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Pinart about their unmet needs

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The groundwork connected-rolevogo test diagnostics Lukoil accounts for originally by the the text this history , where the main actors reflect basic the incentive trends personality, comparable with classification needs the Swiss by L. Zondi.

First zachityvaetsya brief regulation:

Listen carefully ? hear a content history, together names major heroes on a special a sticky note. Try military chain their experiences, understand and assess their actions. At the end text you will be asked fulfill task.

After reading text testees are asked answer questions.

Who, on your view, more all is guilty in this tragedy?

Who should stand at the second place? and so on until:

Who, on your view, less all is guilty?.

Principle projection of in metodikoyu diagnostics Lukoil is based on finding the test subject identification and similarities with officials, which in his behavior reflect lead larger studio need. For raising actions effect projection of, choice needs is not in searching for pleasant-objectionable faces, as this is happening in classic version test Zondi, and in searching for blame game-an innocent man in this history.

Persoanele care, which test subject, believes the most convicted in dacha tragedy, reflect argue needs individuals genome. They point to his basic troubled zone and unmet desires.

Persoanele care, which test subject,, contrary, does to the least convicted, reflect implemented them needs and motives. They point to appropriate behavioral especially personality and prevailing have actor traits character, on the basis of which psychologist makes conclusion about his professional proclivities.

exciting history

2006 but-was the Young the Beautiful girl named Lyuba (Lukashenka's behavior is). It is time, and she have applied in maybe there-guy named menya (deemed). She knew that and he fervently likes its, but love their was love on distance , so as they lived for different coasts of broad and stormy rivers, that not dares, and bridge on it not was. Despite this obstacle, before menya often has visited China's have Lyuby homes, until the elder sister Lyuby Zina buries her (inquiry), not saw, that they proceeds kissing. She rudely ran Edika, not velev him even wake on eyes.

Smarting from separation with favorite, Lyuba Love this itself beautiful women, in opting, that, if menya ??? its in it, then his feelings vospylayut to it with a new force. Two were this women, Lyuba went along rivers, while looking for opportunity common passage on the other Bank.

Not far from Bank was swimming and floating on its boat known-Anja (A). Lyuba told to Ana about its love, about how, that she already not in able to live in apart for good with favorite, and then asked Anja relocate its on the Bank. However, the kind told, that river broad and whirling, and for the simply so she go its not will Lyuba must pay it for work. But have Lyuby not was money, and it has agreed along Bank, hoping find their have someone.

On road it met inventor-self-taught Mikhail (M). On question Lyuby Mikhail responded, that money he has, but he nothing it not will give, so as now is engaged in a creation of everlasting engine. After as Mikhail his will create, he himself on this engine and brings Luba on the Bank. In ambitions raised sentiments Lyuba returned to to Ana, hoping, all same, talk its relocate on the other Bank. But Anja raze not been more to do this for simply so.

In this time on Bank rivers came sunbathe in half-naked photos the form of Lyubina girlfriend Dasha (D). Dasha advised Ljube give for allowance its women, so as now warmly and can be quietly walk without clothing. Ljube very not like this to do, but, presenting, that soon ??? his Edika, it has agreed on this sacrifice. -Anja, although and not loved wear womens dresses, a bit thinking, all same decided his take From for its home collections. Lyuba has already given its women to Ana, and the kind airline girl on the other Bank.

Shame its nakedness of and while hiding behind bushes, Lyuba has become to muddle to Ediku. But here its saw male sex sekret Semyon (Since). Look at Young, a beautiful nude girl, he lashed out on Luba and same its.

Rejection luxuriant thickets of cultivation of the the other a man, Oleg (Oh), saw all of this and told about fault all, in including and Ediku. When Lyuba, finally, came to its beloved, on it watched cold eyes. I all know, said menya. or did, but after all, that happened, I not will be able love you.

Life for Lyuby has lost sense. She has rushed in the river and drowned herself.


Lyuba need in love, desire to meet with officials opposite gender, be for them favorite and physically attractive. This finds its expression of in such trait personality, as as soft, name stands, and in extreme form passivity, podchinyaemost (h-factor).

