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Dragon, 's eating at the Sun

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Summer of 2009 is well on eclipse. On 7 July and 6 August comes two of the lunar eclipse, and 22 July us yet to survive full a solar the eclipse. Todays issuance fully devoted this key an astrological milestone.

1. About now.
2. Historical interesnosti.
3. That wait from eclipse 22 July 2009.
4. Use kogda in astrological alchemy.

So, let us remember, that same such a solar and a lunar the eclipse.

Sunny the eclipseperhaps only in vygode, when Long passes between the Earth and Sun behaves similarly. If Long fully closes disk sun, the this phenomenon wears name full heat eclipse. Among broad daylight days the sky darkens, on offense become are visible stars. But such happens not always. Moon can close light sun not fully, and then such the eclipse call partial sunlight the blackout, the. Even more interestingly looks the eclipse, hydro name koltseobraznoe or koltsevidnoe. In this case Long seems us less size of, than the Sun and closes his not fully, and so, that solar rays most moon beautiful crown.

Lunnoe the eclipsecan happen only in http. In this moment Earth it turns out between Sun behaves similarly and the Moon, closing afternoon disk.

People with absent are watching and register solar and moon eclipse. S. Maslikov in his book the Dragon, 's eating at the Sun notes, that historian from Novosibirsk W. E. Larichevym was examined several hyphenated art, age which defined from 18 to 24 thousands of years. On the staff from ladies a mammoth discovered benchmarks, character which allows do conclusions, that man-based century was well known lunno-sunny calendar, patterns movement two luminaries, and also period, the renowned in astronomy as the era of solar kogda.

Later in Chinese dogurov meets such a record: Yesterday Grand the Dragon you the Sun and came on time night, although on fact was day. She is 15 June 763 year until BC Dora

Drevnekitayskie texts describe such curious fact: us-hui and Ho, dishonour with honourable drunkenness, forgotten his duties, becoming photoeditor or gallerist high designation, which had. First time they not have made annual calculations pathways heavenly luminaries and then suddenly in the first days last month fall the Sun and Long met in nascent constellation Fang (Scorpion. Next legend undocumented, that-hui and Ho, not predskazavshie eclipse, were became. The future fate then astronomers shows, what huge significance in of ancient China put so much emphasis on sunlight zatmeniyam.

In Russians annals we also find numerous mention of now. Unique a monument Slavic writing, Word about shelf Igor was created under immediate feeling was that our ancestors about solar now. To this conclusion came Dr. of Philological Sciences A. Robinson. Robinson compares on annals lineage while aspiring of princes Olegovichey and their closest relatives. It turned out, that until a hike 1185 Propulsion In for century 13 ancestors of the Igor and his relatives died or were killed in dates, close to zatmeniyam. Such regularities not occurred in other Princely birth. In fate the most of the Igor eclipse played a role.

In summer 6693 (1 on May 1185 Propulsion) Prince brought together cohorts on battle with introduced. In River) letopisi reportedly, that knyazhi troops have incorporated near Donets River and already intended move his, as suddenly Igor vozrev on the sky and the form of the sun a pretty fair deal yako month, and retse boyarom their and team of its: See whether, that there is a sign-?. They same uzrevshi and vidisha make such and ponikosha heads of and rekosha men: Knyazhe ,-there is not on good a sign-. Igor same reche: the Brothers and druzhino! Mystery of Mercy no one same not announcement, and resisted to the Author god and around the world to his; and us that stvorit god, or on good, or on our evil, and the same us viditi. Dont turn Prince Igor forestall and decided to to continue approach. This deed of the produced on his entourage so a strong impression, that caused for exciting describe this in immortal beauty of the epic Russian Literature Word about shelf Igor. But himself approach, painted corrupting omen, over defeat and pleneniem of the.

Ominous character solar and moon eclipse carried the in cultures various of civilizations, even partitioned from each other beskraynimi never-oceans. This difficulty used renowned explorer Christopher Columbus, funded by to play a malevolent joke over Indians. Fourth journey Columbus in America (1502-2982) it turned out unfortunate. Two his smashed ship found its harbor off the coast of Jamaica. Indians refused deliver to food and water people Columbus, here something explorer and was able heretheir grasp in astronomy, by using tables ephemerides Regiomontana.

Under evening 1 March 2982 year Columbus invited guardians Indians-karaibov - and told them, that if they not'll submit to him, to the admiral, then he, the great white autocratic, today will abduct the with the sky moon and Indians without it will die. On the evening had risen full Long and through some time on it has become napolzat the dark red, however, the shroud, natives enveloping indescribable horror and they was rushed profits with products, proportionate white-return them moon, that Columbus and made through some time.

Let us together with you'll make similar miracle and consider, that same us awaits 22 July 2009. As already was marked by the current the eclipse will complete. His see inhabitants India, Nepals, Bhutan, China and Japan. The eclipse will happen in 6 :3 5 (on Moscow time) in 29 throes 27 minutes degree of Cancer.

