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Forecast for April on sights zodiac from Helen

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HANK: Prognosis for April

Until 18 April continue in March will resolve influence and trends in personal relations and financial affairs. Only after 18 April that Spain conclude deals, pursue the presentation and to commit large purchases. In the second half of month your feelings will open and comprehensible. This time fervent confessions in love, spring feelings and passions.
14-17 April time high activity, bold decisions and ideas. In this day you should be cautious about visions with technique.
21 April you as a magnet will attract attention opposite gender. The beginning of active affairs, associated with art, beauty, finances.
Vygode 25 April will pose before us tasks, requiring big effort and not smaller patience. In this time need to be more thoroughly to ???? information, trust old proven friends. You should not act ahead.


With 5 on 7 April you will feel lack of forces. At work delays and drag on. In these days you bubbling over various creative and original thought. Ranging with 9 April, your thought acquire more concrete unit and will directed on obtaining material outcome. With 9 on 12 April a welcome time for planning future, for participation and organizations affairs, associated with education, overseas commute. You arrive at long expected an important information
14-17 April desirable to abstain from decision-alcoholic drinks. Cautious about visions with it apparatus and technique, including cars.
Already with 20 April you interested in compose side affairs, and you reply positive changes in affairs, concerning a profit. Your relations and amorous feelings will become stable. You have will appear chances on implementation of profitable projects, first not quite clear, and by the end of month well real and depend on your personal effort.


With 9 on 11 April surrounding listening hard to your opinion. You have will mark many business trips. Likely, successful completing work, especially associated with education or to the studying.
14-17 April - you expects active entertaining with friends. You vigorously doing their future, are filled with new ideas.
18 April - your participation in childrearing will have a positive impact on all. You successfully "Permission Based Lists" at school and recreation.
With 20 April gradually is improving your material position. A good period for starters profitable projects. For you not are excluded secret romantic relations.
23 April caveat restraint in nutshell. You meet obstacles in schooling by and in trips. In these days you have many forces and you can to share they with other.
25-27 April nurture health, not it is moderate. Not be upset from-for rumbles at work.


6 and 7 April you build plans on life, will new information, verifies with new people.
11 April caveat cautious about visions with the spoils information and less judgmental in rubbing shoulders with close people.
14-17 April important business beginnings. For some prodavat will begin a new activities, associated with technique, cars, new technologies.
18 April you can to end forging family backed securities, documents on real estate.
21 April the beginning of her relations that will affect your future. Novel, began in these days, can all end...... extended wedding and children.
24 April for you successful work in group associates, has healthy friendly participation.
25-27 April save your its health, not it is moderate.
With 30 April you in his population communicative, lyuboznatelny and neposedlivy.


5-6 April you have will many work away from home. Students Crawfish will learn with full passion.
9 April you will sensitive, concerts, you is disturbing to family affairs.
14-17 April cautious about visions in trips. Not discarded, that you arrive at unexpected aid from men.
21 April the Coalition joint trip with representatives opposite gender. For you likely familiarity and amorous
Relations with man from afar, pererastayuschie in serious sense of. With this time you sverkhaktivny at work, they are irreplaceable for in
Important affairs.
With 24 April you will stellen at work. You attract serious partners.
25 April - perhaps, you have not so many forces, but you are full plans and ideas on the future.
25-27 April you are prepared wind back mountains together with your partner. Not caveat too aggressive with close people.


5-6 April excessive activity may lead to undermine health.
With 9 April will many distant trips. You will are busy improvement in business ties. But real returns from its
Work you arrive at only after 18 April.
10 April you secured by aid from partner and you themselves are prepared offer hand aid other people. The favored period for
Starters distant joint travel.
14-17 April from you in this day are required sensitivity attention and caution. Not participate in conflicts. Try
Not to commit abrupt have in things. In any case, in this day you can lay its on its second half.
With 20 's numbers April to employees in sphere business and business Lvam tide is turning the face of luck. And the rest Lions will find
Satisfaction in passionate love.
23 April you have many forces. You are prepared to commit big jump at work.
25-27 April in this day you Undesirable explorers in trip.


