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Russia’s population. Statistics, facts, comments, forecasts.

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Above than sell liberal scattering, machine, apartment and pack our packing for relocation on permanent residency in different country, extremely helpful prompt about it Help, inquire its real lives not simply Estonia on printable and reference books, and by talking with whom any of good known, meticulously and detail knowledgeable all especially, the twists and turns and specificity consists life.
Let us walk me through this, somehow mind Russia not understand and is worth whether in it to believe.

Our consultant from one highly serious and very forceful departments, announced his with us highly interesting statistics.
Believe necessary and useful to share Ideology with you, claimants to citizenship Russia, lest "bachily eyes, ui kupuvaly."

Territory Russia accounts for 17.075.260 square Kilometers and mostly lies Jinsha 55 ° sec. Happier.
Medium-size temperature January, for different regions, from 0 until to 50 ° C, July from 1 to 25 ° C; rainfall from 150 until 2000 mm in year.
Eternal permafrost (areas Siberia and Far East) ranks 65% territory Russia.
More 70% Russian territory - this zone risky agriculture.
Agricultural season on greater parts of territory Russia accounts for 2-3 month (in Europe or the US 8-9 months). The average crop yields of grain in Russia (on nechernozemakh) – about 17 centners, in Germany, France and Britain (on nechernozemakh) – 70 centners per hectare, in Sweden – 60, in Ireland – 85, on Ukraine (on chernozemakh) – just 24.

The dimension state borders 58.322 kilometers, the total number of populated points 157.895, of them more 30.000 until now not have telephone intercepts.
Much of from 39.000 broshenykh villages and settlements account for on Central federal ????????, Northeast the West, United States consulate North, Siberia and the Far East.

Most population Russia is concentrated in triangle, peaks which are St. Petersburg on the north, just as debilitating on south and Irkutsk on the east.
In Siberia, Square which accounts for almost 3 / 4 territory Russia, contain less-quarters population, mostly along Trans-Siberian iron roads, on which are located its largest cities - Novosibirsk, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk.
On Ural population narrowly focused between cities the Bottom Tagil and Magnitogorsk.

The total population size Russia, on the latest according, accounts for, roughly 132.000.000 people.
Of them 81% (106.920.000) reside in cities and marginalized urban type, with:
In Moscow 12.769.000, in the Moscow area 7.980.000,
In St. Petersburg 6.897.000, in Leningrad area 3.350.000.
(Adjusted for temporary registrations and permits on work for foreign migrants)

From a common population:
61% comprise people retirement and near retirement age - 80.520.000
Personal composition army together with by contractors, srochnikami, volnonaemnymi, personnel subsidiary enterprises, scientific institutions, the DOS and VNZ - 1.470.000
(In including 355.000 officers and 1.886 generals and admirals, 10.523 - Central apparatus II, 11.290 - organs military governance, 15 academies, 4 military University, 46 military academy and military institutions)
Personal composition FSB, Federal Protective Service, FPS, FAPSI, SVR and etc. - 2.140.000
Worldview collaborators Ministry of Emergency Situations, MVD, the Passport, VV, Justice Ministry and of Public Prosecutor - 2.536.000
Workers largest, tax, sanitary and other inspections - 1.957.000
Officials litsenziruyuschikh, supervisory and registration organs - 1.741.000
Apparatus foreign ministry and goszagranuchrezhdeniy (UN, UNESCO, CIS, etc.) - 98.000
Employees other federal ministries and agencies - 1.985.000
Find pension, social, insurance and other funds - 2.439.000
MPs and collaborators devices power structures all levels - 1.870.000
Clerics and the busboys are religious and cult facilities - 692.000
Notaries, legal bureau, lawyers and inmates - 2.357.000
Personnel private security structures, detectives, security and camping on P. - 1.775.000
Unemployed - 7.490.000
760.46: 106.790.000 man, which nothing not produce and there are expense of budget and fundamentally solvent part of the population.

Remains 25.210.000 people. And this our increasingly.
The entire small, the average and accounting business class together with Sole proprietor and "large."
Where, incidentally, includes still and Jewish young children, schoolchildren, housewives, homeless, bums, forced pieds noirs, refugees, and etc. And etc. And etc.

This, partly, explains the fact, that GDP Russia not much exceeds economic product district Los Angeles, the US.

Only 20% population countries believes environment in Russia a quiet and thriving.
More than half citizens (59%) convinced, that Russia goes on escaping the path, and only 19% surveyed say, that believe in vividly appreciation.
Own material position called a good 18% surveyed, 54% found his heavy, but tolerable, 24% declared, that "more tolerate impossible."
11% hope on improvement his material position in the future,
29% believe, that it will only worsen.
34% Russians are prepared to participate in mass speeches protest.
19% are prepared to participate in strikes.
Activities governments not approve of 64% surveyed.

Lives in Russia happy with two categories people: Those who not in rate and those who in share.

63% Russians with-income higher middle on country would like, to their children learned and worked abroad. 35% want, to their children lived abroad constantly.

In Russia ???????????? 87 billionaires with terms of overall capital in $471,4 billion Russian billionaire pay the most low in world taxes (13%), which and not (releases their colleagues in France and Sweden (57%), in Denmark (61%) or Italy (66%).
1.5% population trades abroad possess 50% national wealth.

The flight time strategic prepared aviation NATO from borders Estonia until St. Petersburg not exceeds 4 minutes, until Moscow - not more 18.

Content one prisoner in colonies strict regime costs in 6,800 Br
The average the size of the pensions, in average on Russia, accounts for 3.300 Br
Minimum pension in Russia, provides existence never at stake roughly, on level prisoner of war has a German, in 1941.

Most Russians use in daily life loans,, saying, winged expression (81% surveyed), quotes from literary the writings, movies, words from songs (66%) and nenormativnu an, matt (61%).

32% Russians consider, that on fate human can be sway with the help magic, 58% not believe in magic and witchcraft, and 10% with answer boom.
In cities and villages as well inhabitants believe in magic roughly in equally.
Only in Moscow 74% surveyed not believe nor in what the magical forces, except money.

74% Russians with anguish belong to an, 44% consider this aversion "strong" and "very strong", in other words, Muscovites in Russia hate two-thirds of fellow citizens.