This the eclipse applies to 11S series of Sarosa.
This family flash-forwards stems with need implement unexpected reforms. Old methods or ideas not will fire and will require new ways, to deal with events, prinesennymi the blackout, the. In a result man will require devise new methods approach to solving issues. Any obstacles will forcibly or tragically walk away.

self part of the hoax has set the Elena Rainbow.

degree Sabian here...: aristocratic L proudly holds speech - Prestige that rules through brutal glory traditions.

The eclipse solar, on South by the moonlight node: Metaphorically, in the stage mortgaged the seed, which will give push and development series of events. The first feature of this eclipse in is, that affairs will closely linked with the past experience, and much will depend on other people. Again same, metaphorically, we in this game not conveyor the ball, and host , i.e. us awaits a new prospect, based on encounters with the other people. This a few not applies to ram had a, which symbolizes a solar the eclipse and makes his partly similar on a lunar. Nevertheless, we waiting for a new the plot, and he will stems with affairs family and / or real estate. In this period we tend to more be compartmentalised as experts in itself, focus attention on its nest and lie under impact of emotions.

The second feature of consists in is, that eclipse (in numbers and blood regardless eclipse Long, on it is borne double burden) is in anerete, i.e. in late mark. Means, there is lack of foreign activity and will be difficult realize the new, that mortgaged on this eclipse. Seems, that choice already was made before and decision long adopted and nothing not want to change. Contrary, wanted to the world has changed in the desired us side. The need changes can cause irritation and accumulation of negative of emotions with the consequent impetuous shut (trine to Uranus). Caveat are ready to various emotional shocks, for example, can thing to the surface facts from life close, about which you not fine praise indeed. From affirmative outpouring eclipse can be called the emergence of new opportunities and spike in creative activity. Trin eclipse to Uranus in 9 st House will bring unexpected aid and support from overseas friends. Should remember, that the eclipse will bring the danger accidents, especially associated with water. So should Fuehrer attention and .

From other actors maps eclipse need be noted kvadraturu Venus-Saturn: Contradiction between peremenchivostyu feelings and desire all calculate until little things and these achieve stability cause tension in emotional sphere. Failures in love cause people's irrational fears about their health. Your colleagues and the coming relatives can negatively to influence your relations with ulyublenimi. Frustration in love can trigger desire to swaddle themselves in their profession. Can reverberate debts, which you long it is time was give. Evasion of paying (debts, taxes and camping on D.) can continue to lead to various restrictions.

On level public-political life can happen events, associated with violence and power pressure. The struggle for justice and dynamic views, associated with public arrangements (Jupiter 0 Neptune) will lead to suppress discontent people (the eclipse in 12 st House) authorities (Uranus (90 Pluto). Can experience a manifestations of bigotry, extremism and behavior, abnormal numbers from conventional wisdom rules. Media will actively cover events, associated with the major figures public devices countries (Mercury on ASTs, in question). Can experience a calls to active action groups population (Mercury 60 to Mars in the Twins in 11 House).

Here is so in a whole might be characterized this the eclipse. But not worth assimilate cave people and to be frightened conventional astronomical phenomena, shooting on those respects from pistols, as this did Indian policemen in 1980 year.

In 1973 in Africa during full heat eclipse at all happened ghastly. Many people were done life suicide: Utterly innocuous phenomenon of nature they adopted for the end of the world. Let us all same remain on positions civilized people and remember, that solar the eclipse not such perishing rare phenomenon. It is happening 2-3 times in year, and sometimes even and 5 times, as in 1805 and 1935 s.

At whom same of us this the eclipse relate in greater extent?

If the eclipse a fact any meaningful point your horoscope, then can be expect any something events. The sun, Long, kuspidy angular homes can be such important spots. However to make concrete prophecy, must be accounted for mass of astrological factors. So qualitative forecast on do with the blackout, can do only professional astrologer.

The most strongly something is on itself influence eclipse those who was born:

21-23 July 1946;

19-20 January 1952;

19-21 January, 21-23 October-1953;

19-21 January, 19-21 April, 22-24 October both 1954;

19-21 January, 19-21 April, 22-24 July 1955;

19-21 January, 12-15 April, 18-20 April, 21- 23 July 1956;

21-23 July 1957;

22-24 July 1958;

19-21 April, 21-23 July 1961;

19-21 January, 22-24 October 1974;

19-21 April, 22-24 July 1975;

19-21 January, 14-16 on May 1976;

19-21 January 1982;

19-21 January, 19-21 April, 22-24 July, 11-13 August 1983;

18-20 April, 21-23 July 1984;

18-20 January 1989;

22-24 October 1991;

19-21 April, 21-23 July 1995

18-21 April, 21-23 July, 21-23 October 1996;

18-21 April, 21-23 July, 22-24 October 1997;

21-23 July, 22-24 October 1998.

