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Life abroad

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School training in Sweden

. Third, are lacking as. Last and school bazaars. About the early much year in stores remind only sell-off wooden. But Swedish parents there not are crowding, zakupaya pens and don. Deal in is, that Swedish schoolchildren utterly for free vazhnykh obektov texts, the notebooks, armrests of and other lawyers trebuyuschimisya to innovate, trappings in school. If a parent or child wants to bring own notebook with beautiful picture, please. But need in this there is no. Also as there is no and school forms. The only, that need buy the Swedish a pupil, this a bag and a change of shoes. However, and problems dire our backpacks in Sweden not reveals a, so as students minded classes their notebook-don leave in the classroom. Trek mostly with small ryukzachkami, where wear a change of shoes, ah and any their kidssmall beer.

The first fist - the municipal nine-year-old school. Children are beginning walk in school with six years, but their the first class is called "zero" or "straightforward." With seven years they cross in the first class. The division on junior, medium-size and senior classes in Swedish schools officially canceled. positions of and skills pupils attachments in late fifth and conventional ninth class.

Schools in Sweden can be state or alternative (or, as would said we, "private"). Under this even training in private school not means pay training parents.

Many our schoolchildren certainly will be jealous of the Swedish Pletz. exhaustive information throughout in Swedish school not place estimates until second half on 8 class. And Deuce are lacking in principle.The Apprentice marketed at knock-down either "is famously", either "well", either "satisfactorily." If learner makes good not was able give satisfactory answer, he simply not receives assessment of. Thus, in diploma a can absent estimates on some subjects.

And the curriculum week lasts with Monday on Friday. Schools on their own accept decision about length of much days, however time occupational should not exceed 8 hours for children senior and 6 hours for children younger school-age.

Children for free vazhnykh obektov by breakfasts, our reasonably and lunches (those who visits detention now). Interesting, that urban newspapers daily publish school menu - thus, as schoolchild, so and his parents can to know, that will today in school on lunch.

Importantly dignity Swedish system - this careful attitude to child, here all directed on the, to children not received psychological injuries and not afflicted in school discomfort. Here more responsibility for school successes falls to parents and themselves children, teacher serves in role's playbook and aide, not mentor.




From same source: "With 1842introduced universal compulsory primary education." And have us in 1861 year was only collapsed altogether krepostnoe right. As the saying goes, feel difference! :( Dont surprisingly, that people have reached such a level life!

Further: "Higher education in country is donated."



Here is interestingly, only talked about Sweden with the former rossiyankoy, emigrirovavshey from Tadjikistan.
Glance from within, eyes an immigrant:
- kind of residency faster would give sick or addicts, than healthy people, explaining very simply - here about them no one not worried and they have no opportunities help health. :flirt:
Them will pay guidelines, on which well can be to live, not bling, of course, but all necessary will.
It is difficult, very difficult pint exam on
Tu rights, for emigrants work - cost of the pizza or nurses.

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Tania T wrote:

here about them no one not worried and they have no opportunities help health

Nothing itself! :O I not want here to live :( "Let go of me in Himalayas found expression, not what I someone bifidobacteria." :(

I have opyt communication with emigrants breed, but nevertheless. On the first wave of outward migration then departed in Norway the familiar my old hat :) Worked at medsesetroy, remember I would've kept years 20, married and he its took away. Town on Bank sea, a small, their those where there is no public transportation and where all drive on biking. Parents husband the Russian sister-in-law very even traffic went exhorts court yard its dedicated housewife. There very costly greens, so she near homes broke gryadochku, planted there parsley and camping on D. But neighbors have become slde sure: Not adopted! Adopted to near homes were blooming ano?u, 're gonna have the dahlias and camping on D., not parsley. Work there for it not was, yes and child the first "toiling." She crying: "Want home, here bored." Ah to as something take themselves she has become organize the evening Russian cuisine. For example, Norwegians notions not have that such borsht or dumplings. She has become be preparing and not receive friends husband. Ah like as attractive opportunity itself had :)



Tania T wrote:

That interestingly, only talked about Sweden with the former rossiyankoy, emigrirovavshey from Tadjikistan.

I, too, was in contact with by an immigrant, living in Sweden.
He unemployed, receives guidelines, which lack to pay for housing, food, gasoline like give for free for machines. Homes have him staff unlimited. Work find it is difficult, because Russians there not traded.
But his children there's a land of opportunity. Effeminate state indeed Takes all care on themselves. Rights children consideration in primarily.



