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If who wants to share their knowledge on this subject, am asking here. :) Interesting was would discuss the link dosha (, the kapha, cotton wool and. Since forgotten :)) and astrological indicators, in primarily, perhaps, ASTs-the kind.



Pro the link with unique, question open.
And here is on somehow the main lines can be determine doshu, to which applies skin:

temple hot dry skin. She thin, sensitive to the heat and cold, afflicted by participate an aging.
Pitt normal / the Kombi. Such a skin enough an equal and caress of, but bent on to the redness and emergence of pigment stigmas.
Kapkha (is a) a fat. This a dense, Treponema skin, often with the expanded voids and ugrevymi vysypaniyami.
But this only benchmark characteristics.



Morozz wrote:

Pro the link with unique, question open

Open. Examine its skin. Something secondary between cotton wool and pitta, closer to pitta. On ASTs-those Taurus, in 1 st by. So, it seems, that cotton wool - this air, pitta - land, although on characterization I would more Interior to fire. Kapkha unambiguously land and water.



Hmm. I have on Asts Rak - water, and Long in 1 House
And skin the Kombi, some where thin, sensitive, sometimes sukhovataya, on the sun freckles appear, to the redness very tends to, so that rather cotton wool-pitta




A sense of own prosperity is reflection of domestic fortune health. Good health is the result conservation unique for everyone of the individual a combination of dosha (prakriti), balances agni, seven basic tissue organism, three vydelitelnykh systems (mocheotdeleniya, perspiration and kalovyvedeniya), and also this force mind, feelings and consciousness. In equally for prosperity every it is important love, be happy and have in daily life clarity.

The absence of equilibrium between doshami affects domestic biochemical changes and in end leads either to increased, either low blood sharing of substances.

Pitt dosha manages all physical and biochemical changes that occur in the body. In a result this process food turns into energy, warmly and life force. These processes pitta provides throughout life, however the most is considerable its role in years maturity rights. The entire activities pitty manifests itself in bowel fire , or agni. Weak agni means weak health. To climate the right functioning of pitty can lead the wrong nutrition, for example, use acute food with large number of spices, or the wrong image life, for example, in the heat of the climate, or in able emotional have inhibitions. Anabolite this process of building bodies. This recovery, growth and the creation of new cells. These processes are governed kapkhoy and the most actively happen in mladencheskom, of kindergarten and otrocheskom age. Stir up, the kapha doshu can be under neumerennom the use dairy products, Cold and upon was already fat food.

These this a destructive, but Indispensable UN stage of exchange substances. Big molecules breeding ground until smaller. This death molecules manages cotton wool dosha, especially active in old age. Frequent use food, exciting little stuffing, such as salads from raw vegetables or of the air maize, and also excesses physical training facilities can strongly boost little stuffing and to derail the health.

Three doshi temple, Pitt and Kapkha

Ancient Ayurveda depends considered people with perspective classifications their on five assault types of in dependence from dominant in their constitution elements. But so as Ether essentially have stagnated, and Earth a solid basis for the entire-existence, these two elements are considered greater part of passive. Active, graduates, pride ourselves elements are Air, Fire and Water.

In Ayurveda these three active elements combine to produce in principle three dosha.

Cotton wool represents Air and Ether; Pitt Fire and Water; Kapkha Water and Earth.

Cotton wool, Pitt and Kapkha this fundamental notions (Ayurveda). Concept of human nature in dependence from observation bile, blood or slime, that we find in European medicine past, can be regarded likely as one of many fruits (Ayurveda).

In moment conceiving combination of and proportion cotton wool, pitty and kapkhi are determined by of genetics, the nature nutrition, way life and emotional condition parents. Only few 204,904 are born with balanced constitution, where all three doshi are equal in the number of and quality of. These people gifted with a good health and different bad digestion. However have majority people predominate one or two doshi and, to achieve optimal health, they need to to wage an opportune image life and respectively eat.

All people possess prakriti one of seven combinations cotton wool, pitty and kapkhi (In, P, By, RP, VK, the PC, the mic). For example, man can be for the most part, the kapha with more weak manifestations pitty and with small number of cotton wool, that in Ayurveda-Veda is will be stored by as V1P2KZ. The other can have same assessment number of outpouring pitty and cotton wool and Few kapkhi, that will videotaped as V3P3K1. Figures point out on relative proportion each doshi.

prakriti and vikriti

A unique,s inherent only you combination of three dosha ,-established in moment conceiving, is called prakriti. Prakriti not is changing in for life, except very rare cases, when occur changes in genes. But there is still, so say, constitution this moment , which reflects health in the current moment and is called vikriti. Have human with impeccable health vikriti coincides with prakriti. But likely in ties with those, that vikriti reflects all aspects of nutrition, way of life, emotions, age, influence environmental and camping on D. (i.e. those aspects of, which likely not are in harmony with your prakriti), the difference will is manifest. The availability of such difference can be established doctor, with do an Ayurveda, after considerate exploring patient and studying beat pulse. Precisely knowledge difference between prakriti and vikriti gives a doctor an exact information, on the basis of which he accounts for program recovery health.

Definition of with typology of Constitution

We learnt, to prejudice type constitution you are among, you can take certain steps in rebuilding or improving health. Of course, the best way discover all about its prakriti and vikriti will appeal to a doctor, praktikuyuschemu do an Ayurveda. If same this impossible, then you can obtain misconception about its constitution, by filling out graph Definition constitution in ofChina in late books.

Above than you contact to spreadsheet, it is useful will to familiarize themselves with properties, a language each doshe. While taking appropriate a diet, teach himself specific ways cooking, leading such image life, what suited specifically you, you can achieve beautiful health, somehow would nor proved type of your constitution.

Description cotton wool-constitution

A Sanskrit the term cotton wool is happening from verb wa , that means bear or move. Thus, cotton wool this dvizhuschee start, which regulates entire activities in body, ranging with number of thought, emerging in anybody human for one minute, and to efficiency advance food on your the bowel. Properties cotton wool strongly favor labor joy, happiness, creativity, speech, sneezing, processes allocation from organism and camping on D. Precisely in waging cotton wool is Skincrute, essence life oxygen, or a prana. Thus, when cotton wool leaves body, life does freeze.

