: This forecast was made for my client on 2006-2007gg.

Human lifet share on several big cycles, covering 29-30 years. In matter, what Lunar phase acts in this moment, can be correctly plan his life.
The Beginning your 30-year period (vygode) happened in late 2001 and --something in a badge of Leo and in 7 house your horoscope. With this moment and on April 2004 you of their houses the foundation on the future. Usually, in vygode people open fate, are prepared much start with zero. Many your new ideas and beginnings this period will find continuation of in further. Often period, when the moon changes and subsequent several years marked by in fate important's turning events. But even if change forced upon from outside, you enough energy, to not simply to submit to the circumstances, and creatively develop this turn fate and turn his in the second the birth of , point of departure for utterly a new phase.

In the early period you it is difficult stop on than something one too many opportunities is a before you. But then comes the next period (April 2004g.-iyun 2007.), when you we must ask, that same will be the main, the main until the end of 30-year-old cycle. However you need understand, that on todays moment you already knew where to trace circle their priorities. You remained only point to of what you already tried several get trends, which you want develop in next period.
Still this phase characterized by those, that you start publicly show their new achievements, which will borrow all more a meaningful position in everything life.

So as your vygode happened in question in 7 House, basic sub-conscious desires, needs and expectations will are linked with areas of 7 homes (personal and business relationship, legal questions, explicit enemies). The main there factors for you will ambitions and ambition.

Period everything life with July 2004. To January 2011. In a whole might be characterized as period achievements.
When Long in progression is moving through the eighth (March 2004g.-mart 2006.)and the ninth homes (March 2006g.-sentyabr 2008.), this time, when you approaching this area to his flowering.
Desires and goal, to whom you sought, reach maturity, when Progressive Long passes through MC (September 2008.).
You can enjoy these achievements and even expand their, when Progressive Long passes through eleventh house (January 2010g.-fevral 2011.).

An emotional von everything life in period 2004. - July 2006. Painted the trade-progressive moon in 8 House
In this period living events become more intense. You will to realize the importance of taking place all around you events, seeing more a deep connected cases things. This time, when somehow is changing Vasha the lifeblood the situation. Attention focuses on issues money and power, a major business, taxes, wills last and legacy as well (8 house house of strangers money, money partners). You can encircle themselves problems, which will more let, than usually. Goal, behind this s allows allow changes enter in your life.

An emotional von are gonna change in July 2006., when Progressive Long will enter 9 House, and will lie there until September 2008.
When Long terminally to move in your 9 house, you will feel relief, with you her shoeis gonna drop a sense of of gravity, tensions. Optimism will come replaced grim mood, you would more happy and can in full force enjoy joys life. The ninth house means ideas and ideals, so that this appropriate time for enlargement their horizons. You are looking for information, which satisfy this need, so in center attention are beginning slated questions travel or education. In this time you with optimism and hope are looking forward, and build plans on the future. This position can be identical with opportunity obtain further education, for Ban to go abroad or legitimize relationship. Caveat are ready to tax or financial tested. Optimism, which brings you in this period, can prompt to nachinaniyu, which you not on forces. It is important watch, to not questioning before a too big, its own unaffordable tasks, to not to go into overdrive and not to overdo it.

Line Progressive Long in Libra (the end of the 2005g.-nachalo 2008.)

Under movement progressive moon through Shield you have arises need communicate, have fun and be with other people. You aspire to harmony, Cooperation and good relations with people. As say to friendly and open, you try to spare deliver pleasure other, however in some moments this period (when Long shapes very tense aspects of), you can to intercede in squabbles or confrontation. If you on nature nereshitelny and often experiencing doubts, such position would ratchet these quality. You must Fuehrer caution, to not look weak adversary for indiscriminate people with their dubious plans and with odd projects.

the Sun progressive in shall to lower our standards (December 2005g.-dekabr 2006.)
This aspect of says about big strength will, rejuvenate, the animal, propensity to leadership, which you chase Fuehrer in this period. Your personal power will rise. In a whole are possible successes in career. All legal and financial affairs, posed in this period be resolved for you benign.

Let's go over it much detail as reverberate Vasha activity during this year.
You expects highly hard period, ranging since the late June to February 2007.Then should some downturn activity, which will last with February 2007. On June 2007.

