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Vygode on May 2009

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Vygode on May will mark 25 April 2009 in 07 hours 22 minutesMoscow Time in 6 degrees Taurus. Sabianskiy symbol of this degrees holds: Hviezdoslav profound and overlooks built bridgeor "Victory over difficulties by pooling effort".

Symbolism Taurus in this month makes topical all themes, associated with imuschestvennymi affairs, real estate, land parcels, finances in a whole, and also questions stability and security. With other hand, Taurus replies for sensuality was and level of physical comfort, so not we're gonna go around attention and such spheres as sealing compounds, clothing, povarskoe art. In a whole this zodiakalnyy a badge of replies for material oformlennost ideas, design, for all that and materializovannoe in any form of. On L. Vinkleru "in" Mediterranean diet "world this sunny transit fits period of flowering: Life pervades in matter and promotes have the its the most deep domestic structures. Like this and man-a Taurus is vested with Russia`s kind the, that scope beckon concrete forms. Nature Taurus is under strong influence own of zest ". The, that was’s budget provides for in phase Aries, in phase darkness ideas, is beginning to materialize and becomes visible and identity certificate or population.

After this a small lyrical accession consider on map, when the moon changes on May. We see, that vygode makes quintile to Jupiter in Vodolee. Means, teltsovskie themes have interesting, creative, weird opportunities renewal and enlargement. Now there is opportunity you moment luck in all them teltsovskikh areas with the help new ideas and aid friends and do this reliable and solid, materially identity certificate or population documented enshrined. Truth, under this acutely will face question future prospects that can prove several here we and run counter with desire stability and ruggedness (quadrature (disambiguation), when the moon changes to Northern a lunar node).

Blood regardless, when the moon changes Venus cozies up with a strong Mars, please in Ovne. It seems, that this month active and decisive action.

However was would well, to these actions forged into reasonable regulatory thinking, that, unfortunately, will be difficult from-for emerging quadrature (mathematics) Mercury - Neptune. Here is he something puzzles, secrets embodied, nedodumannogo and the ill-conceived will add on full program! So well would nothing to figure out their plans and intentions, to new ideas (sekstil Merkruiya and Uranus) not have been created in blanket debris is.

All wish successful EMU month!



Incidentally, an astrologer Varya Price believes, that the current vygode this the beginning of a new phase in life. Its site not is a why something http://www.astrosystem.ru/ [I this article dug around for some in other places. She there is on site grudnichkovogo feeding :) here is the reference: http://am-am.info/astro-prognoz-na-apre … vyx-putej/
Article is called "World ``to in late patrimonial pathways."



And what keep our mouths shut something? :) Wu whom far lead tribal path? I have comes straight in 12th house, on / her moon. It seems, that "povtorene- mother staff drill."



I have vygode in 8 House, makes precise trigon to Saturu in 4 House, Grocer 5doma and opposition to Neptune sextile in 3, Grocer 7 homes.

Originated questions health children. :huh: Wu daughters falls vision check, now treated in oftolmologicheskom republic is.
Have son surfaced, obscure previously problems with his spinal column. Possible Mess with official securities on nations licensing. Other problems and events like not envisioned.
Can whom with hand best? Could you tell me :blush:



I have New Moon this in 10 th --something, in opposition to Sun and Uranus in 4 forge the Now indeed go turbulent processes on my work, which until it is unclear far would lead, quite possibly, that and Climate social status.



Николай wrote:

Perhaps whom with hand best?

On-my you all very well described :flag: That its vygode I poorly understand :insane:

Татьяна wrote:

Climate social status.

In side raising or as?



I have vygode --something in 7 the house and makes trine to Old in 10m, squaring to the produce markets in 9m, 135 to Sun on k.11d.
Events go run their course. Many’ve worked with humans. Directly before a new moon in Friday won contest on tennis.
Wanted only play, move around, attracted himself process of the game. And now provide on the next contest and I have adding care and spending. Need to seriously groom, to train, buy shoes and again same time and plans.


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