Petropanel also manufactures naturally extrusions taste of, on properties she hot dry, the easy, the Cold, raw, incredibly and clear. As these properties reflected in the smaller, people cotton wool-type, shown in Show website spreadsheet.

These a combination of qualities respond for physical characteristics and for behavioral especially people cotton wool-constitution. Have them the easy, flexible body, large, eminent forward her teeth and it is likely, that in childhood was habit drink fingers, especially big. Have them small, deeply planted, dry eyes and frequent problems with bad digestion, insufficient pressures within suction ability to delicate sufferers on backdrop of a volatile appetite and needs in water. From-for fragile health have them little or quite there is no children.

People with cotton wool-constitution in his behavior legkovozbudimy. They often on the lookout, always are prepared to action and act, long not thinking up big. So their decisions often plain wrong, although and are passed with big certainty. They empowered strong imagination and often are busy fantasy and grezami. As very loving, wedded to people, they can love from of fear or from solitude. Among their fears frequent fear of darkness, Heights and closed spaces. Their belief no-label look for and is ready for change, but if they change their beliefs, then likely only briefly. From love for change people cotton wool-type like to change furniture, place of residence or city, to not to be bored. They not like cursory likely, they like a permanent action. Idleness they perceive as punishment. Thanks to its activities they well earn, but not are at to store money and lost through on small beer.

Main especially cotton wool-constitution

Quality manifestations of

Hot dry dry skin, hair, lips, language; dry fat, bloating with trend to constipation; of the husky voice

The easy lungs muscle, bones, subtle industry; rapidly, cursory dream; Sharon

The Cold cold hands, foot, the bad the circulation blood; not implementing various cold and likes warmly; regidnost muscle inflammation

Harsh raw, potreskavshayasya skin, nenerovnaya aligned fingernails, hair, her teeth; crack in joints

Thin fear, anxiety, uncertainty; a goose skin , the occasional a twitch or muscle inflammation, easy isocarboxazid (Marplan; fragile industry

Incredibly quickly churchgoers and says, likes to do several things simultaneously, restive eyes, eyebrows, hands and its feet, unsustainable joints, sees many dreams, likes travel, but not remains prolonged on one place; unequal mood, rocky religious beliefs

Clear ability to to had clairvoyant; instantaneously understands and here same loses; clear open mind, often is experiencing feelings years and solitude

Vyazhuschaya a sense of dryness and wee flutter in toothache; often arises the hiccups, burp; likes maslyanistye, thick soups; covets sweet, lactic acid, of salty flavoring sensations

Description pitta-constitution

Word pitta is happening from termination of spoken Sanskrit words tapa , that means heatin, need heating. Pitt represents in the body fiery the beginning. Literally all, that comes in body, should be overcooked or fermented malt drink aroma , ranging from species young month and to trapped in his mouth icing strawberry. There is a long food, for example rice, that first need cooked outward, above than too meek the fire can start its perevarivanie. As and a the fire, pitta this ferments and amino acids, jangling major role in exchange substances.

Here is only several functions pitty: Regulates temperatures bodies by chemical transformation food, causes appetite, viability, manages ability to need and perceive.s recent from equilibrium pitta manifests itself in the form of anger, hatred and condemnation just surrounding.

Pitt hot, an urgent, the easy, the oil ,-viscosity fluid, commits spread. It possesses sour, bitter, an acerbic taste and a sharp frustrating the scent of. Pitt is associated with red and lights are flashing yellow color. Such properties empowered people pitta-constitution, as this in sight from tables.

People pitta-type have secondary industry and weight, which rarely strongly oscillates. Have them thorny, yellowish her teeth with soft, at times blood running from their offer a, insightful eyes, often very sensitive to globe. People pitta-type have a good appetite, many use the, like reducing pressure food with spices.

People with pitta-constitution have excellent ability to to learning, perception of the contemporary and appeared,. They strange, with good grass roots organizing experience and the leadership shows promise. They empowered wisdom that aducerea their until shining should, literally burning down hair. People pitta-type never, are receding from their principles, which at times reach bigotry. As often critically determined, denouncing surrounding in his maksimalizme, they quickly are amenable to anger.

Them like noble profession, and often, earning big money, they spend their on luxury goods. They like perfume and jewels. They have no strong sexual aspirations. So, people with pitta-constitution empowered moderate force, average over whose spiritual and material knowledge, revolves and longer life.

Main especially pitta-constitution

Quality manifestations of

Hot a strong a the fire; a good appetite; temperatures bodies several higher norms; not implementing various heat; Greys hair with highly, trafficking border follicle parts of heads or a bald spot; gentle brown hair on the body and personified by

An urgent thorny her teeth, insightful eyes, testifying nose and chin, cordata form of faces; good processes suction and digestion; grippy memory,: Intelligence; intolerance heavy work; irritability

The easy the easy / secondary industry; intolerance brighter of light; lighted the Beautiful skin, brilliant eyes

The oil gentle fatty skin, hair, anus; not like upon was already fat fried food (which can cause headaches)

-viscosity fluid it is a liquid, neoformlennyy chair; gentle graceful muscle; sensitivity Funds urine, sweat and number of consumed water

Rasprostrayayuschayasya freaking hot pitta manifests itself in the form of a rash, akne, fever "of around the body or within hit sites; people pitta-type seek to moreover, to their prominence spread to the entire country

And acid heightened acidity secretion of the gastric juice, compatible RN; sensitive her teeth, sensitivity salivation

Bitter a bitter taste of in mouth, vomiting, vomiting; revulsion to bitter Italian tastes; cynicism

's corrosive heartburn, typical sensations burning in general; strong feelings hatred and anger

Odora a malign smells from-under mice to one base unit, struggle cavity, from detoxify legs, smelly socks

Red krasneyuschie under unrest skin, cheeks, eyes, nose; Red color but Pitt to get there

Yellow yellowish proteins eye, skin, piss and anus; predisposition to jaundice, chronic idiopathic; excessive education bile, Royal color increases Pitt to get there

Description, the kapha-constitution

The word , the kapha applies from two sanskritskikh roots pay , that means water , and Nah , that means the lush grow ,, flourish. Nature kapkhi due to also the Earth, thus, Earth and Water determine its properties. Kapkha imprisons in itself all our cells, tissue and organs. Molecules kapkhi seek to link up, to form a compact whole and give body rounded forms. Smazyvanie joints and omyvanie organs, strong muscle and bones, taxon secretion from and maintaining memory all of this parts of, for which replies, the kapha.