Period of the late June starters July 2006. Characterized by dual situation.
With one hand, Your partners, likely business, would impose on you additional duties, responsibility, force to accept what something up decision, which you, perhaps, chase exert resistance (Saturn squaring ICJ, Saturn squaring the Northern Node). Until the mid-July you chase feel emotional pressure homes with hand everything family, and at work with hand his did.
Moreover Saturn in this time is in 7 House (until October 2006, that outlines the next aspects of.

In the center of the attention prove Your relationship with partners and allies, and also joint ventures. All new alliances and relationship, inmates in this period, wear a practical and long-term character. Any kind of cooperation and aid, Baathist you in this period, nebeskorystny and will put on you additional neravnotsennye obligations.
Legal questions hardly will be viewed in a calmer atmosphere or quickly be decided. Negotiations on contracts usually wear protracted character, not worth wait their easy conclusions.

With other hand, in your particular will start one of the most favorable aspects of (Jupiter trine the Sun, Jupiter compound the ICJ), which points to period progress in personal life and professional affairs. Perhaps, that you arrive at support staff and affiliates, gratitude of did and senior. Sphere your personal influence will grow under minimum cost effort with everything hand.
Favorable period for komandirovki, responsible speeches, negotiations. Code his also for conclusions transactions, treaties, the signing important backed securities, of settling legal formalities, for discoveries new enterprises or reorganization old. Especially are good business and commercial contacts with foreign citizens and firms. You can obtain enough prominent profits, opportunity order big HBOS. However avoid expense budget: Propensity to large spend increases. Before you are opening new prospects. You can claim financial assistance and even on gifts. If you want take guiding post, move forward on a ladder time come most time take the fast to this goal. Although most situations will favorable, in some cases luck this period is to mitigate unpleasant situation.

Mars in 8 House (the beginning of July the end of the September 2006.)
In this period tide energy can intensify. Such aspect of't business activity; use in questions, associated with united finances, contract old conditions (treaties) and creation of new.
Incomes partners or the joint property can demand greater attention. On own choice or on will circumstances you will have to address collecting fees or ?? debts. Questions, associated with insurance, taxes, legacy of a or money, whom you choose to do with of maneuver behalf of, also can demand time and attention in these days.

In mid-July 2006.you will on themselves action of Saturn in second-best dimension with Neptune, that reverberate the next way.
Is improving memory, is escalating perception of, ability to intuitively determine occurring around you events, whether policy, business or esli problems. This period wise use for serious, prolonged work. Can to point fingers on the relative success in trips, townsome forging documents for of origin abroad. Sometimes promotes advancement of your interests abroad. Often means enforcement some your desires.
Credible activation action your enemies, rising their forces and opportunities. Aspect of warns you about the consequences of clashes with law or participation in activities criminal structures.
Successful prospects this period promise you success in sphere organizations charitable ??????, collection cash donations, payments debts.

In late July will start aspect of transit Pluto in opposition with v, which characterized by learning tensions and anxiety, less than rational intellectual costs. Self-expression, thought and ideas will become more intense and serious, in them will emerge some obsession with and anxiety. Should be avoided manifestations of exasperation and sarkastichnosti. Perhaps, that will encounter difficulties in affairs, anxiety in ties with crunch or anticipating secret information, data. Problem represent questions fiat joint capital, and also of shareholding, taxes and duties, debts, legacy as well, tuition bills. Unpleasant events in collective, perhaps expression of protest. Fear fraud, deception, podlogov, slander, mischief-making.
Deliberately or unwittingly you chase seek to increase personal power and control, using knowledge and information.

In mid-August 2006. Transit Uranus will in Trina with tend.
You expects period disclosure business, commercial opportunities, coming only twice in life. Unexpected familiarity with interesting and this people, new promising ties. Perhaps prevents business relations in romantic. Comfortable emotional into cannon fodder, some horny. This time boon to Hindu popularity and social success, for public activities, contacts with public organizations, independent factions and friends that can exert unexpected aid. Are possible sporadic financial revenues, profits and gifts. Some financial freedom.
Commercial and diplomatic beginnings prove successful, but, likely, will require sudden approach. Chances on success fall, if you would prefer sit homes in alone or byvat in secluded places. You not can manage succeed circumstances in their interest, because their cause actions or decisions other people, but you can bypass attract fortune thanks to activist communicate verbally, engaging in secular events.