Seems, have us still not all so badly.

Bureaucracy in the US different from Russian. Above all those, that workers (say) less corrupt, and (seen, certify) much more worth. And in a whole people more set.

But here is until what this may bring. Heard a on days - one aunt decided have to its mother again take a closer to itself, so as old already very poorly coping well one, from homes almost not went and etc. And as times on the same the street contrary were selling a good house. She sold russian house, its has already given mother, and itself was installed in a new house, contrary. But its cat to change house refused refused outright, she roared in the old house, only there eaten, under zapiranii in a new house, through a path, 'd sneak out in the old. In short, chose house instead pani. Ah nothing terrible, mother old not against, and aunt decided a cat it to leave and look for by both. And itself take in orphanage another. Previous cat, too, was priyutskaya, is taken 6 years ago, adult. And here began moved.

She came in orphanage, became achieve escape held, its the discount form of found in computer, okay (with this there all strictly), all judicial bureaus and told the, that a new a cat it not would give. Because is unknown that with old.

- So I OK say, the old through house, have my mothers!

- Sorry, ma'am, but you have there is no evidence. And means, we not know, that with it. And means, you the registrar in list people, which cannot be to lend animals. And we very gives, but this list we now sending out on all PEDIGREE countries.

- Stop. I can bring a cat, you will see, that with it all options This ?????, to take second?

- Uvy, ma'am, given that you opt out from responsibility for first, second we you give not can, so as you the registrar in list people, which not want properly held accountable for pet. Us very a pity.

- How same I not want, when I want?! This OK my mother, I OK all explained!!

- Ma'am, AWOL transfer of animal from home third slap this and there is irresponsible behavior owner.

- Ohk, that I can do, to transfer of was not AWOL, and through you? This perhaps?

- Yes, you must bring a cat, pay for of the vet, for affirming that with it all'oc, pay a fine for refusal from cats 150 bucks, and we issue its a return in orphanage.

- I dont not need a return orphanage, I its want give mother, and itself take second!

- Uvy, ma'am, we not don`t worry animals third slap. And pro your mother again, moreover, have us Therapist actually there is no nor data, nor recommendations (in orphanages, when lets take pet in the first time, require letters from 2-3 man, illustration that you seem like them sane to, responsible, not brutal and not zhivoderom).

- Got it. 'oc, I can bring you a cat, internationalist returns, pay veto and a fine, and here same internationalist its on my mother again?

- Only if will collect recommendations about your mother. And if she will with you and will in able conduct their part of work.

- Ohk, I'll bring you mother again!! And a cat!! And a fine!

- exe, then we issue your refusal, you not will get in lists unsound and we can to consider your statement on a new a cat, and on old cat in for weeks we consider bid your mothers, and if all will in order, then yes, we its it give finance after paying payment for arresting animal (100 bucks).

- Yes, you can me guarantee, that until this all is formalized, you not car our a cat someone still?

- Sozhaleniyu, ma'am, but cat-and-otkazniki after hosts pass procedure an accelerated 1-3 purchasing away, to reduce stress from finding in orphanage. Yes, such risk there is.

- So and credit to then its my mother on an accelerated procedure? I can pay for acceleration?

- No, ma'am, procedure an accelerated the usefulness available only those bundle of, which already taking have us animals, and that in the list responsible and blagonadezhnykh, and this already known us people, and your mother to them not applies, alas.
- But I something to them am? I with it live, through a path, realize?

- Uvy, ma'am, you potentially in different the list, you same opt out from animal. Us very a pity. And - yes, your recommendation and recommendations your family for your mothers not pokatyat.

- ?!!

- Because you stakeholders. Try to neighbors your mothers wrote pro it letters.

- But she already five years almost not went from homes, what neighbors!

- We very, very, it is a pity ma'am.

- Ohk, then go see, I not d you have nothing scrolling the. Let cat will remain final on me, and a new I can find the money otherwise.

- Then why oh why forced you warn, ma'am, that you and your family will in the list unsound with the consequences, that I told. This may theoretically sway and on actions the vet, if he will request information about your cat under visit to him.

- What!
In short, in end Ministry paid a price about 300 bucks, took at work a three-day vacation, went in the other city, fluent work with roommates-the grannies, too its mothers, to they its remembered so much something years ago and something wrote (and some there and his name not remember, not the that next-door neighbor), and then constantly tusovala in orphanage, trying to traced, to its a cat no one Different not ordered. And all of this simply for, to ensure give its same a cat its same mother and take a new.
All under control, chief!




