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Test CRT YOU software Ayurveda?

Select from proposed options the, which you more just suited.

1. I have:
And) hot dry skin
It comes) subtle, sooner graying hair
In) thick hair; propensity to the sheer

2. And) I all do very quickly
It comes) love the accuracy of and order around the
In)ve worked unhurriedly, relaxed just

3. And) is, by not on regime, in any time
It comes) I have a good appetite, feed off on regime
In) ez labor can to abandon lunch or dinner

4. And) always was thin
It comes) many is, by, usually not'm getting fatter
In) easily I am turning up kilograms and with hard their my

5. And) I have often get cold hands and its feet
It comes) strongly'm sweating and medular syndrome from heat
In) not love moist cold weather

6. And) oftenm really really nervous
It comes) easily actually got annoyed, but quickly "'m clearing the area"
In) I - good-natured man, 'm mad rarely

7. And) I have very dedicated dream
It comes) usually sleep already a bit, but firmly
In) love sleep, I need least eight hours sleep in clock

8. And) 'm a fast all on the summer of, but quickly forget a
It comes) I have the good memory
In) information'm digesting slowly, but to stay

9. And) quickly'm wasting all, that earn
It comes) love luxury, often buying expensive things
In) becomes hoard money and reasonably they order

10. And) in dream often see flights with
It comes) me often've been having these the fire, the war, violence
In) in my ambient often poyavlyayuisya river, ocean, Sea, Lake

OTVETY "A" propose to type "cotton wool", "B" - Pitt, "In" - "KAPKhA"



With easy hands Dr. Deepak Chopra's set first in America, and then and around the world encompassed in fashion drevneindiyskoe teachings Ayurveda). Reasons such popularity in is, that Ayurveda) insists on individual approach to man, his body and his health. Over us dovleyut conventional wisdom ideals beauty, and we seek carve out some themselves on way of and image their idols. And after all we such different! Away autumn day someone already dressed in everything and cap, and someone and easiest a jacket . A cup coffee on some acts milling, and other easily fall asleep even after three double-covered espresso bean,. Finally, there is deficiency, which constantly limit themselves in food and all raze not'll shrink, and there is happy I can do meself ,-absorbent buns and cakes. In other words, that well for Sharon of Stone, can be poorly for you, and diet Cindy Crawford not guarantees you figure model. Ayurveda) gives opportunity everyone to mold from themselves the, that envisage nature.

THREE DIDUnder one, world move three starters three doshi : cotton wool , pitta ,, the kapha. They everywhere in the air, in plants, in animals, in food. Man, as part of view of the universe,, too, consists of them. temple or air controls all movement in the body: Vibration voice up, movement hands and legs, talk blood. Pitt or the fire manages decentralized substances and bad digestion. Kapkha water and land replies for edifice bodies, resilience skeleton and force muscle inflammation. In every of us are found all three starters, but one thing or two of them usually dominate, that and defines type of bodies, character and behavior. So, was trained as an actress Nicole Kidman Dr. Chopra defined as little stuffing-Pitt to get there , Toma Cruise as Pitt to get there-kapkhu , and Madonna as Pitt to get there-little stuffing. Not expect, that, answering on questions questionnaire, you with precision define, that you pitta or, the kapha. Likely, your type of proves mixed. Nevertheless try understand your the dominant.

CRT IS CRTPeople constitution watts usually physically loosely developed. Have them declaring the of a belly cell, fragile industry, appear veins, skin often the case hot dry and cool. They accented very high or very puny growth. Tidal flats are restless and sometimes suffer an insomniac. This creative active personality, but them often lacks patience and confidence. They quickly say and trek, but easily tire, rapidly earn money, but still precipitously their spend. If you love change and lose appetite and weight, when , you likely watts - type of or this dosha you have dominates.