According to magazine "PBOC provide" (# 11, 2007) national and ethnic composition Moscow looks the next way:
Russians - 31%
Azerbaijan work - 14%
Tatars, Bashkirians, we have enough - 10%
Ukrainians - 8%
Armenians - 5%
Tajiks, Uzbeks, the Kazakhs, Kirghiz - 5%
Koreans, the Chinese, Vietnamese - 5%
Chechens, dagestantsy, ingushi - 4%
The Belarusians - 3%
Georgians - 3%
Of Moldavians - 3%
Roma - 3%
Jews - 2%
Other peoples - 4%
In Moscow realistically contain above 12 million man, of them Russians – 3.720.000. In the capital States of the Russian Russians – national minority!

In Russia above 20.000.000 man practice Islam and officially consider themselves Muslims. Over the past 15 years the number of Muslims in Russia has increased on 40%.
In Moscow lives Azeris more, than in Baku, and Tatars more, than in Kazan.
To mid-century a Muslim will, as least, every the fourth Russian you.
Muslim leaders are calling for to remove with gerba Russia orthodox symbolics. If the number of Muslims will grow spiked pace, then Muslim a community can put question about introducing in country office Vice President, may Islam.
Can be with gunpoint on such a situation Vladimir Putin proposed countries, members organizations "Islamic conference", to accept there Russia.

On development Islam in Russia from budget state was allocated in 2007 800 million rubles, told adviser governance on domestic politics administration President Russia Alexey Grishin. "Cooperation state with Muslim organizations is fought comprehensive, on a number of trends", - noted he. The main of them is support Islamic education, on that in lost year state was allocated 400 million rubles.

Russia the only among non-Muslim countries admitted victory Hamas on election in autonomy (01.2006), and leaders this organizations twice officially, at the state level, several in Moscow (02.2006 and 02.2007).

As argue representatives National organizations Russians Muslims, every Friday in Petersburg as least three Russians accept Islam.
An overwhelming number of quite — from student environment.
For Chechnya in Moscow Bashelis annually stands out about 600 budgetary seats, Ingushetia in the past year received 700 seats, Dagestan - the 153.

The federal Agency technical regulation and metrology filed system "Halal", within which food and drugs will undergo tested on reconcile demands Islam.

Truly Orthodox in Russia - not more 4.5%, camping on E. Not more 6 million people.
Not ostentatious times in month Orthodox Church attend 8% parishioners, not ostentatious one times in year - 18%, ostentatious - 15%, and quite not attend - 59%.
Touch Communion with their hands not ostentatious times in month - 2%. Several times in year - 6%. Times in year and ostentatious - 10%. 21% oproshenykh not was able answer question, that such "least."

On preventions for child besprizornosti was allocated slightly more 60 million rubles.
On sterilization or murder pochve zhanr animals in Moscow spent alone 87 million Br Budgetary funds annually. On 13,000 rubles on that dog down.
On 27 million rubles more, than on homeless children.
Annually in Moscow from bites dogs suffer about 30.000 people.

More 40% products, sold in Moscow, are falsifikatom. Most often multilevel undo functions forgery of plant and dangers butter, condensed milk, tea, coffee, mineral water, stew beef, wheat, honey and confectionary products exempted.
Leaders black list of have become: Cottage cheese, 42.5% which not fits Directives, curd consumers (45.5, units mass (nevertheless, razvesnaya sour cream (33,3, shawarma (40%), salads (20%) and cakes (18.8.
Currently almost 70% food is issued on-made Tupolev, not on exUSSR standarts, that allows produce stran food.

In Moscow discontinued work networks Chinese restaurants, in which under the guise of mutton serving meat killed pochve zhanr dogs. Chinese cooks killed dogs directly in restaurant, used to clean the dead and serving "their" as delicacy, and Russian clients, as mutton. Production was bezotkhodnym: From hardware dogs prepared soups.
On the beginning of 2004 in Russia constantly had roughly more 4 million Chinese.

The number of elevators, service people its term, accounts for in Moscow 36%, in Petersburg 49%.
In Moscow ???????????? 257 public (giveaway) latrines, in St. Petersburg - 275, camping on E. One toilet on 25.000 inhabitants, not believing tourists. And all they are closed in seven the evening. In ancient Rome was 144 public toilets.

According to a sitting GOST-R-50597 – 93 point 3.1.2. Marginal size individual prosadok, WENT and camping on P. Damage zv parts of streets and roads should not exceed on length of his 15 centimeters, width - 60 centimeters and conceals - 5 see "fossa" in half a meter - Russian standard!

According to Bureau Real Estate "Agent 002", the cost of building an Dam in elite flats in Moscow exceeds benchmark $109.000. Leading Zachatevskiy, Korobeynikov, Pure alleyways (subway sensitive to).
From 40 until 80 thousand USD in flats have stations subway "Park culture", "Polyanka (Moscow Metro)", "Arbat" and "Smolensk as." The cost of the most expensive apartment, from who sell in open sale in this moment, exceeds $22 million
On kilos gold in Moscow can be buy 4 square Dam housing.

In Russia, only officially registered:
- invalids - more 12.000.000
- alcoholics - above 4.580.000
- drug users - more 2.370.000
- mentally sick - 978.000
- sick Tuberculosis - about 890.000
- Hypertension - above 22.400.000 man,
- HIV infected - not less 1.740.000 people.

Russia ranks second in the world on spread of fake drugs.
87% medicines, realized through, readily available pharmacies, falsified or not fit the timing strangest. Usually, in pills nedokladyvayut active substances, either use "pacifiers" from chalk.
In Russia annually – is underway on ˆ300 million tampered medicines.

Roszdravnadzor began to work over twists in law "Oh Medicines means", authorize clinical trials drugs on children. According to now a sitting law, in Russia not are permitted clinical research impact medical drugs on teenage Thai.

In 2007 Russia sharply plunged in rankings index corruption, last international organization Transparency International. In the past year she borrowed 126’s place, and in this already 147’s from 180 seats and shares its position with Kenya, Syria and Bangladesh. In rankings Doing Today 2008 Russia on 106 place, overtaking only Tajikistan. On indicator "licensing, as condition-nation the conduct business" Russia on 177 from 178, surpassing only to Eritrea.

Real level of corruption in Russia surpasses effect from development economy. And easier not will, camping on K. For 2006 organs legislative power rose on 2 percent, judicial on 3.8 percent, and apparatus executive power expanded on 20.4 percent. Federal service on Veterinary and fitosanitarnomu control grew for year in 176 times with 116 until 20.469 people. Number staff prosecutors trades abroad has increased on 2.000 people. "NHTSA" grew by 1.4% - on the end of the year in it worked 23.796 people.

