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Say the-Shui

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If short, then needs take a handsome notebook, the handle and burn all their dreams and desires in order relevance (camping on E. Terms of global priorities).
On first place - the, that want in primarily.
Desires must be real, in the present time. Without of denial (use not and there is no cannot be).
Contrary desires need to put concrete term enforcement. And I still and appropriate amount write (roughly).
In April this year I amounted to such a plan:
Has bought computer - August-October (sum 20-30 thousand Rube)
Has connected Internet - August - October
Came in VShKA September-Czechoslovak November.

Ironically, all so and ! Although initially regulating voluntary active sum game I not was laying out.

Still can be to do picture happiness.
Cut pictures of the from magazines, appropriate your the dreams from (for example typewriter, sir BMW, a handsome cottage or apartment. Beautiful ??, too, can be! :) )
All of this nakleivaetsya on leaf stocks in accordance with no-go zones idea-gua.
The use of: Look on this as can be more often :)



Morozz wrote:

A can be to do picture happiness.
Cut pictures of the from magazines, appropriate your the dreams from

Here is this I have hangs before leave the computer on :) a huge "who wants one", did initially given zone idea-gua, but then has become sculpt all consecutive :) But only I have doubts: Well whether we know Feng-Shui, to so freely them enjoy? We after all know "popsovuyu" version of.
And here is with resulting I have not very as something. Shape in programs (here is how photo collage) I perceive better, than words. Incidentally, there I have glued the top photo 100-dollar banknotes :D

And who as still money and fortune attracts?



If honestly, I picture not did. Hands not came close :pardon:
And why same not enjoy the Feng-Shui? We are building its ritual, its into cannon fodder. Even not knowing of Feng-Shui, I think, with this work can be.
And for attract money I have frog with money in mouth, and feel on denezhkakh there is (netske). And so, still 10 dollars always I put it right to money emergency rations.
Importantly, ritual. :yes:



Morozz wrote:

The main thing, ritual

This accurately! :) Wu me in room and money symbol of hangs. Only room on hairdryer-wada not very suited. Entry alongside zone money, all departures in pipe :( A I remember, with husband have rearranged furniture strictly on zones hairdryer-shui. But I not was able adjust. You've moved the ??? kopm to window, and there have us zone love, not careers. But nothing. Alexander Kozulin correctly remarked :)



Elena, can be to do and mini-zone.
For example, on your job table :)
Or in any room on any the shelf or table. Principle such same.
I have in apartment, too, there is not very successful seats. I simply general individual zone in one of rooms. On monetary side I have shelf, the there is on which symbols luck and money are worth. Also and on the side love and marriage there is triggers. :yes:
Importantly not clog ???? new things. I, for example, adore Giving unnecessary me things (good) and throw the seeds out (old). And this, apparently, attracts new, which quite quickly emerges (in including money).
Incidentally, yesterday has accomplished still a couple their small planchikov. Money suddenly derived in is numbers, that as in fairy, on all facilitated.



Oops, the problem with paperwork. I not keep up, to clean and to emit old and unnecessary. As outcome recently somewhere stuck my several documents, and when required, find not was able.



I have such a same history.
When already quite all boxes are get caught paperwork, account for telling global purge.
After this on psyche so well becomes :rolleyes:
Lena (can be named, and you any authors books on Feng-Shui are reading?



Morozz wrote:

Lena (can be named,

Of course! Can be even on "you" :)

Morozz wrote:

you any authors books on Feng-Shui are reading?

Here is I on-this in the preceding post and questioned about depth and completeness knowledge. If honestly, then except Pravdinoy :bb: and to magazine articles nothing serious not smiled. Know, that on this doctrine spacet share on zone, say so, thematic. And their can be strengthen and camping on D. But all OK ??? this get back a little. Ah, pops that whether. This type as I with yantrami :haha:



Yes, I, too, beginning with the Pravdinoy (me liked).
Still girlfriend on Day birth offered essential the encyclopedia Feng-Shui (is not a bad, incidentally, book proved). Speech writer K. Saveliev.
But then I it was switched on psychology and on Feng-Shui books more not buy.

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At all, little we know. Is true? Mostly, now literature wears popular character. And so, dig a little and quickly on of the tale'll sit down (at least, I about itself).



Agree. All now populyarizovano, to sold. I think, feng Shui this and philosophy and practice, that need to study years, if not entire life. And there of course not all so simply, as in popular sties together.
And still. Say the-Shui, all-??? this eastern science, and east - deal subtle. Entirely, perhaps, have us its it is difficult was would to apply. Mentality the other (we not the Chinese all same :)). So and however its for us. In including and Pravdina.



Virgin of, nor fig itself that I has found: http://www.forum.feng-shui.ru/



Yes, interestingly. :)
I on lessons on hairdryer-Shui Framework, so there the same worded is specified. ;)



Plitki fenshuya :D

Advice for primer. (On the basis of books N. Pravdinoy, Liliane TU, Eva Wong and David Kennedy.)

- Standing in toilet, need always try to keep the door closed.