People pitta - Something like middle growth, slender, of a belly cell and their musculature have them well developed. Color faces can have yellowish or reddish connotation. Have them subtler brown or blond one hair with trend to sedine or the fallout. The physiological feature of pitty - active exchange substances and an excellent appetite. Temperatures their bodies slightly raised, pittam always feel hot. They well-behaved children, have a singular wit, punctual and ambitious. Them also characterize anger and envy. People pitta - Something like cherish luxury and all its manifestations of.

People, which have dominates , the kapha ,possess okruglymi developed forms of. Have them a dense, smooth skin, most often lighted, thick dark hair, big eyes. Kapkhi nespeshny and razmereny around the. Even our metabolism have them slightly sluggish, so they easily add in weight. But this not means, that they are doomed to 54 th the size of the. Enough look at misjudged her Harley, even a kapkhu. Even with excess weight kapkhi retain grace and ease in movements. People of this type it is important to understand, that their an ideal weight can differ from weight recycle. Woman , the kapha not can with growth 170 centimeters weigh 50 kg and under this maintain health and energy. People , the kapha - type possess big vitality. Usually they affable and are peaceful, their difficult to withdraw from themselves, and they with respect belong to view other. Kapkhi tend to be rich they reasonably manage money, but accented somewhat stingy.

AS CORRECTLY eatAyurveda depends extremely simply formulates the member statesthe right attitude to food: Palleggi, when you hunger for creativity, but when you not hunger for creativity not palleggi. Breakfast on one not is considered mandatory can be simply drinks the glass warm water with lemon, honey and ginger, please. Lunch should be a variety: Meat, fish, Santana Beach or fresh vegetables, bread, dessert. Evening food must be easier purchasing: Vegetable soup, bread, rice, pasta. During the day drink more water, better hot. Several sips of hot water, vypivaemye every half an hour of exercise, capable free organism from residues. Times in week need dataluxe battlevest day: Freshly squeezed juices, vegetable soups, warm milk with honey. Many of you am familiar neuemnaya pull the to with, then to salted. This says about nesbalansirovannom nutrition. Unlike western medicine Ayurveda) defines balanced nutrition not only with perspective proteins, carbohydrates and fat, but and in the context another important quality taste. Correctly eat on one means satisfy during the day all six tastes: Sweet, sour, salty, a bitter, acute and extrusions. Most often we might want sweet. Ayurveda) recommends three tea phytosterols of honey in day sufficient number of, to not to swallow polkorobki of chocolates. For people watts - Something like very is important regularity of in food. Should refrain from cold drinks, give preference to comfortable food pot roast meat seems to and out, brings forth bread and warmest deserts. Large numbers of crude food better avoid, but need not fear proteins. When a leading rescheduling nutritionist Gail laws! Starters work with Import agency Select, she shoehorned in ???? ???? girls (most of whom, as and all models Tidal flats ) more proteins. No one of them not summoned its strength in weight, but they stopped to complain on permanent fatigue and cool skin.
pitta (bird) differ enviable appetite, cherish reducing pressure, exotic food. This the only from dosha, which need more crude food: For fresh fruits and vegetables, sushi, carpaccio. To keep under control domestic the fire after all pitta and there is the fire, - muddles should be avoided, and also limit themselves in meat. Pitte as no one Different suited vegetarian meal diet.
Those, from whom prevails , the kapha , contrary, need the spices and spicy seasonings. But needs to limit use butter, dire desserts, upon was already fat, fried and sweet food.

LIFE software timea necessary condition health Ayurveda) believes observance rules days. Each of dosha fits a certain time days. Kapkha dominates with 6 until 10 morning, and then with 6 until 10 the evening. The first cycle pitty - with 10 morning until 2 hours days, and the second with 10 the evening until 2 hours night. temple wide with 2 hours days before 6 p.m., and then with 2 to 6 morning. Precisely about 10 the evening during biggest laggard kapkhi - best lie down sleep. Slightly-slightly zasidites and drowsiness will pass after all will begin cycle vibrant pitty. If you gonna try to wake up during cotton wool - to 6 morning, you the entire day chase feel easily. The main meal, lunch, must account for on noon time pitty , when food assimilated quickly and easily, not turning it in fat. Building his life on these principles (rise to 6 morning, the main meal about noon, dream in 10 the evening), you soon will find up with what easily you doing a great job with host affairs, how more you have forces and optimism and as imperceptibly disappeared several kilograms. Research way of life livers on the Caucasus, in India, in Europe have shown, that their secret not in any the special diets of, and in is, that they lived on fighting the the distractions of the.

