Yura counseled accommodating announced his methodology chemistry "Number of Gerikha." Can be, someone will helpful:

Many shunted attention on the, that in work Kefera "Prakticheskaya Astrology" long formula chemistry entitled "Number of Gerikha" (on that allege all subsequent the authors as on original source, including Shestopalova, which gives this metodikoyu critical assessment of in his "predictive astrology"), sometimes Number of Gerikha gives surprisingly precise outcome, and sometimes, a series of pesky blunders, so, that on it cannot be was rely in practical work in case unknowns dates important events or under great uncertainty in time birth.

But quite recently, an astrologer the literary from of Kyiv, announced his more full information on this method, according to forthcoming starters 20 th century, access to which he has.

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