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A Uranus in 5 st within this themes you as patients feel?

So with tilt it is difficult say, I have in many things in life unconventional approach. If in terms of as mother for their children, then I allow them freedom, but not'm dropping on arbitrariness. I not go... I go for them, not read them constantly notebook, not am with them any activities, simply - organizing, to they were engaged in themselves (draw-cash-played and camping on D.) or sat near and under need asked my aid (as find-write-read). But here is my mother believes, that I not am with children, and I believe, that children and not need to engage, they need to organize classes and simply help by necessity, to they not thought, that their lifetime someone should entertained;, and could organize and entertain themselves themselves. But in the same time I they breastfeeding ve heard daughter until 3-'s years, until she herself not fell off, despite overtaken misunderstandings "well-wishers", regarded, that if child adapt so need to - means its nature wants to resolve some deficit (unique takes an six months ago and here is then saw, that have youngest sister daughters accumulation planets in 4 House). I absolutely quietly am to what my children (6 and 4g of instant powder) sleep with parents when want and with whom want. The elder daughter can sleep one, can sleep with father or with me, molodsha mostly sleeping with me. Overtaken misunderstandings "well-wishers" 'm ignoring)) In respect health renounced vaccinations for children, try to put their treat homeopathics, from-for what, too, at times naparyvayus on "well-wishers")) Before wanted send children in unconventional (a Waldorf) garden, but not succeeded) apparently, Uranus (I have manifests itself as unconventional mother, but cuz hugging-@-@ kissing there is always, in large numbers :)

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