our egocentricity, because we give an value things in dependence from their physical sizes, length of his life either his ???.

And because obviously, that there is path, on which hints all events, - and this confirms, that predictions have the right on existence, - we not can deny, that man a wise, developments in production a gift foresight, which is moving not against tide life, and, contrary, skillfully is sailing on its) flows, manages, laviruya, on the bowline to in this or Bank rivers, if only some pristine some non-or an unexpected ultimate force not would prevent this.

Real predictions become...... inescapable due to lack of have us own knowledge, in a result strategy of inaction, that we we develop in the course his life, and, that most important, owing to our inability of to respond to unintended circumstances.

Thus, what already planned for us the fate of and defined our individual karma, change impossible. But we all same can - with large or less success - learn to live in consent with new circumstances that stem in the course our searches moreover large happiness, which we deserving.

Yes, we can to believe in predictions, but we must also to believe and in themselves, and in Grace God's, which better, than whom-either, known, that on fact more just suited our psyche and fate around the world.

Disregard fear. As spoke emperor-philosopher Mark Aurelius, "that can happen with man such a, that not was would true to form man?."

Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi, founder philosophical schools "New the Acropolis"

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