- If you have with husband opposing favorable direction - are asleep a knave, together this will inoculate you from @ wsfpoker.com pregnancy. :flirt:

- Vezzhaya in a new apartment, the first needss refusal to allow in house greater zolochenuyu a toad, pre feeding over 2,000,000 people its the Family. Then green a dragon, white tiger, black a turtle, raspberry of a phoenix and a snake person painting. On acidity place make yourself comfortable themselves. On its heels can be ostrich feather fans and "Renaissance. :cool:

- From renovating, should painting northern wall in blue color, throughout Southern in Red, eastern in green, western in white. Paul sir, paint lights are flashing yellow, but on ceiling putting a created a chandelier just. Bright ,-saturated color of will provide you cheerfulness and heartfelt rise. :crazyfun:

- No move without compass - you can overcome in therefore direction. If testimony compass erratic - delete large iron objects from its surroundings. :yep:

- Dont zakhlamlyayte space under the bed, it use to anyone for free tsirkulirovaniya Qi moreover, who under it usually is withdrawing. :crazy:

- Bed that Spain to set as can be further from doors. However not worth constrain - you risk wake up on the street. :rolleyes:

- The ideal place for cuisine - there, where is worth stove stove and passes a hard-on.

- If you alone and want, to you have emerged satellite life, and support best have in bedroom neighbor on store cage, according to your an auspicious direction. :x

- If your satellite life leaves much to be desired, send his on southwestern, and the best will come. :mybb:

- If you have been waiting for Carlson's, that Spain to stand up have windows in his second-best direction and call in a bluebell.

- If bed in bedroom Apartment is worth under ceiling-a beam, putting a to this beam two bamboo flutes with red tassels on sword. Before, as lie down sleep, lay head red towel, turn around on northeastern east and dudite in them with full passion. Performing these recommendations, remember, that bed can be more likely.

- Tekuschaya water has ability to attract Qi and magnetically drawn to money. As can be more often proceed time in toilet. Remember, e?u?ea toilet seats always must be closed! :confused:

- Dont hang a mirror in doorway doors, because you simply not can fall into its apartment, and no amount Qi you not will help. :rolleyes:

- In dining room, on kitchen, in living room mirrors symbolically have doubled down not only number of food, but and number of eaters. You have can arise a sense of, that you eat all. :unsure:

- Good-looking mat have reduces doors will attract not only positive energy, but and drunken neighbor, which at night not broadcast home.

- Listen carefully ? a bite your apartment and their surrounding space on subject availability of sha, or toxic arrowheads. If you will find up. Last, consider measures to their neutralize. Neatly just pluck toxic arrows, and have primary availability of sha forever bump this desire to to hunt in your apartment. :tired:

- If you have combined a bathroom, try lie in it its back to each other.

- To positive energy not leave your toilets, on bottom toilet seats put small provided with round zerkaltse. :rofl:

- The main thing place in living room is in really non-CIS and the murky street corner from entry. Here traditionally contains the Yushukan the head of the family; hence he sees unpolarized the door, remaining unnoticed.

- straightening tables and sofas, keep in mind, that Visitors may feel visibly, when antistatic to each other zatylkami.

-: More Academy all jobs at the table, and you have will create a sense of big companies associates. :jumping:

- If you alone, putting a in closer hallway big mirrors - this would create illusion customary it's poke in public vehicles. :O

- Wait for, when neighbors start developing a house on principles inspired Shui, scrapping from unnecessary things - not miss chance finally beat its apartment :flag:



There is things, about which books on hairdryer-Shui simply hold back. For example, hardly you where - the could read, that initially ancient the Chinese art been the mouthpiece used by not for civilian facilities, and for graves. The Memorial Precisely for graveyards were made vosmiugolnye mirrors bagua, who so like posibility to set have themselves in House those who is keen on hairdryer-Shui. For moreover, to is bought thing not delivered harm, need to clearly know, as must raspologatsya trigrammy on the reverse of side mirrors. If you such the twists and turns unknown, then better nothing not to do, than to do wrong. This rule can be to disperse on entire science hairdryer-Shui.



crazys organs is milathank you for exile :flag:
hardly you where - the could read, that initially ancient the Chinese art been the mouthpiece used by not for civilian facilities, and for the grave indeed, to hear listened, that inspired-Shui initially was created for realm the dead , not so long relocated in the world survivors (with attempt to his adaptation ), but itself not smiled, as the not already nor books nor Article (here is perishing truly, when need a informa-horse, she comes deal time )
And I absolutely agree, that many possess precisely superficial knowledge, or enjoy services such same from dilettantes (camping on K. This truly very ancient the Chinese teachings and to his to develop not enough only read together books on topics ) hence and unpredictable extreme as times relevant saying I wanted as better, and broke a as always . But after all we are accustomed increasingly inspect on own experience. And I not exception. Pre this something new, interesting. Read, trying to produce on practice (ah, after all interestingly as this "works" and "works whether at all") A then comes "awareness." And don, that need to be with these things "ah, very careful" (good, that "awareness time come" and not forced themselves long wait. :rolleyes:), so that I for example, removed all these book on hairdryer-wada "in dalshiy Pandora." Guys, best "listen to themselves", what you "suggests your internal gut" (and what color choose and as furniture terms of global. And camping on D. "listen to" - as I felt space around themselves, how it be and what emotions and feelings causes Wu me. I would on each specifis on inspired-Shui large letters entitled wrote "NOT harm!" (As on box since cigarettes "stalling warns")
The only, with than agree. With the need eradicate from old trash, freeing place for a new and more often pursue moist and gene- s cleaning :yep:
Luck all in creating harmonious space "on your territory" :flag:

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Lero4ka wrote:

DC One thing, with than agree. With the need eradicate from old trash, freeing place for a new and more often pursue moist and gene- s cleaning

Agree on all 100! Simply to everything must be treated consciously. If one starts zadumyvat about than something, the answer comes. Surrounding environment, of course, must bear pozitiv and the beauty.


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