On 1 January 2008 External debt Russia rose on 38.7% reaching $550,1 billion That equally to that zolotovalyutnykh reserves countries.
Stabilization Fund trades abroad, which then stood at on 1 January 2008 $156,81 billion, ceased their existence in ties with transformation in Fed acted Fund (for financing current commitments budget under the fall in oil prices) and the Fund national welfare (for ensure future generations).
Means both funds stationed in foreign assets. Mostly in the US.
Public the oil Fund Norway on the beginning of 2006 comprised $220 billion

With 1991 to 2008 year net capital outflows from Russia, averaged not less $2 trillion.
In 2005 this figure amounted to $14.8 billion compared with $9.2 billion in 2002.
For the first) 2007 from Russia abroad took about $16 billion
In I quarter 2008 outflow averaged $has 22.8 billion, in II quarter about $25 billion
For III quarter 2008 - $41,7 billion, in October - about $50 billion

Despite the, that bank contributions now bring in the best case 12% income in year, 20% population housed their savings precisely in banks. 16% citizens hold money under mattress, and more 60% population not have savings at all. The average per capita income in February this year stood at just 8.092 ruble.

Volume of sales vodka in wrinkles (212 million Agriculture) in 2006 proved on 57% more volume of, legally otgruzhennogo factories (135 million Agriculture), excise taxes on ethyl alcohol actually just on 84,6%

In Moscow open the first in Russia the drunk tank for toddlers-winos – detsko-new narkologicheskoe stationary separate on base narkologicheskogo dispanseri # 12. Every clock in country from use heroin die 82 human fighting-age, in year - 30.000 people.

International Sociological company GlobeScan interviewed 39.435 people in 33 countries. Proves a high the least popular in world countries championed the Iran, the US and Russia.
From all countries world the least popular Russia in Finland (65% negative assessments), France (62%), Poland (56%) and Britain (50%).
Best to Russia belong in Nigeria (55% respondents).

In representation Russians there is no nor one country in world, that would they decides with no possible appeal regarded their other. "Friends" trades abroad, according to Russians, were on the ground in the list the next way: Belarus - 38%, Kazakhstan - 23%, China - 14%, Germany - 13%, France - 11%, India - 4%, Venezuela - 4%, the US - 3%, there is no allies - 12%.

In 2004, every 15 th house, sold in London, bought Russians.
According to a study Knight Frank, in 2000 Russians bought homes and apartment in of England on amount, greater than the & # 163 ;9 3 million, in 2004 sum has grown to & # 163 ;3 96 million In 2006 they spent & # 163 ;7 99 million, bringing totaling, if considered with 2000, until & # 163 ;2, 2 billion Real estate, shoe sold less than for & # 163 ;1 million, not invoiced.
In 2005-2008 housing in Britain acquired 180,000 Russians. (He '’ s Yard Realty)

Privileges popularly elected deputies, in including use about 400 thousands of cars after all, are priced in amount about 1.5 billion ?.
On 2009 year State Duma on current spending earmarked 5 billion Br

In Russia there is above 160 supervisory organs, which can come for you with a test of. Part of of them (agencies, FSB, MVD, customs), have the right xenophobic and to investigate criminal affairs and engage operationally-search activityV » activities.

In Russia the annual volumes of bribes in courts reach 210 million dollars. Russia ranks 43 place on corruption perceptions judicial system. Such performance have Venezuela, Chile, Congo, Morocco and Senegal. Courts occupy ADR place in rankings corruption industries. Worse deal, consider world only with many universities ,-free laborers medical help, call on only years service and crunch therewith.
Russians annually give until 3 billion bribes in different instances.
About 25% Russians interested in preserving corruption perceptions society.
Span bribes is determined by a common sum game claims on officially exhilarated Criminal Affairs government’balances CC trades abroad.

In Russia consist on accounting more 1,000 criminal bosses, in including about 200 so-called, "thieves in law." More just "lowers has" contain in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Moscow, Leningrad and Tverskaya areas, Krasnodar and Stavropol'skiy edges.

According to Department of own security MVD Russia, for I quarter 2009 employees militias was introduced manufacture some wrongdoing - this on 18% more, than for an analogous period in 2008. About 35% crimes, committed militiamen - all ordinary, in primarily, predations and killings.

In 2008 remain missing 50.000 man, and MVD recent three years sekretilo similar information. Number of such crimes in 3 times exceeds a similar statistics in the US and in 19-20 times countries EU. "

Criminal actions officials customs SZTU for 8 months 2008 have dealt the damage interests state in size 76 million Rubles, for 2007 year the damage was estimated at size 113 million Rubles. For 9 months 2008 directed in organs prosecutors 207 materials, brought 139 criminal affairs.

11.11.2008g chief of IDF Chief of trades abroad General Nikolai Makarov signed services directive "Oh prevention disclosure data about reforming of trades abroad."
Document prohibits the spread of any data about the course reforms, emerging problems and, importantly, about mood in 26s.
And somehow can be mood, if in a result reforms only in Diplomatic 26s to 2012 the number of parts of and sequences will be reduced with 1890 until 172. 's officer Corps will shrink with 315.000 until 150,000 man, and a high with 1.886 until 900 people.
Apparatus of Ministry of Defence of will be reduced in 2.5 times, mop up institution senior-praporshchik and's midshipmen (170,000 cel), and 65 military VNZ pereformiruyut in 10 testing-scientific centers.
Can be because 87% officers the Russian army openly neloyalny to power.

In Russian armed forces serve above 2.000 sudimykh officers.
In 2015 most soldiers and officers Russian army will Muslims.
There are grounds to believe, that in the short term the groundwork of trades abroad will total hired lighter, main task which will struggle not with external threats, and with internal. Of trades abroad risk to purchase exclusively policemen functions.

With 1994 felt a new technology in troops ADIZ stops and until 2007 not restart into the. So ADIZ countries long wears focal character, providing cover only some the most important facilities. In it those huge "holes", the biggest of which – between Khabarovsk and Irkytsk (about ?3,400 kilometers). Even not all missile command a division Raketnye voyska strategicheskogo naznacheniya some ground ADIZ, in particular this applies to 7 th, 14 th, 28 th, 35 th, 54 th not appropriate5. Not protected from strikes with air such centers Russian OPK, as Perm, goods, Vladimir, the Bottom Novgorod, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Tula, crucial.
That concerns "services they like or dislike" Russian ADIZ Since-400, then until their ???????????? just two division. This not ????? for a reliable cover even such countries as Serbia.

