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Neptune in Vodolee - ekzaltatsiya or fall?

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Радуга wrote:

and why subject not yet ratified, if not secret?

We this already discussed in topic pro creation a new schools astrology (not remember as accurately called). The bottom line, that s five-work must prodemostrirovat ownership astrol. Technicians, camping on E. Interpretation only for concrete. Maps and forecast. Research like would, too, dopuskalis, but on special resolving. My theme at all from issues theory. Widely may. I allow passage and Figure.

2.3. System planets on the basis of of occult principles.

Traditional astrology...... had informed until us from depth centuries a clear
Scheme dispossession and ekzaltatsiy planets for full set of septenera,
Which well uvyazana on it`s planets with signs. However
Opening the invisible to the naked eye for orbit of Saturn pla-
There is no, contributed disturbing it and, essentially, found gaps in logiches-
Victory, structure this issue. A joint ownership planets signs
On rights senior and younger upraviteley not causes suspicion
(Except individual rule luminaries), but ekzaltatsiya transsatur-
New planets widely debatiruetsya in the most good editions on
Astrology and even one of congresses was devoted this topics.
Resent deep respect for the noble experience all astrologers,
Want to share their regulatory thinking on some contentious mo-
Dead policemen.
Removed any new knowledge can be of capital on the principle of Podobiya,
But need be confident, that knowledge seats dispossession and ekzaltatsiy
Planets septenera accurately. Any structure, on the principle of opt can,
Just say in sequence location its elements - so
Are located upraviteli on the principle of distance their orbits, and so
Same ekzaltanty will be forced to be arranged under this's pairs
Distribution of. Any completeness phenomena, on the principle of integrity,
Must demostrirovat the entire set of their elements of elements,
Then their surplus or lack of point to the fallacy schemes. All
Kaja periodicity elements of elements phenomena, on the principle of
Cycling, must pass four phase without changes posledova-
Telnosti. These are initial premise to building a, found
Under inspection of occult principles.
On Figure 1a recognizes the proposed to review scheme
Dispossession and ekzaltatsiy all known planets, including Proserpina (goddess).
With foreign hand circle zodiac marked by symbols planets, expedited
’ s older ownership in signs, and with domestic hand marked by seats
Their ekzaltatsiy. Through point zodiac 0 grad. Lion / 0 grad. Have and
0 grad. Taurus / 0 grad. Of Scorpio pass axis symmetry on must want
And ekzaltatsii planets, these svetilami - Sun behaves similarly and the moon
(Ris.1b). Sequence cycle ekzaltatsiya-
Ownership-damage-fall recognizes on figures 1b .-we in the form of interior partitions
Rennikh 40th, with respected condition symmetry on
Both axes for each couples senior / the younger upraviteley (semblance of)
On example couples the Sun / Long.




Yura, theory interesting, scheme the Beautiful. Perhaps, convincingly.

Юра wrote:

My theme at all from issues theory

That is why personally for themselves leave space for theoretical information lest terminally ensure, either again begin to doubt. Until preponderance on your side.

On our transit. Exactly like would nothing not is happening (I mean in mind compound Jupiter-Neptune), no global ideas Church not puts, bows were "cities and villages", too, like not happening. Were would events, on their quality of and Netresort can be was better clarify this question.



Радуга wrote:

no global ideas Church not puts

ROC actively puts now idea prohibitions on sale alcohol and even was sensationally before students MSU on subject about love.



Comrades Astrologers, you this. :) on topic if material find, then let us exile pliz. Here is pro love was interestingly revere and, incidentally, perhaps, was would on that lay its in respect ekzaltatsii or fall of.


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