Water and Earth give kapkhe heavy, slow, cool, fatty, moist, smooth, dense, gentle, viscous and cloudy properties. She white colored and sweet and is salty on taste of. Reflection these properties in humans, the kapha-type represented in Show website spreadsheet.

The areas detailed above properties give people with, the kapha-constitution a strong and healthy body, big, beautiful eyes, healthy her teeth and thick, wavy hair. Have them thick, smooth, a fat, a hairy skin. People, the kapha-type have sustained appetite and needs in water, but the slow digestion and exchange substances, that often leads to the excess call weight, which them very difficult bounce. At times passionate pull to with and salted leads to delay water in body. They like food, idly sit and many sleep.

People, the kapha-type gifted with deep, constant faith, are full love and compassion, possess secure, denationalizing mind. Have them the good memory, deep, melodic treasure of voices and many of the manner conversation. Man, the kapha-type keeps managing earn and secure money. Their prodigality is expressed in spending on small number of cheese, lollipops and cakes. People with unbalanced by from equilibrium kapkhoy suffer greed, ownership affection, ignorance and laziness of. To sum it up, can be said, that thanks to its strong constitution people, the kapha-type gifted with big force, knowledge, live, love and sustained lives.

Main especially, the kapha-constitution

Quality manifestations of

Heavy heavy bones, muscle, major industry; trend to the excess call weight; prizemlennost; deep low treasure of voices

The slow the slow gait and the manner conversation; slow processes digestion and exchange substances; mental confusion, movements and eating before

Cool the Cold adhesive skin; stable appetite and need in water under long-delayed processes exchange substances and digestion; frequent repeated the common disease, zalozhennost breathing pathways and cough; pull to sweet stuff

A fat a fat skin, hair and anus; well that had been st had , movable joints and other bodies

Watery phenomena stagnation, stuffiness in in of cage, sinusakh, toothache and anybody

Smooth smooth skin; an that is peaceful character; smooth shape bodies

Hard dense stratum fat; thick skin, hair, fingernails, tight anus; satisfying, rounded parts of bodies

Soft soft an appealing being veiled; love, rules, compassion and kindness

A static like sit, nothing not making, sleep

Remotely real viscous, adhesive, linking properties make organs and joints solid, compact; like embrace; firmly peg in her and other relations

Kind of cloudy in early morning clock ambiguity and zatumanennost mind; often need in coffee as enhancing drug, to start day

Sweet strong anabolic action sweet more taste stimulates education semen and number of sperm will penetrate, a strong sexual attracted and desire to have children; under disorders kapkhi can have place a pathological pull to with

Is salty good educational, growth, energy; supports osmosis; under the wrong functioning of the can arise a pathological pull to salted, delay water in body

(brought with portal Mir (Ayurveda))



plants for type skin and hair

Cotton wool - hydrotherapy center and sweet: Orange, lemon, basil, Ginger, a rose and macrorrhizum - effects on

Pitt - bitter: Chaplain, Jasmin, liquorice, coriander, mint, ylang-ylang, chamomile.

Caffa - spicy and thorny: Lavender, bergamot, eucalyptus, clary, more of that camphor, the rosemary. - Ah.

Useful for you substances boldly add in creams, masks, lotions, and also water for baths.

Under adding a terrestrial butter in water for baths, enough 5-6 drops.



General rules meals according to Ayurveda, uluchayuschie digestion

The main reception food should account for on noon (12 :0 0 on local time);
There is need only sitting;
There is should in a quiet, this quiet the atmosphere, under this not look TV, not to read, not cryptic;
Not need to eat in an augmented an emotional able (electrified, anger, anxiety, sadness), need to wait until consciousness actually perceived by voters;
After food need not Still Rise from-for the table in for not less 5 minutes;
Should not there is again, until predyduschyaya food not broccolis are overcooked (pause should be not less 3 hours);
Superior not there is after of call sun;
There is should only under a sense of hunger;
There is need to slowly;
Need carefully chew your food;
Should so 3 / 4 from their opportunities;
Not need to there is cold food;
Need there is only fresh food, only that cooked or last resort cooked today;
Not that Spain to drink many fluid in time food, especially Cold; desirable thereby food keenest "(Ayurveda))" (i.e. water, kipevshey 15-20 minutes);
Cannot be cannabis milk with other products, especially with those, which possess sour or, like salty taste - can be to drink his only kipyachennym and keenest (can be with the sugars), desirable with spices (with pepper, time control);
Need to combine only offsets combined products;
Need use spices for better of digestion and usvaivaniya food;
Cannot be cannabis industrial choked (from-for sychuzhnogo fermenta), yoghurt (from-for active during), ice cream or cold milk,
Multi-course meal, at least lunch, should include in themselves all 6 Ayurvedic tastes;
Should sonastraivat nutrition with individual characteristics physiology human, with the current hurricane season year, with weather;
Cannot be there is food with sour and, like salty smakami before nightmare (even need not to drink kefir);
Not that Spain there are many roasted, sour and some pickled;
Need to exercise, best Yoga-Asanami.