For period with 2000 to 2007 year yourself The nuclear Forces trades abroad have lost 405 carriers and 2.498 weapons now. Tons 27 missiles, camping on E. More than in 3 times less, than for "Wild Fangirl" 1990’s, and 1 (one) TU-160, camping on E. In 7 times less, than in 1990’s.
With 1960’s many artillery DOS and ND² not have written the nor one a new amp; D, nor in the stemmed artillery, nor in missile sphere, nor in and operation.
98th for January 2008, on spyware removal – was perched 48 missiles "Topol-M" rose and 6 mobile carriers. "Topol-M" (index 15Zh65, code START RS-2UTTH Topol-M, on classifications NATO - SS-27 k B1.

In 2009 from 238 per person employer-provided military polygons liquidated 131 academic center various species and childbirth troops. Under this number personal the composition of survivors of polygons and educational centers reduced half.

One kit a new of the army forms from and talented costs under DoD oversight in 50.000 Br Uniforms from this kit is worth 12,000 rub, and for the usual go up like a tie Russian taxpayer urgent when just 600 rubles.
Plants NATO ,-equipped modern means governance, ties and navigation, surpasses on Fighting efficiency modern Russian he passed training, built on patterns 1980’s, more than in 3 times.

Agriculture and cleaning the in building IDF Chief II head firm "bis." Common costs on care buildings comprise 18 million from the lady rub / month, increasing over the past 3 year in fourteen times.

On the clarion opportunities Navy trades abroad in 2002 means "foreign flotam:
On It – the Swedish fleet in 2 times, themes that – in 2 times, German – in 4 times;
On the Black Sea – the Turkish in 3 times;
Fleet the US – in 20 times, fleet of England – in 7 times, fleet France – in 6 times.
By 2015 in the composition of the Navy Russia persist not more 60 the U-boats and ships 1 and 2 class (on 15 on Fleet), and almost all – outdated samples. To this same time Fleet the US must increase until 300 ships these same classes.

Over the past 10 years Navy Sea Flot Russia contracted on 60%:
From 62 atomic submarine boats with BR remained 12
From 32 manned guard ships remained 5
From 17 Woolworths aircraft carrier combat ships remained 9, in authoritarianism only 3.

98th in Czechoslovak November 2007 Navy marine Fleet trades abroad has:
1 aircraft cruiser
2 dire missile cruiser, of them 1 in great need of repair
4 missile cruiser
9 destroyers, of them 4 in great need of repair
9 big anti-submarine patrols ships
31 small ASW ship
14 small missile boats
51 minesweeper
20 big singers ships
21 small the period ship
15 from diesel submarine boats
10 SMNG devices.
However, to safeguard gas pipelines - this even many.

Minister transport Igor Levitin supported initiative Petersburg officials on repurposing berths "Baltic a plant", leading naval enterprises Northwest Russia, under cruise court and yachts.
Territory a plant (64 Ga on Vasilyevsky the island) will take an elite business quarter.

Russia not managed fulfill Made to Order China on 38 transport aircraft IL-76 and aircraft-projects, IL-78. In this same year Algeria turned over Russia 10 purchased she has fighter jets MiG-29 from-for their low-quality.
Novelty Russian nanoaviatekhnologiy, a fighter Su-35, just modification model Su-27, which already more 20 years, and to compare its with the latest very best fighter by the US F-22 Raptor aircraft, as least, incorrect approach.

Ten aircraft MiG-29 will turned over to Lebanese Air Force gratuitously, told director of Federal services on naval technical Cooperation Mikhail Dmitriev. Before sending planes will be repaired and modernized until the export levels. The cost of one “MiGa ” in export version $30-35 million

Another blow to Russian exports weapons became electoral loss tender on supplies in Brazil 35 fighter jets Su-35 and four from diesel submarine boats. If would the tender was OMEX, Russia received would about $4 billion and in top 50 regional aircraft Embraer. Brazil has chosen conclude agreement with France.
From 1800 combat aircraft still Soviet production, challenges on weapons Air Force Russia, 1,200 aircraft not can fly and need in Customers great need of repair.

Have many pilots’Air Force Russia “go nedotyagivaet even until minimum norms: In average 50 hours in year (8.5 minutes in day), instead 120 (20 minutes in day).
Crash-lands on territory Lithuania in September 2005 on Su-27 Major Troyan’s had annual “go 14 hours, he has strayed with appreciation due to lack of AP practice.
In aviation soon not be neither one pilot-the sniper, almost there is no the 1 th class. Through 10 years will remain only eee 3 th class in age 37-40 years.
Two years ago kursantu some kind of flight Performance from these on clock on increasingly-pro-increasingly was 50 rubles. Of interest-lover MVD - 130 rubles.

Decree President Russia # 883 from 25.08.1995 year helicopter Ka-50 "the Black, scarfs" was adopted on weaponry and vypuschyon in numbers 5 (five) units. GOSPROGRAMMA arms envisages procurement before 2015 12 helicopters "the Black, scarfs", which will added to 3 (three), the available in 26s.
(On CFE only to west from Urals trades abroad can have 855 shock helicopters).
Just on weapons Air Force Russia consists about 300 MiG-29.
The share of modern arms and technology in army trades abroad accounts for today about 10%.

Above 35% on parts of budget Russia spends on military departments and ministries. Under complete absence of vnyatnoy military doctrine. 40% military budget (about one trillion rubles in 2008) razvorovyvaetsya. In 2005, in military sphere, revealed leaders use budgetary funds in size 19 billion Br With 2006 data, on anyone case, are kept secret.

Leaders some defense enterprises sometimes refuse from defense invoicing because, that "roll" not leaves caaiao funds even on-.
Can be so over the past 7 years army received only 114 new tanks T-90, 20 new aircraft SU-27, 6 modernized SU-25 and 3 plane-made Tupolev-160 (1 a new and 2 modernized).
The average the speed processing details on many dealers FVC in Russia - 2.500 gather steam; in minute, in the US - from 30 until 50 thousands of. High speed word processing refractory alloys - until 400.000 gather steam; in minute.
Every satellite "lift" roughly on-third consists of of imported price commodities.
Control the station "lift" in podmoskovnom Korolyov, Moscow Oblast under five simultaneously visible satellites could not determine own location.

Of Ministry of Defence of plans to increase retirement age for senior officers. Lieutenant colonel will stray on Honoured recreation not in 45 current, and in 50 years, colonels - in 55, generals - after 60.

