In light of two past posts pro America and Russian medicine, want write even a few words pro medicine American. Yes and pro patients American so same want say couple of words.

When revile medicine Russian, usually cite the, that here is in normal countries such terrible ??? there is no and here is lived would we all for the boss jock, there would quite another deal was. There and the sun brighter, and the grasses greener, yes and people made from test quite another kneading. Pro dough the, this close to truth. But not fact, that all that has the other material by definition better.

I at all something here not very long, as you know. For data correct, that my husband doctor, his senior brother, too, doctor, and another his brother works in medical industries as the manager. So as me at all curiosity decomposes history on subject, as here all pan out, I their Y been pumping pro work. Ah, pro the, as holistic addiction treatment methods, what complexity and all such. For starters I finally has found for themselves response to question about how, why same Dr. Cuddy holds at work Dr. House's. There is no ah he comical, is a clever but for work this OK ass. From him harm hospital more than from Hurricane Catherine. I it comes his here is for MRI the fractured bullets own hands strangled. And perishing pro prevents there risky procedures and diagnostic tests, I perishing vAAbsche I'll shut up. This for Russian hospitals too.

So here is, listen to.
Most expensive for American Dr. this has license and reputation. Sick many, and if here is a license have you cease, this at all extremely unpleasantly. Yes, that say, this bluntly Orthodox Church. Restore their extremely difficult. Yes truth and losing not so easily. Doctors Y avoid pressing moments associated with possible loss of licenses. In principle this cannot be say, that perishing task not from lung. First, on anyone case, on extreme, affected, super affected, the usual and even case nuclear war they have Protocol. Exactly this plan, on which doctor should act. If Dr. adheres to plan, then all will I'm cool with that. Because, that plan approved state structures, which exactly and bear for all responsibility eslichyo. Protocol not stone a table of the Testament, and change in light of new style leagues and teachings. And here is all know, that organizm pleasant thing complex, and case such the stunt Gold Fancies uneaten, that and think not big deal. That to do, if there is no Protocol on this case? Can be to risk its most expensive sake of patient, and then, if tickles, article pro this. However If you receded from Protocol, you likely will have to meet with Commission disciplinary that will solve, could you to risk or not. Even if patient alive and thanks for saving. Because, that if would patient died from own human ingenuity Dr., yes and even simply died, and imagination Dr. not helped, here hospital have to pay the bill seriously, times she has in walls such occupation troops's going on * * and doctors Th want the andre producing.

Likely, that actions recognize accurate, but can would still to fire not sitting nor on that, because, that Palace not very fostered by the. So most ??? not make heroic things. If Dr. goes from s operating and says, that all have done, but nothing not helped, then most likely he has in mind, that all Protocols were used, and other have them not was. But not frightened, expensive citizens, have them very many protocols, so that the American medicine without tall tales, of course on this stage, but with his task successfully mismanaged. Have them even there is Protocol in case, that to do, if there is no Protocol.

Of course, not all so badly, if have you there is ideas, as treat ailing, you can this agrumentirovano prove, that your actions justified, then can this all talk outline governmental superiors prior and likely it will give good. But under this, hospital appears already Takes responsibility on themselves for possible new. And naturally the patient or his representative all available explains and those sign the consensus, about how, that he agree on possible risk. However not have all patients there is time wait the end of the all formalities. Want be noted, that options, refused, from signature
After, as have made procedure there not purple prose is fine. Signed, means signed. Thus, others. Made, to be sure, for Cuddy was finding, because, that acted contrary rules and sometimes faster needed formalities, that often all resisted on favor.

If you think, that in American medicine all for you, only should fingers click, alas this far not so. That would receive treatment, then needs have insurance, and from moreover, what you have insurance, will depend the health of the volume of aid, which you will have. Everything else ones, that I, for your expense under signature. Not want to pay? Welcome to the hospital for poor, where you arrive at minimal medical care. However and nuclearization hospitals highly and highly a subpar, ah and contingent, too, leaves much to be desired. And no scores. Like it or in another hospital, Buy another insurance. Ah and of course such slapjack, that and not go whether me in polyclinic, to Dr. me personally pressure try that in, there not very well understood. Not of course can be, but on figs for this money to pay, cheaper very homes, own tonometrom. And pay for this will have, as for fully-fledged reception. Options big deal pressure try that in, work what! there not purple prose is fine. You are you doing sitting time Dr., this is worth money.

If you that our doctors themselves above lead Ha. American doctors this vaasche gods. Have all very serious faces, and even for leisure, he understands, that he Dr., not so, skank's what. On question about how, for example to tell, as there under what disease that is happening, you likely hear politely, that for order to understand disease, need long learn, in the American a medical engineering, and so to explain very long, so, simply robt what I you say and not think many.

American Dr. nothing not will make simply so. Here deal not in money, which, too, esseno not the last deal, and in the chilling word mispraktik. I.e. rudely speaking negligence. Truth sounds talk Any negligence Super. On fact, call girlfriend who-a doctor and ask, what me from temperature drinks paracetamol or nuys, not gonna fly. This negligence to lend recommendations on the telephone. And such moment type, not write whether anything for sleep on friendship (ah that you zhmotishsya two sink all dropped in prescription) or here is watch that there for a bump on drawn leapt up, jumped, this at all beyond the limits. Like it or Council, Come are always in a clinic, here you all will.