Covmestimost food.
Some basic concept of ayurvedic although food include the next:

Avoid cannabis milk or dairy products with Greek invention everyone or citrus or with the other acidic food.
Avoid cannabis kartofel1 or other krakhmalistye foods. Starch quite long shaped; and often kartofel1 or another krakhmalistaya food not shaped properly, creating AMU [].
Avoid cannabis melons and of grain together. Melon biggest quickly, while cereals long. This combination of upsets stomach. Melon should there is alone, without other products.
Honey never should be prigotavlivatsya (getting hot). Honey shaped very slowly, and if he the sails (is heated,), molecules, prisutstvuyuyuschie in truth, becomes not-gomogenizirovannym glue, which onto your dicks is hooked to slimy membrane outstanding dimensional and scores subtler channels cells, creating toxins. Heprigotovlennyy honey - albatrosses, cooked (warmed) honey - poison.
I'm instructing you to use milk together with other belkovymi products. Proteins possess sogrevayuschim quality, and milk-, thus, they upon materialisation each other, violate agni [ ]and create AMU [].
Milk and a melon need not there is together. They both cooled down, but milk is so, and up - mochegonnoy, and milk requires more time for of digestion. Moreover, action hydrochloric acid in your stomach forces milk curl up. For this reason Ayurveda depends not advises cannabis milk with Greek invention everyone, yogurt, Greek invention crema or sour cream, sour jam, cheese or in other Greek invention products.

Daily diet must include:

40-50% well made rice (Basmati) or of grain (wheat stalks, barley) in dependence from constitution bodies;
15-30% well small beans (gave, mung-gave, cars, traditional, peas, beans);
2-5% bureaucracy soups;
1 / 2 tea phytosterols Valentin Savvich Pikul (pikelya) - pickles or camping on P.

(Portal Mir (Ayurveda))



Want to share with gobbets from one interesting the hoax:

In todays piece want lead some excerpts from articles site (Ayurveda).
Not let us deepen in their philosophy. I just wanted would emphasize certain positions that very correctly they podmecheny, and which they adhere to, that concerns relations to food and process its use.

Because sports - this indisputably perfectly and very helpful for health and figures!

However classes sports must be not excuse
Complaint is nutrition, and incentive healthy nutrition!

EU, which should abide by under food:

1. Never there is without feelings hunger. This means, that, if this rule not will be undertaken, then food remains not for overcooked, not-digested food is poison for organism.

- of Beauty!

2. Never there is under utomlenii, anger, during, fear. Under any infliction arises violation of agni and gyrations of a prana in your stomach and intestines, so food turns into poison.

Dont know that there with Apana (prana) , but accurately know, that if to address for food in anger, then eat one eight in three times more, and of saturation and savouring not soils! Therefore why then there is in such a able?

4. To accept food need the face of eastward, but not on north, camping on K. If we accept food the face of north, westward, then energy moves away from us, and is declining Ojas in the body.

Never previously even not conceived over these! But can, is worth? ;)

5. Food must be is prepared fondly. Food always need to be preparing in good the atomic spirit with pleasant umonastroeniem, then food will easily digestive tract for. If food is prepared you in bad mood, in able irritation, wickedness of, alarm and gloom, such a food will not bring you good. Frame of, with which preparing food, will make its such same unsound, and so such a food, too, is considered a bilakoro and poor.

Cleaner water prejudices, but why something I with this assertion with childhood agree. Mother says, that if you in bad spirit, better not be preparing at all nothing. And you not holiday., that food not such a tasty, if be preparing its in bad mood?

7. Before ingestion food - praying, camping on K. Adoption food there is sacrosanct process. And so, when we are reading prayer, we psychologically weather . And at least, if you have in family this not adopted, always wish each other pleasant appetite, this gives positive spirit!

I not know, removal of whether you in God, but, on-my, Recessional and truth helps to look to the positive own manner. And to the same, until you sound out pro themselves couple of minutes sacred words, even if you very hungry, you morally settling down so well to process join Nato food, and already not guzzling its as'm a piranha, and you can control themselves at the table.

8. Food, proposed God, is Prasad.

Need put an itself to plate exactly so much, how many you can eat. Prasad cannot be to emit. If there is animals, then residue Prasada can be give them. Cannot be to shift Prasad with dishes on plate, to members family you eat some of for someone the remnants of food.

Needs enjoy a metal cooking utensils, she is considered clean and not is handing karma. Have each member family must be its own utensils. This rule should be implemented the day-to, not only then, when someone from family members ill.

Dont know as on expense a metal tableware, but the that personal things convey energy human, and together with it perhaps, and karma agree. This very a serious theme not on one hour conversations. So not d optimistically about the causes and portfolio ;)

9. Above, than there is very, needs feed other. Before, in ancient Aryan times, existed custom for family people, when was the sails Prasad, then masters stopped working on streets and offered food food riots.

But we women this and without ayurvedov know!

10. To improve digestion that Spain: Before food chew Ginger with a piece of lemon and a pinch of ground of salt, this will give signal stomach, to function like digestive tumors.

No comments! Agree!

11. Her teeth given us not for jewelry, and for careful this food, so food need carefully chew your, not swallow quickly. Food need to to accept quietly. If you are in hurry, then better will for you, if you miss food, than than you its will eat.

Since perspective medicine absolutely is true!

12. Food must affect all 5 organs feelings:

Food must inspiring eye, must some favors to play with our heart of, must be beautiful on kind of and exude comfortable flavor.

What there is get from food [kayf]! Never measles themselves for being mulched by cube, choose good (and as least harmless) products, and organizovyvay their meal talk!! - [Shrieks, I have already played out appetitJ

13. After food needs rinse them with his mouth, wash foot legs Cold water, splash some water on my eyes Cold water.

I dont not understand under fix here its feet and eyes Perhaps you know?

14. Not spi immediately after food. Sleep can be after food through hour or and a half. At all, Ayurveda depends not recommends sleep day, camping on K. This leads to weakening of all processes, being documented in the body, and dream not promotes learning food, camping on K. Slows for of a prana in the body.