Service on call costs parents soldiers in heavily money. In parts of already worked out cosmogonies the tariff: Leave permit 1 – 2 thousand Rubles, entry in part of – 50 rubles, plus 500 – 800 rubles in month, to "grandfathers" not beaten.
Before parents conscripts comes a daunting choice: Pay 5.000 dollars, to buy off from army, or spend more 10.000 on the very service, yes still with the risk losing health son.

Russia scrapped debt Libya in the sum $4.5 billion Were previously written down debts Afghanistan on $11,6 billion and Iraq on amount $12 billion
President Iraq Jalal Talabani welcomed this decision leadership Russia.

Finance ministers Russia and Armenia - A. Kudrin and T. Davtyan signed agreement about providing to Yerevan 15-year-old credit on $500 million
Russia will allocate Mongolia credit in $300 million on needs agriculture.
Abkhazia and South Ossetia will receive financial assistance in size 5.2 billion rubles.
Russia will provide Kirghizia public credit in $2 billion.
Russia will have Kirghizia grant financial assistance in size $150 million
Kirghizstan and Russia negotiators have settled question relief indebtedness Bishkek before Moscow in fledged $180 million Russia will be given the building in Bishkek under cultural center.

Russia placed control China parts of many island territories on River Amur River (174 square Kilometers). "Contrary view skeptics, Russia not drift no territorial losses in a result this act goodwill in respect China. Contrary, in his basis of lie pragmatic considerations and long-term interests Moscow. "
(Quote from press release foreign ministry trades abroad)

In Russia China bought and mastered 80.400 Ga agricultural land (the price deals - $21.4 million). And although foreign owners Russian land strive to especially not flaunt to its activities, known, that among them Swedish investment Fund Black Earth offererd (through Russian company “Agro-Invest ” controls order 300.000 Ga),, Swedish same company Alpcot agro (has invested more in Russia $230 million and controls more 490.000 Ga), company" appearing Agro-Pro "with the participation Israeli, American, British capital (controls 150,000 Ga). Moreover, the Danish TRIGON Agri acquired in recent two years in Russia 121.000 Ga.

But, review to population. Russia has put used on demographics.
Conduct details analysis demographic situation and understand reasons declining fertility impossible: With 1997 to this day not restored collection the most basis statistical indicators.
In 79 Russian regions fertility declined, in 60 grew mortality.
In Russia 8 million abortion in year, and a half percent of them – on later timing.
90 thousands of! - a host city children, killed for money.

Expectancy life Russian men accounts for 59 years, women at grading even 4000m2 as well as until 72. Still in 2001 Russia borrowed 100’s place on life expectancy, already then hopelessly stroke from tens of developed countries world: Russians men were dying on 15-19 years before, and women on 7-12 years. Now same we succumbed on "respectable" 122 place in world to countries such, as Guyana and North Korea, that not surprising under an average wage in 6.593 rub in month and official prozhitochnom minimal in 4.646 rub, for pensioners 3.694 rub, for children – 4.448 Br The number of Russian souls with-income below this level accounts for 42.200.000.

Consumer basket of in Russia consists of 407 products and services, in of England - 650. The cost of minimum food basket in the capital amounted to 1.819,6 Br In St. Petersburg 1.647,2 Br Cheaper just life in Tatarstan 1.277,8 Br And the Chuvash Republic - 1.295,7 Br, more expensive just on Chukotka – 4.990,1 Br
Minimal the size of the pay labor (minimum-wage job) with 1 September widened with 1.100 rub until 2 rub / mo, with 1 January 2009 until 4.330 rub / mo. On assessing Ministry of Finance, a decent wage working-human in 2011 will total 5.238 rubles.

Social guidelines jobless refugee in countries EU is about ˆ800.
23 member rule Sberbank’s on the results of 2008 received in the form of bonus 934 million Br

Minister regional development Russia Vladimir Yakovlev believes, that migratsionno-demographic the situation in country on level conuses withdrew at first plan. "In country soon with will work. Until 60% Russians – this old men, children and people with disabilities. From 20 million men working-age roughly 1 million is serving a conclusion for various crimes, 4 million serve in systems MVD, Ministry of Emergency Situations and FSB. Still 4 million – chronic alcoholics, and 1 million – addicts "- declared Yakovlev. Minister added, that a man’s mortality in Russia in 4 times exceeds female. "Now losses healthy men there with losses the USSR in the years Great Patriotic war", - believes Yakovlev.

According to amendments "of Rosgosstrakh", in Russia annual income more $1 million have 160 thousands of man, and 440 thousands of families have annual income more $100 thousands of.

About 2 million children in age until 14 years beaten, parents, that for many ends death. 50.000 children slip away from homes, Chrysomallos from family violence, and 7,000 become victims of sexual crimes.
And still: In Russia officially recorded more 2 million Orphans. Only in Petersburg annually emerge about 3.000 new orphans.

Number of crimes sexual character in respect teenage Thai has increased in 'times. In 2003 were registered 129 such facts, in 2007 - more 3.000. In 2007 in country died 2.500 teenage Thai, and in respect 70.500 teenagers were committed crimes violent character. In Prosecutor trades abroad declared, that in 2007 in respect children was achieved 161.000 crimes, 2.500 children died.

In the number of prisoners on 100 thousands of population Russia ranks second in the world (605) after the US (710). Forth follow Kazakhstan (598) and Belarus (505).

According to quiet, every year 180,000 man in Russia die "for reasons, associated with impact harmful and dangerous manufacturing factors", more then 200.000 man receive trauma on production, reported murders 10 thousands of cases professional diseases, more 14.000 man become disabled. Losses from unfavorable conditions labor annually comprise 4% from GDP.

Every minute in Russia dies 5 man, and is born only 3. T. E., mortality exceeds fertility in average in 1.7 times, and in individual regions in 2-3 times.
Now on 100 women child-bearing age account for 124 child, then as for simple numerical reparation generations needs 215 children.

In Russia 30% children are born outside marriage. Ten years ago outside marriage’s population was born 14,6% children, and to 2003 this figure has increased doubled.
Amusing detail: In Russia married women on 65 thousands of more, than married men. On poll Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 60% Russians not have children and not are planning sprout they.

Annually Russia loses on population whole area roughly equal Pskov, republic type Karelia or large city, such as Krasnodar.
For furnished 10 years on 40% decreased population on Far East and on 60% on Kraynem North. In Siberia for recent years some yearning will villages and 290 cities.
Mortality only from cardiovascular diseases and diseases system blood circulation exceeds 1.400.000 people.
Eezhegodno on reason use tobacco in Russia dies around 270.000. Smoke almost 70% men and more 30% women.
In Russia 26,000 children not will be approaching death until 10 years, daily dies 50 babies, 70% of them in maternity homes.

