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Daily allowance biorhythms determine fluctuations temperature bodies, activity brain, affect generating electric hormones, work domestic organs and psyche. Known, that pills, creams and various procedures in different times days influence on us differently.

Civilization had twisted our natural biological cycle, and in the answer humanity gained a host bouquet diseases. That same to do? As figured out scientists, by adhering to some rules, easier support health and become successful man.


6.00, biological an alarm clock , which rastalkivaet all system organism. Activates exchange substances. Rise in the level of sugar and amino acids in blood. Expands blood pressure.

7.00Usilivaetsya tone digestive tract. Stomach is famously themselves feels. He easily tackles with breakfast. Better, if he will thoroughgoing: Nutrients in this time are assimilated best.

8.00Please on heart of: On this hour account for more just heart attack. The frequency heart cuts reaches maximal meanings. Blood circulation good, so skin the most as such, vulnerable to a cosmetic procedures and drugs. And still on this time account for clesed peak sensitivity to pain, so that try not enroll in training programs this hour to the dentist.

9.00Top level of exchange substances. Under this immune system the most is vulnerable. Can be easily of sexually infection, for example, in vehicles. But performance medical research like X-rays, or ultrasound will the most accurate.

10.00Maximum activity brain. Appropriate time for intense mental activities. The general mood reaches will peak. The best time for of drafting the plans on day and ceding the basis.

11.00One favorable moment days. Performance will be the. Especially actively works logical department brain, that allows successfully to decide tasks, especially mathematical.


12.00raise energy is melting away on the eyes of. Blood supply brain tea declines - most time eat anything mad sweet on that.

13.00Exchange processes are slowing, productivity labor falls, us are also often beset by drowsiness. Best a bit have rest, can be afford to 15-minute dream. Most time have dinner.

14.00In this time our body less just highly sensitive to pain. So that boldly sign up to the dentist or Enterosgelya diathesis minimum. Organism vulnerable for stress:. So that try in this time not to make a scandal.

15.00New tide forces. Organism have rested and ready to new action. Most out the best time for conclusions transactions.

16.00Published susceptibility all systems organism. Most the best time for preventive care vaccinations. Very good action can exert aromatherapy.

17.00A repeat peak activity. Heart of is famously program blood, muscle stronger. If there is opportunity, carying in gym. The optimal time for massage.


18.00Her temperature bodies in this time the most high - about 37 degrees, - almost on degree higher, than on the morning. If you healthier, with this time she will fall, and if sick unto death - rise.

19.00The most bad time for stress:. Organism almost not bucks negativity.. But most time dine.

20.00Our time for standing pat reaction most a brief in for days. The best time for reception tablets - enough a lesser their doses of. Can be engage treatment heartburn and asthma.

21.00Stomach's and bloating gradually fall asleep. Stomach is committing very little digestive juice, and to midnight his Funds stops almost fully. So the abundant dinner in this time can seriously disrupt dream. Good time for departure for the face of.

22.00Usilivaetsya asserted hormone good sentiments. The best time for romantic communication, a pleasant reading or telephone call friend.

23.00Better just to accept horizontal position - although would simply laze around here before watching TV.


0.00Happens renewal cells skin - precisely in this time are lagging wounds. Immune system struggles with infection. Goes samopochinka. Better not distract organism active action.

1.00Wu sleeping human comes phase deep sleep.

2.00increases sensitivity to cold. Be going warm a blanket.

3.00Minimalnyy level of generate melatonina, consistent with the in including for that is peaceful dream and mental reaction. This hour call an hour wolf. In this time in world is happening most a large number of catastrophes.

4.00WWII clesed peak pain. Goes perestroika of respiratory center. From-for this have people with asthma and cordial disease can happen the episode. On this hour recorded more just deaths and suicides.

5.00The Awakening in so early hour and the impossibility then fall asleep can be sign of depression.




Interestingly, my regime in many look like on this timetable received data is, that aren. :blush:



Know, Tanya, distortions Internet make very interesting things :) When I on the morning include computer's a hunk and see you in I.M.S in 7 morning :D the unwittingly arises thought, that you - a workaholic (the difference in time as something not invoiced). Then when tightened up all the rest to 9. To 10. To 11. :D . , too, forces to start thinking about bioritmakh.

Personally me with morning Alexander Kozulin correctly remarked very well, day feel downturn activity, hours in 4 necessarily need to drinks lifetime of sound coffee, and to by the evening again is not a bad performance.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Unconventional medicine » Bio-energy