15. Not there is lactic acid fruits on night and not to drink kislomolochnykh products.

16. Never there is until identity sun and after his decline of, especially in twilight.

organism SLEEPS, and increasingly here! For all processes in body allotted its time. And so same as the brain, so and our stomach needs in leisure. So sensibly will not also arriving in his every night food. Because if you eaten and in closest hour do you go to bed sleep, then Netimer just food will endure for in your stomach until morning, and not will digestive tract for. Again same this leads to standstill food and intoxication organism.

17. Not perekusyvay between food and not palleggi standing still.

18. Not napoletano water immediately after food and until food.

If you want to, then water drink for half an hour of exercise until food, if you want preserve weight, then drink water during food. But not said these way, camping on K. He weakens digestion.

This material from very interesting the hoax "Fitness. An ideal figure - from dreams to reality "Comments given author the hoax Alina Sobinoy.




ghost, in the last time immediately two when with complaints on PMS. As think with than this may be stems in particular women?

With the moon :)

Flax, I have here as times open file'm hanging) piano in Oximetholone pills, that is called :)
Kopipastnu, can use to anyone.

David Frawley "ayurvedic therapy"
Gynecologic ZABOLEVANI
In Ayurveda treatment diseases of female reproductive system stands out in a special area gynaecologic medicine. These disease usually are manifest in the form of violations menstrual cycle. Serious disorder menstrual cycle can be consequence of hormonal violations.
Menstrual cycle figure health women. He is important and for definitions constitution. Regular the menstruation, people close by the time full moon, regional discrepancies smoothly without pain and tension, with uravnoveshennostyu of emotions, are sign of good health. However most women in the or another period his life experiencing certain difficulties, associated with menstruatsiyami.
In this the head will considered also pregnancy and treatment infertility.
the menstruation and constitution
Have women with temple-constitution menstrual allocation usually scanty, dark red or with korichnevatym axis, a bit as would sukhovatye and hoary. Menstrual spasms can be quite strong with mother in the lower parts of backs and with the head mother. Virility depression and aggravated sensitivity can come with sense of of fear, anxiety and violation of sleep. During the menstruation are shrinking living forces and can creative resistance organism. Can celebrated constipations, intestinal gases or has a swelling belly. The walls vaginas dry. The menstruation, typically, last brief, only 3 5 days, and differ staff-.
Have women, beleaguered to type pitta (bird), the menstruation usually abundant, because Pitt connected with in blood. Allocation dark, red or purple color of, warm, sometimes with sgustkami. Often the menstruation are accompanied by likhoradochnym condition, the sense of burning, skin reddening eye and faces, the emergence of skin sypey or akne. Case diarrheic or neoformlennyy chair (most often for yellowcake color of). From of emotions predominate gnevlivost, irritability and Aah! Short temper. Expectancy menses 5 7 days.
Under Kapkha-constitution the menstruation moderate, continued, continue on week and more. Allocation pale, light-red, often laced with slime. Are observed a sense of of gravity and fatigue, drowsiness, is intensifying asserted slime and salivation, can be the easy vomiting or even vomiting, vasocongestion that occurs breast, hypostases, especially in the lower parts of legs. Predominate sentimental and nostalgia emotional distress.
Have women dvoystvennykh konstitutsionalnykh types of symptoms appropriate dosha mixes.
Bad nutrition, stress, pampered, excessive physical burden can disrupt leak-proof warranty the menstruation. One reason such violations is modern fashions on built as orderly figure. Insufficient nutrition violates generating electric blood and worsens for the menstruation. In predmenstrualnom period women need recreation and rest, should be avoided intensive leverage. Useful some training.
Treatment menstrual disorders
In lung cases menstrual violations holistic addiction treatment methods with the help those same deeply methods that apply for of balancing prevailing in individual constitution doshi. Delays and other violations menses can arise under various gynecological diseases. Treatment usually directed on is the evocation and regulation menses with the help mesyachnogonnykh African herbs turmeric and saffron (in Ayurveda), mint with and pustyrnika (in western Professor Glikman perfprmed diagnostics). For of weakening pains and Appeasement of emotions useful protivospazmaticheskie and provide increased nerves grass such as the fennel, Asafoetida, the valerian. Under decline forces are needed special tonics for reproductive system.
tonics for women
Because blood loss usually weakens living forces, in most cases women useful herbal tonics. Use their so same, as be or mineral supplements. Usually recommended compositions on the basis of shatavari, such as Tonic for women (# 4), Ayurvedic herbal jam Chyavanprash, Chinese drug A precious consider for women.
The main Ayurvedic tonic begins for of female reproductive system shatavari (asparagus racemosus). It possesses superb nutritious and mitigation properties and reassures heart of. Very useful juice aloe, which simultaneously cleans the and harbors tissue. In Chinese medicine as the primary may applies tabli a stunning (Angelica sinensis) a plant, of internationalization mesyachnogonnoe, a restoration blood and protivospazmaticheskoe action.
Should have in mind, that abuse of prescription mesyachnogonnymi means such as mint there are swamp, Tansy or's rue for you, can cause movie bleeding--has and other menstrual disorder. These grass must refrain from riding during pregnancy, so as can trigger miscarriage, but use their with this purpose not that Spain, because for this they not enough are efficient and cause spillover actions.
One of properties explosive or muddles more taste eliminate stagnant phenomena and reinforce blood flow. So for vyzyvaniya menses adopt many widespread spices, which in addition often have and protivospazmaticheskoe action. The best Spezia in this case turmeric, but are good and other spices: Cinnamon, Ginger, Red and black pepper, basil, dill, the fennel, cardamom now allowed into Gaza, Asafoetida. From-quarters until than half tea phytosterols these spices should to accept with 1 2 the tea spoons juice aloe two times in day under any tetanus in caused menses. Can be to accept Tonic for women (# 4) on 2 3 pills three times in day in for 1 2 weeks before menstruatsiyami with warmest milk or warm water under temple-constitution, with juice aloe or cool water under constitution pitta (bird) and with honey under constitution Kapkhi.
About concrete diseases see Appropriate branches.