Substations "the emergency aid" in Ulianovsk are on the brink of catastrophe: Machines zapravlyayutsya in credit, 70% cars completely worn-out. In Eastern Europe Niko Nusmeier from-for the late arrival brigades monthly die 50-60 sick, and, in Volodymyrska Street area Callers openly proclaim: "We to people older 70 years not we leave."

Roszdrav plans to to dissolve on outpatient treatment, camping on E. On homes network provides "socially benign" of mentally disabled. Militia is preparing for of adding work.

Kindle offers abolish part of articles CC, which calls responsibility doctors for negligence. Annually from Yanovsky mistakes in Russia dies 50.000 man, reports public institution "the League protection patients." Under this prove in court layman mistake virtually impossible. In Russia paying labor doctors, middle and younger medical stuff numbers - thelowest in world, the share of erroneous and invariably false diagnoses – - the most high in world.

Every fifth capital the private medical center puts their patients invariably false diagnoses, with those to then to appoint costly treatment.
In average doctors receive order 10% the sums, that patient left in the clinic.

However, Russia’s population steadily is declining not only expense of "natural go population", as delicately are expressed officials.

According to General Prosecution, real level of crime in Russia in 3 times higher statistical. In 2004 remained never resolved 1.000.246 crimes, in including 5.635 assassinations.
For reasons criminal character annually withdraws from life above 150,000 people. (The official statistics MVD)
In road traffic transport the building of, which in Russia in the past year happened 189.000, annually 2003 about 350,000 man, the number of Wounded exceeds 215.000.

New form of MVD would cost in 34,000 judgment Br For kit, that doubled more expensive, than the current it policemen. Collaborators domestic troops instead green would gain fatigues pan-blue color of. Adequate forms will address Saint Petersburg, Russia (factory of overalls "seksizmom", balance ex-the head brewing companies "sun in Sevastopol..." Taymurazu Bolloevu. Just yet to change of clothes-third state staff MVD - about 870 thousands of people. The total the price issue 29.580.000.000 Br
10 million elders’could would obtain allergy (an increase in size average pensions.

The share of imports on Russian market clothing - more 95%.
Output growth in Russia such is, that extraction coal today “reach ” level of 1957 year, on production economy cars - 1937 Propulsion, combines - 1933, tractors - 1931g., wagons and tissue - 1910 Propulsion, shoes - 1900
Aviatransportom before used 97% population, now only 3%.
Span postal mailings Russians contracted in 20 times.

With a book value 1 kilometers roundabout Sommacampagna in St. Petersburg – $8.7 million
The price 1 kilometers road "Scandinavia" in district Helsinki – $3.4 million

Capture terrorists theatre complex in Moscow, on Dubrovka Theater, lasted 57 hours. In direct live all teleradiokanalov.
From 912 hostages 48 died in the course stormed, 73 have died in on buses and waiting room Apartments of hospitals from absence of medical aid and antidote.
For assault on "Nord-Ost’was in Moscow" was production 57 rewards, in particular 5 destined Hero of Russia.
On one the Star received fighters groups "Alpha" and "VYMPEL", told in operations.
On the Star inherited leaders operations generals FSB W. Pronichevu and A. Tikhonov.
Fifth star in received chemist, has succumbed to gas in body, captured by the building.
Order was Guts received Joseph Iosif Kobzon (artist pop stars).
50’signs "Nord-saluting" received Members Governments Moscow.
With formulation: "For an empathy."

According to Ministry of Emergency Situations, annually in Russia is happening about 300.000 fires, under which of Iraqis about 20.000 man, receive injured above 12,000. Daily material damage accounts for in average 17.2 million rubles.
Not less 40,000 man annually dies from use low-quality alcohol.

Every actor trades abroad owes have financial and material reserves, used under eliminating consequences emergencies: Rescue-rescue works, location and nutrition affected, pay ?? aid and camping on P.
Such reserves there are in 83 subjects trades abroad, except Republic Tuva and the Moscow area. Overall volume of material reserves today accounts for 5,397 billion Br (85,5% from norms). In average on everyone Eurasian from him account for 37,95 Br
The most highest rate in Chukotka JSC - 11.772 Br, worse just performance in of Ulyanovsk area - 2,62 Br
Only 9 actors trades abroad possess today "sized" material reserves per capita in size above 130 rubles.
Volume of financial resources, earmarked for eliminating emergencies in a whole on trades abroad, today accounts for 11,37 billion Br T. E. On everyone Eurasian account for in average 79,95 Br Biggest performance in Chukotka JSC (1386,58 rub, Moscow (519,51 Br) and St. Petersburg (273,45 Br In Saratov area he accounts for 0,39 Br On one person. A keymap across regions

On territory Russia reside from 12 until 14 million foreign citizens, of which above 8.8 million not have legal status. In the last time the situation with inflows illegal migrants has a positive trend, by buying status public policy compensation depopulation. Under this in country ???????????? above 6 million own citizens, not expedited work and above 4 million homeless.

State program was solution.National, give opportunity to return on homeland from-and its own neighborhood 300.000 people. ????, 50.000 - in 2007, and 100.000 and 150,000 - in 2008 and 2009. Under project was allocated from public budget 4.5 billion rubles, plus were used means regions, participating in program. On today’s day consumed 252,3 million rubles.
Outcome - in 2007 in Russia will have moved just 400 compatriots.

Russia ranks first in world on number of smokers children and teenagers.
According to World Health Organization, 33% children and teenagers in Russia are permanent QSM has improved algorithms and to banking community already suffer serious chronic medical conditions diseases. Annually in Russia about 30.000 young people Palestinians from drug addiction. Span consumed heroin in Russia is about 300 tons in year, this $12 billion

On maximum assessment of 100 key Patriotic gosekzamen loss 496 man, that accounts for 0.05% from 830.415 students, Year Examination.
Two million Russian teenagers not are at to read.

Subject "Russian literature" excluded from the list of mandatory hyphenated Single public exam (Examination). Now graduates average schools can surrender his voluntarily. This decision governments well fits state lines on derusifikatsiyu Russian Federation and introduction is compatible with cancelation of spaces "nationality" in passport. Of course, no one ganged not gonna make "surrender", and all the more to read be phased into the domestic literature, but "to keeping it casual" Pushkin and Tolstoy in principle denoting "to keeping it casual" Russian culture at all.
Yes and why she obkhodchiku oil pipeline "British Petroleum."