The Beginning September 2006. (Transit Jupiter in Trina with tend)points to period growth in entrepreneurship and public activities, perhaps, politics. Aspect of acts extremely boon, but happens only twice in for 12-year-old cycle, so equivalent them opportunities need use maximally. A very successful period for decisions many tasks, especially in terms of career prospects (the so as Jupiter goes on 10 home). Success in affairs and finance, harmony in public activities and of various kinds contacts. A special benefit bring ties with presented by foreign and overseas partners, and also educational, cultural and publishing activities. Can be expect financial support and understanding with hand influential faces, official asigurarea, legal organs. This time can be use for the far-trip, destined. Often - rather a weighty profits, unexpected revenues, gifts. Opening the new prospects.

In September 2006. Transit Saturn will enter 8 house (September 2006g.-oktyabr 2010.)
Such aspect of't heightened responsibilities before united capital at, business, corporate affairs, insurances or legacy of a. Possible professional engagement in such area, as corporate finances, corporate business plans, insurance, calculations taxes or return and reception last year. Can develop a serious interest to profound scientific or occult subjects.

That's a complicated period you expects in late September, and until the mid-October 2006.
Transit SATURN In KVADRATE Since Jupiter (30.09-2110 hours,)
In period with 30 September on 21 October 2006. Will encounter difficulties in business and professional care, complexity in legal issues. The impossibility advance to goal, investing or professional growth, raising material welfare, willy-nilly lowering business activity. Conservatism, embarked on struggle for power, heightened konfliktnost, hypocrisy and giving free rein their whims of negatively get in subsequent years. Not a productive use time and funds. Not worth start new projects, open new enterprises, expand production or sphere of activities, and also seek help with hand did, influential faces and official structures. Squabbles with the elderly people, too, are reflected on your position. Conflict between professional and family affairs. Neglect their obligations, big cargo responsibility. However hope on loans and investment. Your reputation can suffer as from mistakes todays days, so and from past misunderstanding. An unfortunate time for contacts with presented by foreign partners.

Transit JUPlTER In HOSTAGE Since Jupiter ((10th-23.10)
In period with 15 October on 23 October 2006. Will come severe, rape-crisis period, failure times in twelve years. Beware of hypocrisy and dishonest game, but and fighting not own such outpouring. Lack of sincerity and openness in contacts with partners on businesses. An unfortunate time for treatment in Court or official organs. Are possible disagreements with law. 's put down trip and travel. Inmates in this period deals with foreign or overseas partners will bring losses, but rather at all not the Coalition. Not invest capital abroad. Are typified by excessive, unwise dissaving, Surrogate Mother Center personnel use methods rapid enrichment. Be awake and from the signing contracts.
In this time Transit Pluto still times will make aspect of to Old, that will give a repeat of situation in late July (see Higher).

Napryazhennost her shoeis gonna drop in early November 2006.
Transit Mars will enter 10 house (the beginning of November the beginning of December 2006.), that change roils professional questions.
Energy and enthusiasm current circumstances directed, above all, on self-promotion and promotion on service. Career and other ambitions regency at first plan, Your actions can have important influence on your future. You will stubbornly work, to attract attention surrounding and those who possesses power and influence. Activates activities, associated with superiors and representatives power. This could mean, that you will have to do additional work for his chief, the layer leadership, for governments or another body power.

In this same time Transit Saturn will in shall with v (the end of the October 2006. middle of the January 2007.)
Circumstances can provide you case usefully applied their knowledge or skills, establish important business or personal contacts. But all this will not happen needless. This period assumes the availability of valued opportunities, however its implementation connected with slow and systematic work, organization and planning. You manages produce impression and obtain aid those bent to traditional way of thinking and formal, uporyadochennomu approach. This period facilitate, for business contacts, meetings, processing information and statistics, research commercial opportunities likely, all this needs you for future success. Successfully pass business contacts, signing a treaties and business backed securities. Often reconstructed good relations with superiors, influential people, representatives organs power. Not Halls cable old, wise people.