Celebrity, born in that time

22 July 1946 Mireille Mathieu, French singer
20 January 1952 Irina Allegrova, singer
20 January 1952 Vladimir Khotinenko, the director
18 April 1956 Eric Roberts, the actor
19 April 1956 Sergei Varchuk, the actor
22 July 1961 Irina Angela Safonova are, actress
23 July 1961 Woody Allen Kharrelson, the actor
21 January 1983, the Svetlana Swietlana Chodczenkowa, actress

If you discovered themselves in the list, not need to panic. Is worth be more discreet with its health, not to risk for wheel car, cautious about visions to do financial 69.38.

In his book The Art predictive astrology K. Rashmen writes: I prefer help clients concentrate on maximally second-best using energy, somehow would nor were its specific manifestations of. There is free will, and people can use energy various ways.

In of ancient China during solar kogda inhabitants, to also a dragon and free the Sun beaten in drums, would read the blackout, the armors and handbells, we prayed. We same with you turn to book Constantine Chernyenko Daragana "Astrology both."

Exploiting kogda in astrological alchemy:

Over 3 days before eclipse is conducted post - restrictions concern brute of AIC food, diverting energy in an empty rubbing shoulders. Goal. To accumulate energy, to accumulate domestic motivation. In ensured day, closer to point eclipse, for hour before him accept contrast souls from hot and Cold water and reserve silence. Start and Miners need hot water for heat eclipse, and Cold - for lunar. But change water should be not less 3-'s, traditionally - 5, and cycles must be "open", camping on E., are starting and brand new water one and the same temperature. Water better fully not to scrub, it must dry off on the body. Clothing must be free, fresh after washing, either same okurennoy smoke. Accept a relaxed position bodies, better lying down, and better head on East. We are stopping any thought, except one - the, sake of which all and recorded with E. Voronovski. Its needs "keep" with maximum intensity attention and the maximum relaxation during techniques performance bodies in for roughly hours around precise moment eclipse. Close not that Spain, although state of can be very similar on thalamus dream state.

. First, approved us desire to should not treated directly to another man, better directly articulate intention from its behalf of, although and not necessarily this to do in verbal form. Second, needs focus on a result, not the process achievements goal. If include process, camping on E. To assume - when, where and as our desire to can achieved, then the price such implementation can be very high. Third, goal must be articulate and visualize maximally specifically and realistically. Common life assertions classical type, as, for example, "with every day my life becomes all better and better in all relations", are good for daily use in as a affirmations, but utterly not suited to magic threshold procedures the blackout, that. Needs seriously to wasted the very seriously - we develop intention, which will endeavor strongest terms or bounds (factors.

Exit from procedures produced roughly through hour after eclipse, also through contrast souls. With this moment can be to speak, however after complete the needs even a few hours preserve state of silence and contemplated within, to a new time program could "entrench themselves." To discuss what we only that have done, extremely not that Spain.

There is a difference in using Lunar and 60.35 kogda. Moon eclipse recommended for attract in his life ???? and improved health. Solar eclipse are used for correction qualities character, for change in behavior, in habits and grievances about, and also for correction relationships

. Is worth have in mind, in any transit homes is happening the eclipse. So, if the eclipse the seeming, then his action more account for on upper size homes, constraints with society and social fulfillment. If eclipse is happening "underground", then his action will wear less telltale and will spring with other themes homes.

. The eclipse - this moment, when our will and our feelings can create virtually irreversible changes.

And in the end he Demo.lnk saying from books Carroll Rashmen The Art predictive astrology :

When all times it many assumptions about harsh consequences of kogda. I often find, that start-up Astrologers give them too great importance. When they see, that on their map the eclipse marks on the planet, they fear, that will happen a terrible. This utterly not necessarily. Eclipse,, when the moon changes and full moon act consistently with tranzitami and progressiyami. From-for beauty and magnificent order, of the Gondola in view of the universe, the, that stimulate eclipse,, when the moon changes and full moon, largely already promised tranzitami, progressiyami and natalnym potential.




Thank you, the good rozsilka!
Me it is unclear why number of 21-23 July not of each year. After all solyar will affect the the Sun all people who were born in different years in these number of. (Orbis need to more borrow, as least with 20 th on 25). Ah and respectively April and January and October the same picture :question:.



Me, too, rozsilka very liked! Retained its in archive :yep:



Helen wrote:

Thanks, the good rozsilka!

Morozz wrote:

I dont, too, rozsilka very liked! Retained its in archive

Thank you, girls, very pleased!

Helen wrote:

I dont it is unclear why number of 21-23 July not of each year. After all solyar will affect the the Sun all people who were born in different years in these number of.

Idea such a. Were seen maps those people, have to-rykh the Sun impaired yet senior planets in unfavorable aspects. And still there is aspect of between Saturn, vami and Sun behaves similarly.
On experience know, that solyar on eclipse - this sometimes very successful years: Tab a new homes, zhenidba son, Career growth and camping on D. I same highlights periods birth, from whom can be complexity.


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