In respect 186 executives Russian educational institutions surveyed aroused or stimulated criminal affairs. Called to responsibility eight responsible secretaries and members 7 foster commissions, seven rectors of, one and of decanes, 18 professors and associate professors, the 153 director, deputy director and teacher educational institutions surveyed. Just in the course operations revealed 3.535 crimes, in including - 1.438 on facts officials crimes. Brought Flintstones criminal affairs on facts graft, 869 – on facts stealing and’s General use of budgetary funds. Sum material damage climbed to more 100 million Br
According to UNESCO, for 2007 year sum bribes in sphere higher education in Russia reached 520 million Dollars.

Over the past 35 years from Russia left about 35 million people. (Data foreign ministry trades abroad)
Legally entered in country 3 million people. Mostly, from republics former the USSR.
Annually, within immigration programs and reception refugees from Russia leave above 100.000 people.

Russia ranks third in world after Iraq and Somalia on number of unification submitted its citizens applying about providing refuge abroad.
In 2008 with such requests turned 20.477 Russians - on 9% more than in 2007
Most often Russians have sought refuge in Poland (6647 man), France (there), Austria (3436), Belgium (1615), Norway (believed), Sweden (933).
In the list the most attractive for refugees countries Russia is worth on 19 st place.
Under this in Russia for status refugee in 2008 turned 3.970 foreigners.

Russia ranks 3 place in world on number of scientific workers on 1 million population – 3.494 people. Best performance only have Norway – 4.377 and Sweden – 5.186.
Estimates that experts, about 20.000 Russian scientists work on EU countries, remaining full-time employees Russia’s public scientific institutions, for the most part "closed."
Allocations on scientific research and development comprise 1% from domestic national product trades abroad.

According to poll Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 69% Russians not enjoy Internet quite. Only 11% surveyed enjoy Internet daily. Times in week connects to World web comrades only 9% respondents, have had one - 3%.
Active users networks the Internet in Russia on 1 thousand Population – 66,125 N human, in Sweden – 573,1. On Jamaica – 228,4.
80% Internet traffic in Runet - this downloading pornography. The share of spam in podala traffic data, 1S exceeds 85%. According to McAfee 6% sites, 1S are dangerous for visits. PC Tools estimates, that on share of trades abroad account for 27,89% from the global volume of spread of viruses.
Saturation population countries noted computers accounts for 15%.

Russia presided "black list" dangerous for be countries. Flights with civilian aircraft in Russia and CIS countries end the disasters doubled more often, than in Africa, and in 13 times more often, than in average on world.

Russian civil aircraft more than in three times has reduced volume of the airline and in tens of times – issuance civilian aircraft. In period with 2003 to 2005 year in Russia annually done from 11 until 18 civilian aircraft all types of. Meanwhile the American company Boeing and European Airbus produce each on 350 – 400 machines annually.
With 1953, with nations "Aeroflot" happened in a common complexity 127 catastrophes and small accidents ,-judicial life 6.895 man, in including 20 random people on earth.

Index development human potential (Human Development Index) – this integralnyy figure, with his help is determined by level of development countries.
In this rankings Russia ranks 73’s place from 180 with indicator of 0,806, going straight between Ecuador and Flavius Tiberius Mauricius.

A subsidiary venture RAO Gazprom "Gazprom-Media" owns kontrolnimi packages shares broadcasting companies NTV, TNT, "NTV-Plus", "NTV-Mir" and "NTV-America", radio stations "Echo Moscow", "Radio-"," First the popular radio "," Until-Radio "," Sport-FM ", publishing homes" Seven days "and yearly them magazines, newspapers" graceful beauty ", film company" NTV-Kino ", cinemas and advertising agencies" NTV-Media ", radio" Next ", by the newspaper" Proceedings ", Publishing House" Reunion, ", buys newspapers" Govsany truth "," Express-newspaper ", is leading negotiations about purchase site RuTube.
Central television networks give 90% prime-information TV content under affirmative news about power. Not less 80% Russian media controlled by power.
Advice Federation preparing amendments in law "Oh media", according to which all sites, on which go more 1,000 visitors in day, will be held to their means media and must will in have order be registered in as a media.

The cost of warrantless led and records dozens negotiations subscribers cell networks GSM accounts for from $1.000 until $2.000 for 24-hour record one numbers within a month. Chip for control 8 mobile phones is worth $200. Size push for led and records - not much more laptop.
Detect its work impossible.

The price of gasoline in commodity exporting countries oil:
Turkmenistan - 2 cent per liter
Venezuela - 3 cent per liter
Iran - 9 cents per liter
Saudi Arabia - 16 cents per liter
Importer of gasoline, the US - 63 cent per liter, including tax on vehicles.

International center quality fuels (IFQC) published rating 100 countries, vnedrivshikh standards diesel fuels with low maximum costs norms content sulphur. On purity diesel engine Russia took a 44’s place. According to experts, "diesel fuel, which in Russia command cars, not Felix Blumenfeld even for heating."

Timeline exhausting cost reserves on separate useful fossil not go beyond the 2013-2025 s, states in Summit Accounting houses of trades abroad on the results of auditing efficiency replacement rate mineral and-commodity base trades abroad in 2007
On share of Russia account for 5% world oil reserves and more 10% its production, more 30% world gas reserves and about 22% his production.
Cost of extracting Kuwait Stock oil - $4 a barrel, Russian - $14.

Almost the entire gas dobyvayuschiysya in the Yamal-Thai JSC (89% from just Inzhstal in Russia gas) passes through one district, where among relax tundra and agricultural forests small river Left flank Haetta where 17 swayed gas pipelines high pressure.
Local people from the favela Pangody call his very accordingly - "Cross."
Happened this on malicious evil plot, but stems, or on will avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, is unknown, but life 78% population Russia is in dependence from Alternatively size of 500 on 500 meters.
In case urges to submission, blow to geographic point trades abroad immediately same would cause catastrophe in electric power industry European parts of Russia (she on 80% depends on natural gas), would undermine a crucial article Monetary income and (if deal will winter) would cause demise from cold of hundreds of thousands of people, camping on K. With reversal heat power plants will stop and command heating in cities.
From the coast of the Arctic Ocean until Pangody slightly more 500 km.
For modern winged missiles - 15 minutes bombers.

President Russia Dmitri Medvedev dismissed from long list strategic nine Russian enterprises, including developer (Moscow institution heat technology) and producer missile-" Topol "and" mace of "(Votkinsky plant).

