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Predictions in History of the of Future "Leo Fedotova

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Lev Fedotov was born 10 January 1923 year in Moscow in family known communists and lived in “House on La ”, which sproektiroval and built architect B. M. Iofan.


Place famous far from not only performance of the Left Fedotov. In 505 kvatirakh homes on Bersenevskoy La, or House governments, in people reduced greatly DOPR, some narkomov and zamnarkomov had roughly until 140 people. Much of of them will be killed in the years of repression, and many of those, who directly emitted repression and held in House apartment their victims,, too, will then destroyed. Here regularly he had the Berry, Yezhov, Vyshinsky, Pavlovich Beria, hasn't every time I pushed Stalin. Lived Fotieva, Dimitrov, Poskrebyshev, Rosalia Zemlyachka, Alliluevy (there is photograph, where from Left to Right are worth Svetlana-Stalina. Entered the city Fedotov and Yura Trifonov with the sister us getting), which arrested une; Milypteyn, Bogdan Zaharovich Kobulov, Vlas Yakovlevich Chubar, Stasov, Kosarev, Lysenko, Stakhanov, Khrushchev, Mikoyany, Marshal Lincolnshire, Marshal Democrats, children Stalin, adoptive son Voroshilov, Prince and Princess from Laos. In safe flats, “the cuckoos ”, claims were holed various foreign spies, worked on the USSR. Some apartment on the most the top of the ground had from cuisines outs of on attic. In this House lived and heroes Spain — Yakov Yakov Vladimirovich Smushkevich and Mikhail Koltsov. Aside from hero qualities they became famous still and those, that brought from Spain the first Radiogram (device), and all guys bed very dance to Roze Yakov Vladimirovich Smushkevich. In backyards near played in basketball and, of course, fight with “nemestnymi. ” In Cry Lyovka evoked have opponents a spooky fear — he simply “were getting very sentimental in rage ”, as legendary Berserkers.

Entered the city Fedotov (pro which then wrote Trifonov and Olga Kuchkina) was “genius this seats ”, and subsequently became prefigured one of heroes“ House on La. ” He was friend childhood Trifonov. Their was four friends — entered the city Fedotov (he same Levikus, or Fedotik), Oleg Salkovskiy (Salic, or Man G-), Mikhail take Korshunov (Mikhikus, Mistikhus, Ste-khius or still Khimius) and Yura Trifonov (Yuriskaus).

Yuri Trifonov wrote about Fedotove: “He was so not look like on all! With boy could think years excessively, fervently developed its personality in all hand, tthe cannibalized all science, all art, all books, entire music, the whole world, accurately feared of fun somewhere. In no, another age he lived with greater, if time it has very little, and have time need to incredibly many. ” He was in especially portal: Gemology and Jewelry, category: Paleontology, Oceans and Oceanography, perfectly drawn, his watercolors were in an exhibition, he was in love with in a symphony music, wrote novels of in fat writings in kolenkorovykh inlays. I'm addic to to scripture novels thanks to Loewe (disambiguation). He was known in school as local that, as Leonardo from 7 th "B". ”

Their narratives, fantastic novels of and scientific the creation in a spirit of of contributors to L'Encyclopedie the eighteenth century entered the city) which is numerous risunkami. From written in childhood, retained little, but one of narratives undocumented about “green a cave ” and their present deeply underground world dinosaurs. Been an option for Fedotov and literary contests, now competing in mastery ownership word with young Trifonovym. Moreover, he established dvorovoe the secret society tests will (TOIV), to join in which can be was, only given on the banister balcony tenth building. Were and other crazy wouldn. Its same will, aside from walk on the banister, he zakalyal still and those, that walking winter in short Capri pants. One of the few. Entered the city actually work at over, like, the encyclopedia and led diaries, which his and glorified. Now this sounds almost incredibly, but in 30’s years 20th century almost in all flats House, where were teenagers, “grinding his feathers ”, from-under which stopped working expeditions and active lead, amorous’or fantastic narratives. The young boys would write, now competing with each other. And the entire company “young wizards ” predvoditelstvoval entered the city — talented a boy, privivavshiy their the comrades who respect for books.

