paper clip

Paper clip one of the most universal office instruments. Its use for the tens of different tasks: As any screwdriver, chip for poker, or or the plastique. Historians known, that pin for forging the various materials our ancestors enjoyed still in paste century. This was roughly for a thousand years until our era. Why same paper clip emerged only 100 years ago?

It is difficult to imagine, that such rudimentary construction could not come people to mind before. Of course, could. Only special need in clip not was. Until her invention meticulous furnishing workers been attributable paper stacks of or of min with the help tapes or simply through the plies. In XIII century appeared original leaf for forging the sheets: In left atop street corner charging of small cuts, and through them prodevalas materchataya cases about. The first step to dismissed have become sewing safety pins, indicate in 1835 year American doctor John Howie. New York secretaries quickly discovered, that early can be staple until dozen sheets. Safety pins resisted: Use and cooperators on paper ugly holes and bloody spills. In 1890-'s in the boardrooms have become use wire Pruzhinki (the proposed in 1867 year Samuel Fei and I had for utterly the other goal fastening to of advisers labels).

Tried do the same around disc by, which was banding your for a corner. Its proposed in 1895 Propulsion German F. Khessenbrukh. But and this adjusting, too, not became popular. The ferment development economic agents industries in nineteenth century led to a sharp growth volume of dlovodstva. Bureaucratic skating have become to be fruitful with inconceivable speed. Urgently required the simple and safers tool. Modicum as something rationalize piles of business backed securities - here is that became the top priority.

In 1887 Propulsion Specialist Philadelphia Ethelbert Middleton coined Shemur stringing. This was an ideal material, which and kept firmly, and not got laid dead-bolted. Despite the, that made he this in more massive purposes, wire has found itself place and in office, with highly marked. Before the invention on mobile phone remained 12 years.

Thought bend stringing in several times and try affix received countries cover several backed securities, came in head immediately three people. But only one person penetrated in history as inventor on mobile phone. This the Norwegian mathematician, John of M. Native of cities Aurskoga was with youth known their innovation: On his ultimately scientists extent in electrical inspectors, the sciences and math. In 1899, (Valera was 33 year) he has done thumbnails his chief invention - paleoskrepki - and in 1901 Propulsion Received on him the patent.

Volaire even not whatever, that company Gem Manufacturing Company Ltd in Britain already produces on mobile phone, with more the functional and virtually meaningful. His design on mobile phone was less one who disappeared had. After this various species paper clips, were patented in the US, but type of Gem ( Jem ) patented not was. Because Volaire was bungler patent bureau Brinsa in Christiania (Oslo), he was well familiar with Possibilities procedures and patent legislation Norway. So reasons, on which he decided charge everyone royalties invention precisely abroad, unknown. Perhaps he was too sure, that this his invention, and wanted to preserve commercial rights on him around the world. He soon frustrated in life, when faced with staples type Jem. For some reason he not became develop relations with producers nor in Norway, nor abroad, and over time his the patent became invalid. Meanwhile, paper clip Gem ( Jem ) has won world markets, including and Norway.

To the time already been recorded several similar invention. Is William Middlebrook... and from Waterbury, state new HAVEN, patented a its design on mobile phone in 1899, Has Brosnan from of Belgium, state Massachusetts, patented a its Konaclip in 1900 But construction on mobile phone Valery proved the most successful. She was very similar to modern, unlike from it only number kolentsev. Almost immediately of M sold the patent to the vendor staff bath accessories.

As nor Good was invented Valerom paper clip, she has was two shortage of. First, she myala paper, because had on it on too a small , second, very quickly leather goods. The first lack of quickly eliminated, in the following to do stringing in the form of various fishnet patterns, to distribute strain on greater Tiananmen. And to paper clip not leather goods, to its dustignition welded shut from the special had to. As the saying goes, there is no limit perfection. This principle counterforce and prodolzhateli affairs Valery Among the them simple, citizen Germany E.E. Libing. In 1902 Propulsion She proposed about ten options on mobile phone. One of them - paper clip with multiple or foofaraw - marked to Italian tastes firm Stral which starters his production Since time improvements on mobile phone only we typed traction. So appeared 50s supply goffered smooth, color with vynilic glue. the cover or plastic, triangular, around square on mobile phone.

In 1999 g paper clip sew you its hundredth anniversary. Since create she virtually not has changed. Were offered only diverse set model however until our days have not lived up four basic. In first Gem ("Jem) - this the most rule of form of on mobile phone. Precisely its can be found among stationery prinadlezh- nostey in most offices. The paper clip called in honor British companies Gem Manufacturing Ltd in 1900 g first time launched its mass production. The second form of on mobile phone - Ideal ("Ideal) - was specifically is designed for forging the a large number of backed securities. Paper clip Owl on luchila its name for shape resemble two round eyes. Have on mobile phone Non-Skid ("neskolzyaschaya") made special of small cuts on the sides.

In Russia deal with production paper clips, for many years clearly highly tears. Until revolution noncompetitive industry the producing furnishing products, at all absent Everyone necessary for paper work accounted for taken in from abroad.

Only in 1925 g was organized public a unitary venture Union "- the first in Russia on flotations show choir high school-recorded ethnicity and stationery products exempted. Equipment and materials for production power ship the in Germany. Then same began production stationery paper clips, and buttons. Until 1990's's Union was monolithic on the stationary market. Today the situation has changed dramatically great many firms offers their goods. Among large Russian producers stationery paper clips, can be called venture "Belent", company NEO , FC" Forum ", and complicated company Paperclip.

Perhaps, today there is no more arcane and more necessary clerical belonging than paper clip. The that she was born in Norway - subject special pride for inhabitants this countries During the WWII global warriors when German invaders banned the Norwegians the wearing buttons with initials their monarch they, to emphasize its commitment to the national traditions, have become allow to of advisers on mobile phone. Paper clip became a symbol resistance, have permitted motto We let us together.

Moreover in February 1990 g in the capital Norway Oslo was established pyatimetrovyy a monument clerical clip. His the author YarAdua Eris Paulson decided to thus be noted a century mass use double flat sweep wire. He declared that many underestimate significance this invention, and, can be after installations monument people start value the that have.

Currently only in the US annually is trading about 20 billion Paper clips,. Under this, according to some research, only not more 5% of them are used on direct appointment. … 02464.html