ONLY YOUR SPORTstiff, that increasing the strain and reducing the number of calories, man loses weight. Sometimes so and is happening, especially at the outset. But how many people literally are exhausting themselves workouts and all not'll shrink. Deal in is, that need not simply to train, and choose several exercises, appropriate your type bodies. The first principle Keral in respect physical burden sounds so: Several exercises should not be challenging, code only 50% their forces. If you can partly 20 lengths Caribbean drift only 10. If you in able run 10 kilometers, enough 5. In this case coaching received not for entire your energy, and, contrary, will charge a new. The second principle Keral: You must be physically active every day. This it is not difficult after all much easier to commit a half-hour walks, often, than extricate in trenazhernyy hall. Weekly short employment coaching received or rapid nordic walking much better affect on health, than exhausting classes in week 2-3 times in week.

People cotton wool - type suited yoga, dance aerobics, short employment hiking walk and sanguine Riding riding the. pitta (bird) can to train more intensively. Them well be appropriate running, swimming and skis. Kapkhi especially would benefit from occupational sports. Their a manmade the stamina and force contribute to Ivanovna running, forceful training,, you know, row, arranges. Regardless of, to prejudice type you are among, several exercises must be in joy, then they routing on favor. At all, suffocation equilibrium collateral equilibrium physical. The optimal balance give coaching received, linking spirit and body, such as yoga.

ideal for TELOneed understand, that in world have one thing an ideal body your. As says Deepak Chopra: If youre trying be arranged under artificial views about beauty, you forget about forces of nature, working millions of years, to create you such, what you there is. Your body miracle of biological engineering. From birth you excellent. And that more important - are unique.

From magazine Vogue




Olja, thank you for article! :flag: I not managed answer mehjl.



On health :)
And this not simple a preamble :))



Test on definition of dosha
I have broke a:
Pitt 126
Kapkha 101
Cotton wool 71
And from whom as? :glasses:



I have Pitt - 89, temple - 82, Kapkha - 78.



I have succeeded the such results:
Cotton wool 93
Piet 88
Kapkha -80



Cotton wool - 89
Pitt - 100
Kapkha - 78
(Interestingly, and why present only three elements of. And the fourth?)



1. Grand we're hereFor winter period time in food mostly consumes krakhmalistaya and high-protein food, and also many fat. All of this promotes accumulate in body slime, which expense of cold season year from blood directions shifts away in tissue and accumulates condenses. In March-April comes season slime. The sun shining its warmth rastoplyaet uplotnennuyu water (snow, the ice) and she comes in movement. Have us even months so and were called: Mart-protalnik, April 'm an Aquarian. The same the most process there is and in our body otlozhennaya and slightly uplotnennaya in worryingly mucus comes in movement.

Intensified felt its in blood direction and removing through upper respiratory path and lungs overriding these organs, and crude, cool weather, contrary, promotes delay slime in body. 'On each other, natural and domestic processes contribute to perevozbuzhdeniyu breathing principle slime. If this process not help, then on usual food regime this leads to mass diseases colds character. The Tibetans in as a of prevention in season End of Winter tell to drink boiling hot water, the broth ginger (imbir- strongly razogrevayuschee and vysushivayuschee a means), to wage tight image life i.e. forcing themselves to efforts, physical exercises, obtiratsya, to to remove mucus.

Our ancestors unlike Tibetans came much share and smarter. Why something impose from outside with goal exile slime? Need to to decide question dramatically put organism in such conditions, when he forced himself activating themselves and expense of this to eat a man its mucus. Best change roils organism hunger. In a result, organism himself is cleared natural by, with greatest domestic control. Artificial processes, the proposed Turkmenistan, so signing conduct cleansing, and all the more promotion organism not can.

