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Have Leonid metabolitic anniversary

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60 years. Today.
One of the most favorite domestic actors.
Role in "Russian Football Union says" made his known and the hugely popular, many (not only my age, conservative elder statesmen remain defined, much even) girls several times were in movies: Handsome, hero, ribs a ladies' man, a playboy, which (and wasn could be otherwise in Soviet time?) managed-??? rein in leading character A. kovlevoy. Already then were "see", "Success", "left melody for flutes" and much, much else. "Crew" not Ms., but, that is called, next morning has has awakened famous. And were still role and in theater. And were (as then already it turned out) and poems, travesty, earliest (one "Fedot-'m a Sagittarius" what is worth -- already almost classic, by heart long vyuchennaya). And later TV programs. "To remembered." About fate stars, which once all, were eager vividly, and then. As if gone are in Angels -.
Already 3 year about really Leonid III Alexeevich of Russia we can only only remember.
Remember. Love.
Are reviewing the, that can be watch. Rereading the, that can be revere.

His poems.
I have one of the most favorite -- "Raznotsvetnaya Moscow."
Many accustomed, as the (in-authored with Vladimir kachanom).
Not know, as whom, in me always offers such optimism!

Have windows would stand I, as have canvas.
Ah, what for window beauty!
If, someone of mixed up, color of,
And Neglinka River, and Manezh.
Over Moscow posing green one,
On the bridge is faring orange a,
And lotoshnik have subway sells
Oranges color of the beige is.

And in or trolleybus twinkles window,
Passengers, as Polischuks movies.
Me, friends my, terribly funny
Watch in window the world.
This] server from long countries
So anything but shy its providing imparting whiteness!
And rubayut near with him guys came
Violet an ice cream sandwich.

And pumping head bodies to
He today blind-sided by Moscow.
Nor trait he not understands, himself not its,
If fish on help.
I on the streets of the aaao, 'm laughing,
Me any miracles on shoulders!
Lights hanging down, palleggi not want!
As bananas in Somalia.

Have windows would stand I, as have canvas.
Ah, what for window beauty!
If, someone of mixed up, color of,
And Neglinka River, and Manezh.
Over Moscow posing green one,
On the bridge is faring orange a,
And lotoshnik have subway sells
Oranges color of the beige is.



Exactly, unwittingly'm reminded and all his recent years. When already seriously was sick, when could not roll in movies and play performances. Years struggle, years preodoleniy.
Thank you his friends, which helped -- opening life, for which he in these years disease indeed fought: He WANTED to live.
And thank you Nina Shatskoy -- wife and right friend. Which always was near. Selfless woman -- and many whether so have been able it comes? To devote themselves beloved, dissolve in him, not caring on own ambitions, career (it after all had to throw theater, with, that she one of leading actresses and simply very the Beautiful woman).
I not was able hold, wrote material, gave today in .
Even not know. Ethically whether copy here, 't deliver at the other Forum already this ?



Regyna wrote:

Etichno whether copy here, 't deliver at the other Forum already this ?

Ethically. And that prevents to tell one and the same history in homes different friends?



Not know, persist whether style formatting only (or to rule will have: Have us there not once editing of included)



Master and his Margarita: Leonid March and Nina Shatskaya

By 60-anniversary of with birthday L. A. Metabolitic

Over me, reader! Who said you, that there is no on light of a real, correct, eternal love? Yes they will cut it off a liar his heinous language!
For me, my reader, and only for me, and I'll show you such a love!

M. A. Bulgakov. Master and Margarita.

unsupported youth. 1988 year. To us in city on tour Comes famous Theatre on Taganke. Lubimov already as would rehabilitated by, but until still there, for boundaries the motherland, and theatre is so apparently driving Nikolai Nikolaevich Gubenko, are returning truly tagankovskie actors, is rebounding repertoire. And most-most, that worries. Who goes to? What performances is being driven? And one of major issues: Master attend? Theatre as times only-only resumed this spectacle, and in major roles Leonid March and Nina Shatsky (disambiguation).
Masters in and Margarita cocktail then, contrary promises, not brought: Explained whatever something technical difficulties. And here is himself Master, March, not as even employees in privezennom a Repertoire arrived. Spent several, couple of-top three all, solo speeches-meetings. On one of them met Elisabeth then to visit. Nor large in girth, man, with so familiar, on movies and teleperedacham, voice, formulate face with hairline and nepremennymi the mustache (quite close sat). And visitors, narratives Oh itself, about creativity, about sygrannom, about plans How, perhaps, always have actors on such meetings-Engelgard case. Notes, questions, applause Prenepremennyy Fedot-'m a Sagittarius.
And chitalis poems. Especially, as me it looked (then, but and subsequently only message was confirmed), close, conformably here is this, from Vysotsky:
I not love,
When me climb in soul,
especially when in it spit.
It occurs to (why something), that this and to the very Filatovu oops as applies