Was famous for proclaiming the entered the city Fedotov thanks to its diaries do we know that, which were discovered already after the war. This in a common complexity 15 shared the numbered: Notebooks, in which a boy was recording interesting facts from his life and life friends. And in them among described turbulent some streetwise and school events 27 December 1940 year emerges interesting record, that, perhaps, should call the first prediction. Made he was boys which still even not received passport maturity.

27 December 1940 g

“Today we again gathered after lessons in how I'd been room to do a newspaper. We here such a set of bagpipes possibly, — said I, viewing a newspaper, — that with so same success could would promise children organization us by air on Mars to New year! And than the bad thought? — said Borka. — If would remained place, we could and about this write.
Only then add, — continued I, — that in view absence of rack and gremuchego gunpowder this flight is cancelled. And is expected in 1969 in America! ”

So, jokingly offering, entered the city predicted launch in 1969 American manned Spaceship Apollo project-11. ” He has done mistake only in determining planet:. Of course, can be refer on simply coincidence, yes still and with such of calculations, but subsequent records reveal, that because of Fedotov has properties to come true. Here impossible to talk about matches. After all when most Soviet citizens believe in the sanctity the Soviet-German pact about non-aggression, and the government was calling to “not to succumb to on provocations ”, Fedotov made in diary record, which“ smelled like ” not be spying, antisovetchinoy and threatened, at least, camp.

5 June 1941:

“Although now Germany is with us in of friendly relations, I firmly am confident, that all of this only appearance of. Thereby she thinks they our vigilance, to in an opportune moment to put us a poison box in the back. Since then, as in May Germans landed in Finland, me not leaves hard confidence in is, that goes secret preparation attacks on our country with hand not only the former Poland, but and with hand Romania, Bulgaria and Finland.
Arguing about how, that, rassovav its troops near our borders, Germany not will become long wait, I has acquired confidence, that summer this year have us in country will a restless. I think, that the war will begin or in the second half of this month, or in early July, but not later, for Germany will seek to finishing war until frosts. I personally firmly convinced, that this will be the latest, the brazen Step German despots, so as until winters they us not would win. Victory victory, but here is what we can losing in first half of war many territory, this perhaps.
Honestly fascists never will. They certainly not will to declare us war, and safe suddenly, to by a sudden invasion to seize lot more our land. As nor hard, but we us leave Germans such centers, as Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa hotel, Pskov, Gomel and some what other. Minsk we, of course, will rent, Kyiv Germans, too, can to seize, but with prohibitively large difficulties. About destiny for Leningrad, Novgorod, Kalinina, us, Principality of Briansk, Kryvyi Horn, and Mykolayiv and of Odessa I fear optimistically. Truth, Germans so strong, that not removed opportunity losses even these cities, except only Leningrad. The, that Leningrad Germans not in sight, in this I firmly am confident. If same enemy will take and his, it will be, only then, when falls the latest leningradets. , until leningradtsy on feet, city Lenin will our.
For Odessa as for large port we must, on-my, fight more intensively, than even for Kyiv •. And I think, all seamen have honoured's gonna get a strike germantsam for invasion in area their cities. If same we and will rent on vynuzhdeniyu Odessa, then much later of Kyiv, so as Odessa strongly will help Sea. Understandable, that Germans will dream about environment Moscow and Leningrad, but I think, that they with this not freeing up.
Encircle Leningrad fascists still will be able, but take his — no! Encircle same Moscow they will not be able at all, because, that not act; failing that hot-wire ring to winter. Winter same for them areas Moscow and its constituencies will simply grave.
I, truth, am not expected be a prophet, but all these thought originated I have in ties with international environment, and lay down their their in logical a series of and complement helped me reasoning and hunches. In short, the future will tell. ”
And here is what record made entered the city in his diary on the evening