2. Petrov we're hereSkyfall Tibetan observations in period year-old frequently a, when the sun the most the hot, forces human weaken. Recall in this time you the most are weakened, from heat even eat not want.

For of balancing organism and create domestic comfort the Tibetans recommend to drink and obmyvatsya cool water, wear subtler clothing from cotton and flax (they cooled down body), more lie in coolest places or in the shadows trees under Eziensteina Street. In rooms recommended produce aromatizatsiyu, which promotes okhlazhdayuschemu beast.

Holding hunger in this time broadcast on the next reasons:
1. Hunger creates in body state of cold, which in this time will
Balance normal air heat (year solstice).
2. Hunger creates in body dryness, which will balance normal air crops (dukhotu), caused by intensive evaporation water from increased the and the surface land.
3. Hunger creates in body ease, which inaccuracy natural severity of , caused by abundance of for atmospheric water (dukhotoy).
4. Deep relaxing, fueled by heat, promotes the better banned depth banned the entire body.

3. Spasy: Honey, apple, pecanTurkmenistan was's a good point, that after peak heat, when begins intense the melting at which in the mountains, evaporation water with the surface land and camping on D., is happening a strong fence heat with the surface land, that leads to Climate weather in cool side. Clouds (from isparivsheysya water) shut out access sunlight wide, that leads to still greater Refrigerating the earth the surface. A sharp Grabovets temperature from heat to refreshment adversely is reflected on effluents human organism. So in Chzhud-chi in section rentals image life said the next:

In the clouds in the sky - Engorged water,
From wind and cold evaporation land and cloudy water
Dampen the fire, so come running to what
Breeds warmly.
Palleggi food three first flavors, hotter, the fat and anything.
Napoletano tea from arid seats, live on atop
(Floor) homes in warm.

In Russia July month wears popular name grozovik. Have us, as and in Tibet, there is a similar the situation with weather. So our wizards with goal raising corporal ceasefire use products, with heating up the smakami and properties. Honey breeds in the body warmly and expels mucus, i.e. protects organism from dampness this time year. Apples accented Greek invention and sweet. Sour taste of breeds warmly, but appetite, promotes digest food. Sweet taste of strengthens, increases forces bodies, sadness lengthens life. Cardiac possess hot properties , sweet taste and zhirnye- i.e. this natural product, which allows deliberately to confront Cold weather.

With the help these products our remote ancestors required from adverse impact of nature in this season year. So they and were called the SPASAMI (of honey-, has smooth) that increase warmly in the body and dampen mucus; apple, aside from creations heat, egged appetite and perevarivayuschikh abilities organism, previously the oppressed grozovikom ; and, finally, pecan contributed to the, that previously purified indoor from slime organism with increased perevarivayuschey ability to could signing internalize cardiac and expense of this even stronger strengthen.

Now is clear and order Spasov they serve peculiar system benign, of gradual launch organism, which increases a processes in body (for example, free radicals more just are formed from heat). Spasy point out and on the, that in another time, especially in periods heat, these products for human not suited, for even more increase domestic heat in the body, which, 'on external, will lead to diseases digestion (strongly gets erect circuits principle bile ). That is why honey, apples, cardiac was permitted to cannabis only should lead Labour in deposing them time, with heating up the objectives, i.e. the end of the summer, autumn, winter of, the beginning of Spring. To the same, such nutrition contributed to nutrition organism and not had depressed his viral transc. Hydrotherapy center mukopolisakharidy and glee protein got burnt, that significantly sharpened preventive effect hunger from such a nutrition.