Cautiously, in the text couple result words! But perishing painful for post well, wanted to share information:

Was the Japanese have such reality-show show - Nasubi. This have us, in Russia, reality-show show make not sake of money, and for pathologies moment - like they're gaining on full house fallen women and show their in TV children. "See, Tanya made them, regulation poorly eat and not regulation to do math - then become as ??? ?? ? ? the kind aunt with hp kisser!" Children aunts from viewing fear, lurk under the bed. And even when it turns out, that one of GDPs show not only fallen, but and, say so, publicly fallen woman, it not otpilivayut head in the breezeway, and, contrary, buy DVDs with its exposures from one only of the Christian compassion (I have long already say, that Russian military porn not pro sex, and pro social criticism through restricted showing thin people, too the bleeding-heart assman, something like the heir NTV since the Kisseleva).

Another matter - the Japanese. Have them all strictly, not know she puts out. In Manchuria ??? ?? ? ? implemented biological experiments over people, but not as Mengele, with shalay-mordekhaem and racial theory of, and on-simple. The past, how human can be obmorozit, to he remained alive. Siberia intended borrow. Truth, so and not took, but organized Nasubi with simple until genius concept - young doofus comes ostensibly lazy or on work, and him give in the melon and, disconnected, 't question long hours to apartment with round-the-clock teletranslyatsiey. ???? for make life more interesting laughter are responsible have chuckleheads caterwauling entire clothes, all potpourri belonging and entire food with water. At all. This have us 700 years communism and food from organizers of show, and the Japanese have food with water still earn need to. For this before Nasubi (who not knows, that is on show) lies cover slips Japanese poster magazines (periodically bring new). Thumbing through local publications "zest" and "true chic", Nasubi should or to participate in to magazine bid (to him as the winner have sent gift, with utterly not necessarily, that this gift will please) or write letters in prevents companies with request deport samples. Ultimate goal - to accumulate in gifts and winnings 1 100,000 100,000 ?, after what his ostensibly would unleash.

???? all strictly - no food or drinks from organizers of (though water from-under tap, seems, all-??? was), that earned - those and polakomilsya, 24-hour live broadcast and tens of million tracking his fans exclude unauthorized podkorm Nasubi. I.e. even if this was specifically a hired the actor, him from this was not easier, yes and for included FOUR YEAR, conducted confining, even Tom Cruz managed would terminally. So fucking abso-- it. ???? the Japanese perfectly understood, as this all looks for neyapontsa - so the official site show only on Japanese, and a software director of station's promised, that adventures Nasubi never will breached on English, to "Dont give foreigners false views about Japanese culture." Ah, indeed, lock crude human on four years in empty room in companies poster magazines - what here can be misconception? Only false.

???? from-for tough conditions Nasubi was pleased literally each veschichke, that routinely received from external world. In a result show the beginning of resemble some the rogue hybrid Survivor Cruise (a solitary traveler on the edge of starvation death in uninhabited room) with Soviet meschanstvom (by the end of first year he accumulated a glory art collection of mixers, tvikserov and zhuzhzhalok for asses, absolutely him useless). Obtaining every sacks of rice, fishing canned or there newspaper cola Nasubi met with genuine exhilaration ("Today I'm to go to bed sleep as scintillating as!"), and after the first weeks even began fulfill--even outcome dancing under obtaining.

Should to speak, that goods companies, whom so genuinely hero worshipping hero most popular Japanese reality-show show, here same started be sold on Visla% better?re- iterate still times - the Japanese with its show engaged in affair (i.e., earned money), not suit zoo mercy as for okrainnykh salts, then. Moreover, Nasubi led some and, when his, within struggle with kulatskimi savings, couple of times Keukenhof from apartment in apartment, this some withdrawn and typed a huge's largest, also earning on it huge money.

In late-all, when Nasubi already several times on new places has accumulated on than a million, and the public finally realized, that from hunger on its the eyes of he accurately not dies (rather perishing from old age), Nasubi issued from his of captivity for. Have made this extremely spectacularly - have been his in huge cardboard box, saying, that again he moves, and car where in studio, full harrowing thousands of his hot his fans. And in solemn environment gave a cardboard boxes fall, CSKA and his, crude, zarosshego, otvykshego from people, gradu, world and cameras. Kind of faces Nasubi, when fell Wall, here same became a classic shot Japanese television (me not managed find his in networks, perhaps, need to slaughter in the search for hieroglyphs), surround to isolation man slightly not gone mad. His here same got shut down, Ange and a car terminally oshalevshego from studio, on path crediting Nasubi, that he now Meeting was a megastar with a bestseller-blog. Now Nasubi serves in some comic theater, when foraging expense of remnants of former popularity.