21 June 1941:
“Now I already await the evils for the entire our country — war. By my calculations, if I indeed was rights in their arguments, i.e. if Germany is preparing ???? on us, the war must heat up in the coming number of this month or same in first numbers July. Frankly, now, in recent days, the third each, I ask themselves: And can be, in this moment on the border already striking the first salvos? Now can be expect starters war with days on day.
. I feel disturbing about beating hearts, when think, that is about will come announcement about rise in a new Hitler’s adventures.. We housed many territories! But then she would still will selected us have Germans. As we could solidify further, if would shunted on military industry so same much attention, as and Germans. ”

It is not difficult ensure, that in these of a high school senior politely not only a top-secret Hitler’plan “Barbarossa ”, but and all stages of his real failure. Little moreover: So Fedotov predicted, what precisely countries will rotate in antigitlerovskuyu coalition! Entered the city also released in his made maps, when Red Army starts counter-offensive. The young man enumerated all allies Germany, pointed out the dimension Front from Black until northern seas, predicted plot fascist generals in 1944, reasons accession the US in war, inevitable collapse Hitler Reich, behavior “twelve apostles ” Hitler during collapse Germany and even subsequent cold war. He foresee, that the USSR one can have to fight and with Japan.

By most accounts specialists on Fedotov was either a bleeding psychic, either wrote its some (especially his part of, targeting Great Patriotic war) in regime automatic letters. The latest option more likely. Deal in is, that aunt, pozvonivshey him on the morning 22 June 1941 and called in the about attack Germany, entered the city responded: “War?! And what this suddenly?! ” It's like this not he wrote smallholder handwriting their startling prophecy! In the same day the young man released: “. I was am amazed coincidence of my thought with reality! I have from heads simply all slipped out! After all I only yesterday on the evening in made maps wrote still times about predugadyvaemoy I war, and now this happened. This an enormous, truth. But justice my predvideniy me clearly not on psyche. Better would I proved not rights! ” Phenomenon of a great forgetting of naturally many people, to the this kind of insights. Later they describe this state of, as if someone or something “are forcing ” their to address for pen and write some the text, as if under-inspired terms“ above. ” Often they only dimly remember, as this did, and sometimes the length time, when was undertaken “to dictate ”, at all marks from memory. Some of them under this see bright images, hear voices. On first glance, this it seems on symptoms some mental disease. However in such cases almost all people find themselves utterly healthy, they not need in medical aid. And state of “prophecy ”, which some doctors hurry call“ suddenly emerge some spontaneous act hypomania ”, on fact represents a something different.
Likely, Lev Fedotov possessed very good wing abilities, what, typically, deprived of people with a gift waiting on an act of future. Precisely this and explains, why entered the city himself Standup their on rare accurate predictions.

July 1941: “Yesterday from newspapers I learned the original news. Members SS undertook arrests in of assault soldiers. A. I think, that when fascists will vision through in the fight with us, in late all, converge and until nachalstvuyuschego the composition army. Jellyheads, of course, will be even yell about victory over the USSR, but more reasonable will become talking about this war, as about fateful error Germany. I think, that, in late all for continuation of war will remain only psychopath Hitler, which not capable and now, and in the future understand their efreytorskim mind that a war with the Soviet Union. Stand in solidarity with him, obviously, will Himmler, potopivshiy its the mind in blood peoples Germany, and a monkey few, which as halfwit with a worked will be even kholopski my about the conquest of Russia even then, when our troops, suppose, will of storming Berlin. ”

In the early 90’s 20th century one of deputies German Bundestag tried to to laugh at predictions Leo Fedotova, yes and himself fact his existence.
In particular, he declared: “you have come up with legend, if the usual Moscow schoolchild in his diary, in detail laid out plan“ Barbarossa ” and predicted Hitler defeat!. ” Prisutsvuyuschiy under conversation Russian journalist, complained and led convincing arguments, that this is not legend - Lev Fedotov indeed predicted many facts World War II and his Diary exalted.
After as war began, number of recorded sharply decreased.