PMS syndrome (PMS)

These concept is denoted by a range of violations flow into menses: The absence of, delay or to premature the beginning of menses, predmenstrualnye headaches, spasms, vasocongestion that occurs breast and camping on D. In more narrow sense under PMS imply emotional or nerve disorder, associated with menstruatsiyami, which are manifest in the form of exasperation, rapid regime change sentiment, sensations have inhibitions or concern and others.
For treatment mental outpouring PMS can prove useful methods yoga-therapy with use of sattvichnykh (conducive to harmonization mind) products and African herbs. Well act precious stones, with characteristic of the reassure mind. Pearls come and afternoon stumbling (stones moon) umirotvoryayut mind and heart of, reinforce female reproductive system. Pearls come is considered stumbling women. He reinforces female the beginning of as in physical, so and in mental terms of.
PMS can be stems with violation of any of three dosha, but, will claim in primarily challenges in mental and they able, PMS usually all same is violation of Cotton Candy Shooter. Emotional electrified might violate normal generating electric hormones, regulatory menstrual cycle. To encourages factors belong: Bad nutrition, pampered, lasting trip, difficulties in rubbing shoulders, argue emotions and other stress,. Principles treatment PMS those same, that and for treatment of female reproductive system in a whole (see Higher).
Types PMS
PMS temple-type characterized by anxiety, depression, an insomniac, allows, headache and strong painful spasticity. Emerge nervousness, electrified, the above, are possible vertigo, can in tinnitus, of fainting. Mood women can quickly change, and farm case it is difficult it to please. She can to experience excitement or sense of its they, a sense of cold, thirst and dryness skin. It may seem, if she dies. Can emerge thought about suicidal thinking, but with start menses all of this passes. In many cases marks neregulyarnost or delay menses. Allocation usually scanty, with korichnevatym or dark axis. Characterized a small, only a few days, expectancy menses, with the advent pains at dawn and on twilight (time Cotton Candy Shooter).
PMS Pitt-type manifests itself irritability, gnevlivostyu, aspiration debate, sometimes and with fits rage. Can be diarrheic, thirst, or, poznablivanie, a sense of fever in the upper parts of bodies. On the skin can emerge new rash and akne. Menstrual allocation, typically, abundant or even excessive, with sgustkami. The menstruation usually begin before term, perhaps the emergence of pachkayuschikh selections in period between menstruatsiyami. Well-being is worsening in noon and in midnight time pitta (bird).
PMS Kapkha-type manifests itself decline forces, the sense of of gravity, plaksivostyu, sentimentalnostyu, need be favorite; however volatility sentiments expressed not so strongly. Rises susceptibility to prostudnym diseases and flu, is intensifying Funds slime, appetite is missing, there is vomiting, border, a thumping, can to emerge hypostases. The menstruation can delay, allocation pale or belovatye, with sgustkami or laced with slime. Manifestations of PMS are growing early on the morning or early on the evening time Kapkhi.
diversified treatment PMS
Under temple-constitution or under PMS temple-type shown diet, snizhayuschaya vaatu, with anti energy products, garlic and victimized by cooking processing string. Before nightmare can be to accept mesyachnogonnye spices combined with protivospazmaticheskimi spices (for example turmeric powder and mace nut) with warmest milk. On head and an effort belly inflict warm sesame oil. Them can be lubricates and area vaginas or to do of a douche is with mitigation herbs, for example with shatavari. Se exclud stimulants coffee, tea, tobacco, intergenerational accounts, descriptions substances. Useful red precious stones, promote recovery blood: Red coral, hand, and garnet, heliotrope and other components (krovavik), and also white stones (pearls, afternoon stumbling and camping on To that increase number of liquids in body. In treating are used sweet and spicy taste of combined with such herbs, as aloe (juice), shatavari, ashvaganda, the licorice, turmeric, musta, dill, the fennel, the valerian, dzhatamamsi, Asafoetida, and from drugs compositions Ashvaganda , Shatavari , Asafoetida 8 or Tonic for women (# 4). Simple and a good composition can be cooked, by taking over three parts shatavari and on one part of turmeric, cinnamon, valerian root and a little licorice. From African herbs Chinese medicine are used tabli a stunning, remaniya, pion lactiflora and Chuan ksion, drugs Four substances , Bupleurum and tabli a stunning. The latest is the main killer, diagnostic for treatment PMS in Chinese medicine and sells under entitled Bupleurum Sedative Pill. This drug suited and for type pitta (bird). From African herbs, known in the West, apply mint there are swamp, the rosemary. - Ah, chamomile, the valerian, gelonias, the root of the you comfrey and others. With mesyachnogonnymi that strengthen nerves and toniziruyuschimi properties.
Women with Pitt-constitution requires the combination of diets, snizhayuschey Pitt to get there, with viewing spices, with mesyachnogonnym act: Turmeric, pomegranate, fennel garten, saffron, saflora. Hot spices should be avoided. Help pearls, afternoon stumbling and Red coral. Very useful for aromas (Jasmin, a rose, Chaplain, gardenia My wife loves gardenia) and living flowers. From Ayurvedic African herbs are used aloe (juice), shatavari, turmeric, musta, the saffron, manzhishta, simplokos, brami and the Eclipta Alba, and from drugs composition Shatavari and his kind of, and also wine from aloe. Useful composition from three parts of shatavari and on one part of turmeric, musty and brami. From African herbs Chinese medicine apply experience sheng, skullcap stuff, it's, pits of peach, saflor, volodushka, musta and mint; from drugs Bupleurum and pion. From funds western Professor Glikman perfprmed diagnostics are efficient stinging nettle, the yarrow flower, red raspberry, klopogon, shlemnik, bukvitsa. In many cases well helps tea from dandelion.
Under Kapkha-constitution is necessary diet, snizhayuschaya Kapkhu. Should be avoided heavy or maslyanistoy food. Without restrictions can be use spices, in including all heated, and lungs vegetables. From Ayurvedic African herbs apply aloe (juice), turmeric, musta, cinnamon, black pepper, pippali, Ginger and uncommon, from drugs Trikatu and composition 2S1" Gvozdika ". From funds Chinese medicine can be recommend Chuan ksion, saflor, available.Fu Ling, alisma, drug Dynasty a stunning and pion , and from African herbs, known in the West, Dog Rose Preserves 15 swamp, the rosemary. - Ah, myrhh, Red pepper, Ginger, the cinnamon and other grass with mesyachnogonnym act.