* * *

However, this personal memories, the impression.
Now like would quite about other.

* * *
I remember, still in school, after viewing another movie, with the participation moreover or conjures actor, the more, talented,s charm, speculating went: And who have him wife, and what, the Beautiful whether?

Newspaper Filatovu in this terms of clearly fortunate. Angelin, one of enough known in 60-70s actresses (conspicuous films was several, me personally in memory took Colleagues on W. Aksenovu) Nina Shatskaya (unwanted quote from Bulgakov: She was is beautiful and he. To this need to add another with certainty can be said, that many women all, that anywhere, voted would for something, to trade on his life on life Margherita last private .)
Remember the memories the most of Nina Sergeevny about how, with what same began have them. She, Sitting in take maternity Holiday, itself has gone in theater and suddenly
Perhaps, further can be wasn that quote classic: Love jumped out before us, as from-under land somehow this murderer in side street, and hit us immediately both! And words the most metabolitic: it played varied music licked and rice-its in a neck. Respiration? Why? Not can explain. We stood in pass, simultaneously something mutters've been crooning about

'm their maps.
Leonid March 24.12.1946 Propulsion
Nina Shatskaya 16.03.1940 Propulsion

In eyes immediately from steepness: His Uranus on its those respects (That it, love jumped out. And hit).
It as would uncomfortably all of this she married, she has a small child. Yes and he is married. However pulling, beckons
Trin his sun and its Venus: Them together, near easily, his that appeals to role Knight of, defender of. Under this his Venus in opposition to its Mars, as if would fears, and will whether, tickles whether
She wanted be together, feels The Man, precisely moreover, which fascinates Her Mars in Taurus, and have him the Sun and Mars Kozerozhi,, too, 't.
Its Venus trine with his the Moon perception of each other immediately same matter, a sense of here is this my His the Sun and Mars trine to its the produce markets ease and, in the same time, natural is an aspiration that to each other
With the first husband (Zolotukhinym) such a and not controversial of. Napriklad one of interview actress, where she would say:: Nourished German, was already very famous, and has gone in some poludetskoy hat with brak, and husband believed this normal Yes, exactly, the fight ambitions is manifest, Mars Zolotukhin near its sun: Very feared, feared, that suddenly wife and will become better, to play a stream-his have plenty Mars; him and not need a was so famous, and the Beautiful wife, him domestic de-leveraging-Rehovot (Venus in Raque, Long in Taurus) woman would has drawn and here such a flamboyant, to the same and much more star, than himself Valery Zolotukhin on the very moment
Again same, as spoke of the early novel with N. Shatskoy Leonid March: The main thing us was simply pleased be near. They. Trin his Mercury with its Jupiter, its Jupiter same in Trina with his v (and, double, tend). And so grimly with Bulgakovskim: We chatting away comfortably so, as if split up yesterday, as if knew each other many years .
There much that was novel after all initially domestic spying
On't Shatskaya his even, worried feelings, has rejected How so, husband, child its stellium, including Venus and Mars, in Taurus, this OK and sense of debt, and fears, that suddenly falter a sense of), let even and seemingly (minornyy Disharmonious aspect of Venus with famous Neptune Fountain - the in its map), but stability.
Yes and he (Again M. A. Bulgakov: you were Dorns have been married? Nu yes, here is same I and sites offer freeroll tournaments. On this. Varenke, Manechke. ) Long metabolitic in an: Feminine ideal strict and the right, an ideal, but Venus in 1997-: We increasingly been, we his succeed, but its ideal, this strict with mind and alluring woman (likely, Long actor already sekstil with tend folded went) get, will conquer and kozerozhiy Mars us in is a help will become.
Horror position was in is, that passions found alternative on one that tiny place , within a small creative of collective. Squaring their Black Moons' movement. I.e., there stelliumy with the participation Black Moons' movement, suns, people will say and Merkuriev, that, apparently, and led to their own delusion: What, that we so sought hide became all, on fact nor for whom secret not was. Us were eyes, intonation voices. And us seemed, that we such's conspirators will.
And so few years. Until, finally, not stomach terminate ties previous marriage and, finally, reunite.