Record from 12 July 1941

… America takes in war only then, when its force, because “Americans more like to do weapons, spend time on the table laws, than to fight. ”
Work over I'm Petr entered the city ceased 27 July 1941. Made he this deliberately — too dire proved truth, which he predicted.
About postwar same time Fedotov released in made maps the next:
“We let us (in WIPO their forces and an underpricing of capitalist environment. ”

How accurately the last prophecy, we learned only after 1991.
Journalists Canal Ren – TV within project “Secret history ” prepared to fans of issuance programs, in which examined some new facts, associated with name Leo Fedotova. This project was called "“ A year 2009. Breakthrough in abyss. ” The creators of series of argue that autumn 2008 couple diggerov surveying dungeon “homes on La ” found Bags portfolio with thick mine notebook entitled as“ Lev Fedotov – The story future. ” Was found sent the was legacy not famous previously work Leo Fedotova, in which he predicted many interesting things pitfalls our era.

In childhood Lev Fedotov with friends often explored dungeon Moscow, then whether in search of mystical libraries Ivan Grozny, then whether in search of secret course in the Kremlin.
As would the nor was dungeon so Fedotov knew more than well. Precisely in one of caves he hid its labor “de future. ” Why hid – yes because in exercise books he predicted far not Communist future Russia and bitter results in miscalculations of governance country.
In their work Lev Fedotov predicts the emergence of nuclear bomb, flights with in space, creation machines capable to thinking.

Typically “Moscow the Prophet ” as often call Fedotova, not would signal their predictions dates. Exception is year 2009. Precisely him has a large share descriptions Fedotova.

Entered the city Fedotov described 2009 year strange name – “year breakthrough in abyss. ” There is in mind negative or positive significance expression understand it is difficult. Clearly said one thing - in this year humanity await serious tests, which with one hand will be able lead humanity to incredible breakthrough in his development or same can provoke Armageddon.

According to Fedotovu the first signs coming change will appear in the sky on the eve offensive 2009, when people can contemplate “Black the sun. ”
Because prophecy clearly points to astronomical signs of, calculate “black the sun ” it is not difficult – with big share likelihood Fedotov points to solar eclipse 1 August 2009 (best for the blackout, the was watch in Novosibirsk). Extremely’concern is notable the link with earlier the blackout, the 1999, during express on Nostradamus will come on land “King horror. ” Turkic forward, should point to, that Nostradamus was why was predicted by as the birth of “of the ” in 1999, so and his the first expression of later 9 years, i.e. precisely in 2008.
Interesting data provide us on this expense. According to them 2008 year heralds a the beginning of period low activity sun, despite the, that such periods occur every 11 years, the current the most low on indices slightly whether not for entire history existence Earth. And, this always was accompanied by crisis in politics, economy and other areas life.

Predicted entered the city and more concrete data about 2009, namely presidency Barack Obama.

From concerning “The story future ”

“I know, that the empowerment in America said would gain such same rights as white, and’m black American will become president the US.
To with sadly, fate this President will is tragic, his awaits the same history that and Abraham Lincoln, he will lethally wounded during assassination attempt. After death this President America await chaos and anarchy … ”

In his “Istria future ” Lev Fedotov describes very powerful ” research health laboratory, which will built in the early major century in the mountains Switzerland. According to “Moscow the prophet ” in this lab will work scientists from around the world trying to decipher mystery deeps of universe and significantly push through scientific exploration. But scientists will become only pawns in game secret corporations bankers and military that use scientific breakthroughs to create for the ultimate weapon.

Fedotov makes more than clear forecast, that this laboratory will “satellite in the early major century, but soon her work will be discontinued from-for accident. After what will adopted decision shifting health laboratory on territory Russia.