Helen wrote:

Spezia women there is helpful, especially turmeric powder.

A pity 1980s not is copied :) - he me has intrigued))
Helen, and for any goals women useful precisely turmeric?
I even tknulas in favourite her little book "Bluegrass State and spices" (Ayurv), but there about kurkume, when applied precisely to of female reproductive system, nothing write home about not said. (A pity not can kopipastnut its properties - book not in vorde, and in format djvu), although and present in all tonikakh for women. And here is Note -- "is capable odaryat vigor early life and to inspire renewal of female of nature." Ah, there still many what good written, but importantly - impact precisely on female reproductive system.
Helen, I seen on Forum, that you are interested in herbs, wanted to know you have - whatever reference guides on drying you use? Aformentioned ayurvedic I happily, but there, unfortunately, there is not all that me interested in.

Linen, Long - the moon, but employed still a badge of degree of Cancer 4 th house on todays moment and have your customers attractively.
And still moment - PMS there is have all, here is only differently manifests itself. In some periods he virtually and invisible.

And about tea - Air proved a specimen for a a means. :cool:
Sorely tested on itself, and not only about PMS. He not reassures, not causes of sleepiness, namely strengthens nervous system. In Ayurveda is considered the best tonic for brain.
Sells in mark in filter-bags. I his drink with Laurent ginger, please, honey, lemon, sometimes 98th leave still renounce all-stuff. Mykes - date of his, the cinnamon, cardamom now allowed into Gaza.




Len, Long - the Moon, but employed still a badge of degree of Cancer 4 th house on todays moment and have your customers attractively.

In progressiyakh?


A about tea - Air proved a specimen for a a means.
Sorely tested on itself, and not only about PMS. He not reassures, not causes of sleepiness, namely strengthens nervous system. In Ayurveda is considered the best tonic for brain.

And me have advised uncommon as a means treatment eye. Ah like moreover that vessels are free from stress and myopia leaves. Myopia not plummeting has, and here is what weed supermochegonnaya I understood quickly :) migrant man drinking away course not option at all. And vessels, in sight, would still prochistilis, because monthly over utterly painless and very copiously (keep in mind who inclined to abundant the menstruation).




In progressiyakh?

First in tranzitakh, and then can be and in prgressiyakh. But if you like it or find exclusively PMS. It, need look the overall health of health, and weaknesses, which are struck by under automobile at misbalance system.


A me have advised uncommon as a means treatment eye. Ah like moreover that vessels are free from stress and myopia leaves. Myopia not plummeting has, and here is what weed supermochegonnaya I understood quickly

Has fallen in celui. :)
Flax, turns, already month drink and not holiday. Anything acesta acorda incredere Guvernului mochegonnogo effect. But is worth only eat parsley, as mochegonnyy effect .Iran.
Forced you me ??? going in graffical and simply copy :)))

Fuel-energy resources(on which involves) plasma, muscle, fat) necessary the brain, nervous systems and reproductive tissue.
System-:nervous systems, respiratory, digestive, blood circulation, reproductive
Action:stimulative, batteries in, expectorant, protivozastoynoe, ukreplyayuschee nerves, protivospazmaticheskoe, an emetic
drug:of cold, cough, asthma, headaches, caused by inflammation of an sinus passages, sinusitis, arthritis, epilepsy, shock, coma, loss of memory, deafness, Hysteria, neuralgia

Serves a means rejuvenation brain and nervous system, which he cleans the and animates. Cleans the subtler channels from toxins and blockages, improves circulation of blood in brains, boosts sensitivity and level of comprehend, aggravates memory. Air possesses sattvichnoy nature and is, along with Brami, one of best African herbs, afflict to mind. Moreover, he helps transformation sexual energy and harbors kundalini.

And, incidentally, mochegonnaya therapy - one of elements of detoksitsiruyuschey therapy and in the fight with plus weight :))




Helen, and for any goals women useful precisely turmeric?

So here is same in topic many times mentioned:


Treatment usually directed on is the evocation and regulation menses with the help mesyachnogonnykh African herbs turmeric and saffron

And still


[for vyzyvaniya menses adopt many widespread spices, which in addition often have and protivospazmaticheskoe action. The best Spezia in this case turmeric

I its in large numbers leave in vegetable salads, especially with potatoes, in plov. She has a handsome color and some ingenious taste of.
Air I'm using in the form of Botanical rhizome for pre-wash throat have children and treatment angin. In the composition of the a mixture several Trojan: Wyspowy, uncommon, Potentilla and others. Buying on market method Anakhaty - ant it was sufficient to product - I take. Incidentally, in the last time all products buying thus. If there is good a sense of, harmonious resonance in pecs. :D, then I take.



Helen wrote:

I think is worth pay attention on the link with vami (pain), famous Neptune Fountain - (if we have been researching system).


But if you like it or find exclusively PMS. It, need look the overall health of health, and weaknesses, which are struck by under automobile at misbalance system.

In the first case I about transformation on kvadraturu moon from 1 th homes to s ambitious the Sun-Mercury-Mars in 4 forge the In the second points out on themselves attention Long in 6 st, however about this I higher already wrote :)
Girls, and turmeric and Ginger this one thing and, too,? If yes, then Ginger I, too, 'm using. His well promoted in tea astenikam, those from whom bad vessels, who often... freezing their butts off. The ginger perfectly suyunun. Such people most often are and gipotonikami, in this case that Spain promoted a bit cinnamon in coffee (gipertonikam better this avoid).
Olja, you me with Acorales directly're killing. :) stuck still times popit, until homes sit.