4. Assumption we're hereIn late summer weather, typically, becomes dry and hot. And this those favorable conditions that contribute to perfectly stimulates your breathing principle bile. Again turn to Chzhud-chi :

In year cool rays sun can suddenly
Body the shrimp
And lead to accumulate bile, which autumn
Will come in movement.
To its placated, palleggi sweet, bitter and is an earthy,
Carry clothes, boasts the scent of camphor,
Hint of sandalwood, vetiverii,
And in House razbryzgivay water (with and anoint)

Appointment hunger in this time allows body bounce side bile annually reprocessed, veins from use razogrevayuschikh products (of honey, apples and nuts) and hot, crack change and thereby prevent possible education bilious disorders autumn, when function liver the most a weak and ugnetaetsya unfavorable climate conditions.
For Kremlin post should an overnight Ivan Evgeny Postny, which complements previous.

5. Christmas we're hereSince Asia foreign temperature in body human is happening sidelining men lactic acid mukopolisakharidov and protein from blood directions in tissue and their gasket, that predraspolagaet to the diseases Wind (zakuporkam, tension and camping on D. If this not counter, then in winter period time from cooling is happening gasket these substances, while leading to prostrelam, malopodvizhnosti, violation blood gyrations, trombozam and much Different. Hunger allows to clear organism and prevent these enormous helpfully diseases. Pursue such post need to in warm, shabby.There use razogrevayuschie water procedures (heated baths, moist steam bath and camping on D.

Thus, system posts not gives accrue in body human kleevyazkim substances, allows their on time remove ??? ?? ? ?. If this not to do, then these substances under impact seasons year from blood directions being postponed in tissue, where uplotnyayutsya, zatverdevayut, violate circulation of, nutrition, and cause already complex disease. So, running disease, 'on side bile. And those in turn on disease wind , lead to emergence of complex, abandoned forms of poliartrita, flaws hearts, paralicham, with whom very difficult cope, but easily can be was would prevent, profilakticheski starving and correctly feeding on.

Profilakticheski-Wellness effect system posts unusually a powerful and allows repair and extend work authorities and systems. Perfectly reconstructed such lines and nervous systems system, improves ability to cordial muscle (this cannot be do enjoy any Drug), is rebounding "direction and his the circulation, is rebounding system interferonov, which provides have effect, supported by high sensitivity cells organism to thought to be food substances expense of strengthened viral transc, and also much and much else, that promotes Renewal creative life rights.

Shubina G. P. Tubs forces. Vol. 2, 1994.

IF YOU decide starve, MOVIE robt THAT AML supervision VRAChA!



The traditional teachings an ancient China says, that human authorities fit certain tastes, which have on them beneficial influence. There is five basic tastes: Sour, a bitter, sweet, acute and of salted group. On least how food is faring through stomach in bloating, is happening the next:

- sour taste of crops store liver and gall bubble;

- a bitter taste of crops store heart of and bloating;

- sweet taste of was his spleen and stomach;

- acute taste of easy and thick rectum;

- of salted group taste of kidneys and; bubble.

Chinese medicine characterizes tastes the next way.

Sour taste ofabsorbs, unites and enshrines. Food: Vinegar, lemon.

eve taste oflifts warmly from organism, draining a humidity. Food: The rhubarb, pits of apricot, chard, "curly top" cabbage (gryunkol).

(2004 taste ofslows, inaccuracy, tones up and absolves fatigue. Food: Maize, rice, a yam.

It's acute taste ofdiffuses, it refreshes, stimulates blood circulation, promotes uncover the since for better perspiration. Food: Mint, Ginger, garlic.

, salted taste ofmitigate and promotes extinction of the various seals, so same he, thus domestic organs. Food: Naval cabbage and other plants sea.

When in nutrition human are found all five tastes, then supported by the right the functioning of every body, that is reflected on so grateful rights.

Sour taste ofexcludes irritation and annoying.

eve taste ofhas healthy affects heartfelt activities, increases state of joy.

(2004 taste ofwell effects the way nations behave stomach, the pancreas gland and his spleen; he grants us hope.

It's acute taste ofabolish us from depression, sadness and longing.

, salted taste oflends us sense of confidence and pits an optimistic mood.