In a whole doctor feels in transmission of confidently, because, that need not every day on workplace invent the bicycle from natural materials. If hospital appears not has equipping payments level doctor, then he simply in it not works. Not turned the other cheek.. No surprises in terms of legislation their not warns, yes and the right in area medicine here polished good numerous claims sutyazhnykh patients. Hospital appears, typically, has good experienced lawyer. Precisely practitioner, not a pregnant niece chief doctor, okonchivshuyu 2 appreciation Correspondence legal Institute cities Zadripinska, and korotayuschuyu time until parental work with fashion magazine Cosmopolitan on workplace. There is union and professional associations, which realistically defend rights doctor.
Disciplinary Commission are being created for debriefing precedents and improvements work institutions, not for search boy for both.

Patients here quite, too, other. They in the main most part very otvetsvenno belong to its health and life. Immediately Id say, that they have several very valuable qualities. First, have them often otsustvuet pull to at and not Turkey should lying stops right now. Yes, patients, everywhere patients. And they can to lie, as spoke others. Made, but if on i.e. rather a weighty the reason, or they mentally sick unto death. What is rather a weighty the reason? This if patient made something the wrong, illegal and this severed disease or her deterioration in. Or patient can does, if his disease can lead to VL 1000 or his firing with work. For example, director of schools has entered the link with as a teacher and reportedly contracted from it HIV. I you not will convey, how long I explained people situation, when patient comes to doctor, receives recommendations to drink pills, not sipping their, and then comes with grievance, Dr.-me-not-better. Local people not can understand, why this need, and try to find logic in actions patient. Them not understandable, why you southern to doctor, whose recommendations not going to fulfill; why you agree in office Dr. to accept drugs, which on fact you not like it or to drink, and which not trust; why you then southern to doctor with pretensions about bad so grateful, if you not hosted drugs. And the fact, that people's sitting on some still have us 2-'s hours waiting lists for this parade-allez, at all higher their understanding of.

Second, sick very active in his disease. They create society, committees, groups support and camping on P. Moreover they actively ask about their health and promoters proclaim--and early identifying symptoms, new methods treatment. Many Oregon research in area disease. Under this they well realistically recognize, that for them this already not in aid, but make this sake of those who became ill then. Many voluntarily agree in involvement in clinical experimentation. ???? this is done, as the normal, without edge and wickedness of. Modicum society and capitalist, but there very is rife charity, with not only among rich people. Many come tinker in clinics volunteers, help sick, only on the grounds, that this humane thing to do, that themselves were would are happy, if in disease their supported other people.

Third, patients not tryndyat about atrocities doctors, because, that if you not can prove these atrocities, then easily can be to answer for bazaar before the court for libel. Naturally no uvazhayuschaya themselves newspaper not will write simply rumors and calls for speculation, and so same gryazeizliyaniya, without moreover, to not make sure, that atrocities had place. If suddenly this proves not so, as laid out resentful patient, then for newspapers this may be fraught with. Moreover, if in court bent or broken, that patient Kakbe . Priurkrasil facts, not irrespective the from stimulating reasons, of mourning, joy, artistic background nature get fined. Mm still and from above, that mother-not-sound so glum-on-most-nowhere, to henceforth was get message borrow serious organizations, as Court. There is no, people here in a legal battle often. And even, as all known, on quite stupid right reasons, and even gain, but here is if judge overborrow on lies this not there is well. Yes and in a whole here such not very adopted, simply so, on sheepish souls to pour over someone dirt in household cleansers. Not from what people passive. Simply its discontent can be express utterly normal legitimate by, not partizanschinoy and popular insurrections in FaceBook.

In quarters, parents or trustees, which did not act turned to a doctor with sick child or UNHCR, that severed heavy disease, and all the more death, can have very serious trouble with law. T. E. Dose the pneumonia homes grass and priparkami urine to pyatkam, and there let's see, and then doctors killer there is no, this focus, too, not't. Himself themselves can than like it or treat, and here is first, whether kind, as been paved.
So that guys we other inherently. Country, in which we live, this we and there is. Us, all combined, can be shift on any continent and we there nioai?ei those same the most conditions existence. Want something change? Valsti with themselves. Now. Maybe, you at all fashionable to became to speak, nourished German, yes, I consumer medical services. Want consume many and qualitatively. People in our country occupy stance two generals from stories in Schedrin, made on a desert island. Just there full of the, one task find any rastoropnogo and skilful Outlook, which all these good will them in his mouth invest, and they his broken will, to not have grown indolent. In as a Outlook regency teachers, doctors, militia and camping on P. And some so are fond these barstvom, that not note, that ranks men thin, the most shrewd and rastoropnye havent update already porazbezhalis. Modicum Americans and call society consumers, but here is perhaps in this issue we their to go to. We nothing themselves not want create, order on the street, educated society, art, own health, we only want Outlook do something too to he us this all made, and we potrebili. And if that, Outlook to punish need, seeks to he poorly. And note, precisely to punish. Pro whom would not wrote razoblachitelnykh articles, no one not YELLlNG in FaceBook, so consider this in this situation , all want you shoot reptiles policemen, doctors and teachers.

Profoundly sad this all. One thing want still say, that if want civilizing society, by keeping a themselves stablelize and all will.