About than still from increasing world television, pornography and underground movies will talk you in next time, I still not decided to, but would still not disturb others with our Canal!




In Norway not adopted be unyielding place elderly people in vehicles. Is considered, that these you stress its physical superiority.

In States not adopted to pay in restaurant for woman. Is considered, that these men underscore the its financial supremacy.

In China adopted using your mouth in gostyakh, and otherwise masters may feel its strjapnju tasteless. 's corridors there is in China offend hosts and cooks. And zalyapannaya sauces tablecloth after food confirmation, that you ate with appetite and you was tasty.

In China not adopted yield flowers owner homes. Is considered, that these Visitors underscore the, this house so he's ugly l, that they bring jewelry with a.

In Finland not adopted to do public 2008. Is considered, that public 2008 not are considered.

In Norway still not adopted to do many compliments in face, praise (except their close) this is considered flattery will get, such man many loses in society. In school not adopted praise Student in the presence of all rest, to declare estimates questioning his higher all rest. Not adopted take an interest in, than was sick, well whether themselves feel when scopes on work after stays. In Russia this is considered show sympathy and attention. Here is indecent, this too your private things.

In Greece not that Spain praise in gostyakh some nogakh or picture, otherwise strange host will have its you provide

A badge of G-should sit upward in some countries denoting This as I you nice it all warmed up for.

In States aside from pay accounts not adopted still together just: Open woman the door, help anything communicate is considered, that so a man shows its superiority; and also to do 2008 about looks and camping on P. can be interpreted as sexual harassment.

Have some is considered, that cannot be wash tableware in another House happiness flush it. Here is walked together, 're helping bundle of withdraw vacuum in, please, and tableware nor-nor.

If there is in gostyakh in South Korea and under this try to deters tears and current snot (food very-very an urgent) can be being extremely impolite man, which despises hospitality. The best as a compliment recreate (owner) is considered precisely crying and snot.

In Korea me personally often talked recognized with morning, that I poorly looked on the, that I have establishment under eyes and that all whether I have in order with dishonesty. Sometimes talked, that I weary looked on the. Then, I have observed that this say not only me.
It turned out, that this such a form of just gave you a compliment: Girl desirable must look fragile and sick, to cause a have men the desire to protect its, prigret and cure :))

Not adopted deter a belch in Mogolii and Buryatia-nourished German, without the burp of a guest aieiaiue, need to still feed.

In Japan and Norway not adopted give an uneven the number of flowers. Is considered that neparnomu flower (. An uneven the number of bear on grave, funeral.

In Japan blow my nose on humans taboos.

In India in semeynom circle not say thank you. stiff, that members family not should thank each other.

In India at all not adopted to speak thank you (at least, not on local languages). If you something had been given, can be said: What the good thing , How I have long about this that was and camping on P. Can be said Thank you , but this means, that you translate communication on purely formal level of as would with cause man.

In Central Asia guest in little in-tray kummel tea's. Is considered, that if's a big pot full, then napoletano and leave. And, adding fuel on 1 / 3, can be long communicating. This is called with respect and without respect. In the first case is a master notoriously polices the guest and constantly very reason him a fresh gulls.

The Chinese consider, that give living flowers cannot be. This symbol of death they same soon will die. And here is artificial for unlovely soul. They are forever.

In China give something associated with number 4 simply a nightmare deed. 4 symbol of death, there even floors go 1-2-3-5-6-7-9

Sit leg on pace, showing "we on interlocutor in many southeastern countries an eerie insult interlocutor.
Help patting on anybody , too,.

Have Arabs not adopted cede a mouthpiece a hookah out of the hands in hands, this coercion, type. Feast on the table. Have us contrary.

In Japan not adopted stray with work before chief.

In Russia not adopted praise children. Fear sglazu. Historically even names provided such, that would name of not somewhat different human type Nenashev. In Russia so same not adopted in response to question How affairs respond Everyone eloquently. For the same reason.




In States not adopted to pay in restaurant for woman. Is considered, that these men underscore the its financial supremacy.

And on-my leftist otmaza for blue-fin zhlobstva



Lie to not to pay or lie, that superiority? :) KISA, and here is you like expat wanted in connection (I am not mistaken. As you 4 through? :)


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