Helen, so you exclusively about mesyachnogonnykh properties turmeric :)) and I was thought: What that you known its properties in more broadly tskt :)) Turmeric is, yes - tour to thing, is considered natural a little bacitracin for that, enters in composition seasonings "Curry" - niei?u medicinal grass. Incidentally, Good not only in classic combination - rice, meat, vegetables, but and with grechkoj :cool:



Olia, you me with Acorales directly're killing.

And what - "'re killing"?! :) for that has bought, for something and prodayu :)
Me Ayurvedic reference books bail out already many years) Patamushta in our therapists I have confidence there is no already years 20 as :(
Linen, that concerns of view - the most the generalized way to recovery of view - blueberries. Advertisements is borne from everyone have a flat iron :) But advertising I not believe, and here is my called me restored vision check their children precisely it. There both a parent with good shortsightedness - -5 and investment, ah and have children quite sooner discovered lowering of view. For year, somewhere with 2 reopened until norms.
Zamorazhivala itself market blueberries in almost industrial scale and every day represented a children on breakfast with sour cream or curd.
Still - on accounts old hat good proved method Norbekova. With + 4 until + 1.5 month for three.
Not so long (from sources, again same, command trust) listened, that vision check directly stems with liver. Under zashlakovke or dysfunction can begin problems affecting eyesight. And here, in as a additional therapy, can help drugs cleanup liver.
Here is, as something so) and pro Air and vision check - heard from you first time)
And still - listnuv reference book "Bluegrass State and spices" has found, that drugs to improve of view are - more of that camphor, the licorice, views are, and still two-three Indian some weed.


ghost, and turmeric and Ginger this one thing and, too,?

Utterly different things. :) Len, turmeric vividly Orange, and Ginger - corporal color of.
Ginger I have - the most a favorite khryukt :) Freshly, of course. Here can be start be singing the legend and epics did :)
In Ayurveda is considered universal cure :) in as :)


Polymers people most often are and gipotonikami, in this case that Spain promoted a bit cinnamon in coffee

On expense cinnamon not Id say, and here is cloves. 8-) added here in infusion with grass, and me so did it kick in, that I starters run around on the first cosmic) not understanding why. And then've given, that she, pomiimo other things, that Spain under the decreased blood pressure)

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Oops, has complicated us turmeric :crazy:
The efficacy method Norbekova can potdverdit on its example. Drove his son 10 times on classes and for this time he dismantled lens, which wore with 2-'s years. Have him the congenital astigmatism. With Surgical Polyambulatory, however as and I have. Incidentally, the congenital astigmatism., and cross-eyed, suggest that man was initiated in past lives. Not always of course, but most often. Another vision world, right was enhanced by. Now all normally. If honestly, after as he dismantled lens we nor never not were to the eye doctor, 28.0g and parts of, not complains.




Len, that concerns of view - the most the generalized way to recovery of view - blueberries.

About a bilberry agree (my aunt tometrist itself its constantly consumes), although we its use as a means of prevention. To she recognized restored vision check such a not heard.


Dont so long (from sources, again same, command trust) listened, that vision check directly stems with liver. Under zashlakovke or dysfunction can begin problems affecting eyesight.

And here is with this to agree not can, camping on K. Itself-living example of. Chronic disease liver with childhood, but vision check always was 100% AES algorithm.




and pro Air and vision check - heard from you first time)

And this, incidentally speaking, advised the familiar was referred :) Skyfall Norbekovu I've tried engage, but systematically and regularly, except as unique, me very difficult than something engage, alas. Not matter. Blueberries here is not've tried. But this OK how many its need to eat!

Helen wrote:

By the way, the congenital astigmatism., and cross-eyed, suggest that man was initiated in past lives.

Initiated in sense? Whom? Far?



Helen wrote:

zhyttja, has complicated us turmeric

Why? :)
Can quote something will help clarify.
Fuel-energy resources: Effects the way nations behave all tissue-elements bodies
System: Digestive, blood circulation, respiratory
Action: Stimulative, some Gas-X, uluchshayuschee exchange substances, zazhivlyayuschee, antibacterial
Testimony: Indigestion, bad blood circulation, cough, amenoreya, were out with strep throat, cutaneous disease, diabetes, arthritis, anemia, wounds, bruised
Predostepezheniya: An urgent jaundice and hepatitis, pregnancy, vyskokaya Pitt

Turmeric is a lovely natural antibiotic, simultaneously improving digestion and conducive normalization of intestinal flora. She not only cleans the blood, but and suyunun its, stimulates education new cells blood.
Effective for purification 'chakras, because cleans the channels delicate bodies. Promotes elasticity up regulates exchange substances, adjusting as over-capacity in, so and inadequacy metabolic performance and promotes learning protein


About a bilberry agree (my aunt tometrist itself its constantly consumes), although we its use as a means of prevention. To she recognized restored vision check such a not heard.

Yes, I, too, think, that particularly strong impact she exert not can, so - within ones conuses of view. But as be with the experience my gal pal? Its children years 8 its eat and until now trek without points. Although burden on eyes strongly grew.


A here is with this to agree not can, camping on K. Itself-living example of. Chronic disease liver with childhood, but vision check always was 100% AES algorithm.

About, and I know mass of people with serious chronic medical conditions diseases liver and acute sight simultaneously :) I suspect, that not in this deal, and in zashlakovke, and dysfunction, associated precisely with this loyal. Ah and itself, until some extent this example. First time in life appeared problems with liver, not strong, so - lungs, and vision check became deteriorate. Wanted already to change lens on more strong. Detoksitsiruyuschaya therapy helped - lens to change not d. :)




You didn't say here is not've tried. But this OK how many its need to eat!

Oops, many :) All types day grams on 150-200, with not one-two months, but as least a year old :)
Ah, there is there prevents 95 Blues Berry Way-forte in cough, dried, again, in pharmacies for herbal.


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