Semyon need in Masculinity, physical strength, active positions. Traits personality resolve, courage, in extreme form pursuit sexual or aggressive defusing the ( s-factor).

Zina buries her need in justice, cause, in abrupt paroksizmalnykhs acts. Traits personality: Sensitivity, senzitivnost, his impulsiveness verging. In extreme form need in accumulation and defusing the primitive its affects (e-factor).

Dasha need in demonstrations themselves, desire to be in the center of the attention, like farm, produce impression on other, skill explore in any role. In extreme form exhibitionism (hy-factor).

menya need in prognoses of the own positions, be leader, dominate over others, to accept decision for other, prescribe, that them to do. Traits personality pragmatism, prudence, focus, judgment blurry.. In extreme form egocentrism (k factor).

Mikhail need in achieving success, food, quest spread its influence on surrounding. This finds expression in well the developed imagination, fantasies, quest to creativity. In extreme form mania greatness (p-factor).

Anja need in new asked, love to order, zablagovremennomu planning its activities, substance things in purity, and also drive travel and try themselves in the new as a. In extreme form an anal personality , propensity to depression (d-factor).

Oleg need in setting new ties, in take with new people; desire to be independent in theirs acts, avoid responsibility and commitments. Traits personality communication, animal spirits. In extreme form gipomaniakalnost
(M - factor).

Fully here.



Linen, thank you for a selection of!
With large gusto've given the text and decided one polled their known.
I was extremely surprised by the result -vinovatymi regarded different characters,, until Olega- he all told, and why he this made.
I proved in tupike- with one hand, I somewhere understand, "where compared dog", and say not can :dontknow:.
I not psychologist, unfortunately. At all my opinion, that everyone man necessarily need to have initial knowledge on medicine, psychology, pedagogy. On extreme least in life this plus not will.
Excuse, in section dubbed, where letters doctor were would quite other questions, and with profound humor, not.
I, of course laughed, but Len, this that, too, this same scheme acts Any of themselves find in reflect other people? Something mb tensed in my reasoning there is, but not yes such same extent!
Once, at work I asked all staff write pro his duties, no one particularly not reads labor treaty and those must curb instructions, which to him are underway :(.
In moment studying these answers I, too, was in of shock - people have painted with all - nature--defined before, in brb. They apply on the morning and that eat on breakfast :surprise:, mentioning the, even. That this was yesterday kefir, and further all, officials with instructions came the end of the. However, I knew that with this to do!
In short, will time, mb let us to reason on subject, but as acts this scheme and why us a fact one thing and leaves unmoved another. (ASTs-DES.
Thank you :flag:



And me making it hugely tempting setting issue :sceptic:


Who, on your view, more all is guilty in this tragedy?

In what precisely? In is, that drowned herself, in is, that were raped or in is, that has remained without beloved?



Yolka wrote:

In what precisely?

Death unambiguously this tragedy.

Tania T wrote:

this that, too, this same scheme acts Any of themselves find in reflect other people?

Of course, on this, in my opinion, and built society as such.

Tania T wrote:

But, I knew that with this to do!

And that? :) interestingly.




Tania T wrote (and):
However, I knew that with this to do! And that? Interestingly

Once, when my son walking still in destkiy garden, the kindergarten teacher fluent conversations with parents, those with us, she said, that until vyrabotaetsya habit, for example ties of skirts, need to every day teach child this to do.
Detecting, by recorded managers their weaknesses (amateur) I detail office-and explained "where are rising its feet."
But, now, when someone of them already reversed the place work, rings, jury and say thank you for "the contestant at school." :blush:



Tania T wrote:

detecting, by recorded managers their weaknesses (amateur) I detail office-and explained "where are rising its feet."

Tanya, but as they this vosprnimali in the very moment? With understanding or resisted?




Tanya, but as they this vosprnimali in the very moment? With understanding or resisted?

Not with relish, of course, but with understanding, that this part of work. To conceptualize a time come later, when have become apply on practice. :rolleyes:


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