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Vygode July 2009

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Our exemplified vygode will mark 22 Junein 23 :34: 54 on Moscow time in 2 st throes degree of Cancer.
-date Symbol Sabian here...on this about holds: "Man on carpet-jet hovers over never-land"or "ah consciousness thanks to more elevated view."

Basic themes, associated with the Chinese zodiac sign degree of Cancer: House, real estate, family, native people, the link generations (species), motherhood, completing, the emotional and sensitive parts of psychics. Cannot be immediately not be noted, that a head of this, when the moon changes is Long, that reinforces its role. In Raque she in maximally fortunate to have, haltingly in full force and demonstrates their best quality: Flexibility, susceptibility, sensitivity, pursuit have trumped and some kind of custody, intuitive simplicity, tradition and camping on D. And here is the Sun in Raque not very comfortable experience themselves feels: Decisions are taken with hard, man is experiencing timidity in samoproyavleniyakh, volatility of, volatility and little bit of vulnerability. So in July we rather tend to military chain the world, not Fuehrer activity and self-expression in it.

That we see in map, when the moon changes? The main aspect of - this skhodyaschayasya the opposition point, when the moon changes with Pluto. Can be suggest, that the main the plot month - this standoff and the struggle for security and protection moreover, that seems spoken native and close. Already want as something the spectral clone and structure its, blood, give him form of, unfolding all on art and clean up the. But why something instead emotional satisfaction and sensations entrenchment have yielded Commission in the conflicts. The world around it us why something seems hostile and by the our efforts to the tender our personal farmstead (not in least these trends we expected from leadership).

Naturally, that inspiring this not can, although if reflect more deeply, then can be we in themselves find answers? And not so perishing chief of is to blame. Can be, we themselves, wanting to protect our blood, have exercised dictatorial the Strand and control? Thus, the main theme month - learn to reasonably manage its "manor", find balance between protection of and control, form of and bones of.

That still we see in map, when the moon changes? An important aspect of - the connections Venus-Mars, the amateur cycle and Undersecretary for relations eM and Jo :surprise: Actually, compound happened roughly for clock until, when the moon changes, so we his consider separately in topic "Actual tranzity." In respect, when the moon changes can be said, that this compound only the beginning of re-deployed in his displaying the, "kidneys only began to swell." Can be said, that now Venus and Mars in the early the first phase long cycle. Now processes until still are invisible, planet accumulate energy and await time-specific to escape from capture inert mark Taurus. This time suited for the acquisition of new useful habits and skills, and also for moreover, to "call dibs on" their and do sustainable and permanent (trigon mile trek to Saturn). So if in your life meet problems with irresponsible and bezalabernymi men, then now most time to try change program and achieve fortune maturity.

Than us interestingly this compound in the context, when the moon changes? Point, when the moon changes in polukvadrate to s ambitious Venus-Mars, therefore, we will have extricate on clear light awareness of not only conflicts on opposition Long-Pluto, but and more subtler and can be "iskusitelnye" disharmony of on this polukvadratu. And not proves whether, that new relations not very preconceived in our system values? Not proves whether, that why something's it is unclear why responsibility and desire to take all on their shoulders hard-working and insistent partners? Wasn we not themselves wanted, to house was full Cup? Of course, wanted and want, but. Something not the; so, yes not so. This can be compare with those as if a minor pebble to the shoe fell. Prevents under walking abilities.

And that same to do? And here well would these would go very adopt work and honestly to answer itself in than not - They're docking between themselves our decisions and choice (values) and why on this about we expected precisely such emotions. I.e. find a kind of mirazhnye views on subject homes and family. If same small mean trick belong not to area our vision, and to external challenges, then lesson this aspects is that consistently, second of for second of reside this discomfort, not obrushivayas in him (as this to do very well described by have Vadim Zelanda, so that be much more widespread not d).

Wish all successful EMU month! :)



All Hi!
Linen, I not realized :unsure: Header this themes "New Moon July 2009", and wrote you pro 22 June. This simply mistyped word? After all in July,, too, 22 th, have us not simply vygode, but still and the eclipse


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