An interesting aspect of expects you in early November 2006., when Transit Uranus will in Trina with Sun behaves similarly (the beginning of November 2006g.-seredina December 2006.Meeting only two times in for life average duration of and gives excellent opportunities for disclosure your creative potential and expression. You can to visit unwarranted growth luck, large success in affairs, profits from those affairs, on which you and not have counted. You can obtain financial assistance to implementation new, modern projects. Arise new interesting business ties, Your ideas find living support and admiration. This transit provides weird opportunities for further advance in affairs.
If you aspire to power, increase on service or to other goals, associated with career, this period as cannot be better suited for movement in the indicated direction.

Transit organic in 11 House (middle of November 2006g.-konets January 2007.)
Weird opportunities for implementation personal goals and desires. They can include enlargement circle friends and engagement in various public groups and organizations.
During this transit man has benefits from such groups and organizations.
Expands activities, associated with friends, groups and organizations.
Establishing friendship with humans, interlinked with universities, churches and in other cultural institutions, and often and with foreigners.
In this period manifests itself kindness to friends, and response feelings man is experiencing with their hand. Is intensifying sense of of belonging to society or desires participation in it, and also sense of care about happiness and well-being other.

Transit Pluto In Trina Since vami (30.11.2006-24.01.2007)
In late November 2006. On middle January 2007. You expects period dynamic, constructive transformation, pursuit reform in professional sphere and entrepreneurship. During this period are possible the qualitative change for the better, a pledge what can serve not only Your personal efforts, but and impact large-scale political, economic or natural phenomena. Aspect of gives force will, overall thirst for action and rural, pursuit financial kind of adventure. If you dare on them (this aspect of enough facilitate,), not breath instant the usefulness, that is, that you only laid the the foundation future successes.
Opportunity skillful acts, constructive steps in a joint business, aktsionirovanii, funds, in addressing issues distribution profits, taxes and duties, co-payments, debts, disposal large capital. Methods, which you are using, will become more calibrated and effective. This time embodiment your ideas in reality. Conducive ties with broad masses and public organizations, influential structures.
Aspect of meets one times in life and represents a opportunity change life for the better.

Transit Uranus (will go down in than 2 house in the early 2007.
Your fiscal position certainly launches some changes. Activities, associated with-income and finances, in this period wears highly risky character. Are possible as the acquisition of, so and losses. In view opportunities change in this period not worth dragged to risk money. With other hand, are possible absolutely unexpected circumstances, capable create inflows cash. Loss of money in one sphere will force you find a way to remedy the this gap in the other area. These losses or the emergence of money can be are linked with friends or groups, to whom you one. Financial independence a key factor, to which you can and must seek. Money and material good not the only reason for concern. In this period Vasha system values susceptible to change and Review. Loss of important relationships and establishing new ties can prompt you to gain new values and forget about old priorities.

Mars in 1 House (middle of the January - the end of the March 2007.)
This period physical activity. Circumstances awaken in you spirit of rivalry, belligerence and even thrust you on physical fight. Because has a counterintuitive influence current circumstances discourages real strengthen inflows of energy, you, likely, you wish produce on surrounding impression extremely the line rights. You causes more impatient and long-restive. Physical activities in these days connected with satisfaction your personal needs and goals.

Mars in than 2 House (the end of the March the end of the on May 2007.)
In these days special significance acquire time and energy, spent in financial and business areas. You arises desire to deal with bills, pay their, return or give debts. Moreover, in the center of the attention prove incomes, increased thanks to over-work, the search additional work and other actions with goal earn more money. You aspire to goals, highly a worthy your attention. This activities can be connected with observance previous priorities and agreeing on new. You capable stimulate or increase its physical energy.
In a whole period since the late March and until the end of on May 2007. Might be characterized as that is peaceful and especially beskonfliktnyy. Spike in activity can be expect only in June 2007. And on.

. So, in this year stand out two period: The first with starters a new individual year (July 2006.) to March 2007. (Very active), the second with March 2007. On June 2007. (More that is peaceful). In the first period should be noted hard moment of the late June the mid-July 2006., and then of the late September - the mid-October 2006.