Of “of History future ”
“… construction AFV lab can begin already in 2009, but this landmark vybudovani will remain gone unremarked, so humanity will is busy struggle with new disaster. Epidemic spans the entire planet. ”

According to Fedotova epidemic will on meet do so epidemic “odna ” in 1918 year, which is considered the most disastrous in history humanity.
But not this “Moscow the Prophet ” believed the most scary test for people. The most scary self-fulfilling prophecy, in his view, was here is this:

“, under 2009 scientists will open way to manage human memory. Public with relish adopts this message, after all with the help a special pills can be will wipe bad memories. But on fact goal these experimentation one, turn human in an obedient robot. Under aid such pills can be invest in human brain any task, and man obeyed his in favor of his owner. ”

Sick Tuberculosis, with bad sight, Fedotov albeit is gone on Front and not what until data them Victory. 25 July 1943 year he died in combat under category: Tula, Russia. Knew whether entered the city about its the emergency death is unknown. Diaries Levy Fedotova, as well as and his personality had — human-mysteries — still await his the stranger. In explanatory the most Levy, the graphs previously, have one thing the key word — “guesswork. ” Precisely word “guesswork ” and described he phenomenon obtain nothing not obyasnimogo knowledge. In other words. Entered the city routinely received knowledge, whom not possessed no one on the very moment (except lo general Germany and several gala meeting). If would arguments Levy indeed were made on the basis analysis environment, then for this him fewer would many naval political data, to which access he had no. According to friends, he, as and all, listened to radio and read newspapers, and they, as known, in the time not regimes differed truthfulness.
Where Fedotov found these knowledge, he and himself could not understand, and so introduced the notion of “guesswork. ” Seems interested and -neponyaten the next fact: Why such revelations routinely received it is this schoolchild?! After all nor to apply their on practice, nor given in naval political situation he, in force his position, could not. He even could not to inform about their “would ”“ to the top ”, for here same was would recognized enemy people, an alarmist and happy-. Means, implementation of prophecies as would not it even, initially. Why? Answer there is no. In book Yuri Rostsiusa — the stranger various leader’s millenarian supernatural phenomena — whilst on special state of, in which was a boy, when wrote. He was capable overnight fill smallholder handwriting 100 pages!

Unfortunately, see their eyes texts diaries and “history future ” not managed, not well and understandable where on this moment they are.

Is considered, that mother Levy before death in verbal form left me in her will to hand diaries son his the better friend Mikhail Korshunovu, the very, with which he sat for one front of a blackboard.

Responds the other more likely version of diaries were turned over to the Lion Moiseevichu Roshalyu.

On this moment in Internet trek rumors and assumptions, that diaries were bought special wanted to remain unknown, other people argue that their eyes saw “on what something site ” photocopy diaries, there is also, assumptions that diaries on this moment are in museum“ House on nabrezhnoy ”, there is considerable assumptions, that data about providecheskom talent Leo Fedotova not more than postwar fabrication.

That concerns concerning “of History future ” about which, says the author movie“ the Break in abyss ” Mikhail Igor Kolodinsky, then this work not only not managed find, but and not managed and detect no sources this information. Unfortunately, in movie finding primary sources not oglashalos.

However, there is glaring sending on a primary the text diaries, which agree in magazine “Druzhba peoples ” where the in 70-ies s. So that if to go digging in the archives, Bridge Over Time all-??? can be found or not detect.

Phenomenon Leo Fedotova was devoted the next work:

Released in. 1986 feature-length blockbuster documentary film “Solo pipes ”, turned sensation (the director Alexander Ivankin). He is based on diaries, which in its time placed control the Lion Moiseevichu Roshalyu mother Levy Louis XlV. Nikolaevna.
Book Yuri Rostsius - Diary the prophet.
Prefigured one of heroes (Anton Ovchinnikova) Lev Fedotov is in book Yuri pervyy – “House on La. ”
Project Canal "TV Center" - documentary film "Prophet from House on La."
Mentioned 1990 In brochure mainstream W. Rostsiusa in series of "Mark of issue."
Project Canal a-TV “Secret history ” -“ A year 2009. Breakthrough in abyss ”

source of

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Today watch on Ren-TV.
Especially been horrified, pro the, that Collider be built under Moscow and pro epidemic the global. Here is think, did he had in mind swine flu.


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