According to UN, population Yemen’s exceed Russia’s population to mid-twenty-first century.
However, under preserving current, result path development, Russia simply not need more 50 million people.

On assessing analysts Massachusetts a crisis center, to control territory Russia population less 50 million man impossible purely physically, camping on K. Cjsc settlement population density, in this case, will total less 2.9 man per square kilometer. For comparisons: Population density the US accounts for 26,97 chol. On square Km.
Given all reason, is not difficult suggest, that Russia can prove in this situation already through 3-5 years.

On forecast known expert-Washngton DC correspondent reports they always Brzezinski’s, Russia, as state, stops their existence to 2012.
Likely, Russia falls apart on 6-8 states. Cause of will become full wear industrial equipment, electric sector and zhitlovo-Communal spheres, mass unemployment, and also fall oil prices and as a consequence non-performance budget. New state will become zone instability and will divided on spheres of influence world leaders. About this states in report leading analytical centers, which is placed on site CIA the US.

Government approved forecast socio-economic development on 2009-2011 years.
For population Russia growth price should draft:
On natural gas - in 2009 - 25%, in 2010 30%, in 2011 - 40%;
Tariffs on electricity for population - every year will grow on 25%;
Thermal energy appreciates as much - in 2009 on 18.5%, in 2010 on 18%, in 2011 on 20%;
Growth OK / Afghan tariffs on passenger transportation in 2009 and at +%, in 2010 -12%, in 2011 14%.

Decision on country, obviously, adopted and it seems, adopted already long.
And, likely, so Russian policy so easily promise their voters all, that anywhere, but only through 10 years. After all, under today’s rate production, exploited reserves oil, uranium, copper, gold, will dry up in 2015, gas through 20-25 years, maximum. Will remain, mostly, wood. Here is, only, who his to saw will.

However, in Russia just 11.700.000 man have Moldavia.
In the past year abroad thru only 6% Russian population.

As reported Bureau census, for 2008 year population the United States America’s has increased on 2.743.429 man and by the early 2009 th reached 305.529.237 people.
Civilian population the US belongs around 270 million units Bahamian weapons, camping on E. On 100 inhabitants account for 90 "barrels“.
In Russia registered weapons there is until only have 9 man from 100.

Respondents have proposed choose from the list of events the most important.
On first place proved yet another Bride-divorce Pugachevoi, at the second - victory Russia in the war with Georgia, on third - sports successes-failures Russians.
Other events citizens Russia not interested.

37% Russians their favorite premier stage ProSieben consider Yevhen Petrosyan.

Calendar Indians Maya ends 21 December 2012.

If to garner in any, on your choice, search system key words:
"Russia ranks place in world",
Can be see, that is obtained realistically, software keeps and objectively.




In magazine “Profile ”published data, performance goals that characterize some performance development.

The number of the stray children – 3 million
Expectancy life have women – 72
Expectancy life in men – 59
Child mortality (number of deaths on 100 thousand Chol.) – 9.4
Number of of violent criminal crimes (on 100 thousand Man) – 230
Detsilnyy the rate (attitude aggregate income 10% the most rich to cumulative income 10% the most poor) – 20

The number of the stray children – 0
Expectancy life have women – 82
Expectancy life in men – 79
Child mortality (number of deaths on 100 thousand Chol.) – 4,28
Number of of violent criminal crimes (on 100 thousand Man) – 4, 8
Detsilnyy the rate (attitude aggregate income 10% the most rich to cumulative income 10% the most poor) – 11, 6

The number of the stray children – 11 million
Expectancy life have women – 71
Expectancy life in men – 66
Child mortality (number of deaths on 100 thousand Chol.) – 30
Number of of violent criminal crimes (on 100 thousand Man) – sustain a
Detsilnyy the rate (attitude aggregate income 10% the most rich to cumulative income 10% the most poor) – 28.6

The number of the stray children – 40 thousand
Expectancy life have women – 79
Expectancy life in men – 75
Child mortality (number of deaths on 100 thousand Chol.) – 4,51
Number of of violent criminal crimes (on 100 thousand Man) – 12, 08
Detsilnyy the rate (attitude aggregate income 10% the most rich to cumulative income 10% the most poor) – 9.3

The number of the stray children – 100 thousand
Expectancy life have women – 81
Expectancy life in men – 76
Child mortality (number of deaths on 100 thousand Chol.) – 6.2
Number of of violent criminal crimes (on 100 thousand Man) – 14, 06
Detsilnyy the rate (attitude aggregate income 10% the most rich to cumulative income 10% the most poor) – 13.8

The number of the stray children – 50 thousand
Expectancy life have women – 80
Expectancy life in men – 78
Child mortality (number of deaths on 100 thousand Chol.) – 2, 91
Number of of violent criminal crimes (on 100 thousand Man) – 11.3,
Detsilnyy the rate (attitude aggregate income 10% the most rich to cumulative income 10% the most poor) – 6.9

the US
The number of the stray children – 1.3 million
Expectancy life have women – 80
Expectancy life in men – 75
Child mortality (number of deaths on 100 thousand Chol.) – 6.4
Number of of violent criminal crimes (on 100 thousand Man) – 42.8
Detsilnyy the rate (attitude aggregate income 10% the most rich to cumulative income 10% the most poor) – 15,9

The number of the stray children – but / Afghan
Expectancy life have women – 80
Expectancy life in men – 74
Child mortality (number of deaths on 100 thousand Chol.) – 11,44
Number of of violent criminal crimes (on 100 thousand Man) – 5.7
Detsilnyy the rate (attitude aggregate income 10% the most rich to cumulative income 10% the most poor) – 12

The number of the stray children – but / Afghan
Expectancy life have women – 46
Expectancy life in men – 43
Child mortality (number of deaths on 100 thousand Chol.) – 23.6
Number of of violent criminal crimes (on 100 thousand Man) – but / Afghan
Detsilnyy the rate (attitude aggregate income 10% the most rich to cumulative income 10% the most poor) – 41,4

The most a spooky figure – this number of violent crimes on 10 thousand Population: In 5 times more better average. Very small life expectancy men are linked and with those, that they more often become victims of these crimes.

If recalculate number of the stray children on population size, then figure Russia will look quite poorly. But, of course, figures the US, too, not delights the. Simply the shame have so much the stray children in the most rich country world! Yes and crime have them not small. Apparently, this stems with those, that detsilnyy the rate have them, too, highly big: The, that rich take itself too many boon on population in a whole not acts. The inclusion of in list Ethiopia shows, that us there is, far grow. So that with continuing current trends life will become quite cheerful.


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