* * *
A in mid-90-'s reawakening: March ill. , exhausting the struggle for his baby, the film (Leonid Alekseevich began try their forces and as the director), war brewing in theater (when Taganka Schussels: Supporters lubimov, supporters Nikolaevich Gubenko, the fight clans essentially, Sukiny children in than something and about this after all March dismantled). Plus themselves times of our increasing capitalism, when The Art was sacrificed to his old gold calf. All of this and had He after all man unusually creative, talented. With inconceivable freshness of perception (squaring Long-Neptune still to the same, yes there and the Sun with vami proiskhodilo in his map, too, aspect of with famous Neptune Fountain - already folded go: Struggle exhausting emotionally, and kozerozhya Long, under their entire foreign for imposing austerity, emotional support, fuel requires). And nightshade the struggle for life.
Not each woman given withstand similar test. Even loving and the not always: Of the needle, go. With was his wife all these years was near. 's the infrastructure I built theater, to only be near him, near his Masters in, his Lenechki everywhere, at home, in sanatoriums, in a hospital chamber. Has become him and personal the nurse,, and personal chauffeur-driven car hire A still Y has maintained his spirit. Here is she, audacity of solar Pisces. Plus will, the true belief in we we shall win (trine sun to lower our standards its maps.
If it comes not its belief, not its so selfless, interesting view serving beloved, not its Treat (harmonious aspects of its moon and his Neptune, and also its Neptune with his tend) am sure, March is gone would from us much before. And we would so and not saw series of his programs from cycle To remembered , nott read written anywhere for these years plays Nina dumped me on hump and carring on life , so spoke about this himself Leonid Alekseevich.

I want, to me now same, this second, repatriate my lover, masters of, told Margarita, and face its contort been cramping up. Here in room however wind, so that the flames candelsticks in kandelyabrakh was mishandled, heavy Originalen; ego on-year window moved away, flew wide open - window, and in a faraway perform well opened full, but not morning, and polnochnaya moon. From window sill on gender farewells greenish headscarf from of light, and in it emerged nightlife Ivanushkin a guest, who calls themselves a master. He was in his a meeting plumages in bathrobe, age and black cap, with which not fissai cos. Unshaven face his twitched for twist, he crazy-puglivo squinting on fires of candelsticks, and afternoon the flow of broiling around him.
Margarita immediately learned his, prostonala, vsplesnula hands and ran up to him. She kissed his-on, in lips, 'd snuggle to tree cheek, and long pent-up tears now fled streams on its slap. She been mispronouncing only one thing word, is thus meaningless repeating his:
You. You, you.
Master evicted its from themselves and-deaf said:
Dont cry, going;, not whack away me. I hard-ill. He you jumped on for the windowsill your hands should, as would Muzeum Wsi Slowinskiej jump on him and to flee, oskalil her teeth, we peered in sitting, and has cried: I dont frightening, going;! I have again began ZhIVU.
Sobbing have stifled Margarita cocktail, she first, Choking down words:
No, there is no, there is no, not afraid nothing! I with you! I with you!

Master is gone from us 3 year ago. But loss of could happen and much before. If would not his true to Margarita Low tints of for increasingly, that she made for his husband, Nina Sergeevna Shatskoy.

A today, 24 December 2006, Newspaper III Alexeevich of Russia Filatovu founding would 60 years.
We his remember.
Lighted memory.

Wu windows would stand I, as have canvas.
Ah, what for window beauty!
If, someone of mixed up, color of,
And Neglinka River, and Manezh.
Over Moscow posing green one,
On the bridge is faring orange a,
And lotoshnik have subway sells
Oranges color of the beige is.




Tanja, 've given issuance your the hoax about Filatove and Shatskoy. Thank you! Very liked.



Thank you.


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