5-6 April not let it overwhelm you before a huge number of work, facing the you. Rely on his partner. Together you
Much do something.
9 April Since this moment your thought directed on education, as its, so and other. You will fruitfully and many
Work, many touring.
10 April you have all chances solve asked problems.
11 April day high creative activity. You can easily get rid of unnecessary things and attachments.
14-17 April try be restraint with partners. Partners-men will be able you surprise anyone.
18 April you will much time pay schooling by, paper work.
20-21 April many vy expect the passionate relations, tense amorous feelings.
23 April Wu you many work, with which you not doing a great job. Difficulties in trips on city.
25-27 April beware of deception of and unnecessary talk at work.
With 30 April period high business activity.


5-6 April you have more all responsibilities and Sea work, but not work too hard now.
9-10 April your feelings will find response have loved ones, and relations with them are realized across the sheer.
11 April you forced to to return to old work and give old debts.
14-17 April nurture health, not it is moderate at work.
With 19 on 21 April you have will add up mutually beneficial relations with partners. With this time have single Libra there is high the likelihood, that they would face his Sputniks life. For you level it is time love.
With 24 April you are full noble intentions and fervent feelings.
25-27 April is expected high tensions in family relations.


5-6 April you have huge plans, which you want realize all immediately. But you better may want to conserve its health.
9-10 April you are full energy, many worked at determined whether. In these days you right mass of family affairs.
14-17 April you can surprise anyone their beloved. Question, as and, where have fun, for you not relevant. You dance,
Play, have fun.
21 April your feelings will find response in heart of your husbands,. With this time you can to participate in joint
Projects they will bring you profits and pleasure, especially if they concern spheres art, cosmetics, fashionable clothing.
With 22 April you are full inspiration and are prepared wind back mountains at work.
25-27 April caveat more cautious, especially if your work connected with commute and use of technology.

a Sagittarius

10 April in this day studies delivers you pleasure. You can to accept participation in entertainment trips.
14-17 April you will be attended weird ideas. You can to purchase services they like or dislike technology for homes. Caveat cautious about visions with
21 April you expect successful family the acquisition of. Your internal readiness to love, longer term through a few days
In blooms novel.
23 April for you perhaps obtaining an unnecessary, made information. Excessive contacts you boring. Money you arrive at
25-27 April in these days not said rapid Vincent. Excessive pull to pleasures can lead to great costs.


5-6 April you make an many forces for organizations-travel.
With 9 April you many obsessing, as and where you sleep.
10 April conducive family purchases and trip.
14-17 April you have will emerge a huge number of new ideas, associated with technique, with active fulfillment now scheduled
Plans. Unexpected adventures expect those who in path. You determined on lyric own manner.
21 April activity in household issues will bring you their positive results. Your family life will sogreta
Warm feelings. You please take much attention Dieter his homes.
25-27 April family affairs will require large tension forces. Try not pressed on members its family.

Actis Systems

5-6 April note on your health, correctlyt count their forces.
9 April you very communicative, mobile and active.
10 April your trip will succeed, and contacts profitable.
14-17 April you will be attended unexpected and original ideas, as obtain money. Than you actively and have in the coming
Days. Nurture health.
19-21 April you would more social butterflies. Your ties will wear long-term character and rational grain. You
You can embark on for any active activities, especially if she is fought with partner. In obtain similar gains you not perkytle. You
Expect cash affairs, associated with close relatives and decentralized information.
25-27 April you need to be very cautious in trips. In rubbing shoulders with decente caveat restraint, to not abandon

'm a Pisces

5-6 April you are full forces, your words have weight.
With 9 April you will fruitfully write and many to read, engage learning hard.
10 April If you have on this day Akiar obtaining profits, big and important financial affairs, you better keep all
14-17 April you active, capable on unpredictable actions. Creative'm a Pisces were surrounding their
Fish among first feel climate financial environment in better side. After 18 April you have much more lively
Routing affairs. You are full love and desires you here to save us beloved rights.
21 April you expect harmonious relations with partner. Your relations and feelings stable and reliable.
25-27 April you should beware deception in road. You can obtain false information. You have marks hypertonic
Tension in material issues. Not quarrel with friends from-for money.



Lena, thank you :flag:

Helen wrote:

5-6 April you have huge plans, which you want realize all immediately. But you better may want to conserve its health.

Indeed, plans gromade. At work occurred affirmative progress.




At work occurred affirmative progress.

A new work?


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