Test on definition of dosha

Importantly, not mistake Vikriti with prakriti. All these tests reveal Vikriti, camping on E. State of dosha on this moment. Outcome Vikriti need to compare with prakriti and look what dosha needs in increase or reducing.



Svea wrote:

The main thing, not mistake Vikriti with prakriti. All these tests reveal Vikriti, camping on E. State of dosha on this moment.


The ",s inherent only you combination of three dosha ,-established in moment conceiving, is called prakriti. Prakriti not is changing in for life, except very rare cases, when occur changes in genes. But there is still, so say, constitution this moment , which reflects health in the current moment and is called vikriti. Have human with impeccable health vikriti coincides with prakriti. But likely in ties with those, that vikriti reflects all aspects of nutrition, way of life, emotions, age, influence environmental and camping on D. (i.e. those aspects of, which likely not are in harmony with your prakriti), the difference will is manifest.

Svea wrote:

Result Vikriti need to compare with prakriti

Svea, but as same to know prakriti?



I. -in his book gives ephemerides method definitions prakriti.

Look in what population is each planet, fold thescores.

The sun, Long give on 5 key.
Mercury, Venus, Mars give on 3 bala.
Jupiter, Saturn give on 2 bala.
Uranium, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Proserpine give on 1 ball tonight?.
Rahu ,-03 03 boat dives, in the delegation, Selena give on mere 0.5 bala.

However accented exceptions, below the mostly to position sun, moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, organic and of Saturn.
If these planet occupy frontier position 30 th or with 1 on 3 th can do constellation, then should their pass share in half and accounted to appropriate the elements be.
If the Sun and Long or any next of planet is located in late or in the early correlative mark zodiac, and in neighboring signs is located more Ouite a or Karmic planet, then is happening as would "dredge" energy more "weak" planet to "strong." T. E. Commensurate element can obtain obtain additional energy from neighboring constellation.

Other the exception from rules are "geniuses birth" - planet, which were on sunrise (on lines the ascendant) plus-minus 2-3 degrees, and also planet, domiciled in "heart of" sun - the connections, not exceeding 0.4 degrees. Then their force expands doubled.

If from three basic the elements (the fire, land, air) the strongest (the greatest scores on the) not exceeds slabeyshuyu in 1.5 times, such a type of constitution should considered with a threefold. If one element not exceeds second on strength more, than in 1.5 times, and a third exceeds, then should considered such a human one that treatstype prakriti. If same one element exceeds as secondary, so and weak more, than in 1.5 times, then can be to talk about monokonstitutsii.
If element water exceeds 5 key, then constitution human "humid summers" type, if water less 5 key - "crack" type.



I have the most broke a for this scheme (before I have was small notepad, which itself was counting, on it left cotton wool-pitta or pitta-cotton wool):

The fire: 10
Air: 10
Land: 8.5
Water 1.5

Here is obtained tryokhdoshnost, "dry type of." But on large thirteenth time, I have from kapkhi nothing there is no, wasn that love sweet and sleep, I need 9 hours, to nights sleep.
In the rest of the, industry and a sense of life - temple, character - Pitt. And yes, dry type of.

I have the Sun in 1.53 kozeroga. I his split between Earth and Fire. But in like him too? I have there is Neptune, on Vetrovu Neptune's poaching energy sun in Fire. For this theory I have then is obtained Pitt-temple.
And interestingly, although I have the Sun in an, but description of kozeroga me virtually not suited, and here is the sun Sagittarius very even suited.



Help (Ayurveda) Council, please.
Father with prevailing kapkhoy (100 kg weight bodies), sakharnyy diabetes, dense blood, big open, periodically constipations (constantly is gridlocked process allocation), hypertension, sometimes problems with the heart (recently was angina).
Question: As JOLL CORRECTLY da DO THIS AT cleansing 1920s, with what start, what under this to adhere to diets? If can be, describe detail all important moments.



With this question better to (Ayurveda) doctors on Ayurvedic sites turn, http://ayurveda-land.ru/, to example.



valera wrote:

what under this to adhere to diets?

Valera, desirable fat casera avoid.


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